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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Alcatel. We have products like Adapter Connector, Expander Cup, Modem Subassembly in our inventory, with part numbers including 00U-FL00-358-BBO, 00U-FL00-358-BGO, 00U-FL00-358-BOO, 00U-FL00-358-BZO, 00U-FL00-358-CAO. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
00U-FL00-358-BBO retune diplexer 2.3 - 2.5 ghz Avl RFQ
00U-FL00-358-BGO NA Avl RFQ
00U-FL00-358-BOO NA Avl RFQ
00U-FL00-358-BZO NA Avl RFQ
00U-FL00-358-CAO NA Avl RFQ
00U-FX00-002-DOO rural carrier transmit Avl RFQ
00U-FX00-005-BOO NA Avl RFQ
00U-FX00-005-DOO NA Avl RFQ
00U-FX00-005-KOO NA Avl RFQ
108895301 es760a - yukon 650w rectifier Avl RFQ
108909870 bnp2 - net control & timing Avl RFQ
108918897 ms1a40lc-lc 108918897 ms1a40lc-lc Avl RFQ
10892052 lle2 Avl RFQ
108926411 radio channel element bnj37, cmu Avl RFQ
108933342 kbn22b - 20-96mb single core board Avl RFQ
300-0886-900 RG 300-0886-900 rg - imtn ser intfc Avl RFQ
300-0886-900-REV-F ser interface Avl RFQ
300-0886-901 si-1/1 a Avl RFQ
300-0886-901 D si-1/1 Avl RFQ
300-0887-900 RH 300-0887-900 rh - imtn syncr cd Avl RFQ
300-0887-900 RJ 300-0887-900 rj - imtn syncr cd Avl RFQ
300-0887-900 RK 300-0887-900 rk - imtn syncr cd Avl RFQ
300-0887-900-REV-H NA Avl RFQ
300-0887-903 sync4-1/3 Avl RFQ
300-0887-903 A sync4-1/3 Avl RFQ
484GA S-11 unit power Avl RFQ
644-0126-003 NA Avl RFQ
644-0128-001 I1 644-0128-001 i1 Avl RFQ
644-0128-001 I1 RV A NA Avl RFQ
644-0129-001 I1 644-0129-001 i1 - 1648-sm pwrsy mod Avl RFQ
644-0129-001 I1 REV NA Avl RFQ
644-0129-001 R.D power supply psu301 Avl RFQ
644-0129-001 R.F power supply psu301 Avl RFQ
644-0129-001-ISS-01 1648-sm pwrsy mod Avl RFQ
644-0137-001 I1 644-0137-001 i1 - 1631-sx bus termn un Avl RFQ
644-0138-001-ISS-01 hard disk drive assembly Avl RFQ
644-0138-003 NA Avl RFQ
644-0138-003 I1 644-0138-003 i1 - 1631-sx hard dkdr asby Avl RFQ
644-0138-004 NA Avl RFQ
644-0138-005 I1 644-0138-005 i1 - 1633-sx hard disk 4gb Avl RFQ
644-0138-005-ISS-01 1633-sx hard disk 4gb 1633-sx Avl RFQ
644-0138-007 hard disk drive Avl RFQ
644-0138-007-ISS-01 1630-sx hard disk 18gb Avl RFQ
644-0139-001 NA Avl RFQ
644-0139-003 I1 644-0139-003 i1 - 1631-sx opt dkdr asby Avl RFQ
644-0139-003-ISS-01 1631-sx opt dkdr asby Avl RFQ
644-0139-004-IS NA Avl RFQ
644-0139-004-ISS-01 1633-sx opt disk drive Avl RFQ
644-0139-006 es-53b-6 optical disk drive (opd) Avl RFQ
644-0139-00601 snp1408caa 1630-sx opt disk dr Avl RFQ
644-0140-001 NA Avl RFQ
644-0144-001 I1 644-0144-001 i1 - transceiver (xcv) Avl RFQ
810-00015-13 NA Avl RFQ
810-00021-00 NA Avl RFQ
810-00021-10 b-stdx 9000 power supply -48v Avl RFQ
810-00021-15 NA Avl RFQ
810-00041-01 NA Avl RFQ
848602413 S-2 metropolis dmx contl Avl RFQ
848610077 ks24567l1070 sma male to sma male rf cable, 20awg, 27 Avl RFQ
