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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Alcatel. We have products like Bearing Roller Cyli, Fan Centrifugal, Handle Luggage, Filter Element Inta, Bearing Sleeve in our inventory, with part numbers including 107870438, 107870453, 107872293, 107880148, 107893281. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
107870438 ljb401 - cc 64/16 port-slr3 cc# 107871438 Avl RFQ
107870453 lmb401 - pt Avl RFQ
107872293 un71c - control interface 2 Avl RFQ
107880148 ljb414 - pi e4/4 Avl RFQ
107893281 lah201 - stm1 cc# 107893281 Avl RFQ
107959314 kml1002 - distortion path board Avl RFQ
107967945 wavestar pba2 Avl RFQ
107978082 ley17 - ds3/ec1 line interface Avl RFQ
107999799 tn1422 - sub line unit Avl RFQ
108001249 un42 - pack circuit Avl RFQ
108006602 aua16 - pack circuit Avl RFQ
108006610 aua17 - pack circuit Avl RFQ
108008038 akm88b - unit controller Avl RFQ
108009895 bnl7 - 48vdc alarm pack shelf monitor Avl RFQ
108010513 26g-u - interface unit Avl RFQ
108011156 44wa20 - amplifier circuit Avl RFQ
108015686 lfy1 - switch interface expansion Avl RFQ
108017203 awp15 - digital phase Avl RFQ
108028416 mc3t051a1 - scsi host adapter pack Avl RFQ
108028499 a39 - 9 inp and-not gates Avl RFQ
108029141 erw2 - interface b unit Avl RFQ
108029679 bsk1 - 48v display circuit pack Avl RFQ
108030388 era8 - switch comm interface Avl RFQ
108032822 606b - 16 channel optical demultiplexer unit Avl RFQ
108034638 839b5 - oc48 receiver Avl RFQ
108035957 427ab - dc-dc converter Avl RFQ
108036476 596b3 - unit power Avl RFQ
108037268 era9 - maintenance interface Avl RFQ
108037284 un33d - scan sig control Avl RFQ
108037680 un373b - disk file control unit Avl RFQ
108039645 sn105 - pack circuit Avl RFQ
108041583 aua38d - dual pots cot channel unit Avl RFQ
108042524 akm52b - pack circuit mux 1 Avl RFQ
108042755 mc3f009a1 - pack microcode circuit Avl RFQ
108042763 mc3f026a1 - pack mc Avl RFQ
108042805 tg2 - pack circuit Avl RFQ
108042821 mc5d203a1c - imprd for trk Avl RFQ
108044819 tn15 - pack circuit Avl RFQ
108044827 tn17b - pack circuit Avl RFQ
109195594007 xc320/b s2:7 kfd1b aa Avl RFQ
109198614 236aa - repeater Avl RFQ
109199521 pbe4 - paddleboard backplane Avl RFQ
109199760 495da - unit power Avl RFQ
109202291 lka13 - admc/u 4 x stm-1e Avl RFQ
109202481004 lka23 s1:1 aa Avl RFQ
109202499004 lka24 s1:2 aa Avl RFQ
109205823 1bts tst&diag un Avl RFQ
109207035 dcm-ssmf-edfa-xl-40d - lamda dprn compn module Avl RFQ
109592782 bnj37b - 64-channel modem cmuiii Avl RFQ
109593400 44ww71b urc b mod 3 Avl RFQ
109608893 NA Avl RFQ
109610527 NA Avl RFQ
109612036 bnj64b - multi car rad trcvr Avl RFQ
109616276 r2 2gb cpu w e1/t1 pmc Avl RFQ
109616300 cpu rtm w e1/t1 pim Avl RFQ
109616375 cpci sat rtmw with eth pim Avl RFQ
109625780 vpn firewall brick 1200 Avl RFQ
109664086 oc12/stm4 sfp trcvr Avl RFQ
109664094 oc12/stm4 sfp trcvr Avl RFQ
109664102 oc12/stm4 sfp trcvr Avl RFQ
142EH oscillator Avl RFQ
142EK oscillator Avl RFQ
142EM oscillator Avl RFQ
142JE oscillator Avl RFQ
142JG oscillator Avl RFQ
150-1353-02 card Avl RFQ
3AL68854ECAA 01 mcb Avl RFQ
3AL68854ED master clock board Avl RFQ
3AL68854EEAA 01 mcb Avl RFQ
3AL68854EEAB 01 alcatel 3al68854ee mcb card Avl RFQ
3AL68858ABAA mspb Avl RFQ
3AL68858ABAA 01 mspb Avl RFQ
3AL68858ABAB mspb Avl RFQ
3AL68858ABAB 01 mspb Avl RFQ
3AL68971EA AA 02 dcc server board Avl RFQ
3AL68971EAAA dsb Avl RFQ
3AL68971KAAA dsb dcc server bord Avl RFQ
3AL68984ABAA reck ios2400 Avl RFQ
3AL68985AAAA 01 ios2400 shelf Avl RFQ
3AL79284AB AC01 s-64.2 Avl RFQ
3AL79284AB AD01 s-64.2 Avl RFQ
3AL79284AB AF01 s-64.2 Avl RFQ
3AL79284AB HA01 s-64.2 Avl RFQ
3AL79340AA is-4.1 aa Avl RFQ
3AL79428AAXX 3al79428aaxx Avl RFQ
