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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Dell. We have products like Circuit Breaker, Hose Nonmetallic, Socket Taper Shank, Coil Radio Frequenc, Retainer Roller in our inventory, with part numbers including 0G8762, 0G8816, 0G895P, 0G898D, 0G8M3C. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
0G8762 36gb 10k sas 2.5 dell hard drive new Avl RFQ
0G8816 36gb sas 15k 3.5 hard drive Avl RFQ
0G895P palmrest assembly, dell latitude 6400 (grade b) (mixednos: njwg9 Avl RFQ
0G898D dell bottom base assy Avl RFQ
0G8M3C dell hdmi to dvi display adapter/cable/connector - g8m3c / cn-0g Avl RFQ
0G8RR dell inspiron 2305 0g8rr inspiron 2305 optical drive bracket Avl RFQ
0G901D studio 1735 bottom base door cover Avl RFQ
0G9041 16x dvd drive with black bezel Avl RFQ
0G9076 NA Avl RFQ
0G913 NA Avl RFQ
0G9184 radeon x600 pcie 256mb video card Avl RFQ
0G9237 16x dvd rcdrw Avl RFQ
0G947 si,311110,sw,image,w95,gx150 Avl RFQ
0G974M NA Avl RFQ
0G9774 NA Avl RFQ
0G97N dell lcd screen Avl RFQ
0G9811 dell vs160e 80/160gb hh lvd/se scsi ext Avl RFQ
0G998R 250gb, 3.5, 7200rpm, 8mb, sata Avl RFQ
0G9J5 control module 10 Avl RFQ
0G9RK dell inspiron 15r 5520 / 7520 15.6 front trim lcd bezel black Avl RFQ
0G9RK GRADE NEW dell oem inspiron 5520 inspiron 7520 lcd bezel 0g9rk webcam port Avl RFQ
0GC132 cable Avl RFQ
0GC351 NA Avl RFQ
0GC367 NA Avl RFQ
0GC401 adaptec 39320a pci-x controller Avl RFQ
0GC772 mcdata 2gb switch Avl RFQ
0GC822 73.0 gb 80 pin Avl RFQ
0GC824 146gb u320 scsi 68pin lvd 15k rpm new Avl RFQ
0GC826 146gb 80 pin Avl RFQ
0GC9R0 perc-e lithium ion 7whr battery Avl RFQ
0GCRK precision workstation r5500 outer riser board 1xpci-e x8; 2xpci- Avl RFQ
0GCT7Y dell keyboard for inspiron mini 11z 1110 series **************** Avl RFQ
0GD084 73gb scsi 3.5 10k u320 80pin Avl RFQ
0GD356 bezel, 2900 dell tower bezel Avl RFQ
0GD3G4 250gb 2.5 sata 7200rpm dell Avl RFQ
0GD413 2100w pe1855 chassis psu Avl RFQ
0GD418 I 930w power supply hot swap server Avl RFQ
0GD419 pe2850 power supply 700w Avl RFQ
0GD712 ii duplex s210n / s310n Avl RFQ
0GF186 3.2ghz 2mb 800fsb processor kit Avl RFQ
0GF24 unknown Avl RFQ
0GF449 pe2950 heatsink Avl RFQ
0GF482 dell 36/72gb dat72 dds5 4mm lvd/se scsi 68 pins black internal Avl RFQ
0GF674 xeon 5060 dual core 3.2ghz 4mb cpu Avl RFQ
0KNJKY assy,cbl,sas card,bkpln,t310 Avl RFQ
157055 model no.f46k20e Avl RFQ
15707 simm,32m,60n,8x36,tl,72p Avl RFQ
