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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Alcatel. We have products like Heating Element Ele, Extension Hydraulic, Flange Attachment M, Disk Drive Unit, Sander Oscillating in our inventory, with part numbers including 10XJ29058296, 261-1000-057 A, 261-1000-057 C, 261-1000-057 E, 261-1000-057 F. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
10XJ29058296 NA Avl RFQ
261-1000-057 A ps-c power supply module Avl RFQ
261-1000-057 C ps-c power supply module Avl RFQ
261-1000-057 E ps-c power supply module Avl RFQ
261-1000-057 F ps-c power supply module Avl RFQ
300-8104-901 REV E NA Avl RFQ
300-8107-900-REV-D NA Avl RFQ
300-8107-900-REV-F NA Avl RFQ
300-8108-900-REV-C NA Avl RFQ
300-8108-900-REV-F NA Avl RFQ
300-8109-900-REV-M NA Avl RFQ
300-8112-500 eiu ethe Avl RFQ
300-8112-900-RE NA Avl RFQ
300-8112-900-REV-D ls2000 ethernet intfc Avl RFQ
3BK07344AAAD02 3bk07344aaad02 Avl RFQ
3BK07344AAAF02 3bk07344aaaf02 Avl RFQ
3BK07372AAAA trdm Avl RFQ
3BK07372AAAA 03 trdm Avl RFQ
3BK07372AAAB 03 trdm Avl RFQ
3FE21441AAAD ablt-e Avl RFQ
3FE21441ADAA ablt-e Avl RFQ
3FE21443AA wtb dslam line card Avl RFQ
3FE21443AAAC ablt-d Avl RFQ
3FE21443AADB ablt-d Avl RFQ
42A5B ft2000 oc-12 optical trnsl Avl RFQ
42A5BS-1 ft2000 oc-12 opt trnsl ft-2000 Avl RFQ
42A8BS-1 ft2000 oc-12 opt trnsl ft-2000 Avl RFQ
42BS-1 ft2000 optm module ft-2000 Avl RFQ
42BS-2 ft2000 optm module ft-2000 Avl RFQ
430AA power unit Avl RFQ
430AAS-2 autoplex pwr un autoplex Avl RFQ
430AAS-3 autoplex pwr un autoplex Avl RFQ
430AB power unit Avl RFQ
4338-267 NA Avl RFQ
4375A network Avl RFQ
4375B network Avl RFQ
4383DB network Avl RFQ
4383DC network Avl RFQ
4383DD network Avl RFQ
4383DF network Avl RFQ
4383DG network Avl RFQ
4383DH network Avl RFQ
4383DJ network Avl RFQ
BRS2A16E soj Avl RFQ
BSCG2BCOB203 ater bsc 92 900/1800 Avl RFQ
BSH1 S5 bsh1 s5 - 48v rect procr Avl RFQ
BSP1 S3 bsp1 s3 - output protection/lvd Avl RFQ
BSY1 S-2 bsy1 s-2 - ft-2000 opt dmxr Avl RFQ
BTI-0450V-B bti-0450v-b - edgelink v24s 24p vdsl switch and ac p.s Avl RFQ
BTI-0524T-L3 bti-0524t-l3 - t5c-24t 24 port routing switch Avl RFQ
BTI-0530-FAN bti-0530-fan - bti fan aasy. Avl RFQ
BTI-0530P bti-0530p - t5p routing switch Avl RFQ
BTI-0530P-CPU bti-0530p-cpu - controll processor unit Avl RFQ
BTI-0548T-L3-D bti-0548t-l3-d - 1ru dc ethnt sw 48 prt Avl RFQ
BTI-2421-GS bti-2421-gs - edgelink-t4 ethernet switch Avl RFQ
BTI-24TX bti-24tx - 24 port exp.mod. Avl RFQ
BTI-3GSXP-LC bti-3gsxp-lc - 3 port 100 base sx multi mode Avl RFQ
BTI-5P-6-ACPS bti-5p-6-acps - ac power supply Avl RFQ
BUB14 ds3/ds1 nic Avl RFQ
BUS1066H soj Avl RFQ
BYB1B optical unit Avl RFQ
