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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Alcatel. We have products like Controller Test Ele, Circuit Card Assemb, Adapter Connector in our inventory, with part numbers including 106597032, 106613102, 106613110, 106619125, 106622467. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
106597032 NA Avl RFQ
106613102 bkd1 - net link interface Avl RFQ
106613110 bkd2 - link interface Avl RFQ
106619125 bkd4 - control time slot n Avl RFQ
106622467 tn884b - tms2 controller Avl RFQ
106622533 tn1810 - rms-d non-intrusive Avl RFQ
106626138 NA Avl RFQ
106626146 bdk260 - sys timing unit Avl RFQ
106626153 bbf240 - prov/contr Avl RFQ
106626179 bbg266 - virtual trib Avl RFQ
106626476 tn1812 - clock/control interface Avl RFQ
106633688 bbg5 - sysctl pc Avl RFQ
106633704 bbg7 - ohctl pc Avl RFQ
106634975 177b - app blank Avl RFQ
106634983 ddm-2000 app blank ddm-2000 Avl RFQ
106652563 tn1813 - time mx switch controller Avl RFQ
106654742 NA Avl RFQ
106655962 a1231b - 2-9 input gates Avl RFQ
106656887 un377 - port switch scanner Avl RFQ
106656903 un379 - utility circuit Avl RFQ
106658347 NA Avl RFQ
106658347 I-1 5ess 48 channel trk Avl RFQ
106663933 bbf2b - multiplexer tgs Avl RFQ
107494247 alcatel-lucent: awp19 interface unit module Avl RFQ
107502825 alcatel-lucent: es611 distribution 4-cb module Avl RFQ
109527143 NA Avl RFQ
109527804 NA Avl RFQ
109527812 100base-lx-i1 - sfp optical transceiver module Avl RFQ
109529396 multi-rate sfp Avl RFQ
109531038 lcr1 - ethnt re transn cp Avl RFQ
109531327 NA Avl RFQ
109532473 NA Avl RFQ
109532549 NA Avl RFQ
109534586 combo and rs232 card Avl RFQ
109534602 kit consiting of wp-94142l3a and pmc610j4 Avl RFQ
109534941 kit consisting of wp-94142l5a and 4539-504b - 2gb cpu w e1/t1 pm Avl RFQ
109535203 NA Avl RFQ
109535773 NA Avl RFQ
109535781 cfp400 - cont fanout cp-4 Avl RFQ
109536482 NA Avl RFQ
109538256 wsa002 - bos controller Avl RFQ
109538512 circuit pack,ols 1.6t,reuse,wsnb04,otu Avl RFQ
131L1A unit pwr Avl RFQ
131L1AS-12 unit pwr Avl RFQ
131L1AS-3 unit pwr Avl RFQ
131L1AS-4 unit pwr Avl RFQ
131N1A unit power Avl RFQ
131N1AS-1 unit power Avl RFQ
131N1AS-3 unit power Avl RFQ
131N1AS-6 unit power Avl RFQ
131P1 unit power Avl RFQ
131S1 unit power Avl RFQ
131T1 ft3 unit power Avl RFQ
131W1 unit power Avl RFQ
132-0002-200 NA Avl RFQ
133JS-2 unit power Avl RFQ
1353TU j98726aa-34 - tu Avl RFQ
135A1 unit power Avl RFQ
135A1S-3 unit power Avl RFQ
135A1S-3B unit power Avl RFQ
136GS-1 unit power Avl RFQ
136GS-2 unit power Avl RFQ
