Aircraft Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Cleanliness is a virtue. But, in aviation, cleanliness is a must. So, it’s important to follow a strict and regular cleaning maintenance cycle. As rotatable parts follow maintenance cycles, cleaning the aircraft should follow the suit. And, the best place to start is your aircraft manufacturer manual.  It’s important to consult your manual because you need to make sure that there won’t be subsequent damage to your aircraft. Certain materials don’t work with certain cleaning solutions and methods, so consulting your manual will prevent you from causing irreparable damage. Your manual will also include a list of recommended cleaning solutions and cleaning schedule.  

When establishing a cleaning schedule, make sure to consider the use of your aircraft.  If the aircraft is used sparingly, then an “as needed” approach is sufficient.  For an aircraft with continuous use, try to synchronize the cleaning schedule with maintenance schedules.  Providing a clean aircraft for the technician to work on will prevent any unnecessary delays and easy detection of any discrepancies.  Also, combining these two processes will shorten your downtime and provide you with more flight time in the end.

Depending on your accessibility to a wash pit, you may want to think about a dry wash.  There is an abundance of cleaning equipment and chemicals that are safe for your aircraft and eliminate the need to worry about any wastewater produced from cleaning your aircraft.  The dry wash will also eliminate any possibility of water spots, hand drying, and the possibility of any water collection that can lead to corrosion and damage. If conventional aircraft washing is used, be sure to adhere to proper wastewater disposal and adhere to any other regulations that may be in place.

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