3AL79624AA AB02 synth 4 Avl RFQ
3AL79624AA AD04 synth 4 Avl RFQ
3AL79718AQ AF01 1670smstm-64 Avl RFQ
3AL79718AQ AG01 1670smstm-64 Avl RFQ
3AL79718AR AG01 l-64 2cf Avl RFQ
3AL79728AA AD02 1670sm pre-amplifier stm-64 Avl RFQ
3AL7992AAA H alcatel aa Avl RFQ
3AL80172AA alcatel 1660 sm Avl RFQ
3AL80172AB alcatel 1660 sm Avl RFQ
3AL80404AA 01 eth-atx Avl RFQ
3AL80404AA AA01 eth-atx Avl RFQ
3AL80407AA AB02 eth mb Avl RFQ
3AL80411AB AA02 geth-ag Avl RFQ
3AL80411AB AB02 geth-ag Avl RFQ
3AL80411AB-02 NA Avl RFQ
3AL80411ABAA geth-ag Avl RFQ
3AL80492AAXX 1660sm Avl RFQ
3AL80702 3al80702 Avl RFQ
3AL80702AB 3al80702ab aa Avl RFQ
3AL80702AB AF 3al80702ab aa Avl RFQ
3AL80741AA mm1 aa Avl RFQ
3AL80881AA AB i-16.1nd aa Avl RFQ
3AL80884AAAB01 i-16.1 slim port/sff Avl RFQ
3AL80915AAAA 3al80915aaaa Avl RFQ
3AL80948AA NA Avl RFQ
3AL80949AA NA Avl RFQ
3AL8102AA alcatel aa Avl RFQ
3AL81072AA AD04 matrix e Avl RFQ
3AL81072AA AH03 matrix e Avl RFQ
3AL81072AA AJ03 matrix e Avl RFQ
3AL81072AAAG01 matr1xe Avl RFQ
484AA unit power Avl RFQ
618-8821-001 618-8821-001 Avl RFQ
618-8828-001 618-8828-001 Avl RFQ
618-8839-001 618-8839-001 Avl RFQ
618-8842-001 618-8842-001 Avl RFQ
6181-SFI product type: iso-adapter Avl RFQ
6181-SFO product type: iso-adapters Avl RFQ
620-2142-003 620-2142-003 - amplifier Avl RFQ
6202142001 NA Avl RFQ
621-1966-001 621-1966-001 Avl RFQ
621-4460-795 621-4460-795 - cable Avl RFQ
621071-000-001 621071-000-001 - co repeater Avl RFQ
621083-000-001 line repeater Avl RFQ
621088-000-002 order wire Avl RFQ
621093-000-001 621093-000-001 - t1 ow un Avl RFQ
621093-000-002 tampa - mini repeater Avl RFQ
621096-000-003 mini repeater Avl RFQ
621112-000-001 t1/t148 flt flt un - unit 621112-000-001 Avl RFQ
621112-000-002 621112-000-002 - t1/t148 flt flt un Avl RFQ
621112-000-003 filter module Avl RFQ
622-8877-001 I3 622-8877-001 i3-(es-66a-1) - rdx-31 tsi rcvr Avl RFQ
622-8877-001-ISS-01 tsi receiver Avl RFQ
628205-000-002 d448 4w trmsn on ch/sf Avl RFQ
628278-000-002 d448 pcm 4wsf/fx ch un Avl RFQ
628295-000-101 d448 2w pvt ln auto rd Avl RFQ
70231260AA s1240 alcnv3 Avl RFQ
70231316FAAA 2mu Avl RFQ
702313171AAB mpu Avl RFQ
702313311AXA lpwu Avl RFQ
902735-90 omni switch 6250 Avl RFQ
902735-90 B omni switch 6250 Avl RFQ
902735-90 D omni switch 6250 Avl RFQ
902735-90 E omni switch 6250 Avl RFQ
902735-90 F omni switch 6250 Avl RFQ
902735-90 REV C alcatel-lucent 902735-90 os6250-8m Avl RFQ
902737-90 G os6250-24md Avl RFQ
903092-90 omni switch 6250 Avl RFQ
903092-90 A omni switch 6250 Avl RFQ
903094-90 A os6250-24md Avl RFQ
904455-32-00-A NA Avl RFQ
9046690200-E control Avl RFQ
9046690200-G control Avl RFQ
9067000100-B fan unit Avl RFQ
9067000100-H fan unit Avl RFQ
9067030100-D cic Avl RFQ
9067030100-F cic Avl RFQ
9070390200-B facilities Avl RFQ
9071750100-C psu Avl RFQ
920635 radio frequency Avl RFQ
93280364 16port t-ring module * Avl RFQ
9562-158-81103 NA Avl RFQ
D4TPT101AB tampa - d448 trk procr/alm tpa Avl RFQ
FA598 cp Avl RFQ
FA599 cp Avl RFQ
FA59S-5 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA600 cp Avl RFQ
FA601 cp Avl RFQ
FA602 cp Avl RFQ
FA603 cp Avl RFQ
FA604 cp Avl RFQ
FA605 cp Avl RFQ
FA605S-4 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA607 cp Avl RFQ
FA608 cp Avl RFQ
FA60S-4 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA610 cp Avl RFQ
FA613 cp Avl RFQ
FA614 cp Avl RFQ
FA615 cp Avl RFQ
FA619B cp Avl RFQ
FA621 cp Avl RFQ
FA622 cp Avl RFQ
FA624 cp Avl RFQ
FA626 cp Avl RFQ
FA627 cp Avl RFQ
FA628 cp Avl RFQ
FA629 cp Avl RFQ
FA633BS-1 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA634B cp Avl RFQ
FA636 cp Avl RFQ
FA637 cp Avl RFQ
FA640 cp Avl RFQ
STS112 644-0081-012-iss-01 - 2ds3/sts int Avl RFQ

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