136MS-2 unit power Avl RFQ
136NS-1 unit power Avl RFQ
1382350-1 NA Avl RFQ
1640FOX model 1640fox shelf Avl RFQ
1876-SFO wr42 isoadapter, 20 db isol., 17.7-19.7 ghz, wr42-in/smaf-out Avl RFQ
300-0303-900 RAB 300-0303-900 rab - dexcs1 336 dig mtx cd Avl RFQ
300-0303-900 RAC 300-0303-900 rac - dexcs1 336 dig mtx cd Avl RFQ
300-0303-900 RAD 300-0303-900 rad - dexcs1 336 dig mtx cd Avl RFQ
300-0303-900 RAE 300-0303-900 rae - dexcs1 336 dig mtx cd Avl RFQ
300-0303-900 RR 300-0303-900 =rr - dexcs1 336 dgl mtx cd Avl RFQ
300-0303-900 RU 300-0303-900 ru - dexcs1 336 dgl mtx cd Avl RFQ
300-0303-900 RV 300-0303-900 rv - dexcs1 336 dgl mtx cd Avl RFQ
300-0303-900 RY 300-0303-900 ry - dexcs1 336 dig mtx cd Avl RFQ
300-0303-900-REV-AA dexcs1 336 dgl mtx cd dexcs1 Avl RFQ
300-0303-900-REV-AC NA Avl RFQ
300-0303-900-REV-AD dexcs1 336 dig mtx cd Avl RFQ
300-0304-900 300-0304-900 - 84dm-1/dexcs1 dgl mtx cd Avl RFQ
300-0304-900 RK 300-0304-900 rk - 84dm-1/dexcs1 dgl mtx cd Avl RFQ
300-0304-900 RL 300-0304-900 rl - dexcs1 dgl mtx cd Avl RFQ
300-0304-900-REV-J dgl mtx card Avl RFQ
300-0304-900-REV-L dgl mtx card Avl RFQ
300-0305-300 RC 300-0305-300 rc - shelf Avl RFQ
3BA00618AAXX ibm x306m omni pcx enterprise appl server pack Avl RFQ
3BA23011AA nx64 Avl RFQ
3BA23064 pcm2 Avl RFQ
3BA23064AC pcm 2 Avl RFQ
3BA23073ABAC bra2 omnipcx Avl RFQ
3BA23129AA mms fd Avl RFQ
3BA23138 liob Avl RFQ
3BA23167AA lioe Avl RFQ
3BA23193ABAD intip card 4400 Avl RFQ
3BA23193ACAF intip2 card 4400 Avl RFQ
3BA23241AA-X alcatel gpa2 Avl RFQ
3BA23242AA-X alcatel ua32 digital station card Avl RFQ
3BA23251AB nprae2 card 4400 Avl RFQ
3BA23254AAAB nprae card 4400 Avl RFQ
3BA23264 gip4.1 daughterbord int-ip2 Avl RFQ
3BA23265AB ez 32 Avl RFQ
3BA23265AD moq Avl RFQ
3BA27038ABAB cpu 5 Avl RFQ
3BA27038ABBB cpu5 Avl RFQ
3BA27582BAXX omni pcx enterprise appliance server Avl RFQ
3BA53065AA 3ba53065aa Avl RFQ
3BA53065AAAD 3ba53065aaad Avl RFQ
3BA53065ABBA 3ba53065abba Avl RFQ
3BA53065AF z 24 Avl RFQ
3BA53065NA 3ba53065na Avl RFQ
3CC13720AA AA08 23 ghz odu 1008 Avl RFQ
3CC13720AA AA09 23 ghz odu 1008 Avl RFQ
3CC13720AAAB alcatel 9400awy odu 23ghz Avl RFQ
3CC13720AAAB09 3cc13720aaab09 Avl RFQ
3CC13720AAXX alcatel 9400awy odu 23ghz Avl RFQ
3CC13720ABXX alcatel 9400awy odu 23ghz Avl RFQ
3CC13721AA outdoor unit 23ghz flat thb high Avl RFQ
3CC13721AAAA a9400 Avl RFQ
3CC13721AAAB a9400 Avl RFQ
3CC14814AAXX alcatel 9400awy odu 7ghz Avl RFQ
3CC52110AAAA 3cc52110aaaa Avl RFQ
3CC58001AAAA 3cc58001aaaa Avl RFQ
3CC58017AAAA 3cc58017aaaa Avl RFQ
