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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Dell. We have products like Screw Shoulder, Bolt Internally Rel, Bender Tube Hand, Hose Assembly Nonme, Contact Positioner in our inventory, with part numbers including 116X6, 30XW0, 30YCY, 30ZM7IB001Q, 35L1307. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
116X6 dell xps 14 (l421x) motherboard system board with i5 1.80ghz cpu Avl RFQ
30XW0 kybd,84,ger,ems3,win8,e5 Avl RFQ
30YCY latitude 10 tablet speaker assy Avl RFQ
30ZM7IB001Q daughter card chromebook 11 Avl RFQ
35L1307 NA Avl RFQ
35N16B2 NA Avl RFQ
35P0697 NA Avl RFQ
36.V0901G002 NA Avl RFQ
360-2200-B1-07 NA Avl RFQ
360-2200D-B1-07 NA Avl RFQ
360-2200D-B3-10 NA Avl RFQ
360-2600D-B1-07 NA Avl RFQ
360-2600T-B1-07 NA Avl RFQ
36023 NA Avl RFQ
36024 NA Avl RFQ
36025 NA Avl RFQ
360332-004 NA Avl RFQ
3603R NA Avl RFQ
3604T NA Avl RFQ
36097 NA Avl RFQ
360JX NA Avl RFQ
3610KL-04W-B20 NA Avl RFQ
3610RL-05W-S49 NA Avl RFQ
3612KL-04W-366 NA Avl RFQ
3612KL-04W-B66-FS9 NA Avl RFQ
3627R NA Avl RFQ
36335 NA Avl RFQ
36347A00HA NA Avl RFQ
36362 NA Avl RFQ
430-3318 dell 2335dn wireless card Avl RFQ
430-4348 8 port pem Avl RFQ
430-4397 dell e-port small style 1-dvi video e5400/e6500 w/ 130w ac adapt Avl RFQ
95Y7T assy,base,one,19t,tiiemc4 Avl RFQ
9965378-039 8gb pc2 5300f 2rx4 667mhz memory kit (2x4gb) Avl RFQ
A21F0MPW model no.32me402v/f7 Avl RFQ
A21F0UH model no.32me402v/f7 Avl RFQ
A21F5MSW unknown Avl RFQ
A21P6MMA model no.40pfl4707/f7 Avl RFQ
A21P6MPW model no.40pfl4707/f7 Avl RFQ
A21P6UH model no.40pfl4707/f7 Avl RFQ
A21T0MMA model no.39mf412b/f7 Avl RFQ
A21T1MSW unknown Avl RFQ
A21T1PW model no.lc391em3 Avl RFQ
A21TMPW model no.lc391em3 Avl RFQ
A21UAMMA model no.50pfl3707/f7 Avl RFQ
A21UAMPW model no.50pfl3707/f7 Avl RFQ
A21UAMSW unknown Avl RFQ
A21UAUH model no. 50pfl370/f7 Avl RFQ
A21UBMPW model no.50mf412b/f7 Avl RFQ
A21UBUH model no.50mf412b/f7 Avl RFQ
A21UFMPW model no.lc501em3 Avl RFQ
A21UFUH model no.lc501em3 Avl RFQ
A21UHMMA main boards Avl RFQ
A21UHMPW power supplies Avl RFQ
A21UHMSW unknown Avl RFQ
FB443 unknown Avl RFQ
GP258 palmrest inspiron 1525 Avl RFQ
GP265 unknown Avl RFQ
GP277-AD5560A drdvdrw-dell d500/600-ad5560a, 12.7mm Avl RFQ
GP284 dell gp284 usb board/panel Avl RFQ
GP28P unknown Avl RFQ
GP295 NA Avl RFQ
GP295 S light scratches from removal. works perfectly. exact part. dell Avl RFQ
GP297 dell pci-e 2-chan sas-300 256mb raid ctrl (perc/5e Avl RFQ
GP298-06 dell dell gp298 perc 5i raid sas controller card Avl RFQ
GP2P2 dell alienware aurora alx power supply cover (gp2p2) Avl RFQ
GP341 unknown Avl RFQ
GP347 NA Avl RFQ
GP38P unknown Avl RFQ
GP431 2gb 2rx8 pc3-10600r memory dimm Avl RFQ
GP457 dell d630 c2d 2.2ghz proc Avl RFQ
GP536 120gb 5400rpm 2.5' sata Avl RFQ
GP60N external usb slim dvdrw multi recorder drive Avl RFQ
GP640 si,cage,noble,745sff,gp640 Avl RFQ