848629184 red universal power cord Avl RFQ
848635934 dmx multiplexer kit Avl RFQ
848730644 system cooling fan unit Avl RFQ
848732251 lambdaxtreme, sandisk memory card, 220mb flash disk, pcmcia pc c Avl RFQ
848760070 l568355 - t1 interface module Avl RFQ
848793287 metro dmx acc mxr shlf metropolis dmx Avl RFQ
848793287-R6 metro dmx acc mxr shlf metropolis dmx Avl RFQ
848799821 ks24563l3 - fan tray assembly, one cell, high flow indoor rear v Avl RFQ
848805131 afp1-12 - 800-2500mhz, 7/16f-7/16m Avl RFQ
848813614 9824da - printed wiring board, double sided, 3 pwb-ds 3 mffu ala Avl RFQ
848818787 ed-7g045-30 - ot sys controller shelf assembly Avl RFQ
848818803 ed-7g028-30 - #never manufactured Avl RFQ
848824918 848824926 - sys core sub assembly u Avl RFQ
848832374 cable assembly, radio frequency, connectorized Avl RFQ
848834321 ca assy-dig connzd lam 1848834495 Avl RFQ
848834487 bracket assembly, flexent modcell, high data rate Avl RFQ
848838488 cable assembly Avl RFQ
848838504 cable assembly Avl RFQ
90-1549-06 C rs-422 card Avl RFQ
90-1576-01 E alcatel 90-1576-01/e newbridge mainstreet 3600 control card alca Avl RFQ
90-1577-01 3600 mem gnrc c115 Avl RFQ
90-1577-01-03 memory gnrc c115 Avl RFQ
90-1577-01-03-B memory gnrc c115 Avl RFQ
90-1577-01-03-G 3600 mem gnrc c115 3600 Avl RFQ
90-1577-01-06 90-1577-01-03 - memory gnrc c115 Avl RFQ
90-1578-01-03-D memory gnrc d815 Avl RFQ
90-1578-01-03-H memory gnrc d115 Avl RFQ
90-1585-01 card: 3630 2x4 vcb module Avl RFQ
90-1607-01 NA Avl RFQ
90-1615-01 alcatel 90-1615-01 - universal distribution panel alcatel 90-161 Avl RFQ
90-1625-02 H dcs, dual 1.544 mbps t1 3600 Avl RFQ
90-1625-02-03-R 3600 dual t1 cd 3600 Avl RFQ
90-1625-02-U 3600 dual t1 cd 3600 Avl RFQ
90-1638-02 frame relay card Avl RFQ
90-1638-03-03-H fr relay engine Avl RFQ
ASX-155-RFM-1W atm oc-3 uplink mod atm 155 sc connector Avl RFQ
ASX-155FH-1W omniswitch single port oc3 long reach asx-155fh-1w Avl RFQ
ASX-155FM-1W os/r, 1-port oc-3, 155mbps uplink module (mmf, sc) (= asx155) Avl RFQ
ASX-155FM-1W-L3 NA Avl RFQ
ASX-155FM-2W osr 2-port atm oc-3 switch module Avl RFQ
ED-3C655-30 t1c eqlr pwb asby Avl RFQ
ED-3C765-30 eql ckt Avl RFQ
ED-3C767-30 t1c/t1 eql Avl RFQ
ED-3C834-302 A B alarm unit Avl RFQ
ED-3C864-30 alm supr Avl RFQ
ED-3C866-30 alm/stat indr Avl RFQ
ED-82600-30 cps1 1a pwb Avl RFQ
ED-82949-30-G4 ed-82949-304 - cm2 alarm circuit pwb Avl RFQ
ED-82949-301 NA Avl RFQ
ED-82949-304 cm2 alarm circuit pwb Avl RFQ
ED-82950-301 NA Avl RFQ
ED-83006-30 aux ckt pack cp2 Avl RFQ
ED-83006-30 1 A MOD aux ckt pack cp2 Avl RFQ
ED-83008-301 MOD-A rectifier sig circuit pack cp4 Avl RFQ
ED-83008-301 MOD-A B rectifier sig circuit pack cp4 Avl RFQ
ED-83011-301 A 48v cvtr cp Avl RFQ
ED3C792-31-G2 intfc tst un Avl RFQ
ED3C864-30 G2 B ed3c864-30 g2,b - alm supr unit Avl RFQ