3CC58020AA 6ghz unequal 6db dual coupler Avl RFQ
3CC58020AAAA 6ghz uneql 6db 2 x odu slip-fit Avl RFQ
3CC58021AAAA 3cc58021aaaa Avl RFQ
405858168 hardware kit 1/2 inch shield (mi-mwsml-hwkth) Avl RFQ
408279339 S-1 lower fan tray asby Avl RFQ
408293389 arrestor, dc, ks24435l2 arrester lightning surge Avl RFQ
408323301 digital module Avl RFQ
408323319 dis panel 800s Avl RFQ
408323400 high speed fan Avl RFQ
408341022 splitter coaxial, ks24535l2, 1565.42 mhz, 1585.4 Avl RFQ
408362598 dacs ii ax-11/dc power module Avl RFQ
424AA-S7 7 alcatel-lucent dacs ii 48v dc/dc Avl RFQ
GBIC-LH-70 1000base-lh gbic transceiver Avl RFQ
GBIC-LH-70-OEM eta: 7-10d. - gbic-lh-70, 1000base-zx, 1550nm, smf, 70km Avl RFQ
HA0000 alcatel lucent Avl RFQ
HE 00028AA02 gige lx sfp ddm-lc Avl RFQ
HW72618410AAAA tc16 Avl RFQ
HW72618410AAAG tc16 Avl RFQ
IEGS120335-2 alcatel s12 iegs120335-2 card Avl RFQ
IEGS129239-2 alcatel s12 iegs129239-2 card Avl RFQ
IPU2AJNMAA AA01 7450 ess 1-port 10gbase + 10-port gigabit ethernet mda. Avl RFQ
ISAM 7302 7302 chassis Avl RFQ
ISAM7302 chassis Avl RFQ
ISTC BAAB 3 components of alcatel s 12 Avl RFQ
ISTC BBBB 4 components of alcatel s 12 Avl RFQ
KBN10 001 module, kbn10 5ess i/o processor 2 Avl RFQ
KBN5 6 10 NA Avl RFQ
KBN8 10 10 NA Avl RFQ
KBN8 10 11 NA Avl RFQ
KBN8 10 12 NA Avl RFQ
KBN8B 1 3 NA Avl RFQ
KBN8B 1 6 NA Avl RFQ
KFD18 xc320/b Avl RFQ
KLU1 2 3 NA Avl RFQ
KLW31 004 module, klw31 3b21 central con Avl RFQ
L100V-2AALDE1 usb 2.0, gsm, gprs, umts, edge, hsdpa, wcdma, hsupa, hspa+, lte, Avl RFQ
LAA100B ppc Avl RFQ
LAA101B tpu 2-bs/16 Avl RFQ
LAA103B lpu 620 Avl RFQ
LAA106 tpu Avl RFQ
LAA143B lrx Avl RFQ
LAA53B obtu Avl RFQ
LAA64C lpu 155 Avl RFQ
LAD1B psf Avl RFQ
LAH101 lah101 Avl RFQ
LAL65 bsiu128/bit slice interface unit (cc# 109331710 ) Avl RFQ
LEO802A1 fl4401/leo802a1 Avl RFQ
LEY20BES ley20be Avl RFQ
LEY7AE S7 9 module, ws transceiver interface 1310 Avl RFQ
LI00-2AALDE1 lte Avl RFQ
LJB411 S15 alcatel lucent Avl RFQ
LJB420 S1 6 NA Avl RFQ
LKA15 lka15 cc#109307108 Avl RFQ
LOGES2M LL100 router bridge Avl RFQ
LPN108926809 AM3 mxts lucent Avl RFQ
LPZ200 32 ports pots card lpz200 Avl RFQ
LQ043T1DG038B08G NA Avl RFQ
TN333 cp Avl RFQ
TN333 S-15 pack ckt Avl RFQ
TN333 S-17 pack ckt Avl RFQ
TN335 S-23 pack ckt Avl RFQ
TN335 S-24 pack ckt Avl RFQ
TN335B S-3 pack ckt Avl RFQ
TN335B S-4 pack ckt Avl RFQ
TN335C S-1 pack ckt Avl RFQ
TN335D S-1 pack ckt Avl RFQ
TN335E S-5 5ess channel unit 5ess Avl RFQ
TN338B cp Avl RFQ
TN338B S-1 pack ckt Avl RFQ
TN338B S-2 pack ckt Avl RFQ

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