GP683 dell palmrest Avl RFQ
GP700 poweredge r710 cd-tbu cable Avl RFQ
GP733 laptop lcd bezel Avl RFQ
GP74K dell palmrest inspiron 1546 Avl RFQ
GP75C unknown Avl RFQ
GP785 tb,400gb,nn,int,lto3-060,qtm Avl RFQ
GP785 LTO3 lto3 lto3 hh 400/800 gb lvd/se tape drive Avl RFQ
GP879NT dell 146gb10k sas 3.5 no tray Avl RFQ
GP880-10G-U dell 300gb 15k sas hard drive 3.5in Avl RFQ
GP880-U dell 300gb 15k sas hard drive 3.5in Avl RFQ
GP927 perc 5e sas raid controller pci-e with 256mb with battery Avl RFQ
GP933 NA Avl RFQ
GP933 V7600 ati firegl v7600 512 mb 2x dvi pci-e workstation graphics video Avl RFQ
GP935 power connect 6448 Avl RFQ
GP952 insp 1525 9 cell batt 85wh Avl RFQ
GP952 HP287 dell 9-cell 85whr battery insp 15/1545/1525/1526/1546 type gp952 Avl RFQ
GP952 RU583 dell 9-cell 85whr battery insp 15/1545/1525/1526/1546 type gp952 Avl RFQ
GP952 WK379 dell 9-cell 85whr battery insp 15/1545/1525/1526/1546 type gp952 Avl RFQ
GP952-DELL insp 1525 9 cell batt 85wh Avl RFQ
GP973 RU006 dell 9-cell 85w battery xps 1530 type ru006 Avl RFQ
GP975 insp xps m1530 6 cell battery Avl RFQ
GPC142001 gpc ac adpt..5/12v dual supply 5pin round Avl RFQ
HW173 NA Avl RFQ
INSPIRON 9300 PENTIU inspiron 9300 Avl RFQ
INSPIRON 9400 HINGE dell oem inspiron 9400 laptop plastic hinge cover power button Avl RFQ
INSPIRON B120 HINGE dell oem inspiron b120 laptop plastic hinge cover power button Avl RFQ
INSPIRON B130 HINGE dell oem inspiron b130 laptop plastic hinge cover power button Avl RFQ
INSPIRON E1405 HINGE dell oem inspiron e1405 laptop plastic hinge cover power button Avl RFQ
INSPIRON E1501 dell laptop, inspiron e1501, 15.4 screen/1.80ghz duo/120gbhdd/1 Avl RFQ
INSPIRON E1505 dell laptop, inspiron e1505, 15.4 screen/1.80ghz amd/120gbhdd/1 Avl RFQ
INSPIRON E1505 HINGE dell oem inspiron e1505 laptop plastic hinge cover power button Avl RFQ
INSPIRON E1705 HINGE dell oem inspiron e1705 laptop plastic hinge cover power button Avl RFQ
INSPIRON-1000-SPEAKE dell inspiron 1000 inspiron-1000-speaker speaker set Avl RFQ
INSPIRON-531 2.3ghz amd athlon x2 dual core 4400t 2gb ram 250gb hdd desktop Avl RFQ
INSPIRON.860.G2 inspiron.860.g2 Avl RFQ
INSPIRON1318-BRACKET dell bracket kit left & right Avl RFQ
INSPIRON1318-HINGEKI dell hinges kit left & right Avl RFQ
INSPIRON14Z dell insp 14z i14z-2100slv 14 ultrabook Avl RFQ
INSPIRON1525SPEAKERS dell inspiron 1525 speaker Avl RFQ
INSPIRON5150 dell inspiron 5150 p4/2.8ghz 1gb 60gb Avl RFQ
INSPIRON6000HINGES dell inspiron 6000 hinge Avl RFQ
INSPIRON6000SCREWSL dell inspiron 6000 screws Avl RFQ
INSPONE2330 dell inspiron one 2330 desktop Avl RFQ
INSPRION 2500 dell insprion 2500 15 1 lcd p4 2 0 256 ram 20g hdd cd Avl RFQ
INV32T3UA unknown Avl RFQ
INV32T4UA unknown Avl RFQ
INVC768 unknown Avl RFQ
INVC768CN2 unknown Avl RFQ
INVC769 unknown Avl RFQ
INVC775 unknown Avl RFQ
INVC811-1 unknown Avl RFQ
IO-FOR-GDG8Y io shield for dell inspiron 620s gdg8y Avl RFQ