BYM10800 contact kasper for fast response Avl RFQ
C-1505 fan unit Avl RFQ
C-1586 407945278 - fan shelf Avl RFQ
C-1586S1 NA Avl RFQ
C-1703 NA Avl RFQ
C-1703 - 6B FAN UNIT c-1703 - 6b fan unit Avl RFQ
C01210016.670MHZ osc Avl RFQ
C02142232 radio control unit Avl RFQ
C0603C829J5GACTU cap Avl RFQ
C0805C221K5RAC958778 cap Avl RFQ
C107129983 software release description Avl RFQ
C482CA21 NA Avl RFQ
C482CA31 NA Avl RFQ
C482CA35 NA Avl RFQ
C600-0247-003 c600-0247-003 - kit e/w Avl RFQ
C7200-1-0-2FE-E alcatel Avl RFQ
C846494649 ribbon cable Avl RFQ
C88229V5 pqfp Avl RFQ
CA01338-B630 644-0139-004-iss-01 - magneto-optical disk drive Avl RFQ
CA06086-B431 644-0139-006-iss-01 - optical disk drive Avl RFQ
CA4-0003-66C expansion cable Avl RFQ
CABINNET TYPE G2 alcatel-cabinet type g2-cab.type g2 Avl RFQ
CABINNET TYPE G3 alcatel-cabinet type g3-cab.type g3 Avl RFQ
CABINNET TYPE G4 alcatel-cabinet type g4-cab.type g4 Avl RFQ
CABINNET TYPE G4 MIN alcatel-cabinet type g4-cab.type g4 mini Avl RFQ
CAJUN-P333T-48V cajun-p333t-48v Avl RFQ
CB1-KIT 109534602 - kit consiting of wp-94142l3a and pmc610j4 Avl RFQ
CB48H671 NA Avl RFQ
CBL-DB37-BNC4-04M cable - Avl RFQ
CBL-DB37-BNC4-08M cable - Avl RFQ
CBL-DB37-BNC4-10M cable - Avl RFQ
CC109122074 **clearance** qs930a rdnt fan shelf Avl RFQ
CP2-63 ed-2p075-301 - sequence unit Avl RFQ
CP2140-650 109565150 - rcpu with 2gb t1pmc (contains 408884278 and 40865629 Avl RFQ
CP2300S-650 crccaaubaa bladeserver Avl RFQ
CP3 67 ed-2p290-301,mod-a - dta detr/curr unit Avl RFQ
CP7 66 ed-2p173-301,a,mod-a - 200 hz bpf unit Avl RFQ
CP7-001S-04 on7000 ds3/ec1 conn on7000 Avl RFQ
CPA4-650-5543 650w power supplu for omni switch / router Avl RFQ
CPC-101 1640-om comm procr 1640-om Avl RFQ
CPOM-L3A omq - master timing omq Avl RFQ
CPR-101 roc-3 chan processor Avl RFQ
CS-100-LAN-02 alcatel cs100 arrowpoint web switching Avl RFQ
CS1224E1 controller cabinet Avl RFQ
CS1224E1-STATION-CAR station card for the cs1224e1 controller Avl RFQ
CS3BJ00076ABAA01A aq Avl RFQ
CS760A power unit cc# 106658800 Avl RFQ
CS787B540 S9 cs787b540 s9 - slc96 pwru Avl RFQ
CS787D540 cs787d540 - power unit Avl RFQ
CS911A-IBM2 cs911a-ibm2 - redundant ac power supply Avl RFQ
CS926A 380w power supply, redundant, hs Avl RFQ
CSA4 S15 csa4 s15 - gcns-2000 shlf contr Avl RFQ
CSA5 S6 csa5 s6 - gcns-2000 calk distr Avl RFQ
CSA6 S10 csa6 s10 - gcns-2000 clk recovery Avl RFQ
CSA7 S5 csa7 s5 - gcns-2000 fabric intfc Avl RFQ
CSA8 S4 csa8 s4 - gcns-2000 primary mem Avl RFQ
CSM-155-8 NA Avl RFQ
J98726BN-1L1 j98726bn-1l1 - plr Avl RFQ
J98726BN-22 pvls lk repeater channel Avl RFQ
J98726BN-22A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BN-2L2A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BN-33 puls lk repeater channel Avl RFQ
