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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Canon. We have products like in our inventory, with part numbers including 4G3-0470-000, 4G3-0471-000, 4G3-0474-000, 4G3-0478-000, 4G3-0480-010. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
4G3-0470-000 canon fin-s1 tray side plate unitleft Avl RFQ
4G3-0471-000 canon fin-s1 tray side plate unit right Avl RFQ
4G3-0474-000 canon fin-s1 stack tray assy Avl RFQ
4G3-0478-000 canon fin-s1 worm shaft unit Avl RFQ
4G3-0480-010 canon fin-x1 staple unit Avl RFQ
4G3-0572-000 canon fin-u1 tray side plate unit (l) Avl RFQ
4G3-0573-000 canon fin-u1 tray side plate unit (r) Avl RFQ
4G3-0630-020 canon fin-w1 stack upper tray assy Avl RFQ
4G3-0631-010 canon fin-w1 stack lower tray assy Avl RFQ
4G3-0727-010 canon sdlfin-ad2 door front upper Avl RFQ
4G3-0938-010 canon fin-w1 staple assy Avl RFQ
4G3-1533-000 canon fin-w1 feeder assy Avl RFQ
4G3-1541-020 canon fin-w1 swing guide assy Avl RFQ
4G3-1553-000 canon fin-w1 feeder assy Avl RFQ
4G3-1566-000 canon fin-w1 operation tray assy Avl RFQ
4G3-1772-000 canon sdlfin-y2 pass lower guide assy Avl RFQ
4G3-1800-000 canon fin-w1 micro switch assy Avl RFQ
4G3-1923-000 canon fin-ad1 feeder assy Avl RFQ
4G3-1934-000 canon sdlfin-ad2 feeder assy Avl RFQ
4G3-1940-000 canon sdlfin-y2 saddle guide assy Avl RFQ
F132503 canon np6412f scanner/printer Avl RFQ
F132900 NA Avl RFQ
FB4-2996-000 canon ir600 key top, power supply Avl RFQ
FB4-3057-000 canon ir3300 support, stirring, fro Avl RFQ
FB4-3061-000 canon ir3300 mount, door switch Avl RFQ
FB4-3063-000 canon ir3300 block, switch pressure Avl RFQ
FB4-3065-000 canon ir3300 holder, door switch, r Avl RFQ
FB4-3104-000 canon ir3300 cap, spring Avl RFQ
FB4-3170-000 canon ir3300 spring,torsion Avl RFQ
FB4-3265-000 canon ir3300 tray,slide Avl RFQ
FB4-3285-000 canon ir5570 plate, blanking Avl RFQ
FB4-3329-000 canon ir3300 arm, cam follower Avl RFQ
FB4-3343-000 canon ir3300 flag, retry sensor Avl RFQ
FB4-3692-030 canon ir5000 ring, retaining Avl RFQ
FB4-3700-000 canon ir5000 lever, lifter release Avl RFQ
FB4-3718-020 canon ir600 shaft,output Avl RFQ
FB4-3725-000 canon ir600 shaft, right deck output Avl RFQ
FB4-3727-000 canon ir600 shaft, pulley Avl RFQ
FB4-3729-000 canon ir600 coupling Avl RFQ
FB4-3740-020 canon ir600 shaft, fulcrum Avl RFQ
FB4-3743-000 canon ir600 sheet, guide Avl RFQ
FB4-3759-000 canon ir600 guide, positioning Avl RFQ
FB4-3767-000 canon ir600 collar, push-on Avl RFQ
FB4-3773-000 canon ir600 hook, multi door Avl RFQ
FC5-1262-000 canon ir2230 cam developing pressure Avl RFQ
FC5-1265-000 canon ir2230 shutter Avl RFQ
FC5-1268-000 canon ir2230 cam bottle slide Avl RFQ
FC5-1269-000 canon ir2230 roller Avl RFQ
FC5-1274-000 canon ir2230 cap screw Avl RFQ
FC5-1277-000 canon ir2230 panel inner right Avl RFQ
FC5-1278-000 canon ir2230 panel right rear Avl RFQ
FC5-1278-010 canon ir2230 panel right rear Avl RFQ
FC5-1278-020 canon ir2230 panel right rear Avl RFQ
FC5-1280-000 canon ir5570 emblem Avl RFQ
FC5-1282-000 canon ir2230 rubber cover grey Avl RFQ
FC5-1304-000 canon ir5570 base hdd Avl RFQ
FC5-1307-000 canon ir2230 mount environment sensor Avl RFQ
FC5-1334-000 canon ir2230 spring grounding Avl RFQ
FC5-1340-000 canon ir2230 guide inlet Avl RFQ
FC5-1341-010 canon ir2230 guide fixing cable front Avl RFQ
FC5-1343-000 canon ir2230 cover fixing frame Avl RFQ
FC5-1345-000 canon ir2230 lever pressure Avl RFQ