IO-FOR-M5DCD io shield for m5dcd and gdg8y Avl RFQ
IO-INSPIRON.570 bk-inspiron.570 dell inspiron 570 backplate i/o shield Avl RFQ
IO-INSPIRON.620 bk-inspiron.620 dell inspiron 620 backplate i/o shield Avl RFQ
IO-INSPIRON.660S bk-inspiron.660s dell inspiron 660s backplate i/o shield Avl RFQ
K7395 NA Avl RFQ
K7395-NEW NA Avl RFQ
LATXT CORE21.33 2048 NA Avl RFQ
LBA4101002 NA Avl RFQ
LBD0393-06 NA Avl RFQ
LBD0461-06 NA Avl RFQ
LBDLD620-06 NA Avl RFQ
LC07A011 NA Avl RFQ
LC07A013 NA Avl RFQ
LC15A011 NA Avl RFQ
LC15A013-01 NA Avl RFQ
LC171W03-A4K6 NA Avl RFQ
NY293 NA Avl RFQ
NY300 NA Avl RFQ
NY312 055 NA Avl RFQ
NY312 1071 NA Avl RFQ
NY312 1567 NA Avl RFQ
NY312-A1 NA Avl RFQ
NY313 055 NA Avl RFQ
NY313 1071 NA Avl RFQ
NY313 1567 NA Avl RFQ
NY313-A1 NA Avl RFQ
NY420 NA Avl RFQ
NY606 NA Avl RFQ
NY667 NA Avl RFQ
NY695 NA Avl RFQ
PER610QCE5540 per610 qc e5540 2.53ghz 2048/sffcage/dvd/perc6i Avl RFQ
PER610QCX5560 per610 qc x5560 2.8ghz 2048/sffcage/nocd/perc6i Avl RFQ
PER620 1 QC2.4GHZ poweredge r620, 1 x qc 2.4ghz, 4gb (1x4gb), 0hdd, 1x8bp hs, perc Avl RFQ
PER620-8DRV-3PCI-R dell pe r620 sff cto 8drv 3pci all lp Avl RFQ
PER710 0X0X0 poweredge r710, 0cpu, 0gb, 0 hdd, 1x4 bp hs, no raid, idrac6 exp Avl RFQ
PER710 1 QC2.0GHZ 18 poweredge r710, 1 x qc 2.0ghz (e5504), 18gb, 6 x 1tb sata hdd, 1 Avl RFQ
PER710 1 QC2.0GHZ 6G poweredge r710, 1 x qc 2.0ghz (e5504), 6gb, 2 x 300gb sas hdd, 1 Avl RFQ
PER710 1 QC2.4GHZ poweredge r710, 1 x qc 2.4ghz (e5530), 0gb, 0 hdd, 1x4 bp hs, no Avl RFQ
PER710 2 QC2.4GHZ poweredge r710, 2 x qc 2.4ghz (e5530), 0gb, 0 hdd, 1x4 bp hs, no Avl RFQ
PER710 2X L5520 dell per710 2*l5520 12gb 2*psu perc 6i idrac6 *90 days wnty* Avl RFQ
PER710 L5520 12GB dell r710 1*l5520 12gb ram 2*psu perc 6/i drac 6 *90 days wnty* Avl RFQ
PER710 L5520 SFF dell per710 sff 2*l5520 12gb 2*psu perc 6i idrac6 *90 days wnty* Avl RFQ
PER710 QC2.13GHZ poweredge r710, qc 2.13ghz (l5506), 6gb (3x2gb), 4 x 2tb 3.5 sa Avl RFQ
PER710 X5570 dell r710 2*x5570 32gb dvd perc 6/i drac 6 *90 days wnty* Avl RFQ
PER7103.5CTO per7103.56-slotcto Avl RFQ
PER710QCE5530 poweredge r710 qc e5530 2.4ghz 4096/nohdd/dvd lff cage Avl RFQ
PER720 6C 2.5GHZ 1 poweredge r720, 1 x 6c 2.5ghz (e5-2640), 64gb (8x8gb), 2 x 300gb Avl RFQ
PER720 6C 2.5GHZ 2 poweredge r720, 2 x 6c 2.5ghz (e5-2640), 192gb (12x16gb), 2 x 60 Avl RFQ
PER720XD 8C 2.6GHZ 2 poweredge r720xd, 2 x 8c 2.6ghz (e5-2670), 16gb (8x2gb), 0hd 3.5 Avl RFQ
PER900 CTO poweredge r900 cto server Avl RFQ
PER900 QC2.4GHZ 2 poweredge r900, 2 x qc 2.4ghz (e7330), 0gb, 0hd, 1x5 bp hs, perc Avl RFQ
PER900 XEON QC X7350 dell poweredge r900 xeon qc x7350 2,93ghz ram 2gb dvd mod 1 Avl RFQ
T2723 lcd,tft,clr,17,1703fps,cmo Avl RFQ
T272C dell french canadian slim multimedia usb keyboard t272c Avl RFQ
TY1600S22A03_M2 model Avl RFQ
TY18J46101R NA Avl RFQ
TY1XH alienware m14 sys brd Avl RFQ

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