ED3F095-306 982dc - card Avl RFQ
ED3F095-30G6 982dc - card Avl RFQ
ED82611-30-G 1 A description Avl RFQ
FA643 cp Avl RFQ
FA643S-3 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA644 cp Avl RFQ
FA646B cp Avl RFQ
FA649 cp Avl RFQ
FA650 cp Avl RFQ
FA651 cp Avl RFQ
FA652 cp Avl RFQ
FA653 cp Avl RFQ
FA654 cp Avl RFQ
FA655 cp Avl RFQ
FA659S-2 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA661 cp Avl RFQ
FA663 cp Avl RFQ
FA664 cp Avl RFQ
FA665 cp Avl RFQ
FA666 cp Avl RFQ
FA668 cp Avl RFQ
FA72S-2 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA72S-4 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA755 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA772 cp Avl RFQ
FA772S-4 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA772S-5 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA773 cp Avl RFQ
FA773S-3 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA773S-5 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA774S-3 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA774S-4 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA774S-6 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA775 cp Avl RFQ
FA775S-2 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA776 cp Avl RFQ
FA776S-2 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FA777 cp Avl RFQ
FA779 cp Avl RFQ
FA779S-3 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FIBERXON S-4.1DDM FT p16s1-4e transceiver Avl RFQ
MI-14 4 mi-14/4 Avl RFQ
SP569-Y01A-Q3 NA Avl RFQ
SPEC011183 BSC00 alcatel aa Avl RFQ
WSMD1-S13 otud1 Avl RFQ
WSNB01 otu-1 2.5g 9580-9560 Avl RFQ
WSNB03 otu-1 9500-9480 Avl RFQ
WSNB07 S-3 wsnb07 s-3 - ws ols 400g opt trnsl Avl RFQ
WSNB08 otu Avl RFQ
WSNB10 opt trnsl cp Avl RFQ
WSNB19 ws ols 400g optical trnsl Avl RFQ
WSNB20 optical translator Avl RFQ
WSNB34 optical translator Avl RFQ
WSPB02 ws ols 400g optical trnsl Avl RFQ
WSPG07B ws ols 400g optical trnsl Avl RFQ
WSPG10B otu Avl RFQ
WSPG14B ws ols 400g opt trnsl Avl RFQ
WSRG02-S12 otu31 Avl RFQ
WSRG06 ws-ols 400g optical trnsl Avl RFQ
WSRG06B ws ols 400g opt trnsl Avl RFQ
WSRG07-S12 otu31 Avl RFQ
WSRG07B-S18 otu31 Avl RFQ
WSRG14B-S18 otu31 Avl RFQ
WSRG15 ws-ols 400g optical trnsl Avl RFQ
WSRG18B optical translator unit 31 Avl RFQ
WSRG19B otu Avl RFQ
WSRH1 otud Avl RFQ
WTM11AB 3dw03915baba - wtm11ab Avl RFQ
WUA031 optical amplifier Avl RFQ
WUA143 ws 400g c+l spltr/comb Avl RFQ
WUJB20 ws-ols 400g optical trnsl Avl RFQ
WUNB01 ws ols 400g optical trnsl Avl RFQ
WUNB02 ws ols 400g optical trnsl Avl RFQ
WUNB03 ws ols 400g optical trnsl Avl RFQ
WUNB04-S11 otu1 Avl RFQ
WUNB05 ws ols 400g optical trnsl Avl RFQ
WUNB07 ws ols 400g optical trnsl Avl RFQ
WUNB09 ws ols 400g optical trnsl Avl RFQ
WUNB13 ws ols 400g optical trnsl Avl RFQ
WUNB15 ws ols 400g optical trnsl Avl RFQ

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