FC5-1346-000 canon ir2870 eliminator static charge Avl RFQ
FC5-1348-000 canon ir2230 guide fixing inlet Avl RFQ
FC5-1351-000 canon ir2230 guard film sensor Avl RFQ
FC5-1353-000 canon ir2230 guide fixing delivery up Avl RFQ
FC5-1354-000 canon ir2230 fixing delivery flapper Avl RFQ
FC5-1356-000 canon ir2230 fixing delivery guide low Avl RFQ
FC5-1360-000 canon ir2230 eliminator static charge Avl RFQ
FC5-1363-000 canon ir3225 plate fixing positioning Avl RFQ
FC5-1367-000 canon ir1730 springsensor lever Avl RFQ
FC5-1368-000 canon ir2230 spring Avl RFQ
FC5-1382-000 canon ir2230 guide fixing delivery fix Avl RFQ
FC5-1383-000 canon ir2230 brush film bias Avl RFQ
FC5-1384-000 canon ir2230 guide film bias Avl RFQ
FC5-1400-000 canon ir2270 panel control panel Avl RFQ
FC5-1402-000 canon ir2230 panel control panel Avl RFQ
FC5-1407-000 canon ir2230 holder preconditioning Avl RFQ
FC5-1413-000 canon ir2230 pin stay Avl RFQ
FC5-1420-000 canon irc5870 holder size detect Avl RFQ
FC5-1423-000 canon ir2230 slider convert Avl RFQ
FC5-1424-000 canon ir3035 holder dial Avl RFQ
FC5-1424-020 canon irc5870 holder dial Avl RFQ
FC5-1425-000 canon irc2880 pin float guide Avl RFQ
FC5-1426-000 canon ir2230 guide carriage right Avl RFQ
FC5-1427-000 canon mf7280 cover edge Avl RFQ
FC5-1436-000 canon ir2230 frame upper Avl RFQ
FC5-1439-000 canon irc2880 guide carriage left Avl RFQ
FC5-1442-000 canon irc2880 panel reader right Avl RFQ
FC5-1444-000 canon mf7280 holder ffc Avl RFQ
FC5-1447-000 canon irc2880 panel df support right Avl RFQ
FC5-1452-000 canon mf7460 crossmember glass Avl RFQ
FC5-1454-000 canon ir2230 mount rdf left Avl RFQ
FC5-1463-000 canon ir3225 plate fixing reader right Avl RFQ
FC5-1473-000 canon ir2230 retainer glass Avl RFQ
FC5-1492-000 canon ir2230 plate rail Avl RFQ
FC5-1499-000 canon ir2230 plate grounding Avl RFQ
FC5-1501-000 canon ir2230 sheetlcd electrostatic Avl RFQ
FC5-1502-000 canon ir2230 keyfunction Avl RFQ
FC5-1503-000 canon ir2230 holder function Avl RFQ
FC5-1504-000 canon ir2230 keyinterrupt Avl RFQ
FC5-1506-000 canon ir2230 cap energy save Avl RFQ
FC5-1516-000 canon ir2230 pulley 80t Avl RFQ
FC5-1517-000 canon ir2230 pulley 50t Avl RFQ
FC5-1518-000 canon ir2230 cover pick-up motor suppor Avl RFQ
FC5-1533-000 canon ir2230 link shutter Avl RFQ
FC5-1535-000 canon ir2230 guide wire Avl RFQ
FL2-2930-000 canon irc5870 gear 36t Avl RFQ
FL2-2944-000 canon ir2016 cover panel Avl RFQ
FL2-2952-000 canon ir3035 clutch Avl RFQ
FL2-2954-000 canon ir3035 solenoid Avl RFQ
FL2-3002-000 canon ir2230 contact image sensor unit Avl RFQ
FL2-3006-000 canon ir5570 duct ih power Avl RFQ
FL2-3011-000 canon ir5570 case filter Avl RFQ
FL2-3018-000 canon ir5570 duct primary fan Avl RFQ
FL2-3023-000 canon ir5570 cover case Avl RFQ
FL2-3025-000 canon ir5570 duct connecting Avl RFQ
FL2-3030-000 canon ir5570 cover front lower Avl RFQ
FL2-3035 canon ir5570 cover, controller pcb assem Avl RFQ
FL2-3036-000 canon ir5570 filter dust-proof Avl RFQ
FS5-1950-000 canon ir3300 bushing Avl RFQ
FS5-2288-000 canon irc3100 spring, tension Avl RFQ
FS5-2293-000 canon irc3100 spring, tension Avl RFQ
FS5-3613-000 canon ir600 gear, 16t/24t Avl RFQ
FS5-3615-000 canon ir600 pulley, 18t Avl RFQ
FS5-3617-000 canon ir600 pulley, 30t Avl RFQ
FS5-3731-000 canon ir600 pulley, 28t Avl RFQ
FS5-3733-000 canon ir600 pulley, 46t Avl RFQ
FS5-3735-000 canon ir600 pulley, 20t Avl RFQ
FS5-3744-000 canon ir600 pulley, 50t Avl RFQ
FS5-3746-000 canon ir600 pulley, idler, 18t/48t Avl RFQ