1KK8W 16gb dual port hba pci-e qle2662 lp Avl RFQ
1KN97 optiplex 9020 power button Avl RFQ
1KTDO dell hard drive 128gb sata iii 6gb/s 2.5 solid state drive 9m Avl RFQ
1KWKJ-06 dell 500gb 7.2k 3.5 sata Avl RFQ
56.41007.002 dell touchpad mouse buttons 56.41007.002 la03b14d latitude xt2 Avl RFQ
60108 assy,bzl,xt,pcs,ltd,turbo Avl RFQ
60116 cus,bios,upg,286-8/10 Avl RFQ
60134 assy,bzl,at505(omsys) Avl RFQ
6013D processor p2/333 opt gx1 Avl RFQ
60140004600-ATI new dell 60140004600 ati cable Avl RFQ
6014B24006 unknown Avl RFQ
6014B28006 dell latitude lcd inverter Avl RFQ
601504 dell precision t7500 cpu slot cover Avl RFQ
60153-01-00 15vac/2.5a (f) dom Avl RFQ
60155 assy,mono 20meg sys w/mini i/o Avl RFQ
6015B13013 laptop cables connectors Avl RFQ
6015B16002 unknown Avl RFQ
993G2 assy,plmrst,ush+sc+csc+fpr,atg Avl RFQ
9940E 32x ide cd-rom Avl RFQ
9942D bmpr,rbr,top,nbk,i3500 Avl RFQ
99464 bmpr,upr,lcd,lxpicd Avl RFQ
99475 cvr,btm,dis,lxpicd Avl RFQ
9961E NA Avl RFQ
9962181-003 memory Avl RFQ
9962254-008 memory Avl RFQ
99643 lbl,i/o,no nic,opplx gs Avl RFQ
9966C dell server cable (62a) Avl RFQ
996W8 assy,cvr,lcd,tsn,e6520 Avl RFQ
999-1111111 b3465dnf mono laser multifunction printer Avl RFQ
9994D cbl,flex,fd/cd/dvd,w/pad,i7k Avl RFQ
9995285-003.A06LF mem: 512mb 533mhz dimm Avl RFQ
9995321-004.A03LF mem: 1gb pc5300 ddr2 dimm Avl RFQ
9995D btry, ext, 14.8v, lith, oem, sharp Avl RFQ
DQTY565 gx745 smt Avl RFQ
DQU382F assy,chassis,bottom,nb,1640/45 Avl RFQ
FJ169 NA Avl RFQ
FJ171 NA Avl RFQ
FJ173 NA Avl RFQ
FJ175 NA Avl RFQ
FJ181 NA Avl RFQ
FJ221 NA Avl RFQ
FJ282-A01 NA Avl RFQ
FJ298 NA Avl RFQ
FJ301 NA Avl RFQ
FJ318 NA Avl RFQ
FJ335 NA Avl RFQ
FJ355 GJ571 NA Avl RFQ
FJ356 NA Avl RFQ
FJ360 NA Avl RFQ
FJ365 NA Avl RFQ
FJ366 NA Avl RFQ
FJ367 NA Avl RFQ
FJ368 NA Avl RFQ
FJ369-06 NA Avl RFQ
FJ378 NA Avl RFQ
FJ380 NA Avl RFQ
FJ386 NA Avl RFQ
FJ428 NA Avl RFQ
FJ451 NA Avl RFQ
FJ451 K3178 K3179 NA Avl RFQ
FJ460 NA Avl RFQ
FJ463 NA Avl RFQ
FJ468 NA Avl RFQ
FJ470 FK463 FK201 NA Avl RFQ
FJ559 NA Avl RFQ
FJ613 NA Avl RFQ
FJ647 NA Avl RFQ
FJ685 A02 NA Avl RFQ
FJ694 NA Avl RFQ
FJ728 NA Avl RFQ
GJ981 NA Avl RFQ
GK007 NA Avl RFQ
GK017 NA Avl RFQ
GK052 NA Avl RFQ
GK053 NA Avl RFQ
GK158 NA Avl RFQ
GK185 JG441 NA Avl RFQ
GK185 U8888 NA Avl RFQ
GK189 NA Avl RFQ
H361C dell display panel Avl RFQ
H365F si,crd,th,adlink,pci7200,h365f Avl RFQ
H371J 580w red power supply for poweredge t410 Avl RFQ
H371M assy,lbl,bzl,lcd,r910 Avl RFQ