J98726BN-3L3 j98726bn-3l3 - plr Avl RFQ
J98726BN-44A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BN-4L4 j98726bn-4l4 Avl RFQ
J98726BP-22A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BP-22T NA Avl RFQ
J98726BP-2L2 j98726bp-2l2 - 4w e&mr Avl RFQ
J98726BP-2L2A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BP-33 4w extended ring channel unit Avl RFQ
J98726BP-33A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BP-44A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BP-4L4A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BR-22A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BR-22B NA Avl RFQ
J98726BR-22BT NA Avl RFQ
J98726BR-2L2 j98726br-2l2 - es2t Avl RFQ
J98726BR-2L2BT NA Avl RFQ
J98726BR-3L3 j98726br-3l3 - es2t Avl RFQ
J98726BS-11AMOD-A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BS-22B NA Avl RFQ
J98726BS-22BT NA Avl RFQ
J98726BS-22MOD-A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BS-22TMOD-A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BT-22T NA Avl RFQ
J98726BT-3L3 j98726bt-3l3 - 2w e&m Avl RFQ
J98726BW-11BC NA Avl RFQ
J98726BW-11BCT NA Avl RFQ
J98726CB-11A NA Avl RFQ
J98726CB-2L2 j98726cb-2l2 - pg5r Avl RFQ
J98726CD-11 channel unit Avl RFQ
J98726CD-11A NA Avl RFQ
J98726CG-11MOD-A NA Avl RFQ
J98726D1-1 L1 ocu dp Avl RFQ
J98726DA-22A NA Avl RFQ
J98726DA-22AB NA Avl RFQ
J98726DA-2L2AB NA Avl RFQ
J98726DB-24AD NA Avl RFQ
J98726DB-25BE NA Avl RFQ
J98726DC-11A NA Avl RFQ
J98726DE-11 ocudp 56kbps Avl RFQ
J98726DH-1L1 j98726dh-1l1 - dso dp Avl RFQ
J98726DH-1L1BT NA Avl RFQ
J98726DJ-1L1 j98726dj-1l1 - d4/ocu dataport un Avl RFQ
J98726DJ-1L1T NA Avl RFQ
J98726DJ-23A NA Avl RFQ
J98726DJ-2L3A j98726dj-2l3a - ocu dp Avl RFQ
J98726DL-2L2 j98726dl-2l2 - dda ocu dp Avl RFQ
J98726GB-11AB NA Avl RFQ
J98726HC-22 subrate mxr unit Avl RFQ
J98726HD-11 digital da ocu Avl RFQ
J98726JB-1L1 j98726jb-1l1 - oiu-5 Avl RFQ
J98726MA-11A NA Avl RFQ
J98726MD-11A NA Avl RFQ
J98726MF-11AMOD-A NA Avl RFQ
J98726MF-22MOD-A NA Avl RFQ
J98726MH-11T NA Avl RFQ
J98726MJ-11AMOD-A NA Avl RFQ
J98726ML-11AB NA Avl RFQ
J98726SB-2L2 j98726sb-2l2 - d4 4w fxs chan un Avl RFQ
J98726SB-2L2T NA Avl RFQ
J98726SB-3L3 j98726sb-3l3 - d4 4w fxs chan unit Avl RFQ
J98726SC-1 j98726sc-1 - d4-4w fxo chan Avl RFQ
J98726SC-11MOD-AB NA Avl RFQ
J98726SC-11MOD-B NA Avl RFQ
J98726SC-1L1 MAB NA Avl RFQ
J98726SD-22MOD-A NA Avl RFQ
J98726SD-22TMOD-A NA Avl RFQ
J98726SD-2L2 MA j98726sd-2l2 ma - 2dx/gt Avl RFQ
J98726SE-11AMOD-A NA Avl RFQ
J98726SE-11MOD-AB NA Avl RFQ
J98726SE-22AT NA Avl RFQ
J98726SE-22T NA Avl RFQ
J98726SE-33 4w dx channel unit Avl RFQ

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