FU5-2401-000 canon ir5570 spring, tension Avl RFQ
FU5-2476-000 canon mf7280 spring, transfer roller, ri Avl RFQ
FU5-2600-000 canon irc5870 spring, compression Avl RFQ
FU5-3001-000 canon ic d860 pulley, 18t Avl RFQ
FU5-3003-000 canon ic d860 pulley, 18t Avl RFQ
FU5-3007-000 canon ic d860 pulley, 16t Avl RFQ
FU5-3036-000 canon irc5870 pulley, 27t Avl RFQ
FU5-3038-000 canon irc5870 pulley, 18t Avl RFQ
FU5-3041-000 canon irc5870 pulley, 36t Avl RFQ
FU5-3056-000 canon irc3100 pulley, 20t Avl RFQ
FU5-3059-000 canon irc3100 pulley, 42t Avl RFQ
FU5-3079-000 canon ir5570 pulley, 20t/20t Avl RFQ
FU5-6104-000 canon irc3100 flange, back end assist Avl RFQ
FU5-6108-000 canon irc3100 flange, link Avl RFQ
FU5-7051-030 canon irc3100 shaft, drive Avl RFQ
FU5-8014-000 canon irc3100 label Avl RFQ
FU5-8081-000 canon irc5870 label, paper set Avl RFQ
FU5-8088-000 canon ir5570 label,rel. control instruct Avl RFQ
FU5-8092-000 canon irc5870 label, dial Avl RFQ
FU5-8094-000 canon irc5870 label, tab paper set, 1 Avl RFQ
FU5-8098-000 canon irc5870 label Avl RFQ
FU5-8100-000 canon irc5870 label, manual feed size Avl RFQ
FU5-8106-000 canon irc5870 label, wire height Avl RFQ
FU5-8204-000 canon irc2620 label, copy inhibited Avl RFQ
FU5-8269-000 canon dr7080 plate, length size Avl RFQ
FU5-8274-000 canon irc5870 label,legal limit/lamp cau Avl RFQ
FU5-8276-000 canon irc5870 label,legal limit/lamp cau Avl RFQ
FU5-8525-000 canon irc5870 label, drum rotation Avl RFQ
FU5-8557-000 canon ir5570 label,size Avl RFQ
FU5-8575-000 canon mf7280 label, warning, high temp Avl RFQ
FU5-8584-000 canon mf7280 sheet, paper size setting Avl RFQ
HG5-2984-000 canon l80 cable with connector 3p Avl RFQ
HG5-2986-000 canon l80 speaker unit Avl RFQ
HG5-3063-000 canon lc 720i nic board ass'y Avl RFQ
HG5-3065-020 canon lc710 cs relay board assy Avl RFQ
HG5-3066-020 sensor board lc 710, lc 720i, lc 730i Avl RFQ
HG5-3068 canon epu board for lc710 laser class 710 printer hg5-3068 Avl RFQ
HG5-3068-030 canon lc710 epu board assy Avl RFQ
HG5-3069-000 canon lc710 opcnt board assy Avl RFQ
HG5-3069-030 canon lc710 opcnt board assy Avl RFQ
HG5-3070-000 canon lc730 usb board assy Avl RFQ
HG5-3071 canon modular board assembly for lc710 printer hg5-3071 Avl RFQ
HG5-3072-000 canon lc710 modular board assy Avl RFQ
HG5-3080-000 canon lc 720i cable with connector 10p Avl RFQ
HG5-3089-000 canon lc710 feeder board assy Avl RFQ
HG5-3089-020 canon lc710 feeder board assy Avl RFQ
HG5-3090-000 canon lc710 cable with connector 14p Avl RFQ
HG5-3091-000 canon lc710 hv cable assembly Avl RFQ
HG5-3092-000 canon lc710 cable with connector 40p Avl RFQ
HG5-3093-000 canon lc710 cable with connector 6p Avl RFQ
HG5-3097-000 canon lc710 cable unit Avl RFQ
HG5-3121-000 canon lc2050p modular board assembly Avl RFQ
HG5-3221-000 canon lc710 scnt board assy Avl RFQ
IR2016-Z2 NA Avl RFQ
IR2018-Z2 NA Avl RFQ
IR2018I canon ir2018i network printer, scanner copier and sender a3 a4 Avl RFQ
MF5730-Z2 NA Avl RFQ
MF5730-Z3 NA Avl RFQ
MF5770 canon imageclass mf5770 aio printer Avl RFQ
MF5850-Z2 NA Avl RFQ
MF5950-Z2 NA Avl RFQ
MF5950-Z3 NA Avl RFQ
MF6160-Z2 NA Avl RFQ
MF6160-Z3 NA Avl RFQ
MF6160DW canon mf6160 mfp dw Avl RFQ
RB3-0056-000 canon mf8170 sheet, insulating Avl RFQ
RB3-0057-000 canon mf-8180 plate, transfer slide Avl RFQ
RB3-0060-000 canon mf8170 shaft, idler gear Avl RFQ
RB3-0060-020 canon mf-8180 shaft, idler gear Avl RFQ

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