H3771 dell precision 470/670 cpu fan assembly Avl RFQ
H379R-R NA Avl RFQ
H384M prc,w3540,2.93/4.8,8m,xdn,c1 Avl RFQ
H3871 NA Avl RFQ
H3873 dell 80gb ide 3.5 3h 7200rpm Avl RFQ
H3973 assy,cdrw/dvd,24x,ide,qsi,tkb1 Avl RFQ
H3977 h3977 dell cd drive Avl RFQ
H3D38 dell display panel Avl RFQ
H3G3H dell, cable, assy, sata, straight, 280mm, odd, pb, opti 390 Avl RFQ
H3HHR si,hed,biz2400,jabra,g0jp4c,de Avl RFQ
H3HYD kit,crd,ctl,cna,br1741m-k Avl RFQ
H3K58 new dell battery 6c 60whr lithium-ion s Avl RFQ
H4134 kybd, 88, bulg, d-ptg, lgt Avl RFQ
H4138 dell h4138 kybd 88, hun, d-ptg, lgt Avl RFQ
H413C h413c dell vostro 1310 palmrest Avl RFQ
H414C assy,plmrst,plstc,w/fprdr,1310 Avl RFQ
H4225 kybd,88,den,d-ptg,lgt Avl RFQ
H425M error:#n/a Avl RFQ
H427F si,kyb,cherry,g803000,h427f Avl RFQ
H4287 dimm. 512. 333. 64x64. 8k. 200. 512 Avl RFQ
H4314 dell dimention 4600 mini-tower pc, 2.8ghz processor Avl RFQ
H4369 genuine dell d610 us/hebrew keyboard Avl RFQ
H4372 kybd. 87. us-intl. d-ptg. azm Avl RFQ
H4375 dell h4375 kybd 88, bulg, d-ptg, Avl RFQ
H4376 kybd, 88, den, d-ptg, azm Avl RFQ
H4379 dell keyboard french latitude d610 Avl RFQ
H4381 keyboard with pointstick latitude d610 german Avl RFQ
H4384 dell portuguese keyboard Avl RFQ
H4389 kybd,88,itl,d-ptg,azm Avl RFQ
H4390 crd, mem, rsr, 4u, pe7250 Avl RFQ
IO2020-4167BK NA Avl RFQ
IO2330-2273BK ships same or next-day* & available online -- 23 pentium g2020 Avl RFQ
IO2330-5911BK 23 i5 2tb 8gb win8 Avl RFQ
IO2330-8636BK NA Avl RFQ
IP2741NP dell power connect 2724 24 port switch ip2741np Avl RFQ
IPR3-BP1 irecharge li-ion recharge battery pack for ipod mp3 & more w/bon Avl RFQ
IPUIA3ARAA unkonwn Avl RFQ
IR451 unknown Avl RFQ
IS1650 unknown Avl RFQ
IT-MI820 motorola elecronics sound card driver Avl RFQ
IT3800 unkniown Avl RFQ
IT839 dell pe2600/2800 rapid rail kit Avl RFQ
ITH-80 ithaca printer , 24vdc 2.0a,,, Avl RFQ
ITHA-93PL ithaca model # 93pl Avl RFQ
ITK5M unknown Avl RFQ
ITSV50D 12.1lcd display lm w/o case Avl RFQ
ITSX95L2 inspiron 5100 15'' sxga+ lcd display Avl RFQ
IU15-2050200 unknown Avl RFQ
IU327 unknown Avl RFQ
IV10117 T-LF unknown Avl RFQ
IV10137 T-LF unknown Avl RFQ
IV10139 T-LF unknown Avl RFQ
IV10139T unknown Avl RFQ
IV10139T A2-E-LF unknown Avl RFQ
IV1039 T-LF with out metal Avl RFQ
IV11135 T-LF unknown Avl RFQ
IV11135-LF unknown Avl RFQ
JD55K new dell jd55k 12 black sleeve for latitude and xps ultrabooks Avl RFQ

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