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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Dell. We have products like Pin Straight Headed, Filtering Disk Flui, Switch Pressure, Ballast Lamp, Reactor in our inventory, with part numbers including 035TT, 03604T, 03609Y, 0360E, 0360NG. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
035TT NA Avl RFQ
03604T NA Avl RFQ
03609Y NA Avl RFQ
0360E NA Avl RFQ
0360NG NA Avl RFQ
03610 NA Avl RFQ
0363X NA Avl RFQ
0365R NA Avl RFQ
03664 NA Avl RFQ
03670 NA Avl RFQ
03672 NA Avl RFQ
03678P NA Avl RFQ
036849 NA Avl RFQ
036849-C O NA Avl RFQ
0370MP NA Avl RFQ
0370R NA Avl RFQ
03710T NA Avl RFQ
03737 NA Avl RFQ
03757C NA Avl RFQ
03784 NA Avl RFQ
0378TX NA Avl RFQ
037JN NA Avl RFQ
037XP NA Avl RFQ
038-003-022 NA Avl RFQ
038-003-291 NA Avl RFQ
038-003-294 NA Avl RFQ
0383CW NA Avl RFQ
03877 NA Avl RFQ
03891 NA Avl RFQ
03921 NA Avl RFQ
0392TE NA Avl RFQ
03931Y-5649C NA Avl RFQ
03931Y-RE NA Avl RFQ
039455 NA Avl RFQ
0396C NA Avl RFQ
039833 NA Avl RFQ
039NU NA Avl RFQ
03C048 NA Avl RFQ
03C453 NA Avl RFQ
03C458 NA Avl RFQ
03E032 NA Avl RFQ
03E032G NA Avl RFQ
03E078 NA Avl RFQ
03E155 NA Avl RFQ
03E158 NA Avl RFQ
03E421 NA Avl RFQ
03E450 NA Avl RFQ
03E466 NA Avl RFQ
03E466 I I NA Avl RFQ
03E791 NA Avl RFQ
03E923-31340 NA Avl RFQ
04KVH cover mini pci c800 Avl RFQ
04M010 battery for latitude d-series Avl RFQ
04M270 cable flex & fan/led control panel Avl RFQ
04M360 left rail Avl RFQ
04M438 dell 04m438 ac adapter Avl RFQ
04M5H bottom base Avl RFQ
04M5H AP00C000500 GR dell vostro 3560 laptop 04m5h bottom cover Avl RFQ
04M775 clean pull dell 310-1843 rapid rail kit rails for poweredge 6650 Avl RFQ
04M983 NA Avl RFQ
04N093 assy cbl fd flex 3.1 tbb Avl RFQ
04N332 73gb 10k u320 80 pin Avl RFQ
04N440 74gb firber chnn fcv 10k 3.5 lp with tray Avl RFQ
04N454 REV. A00 keyboard, model: rt7d20 Avl RFQ
04N505 proprietary 180w atx power supply Avl RFQ
04N736 19inch monitor vga picture grade a, case grade b Avl RFQ
04N857 NA Avl RFQ
04NG44 32gb ssd card Avl RFQ
04NW9 6-cell battery Avl RFQ
04NW9 8858X dell battery 6- cell battery 17r series, 17r-5720 series and n57 Avl RFQ
04P2D7 NA Avl RFQ
04P381 cd/floppy barcket assy Avl RFQ
04P406 pv660f fc raid card Avl RFQ
04P522 dell metal bracket, 3 prong Avl RFQ
04P615 dimension 4400 4500 system board Avl RFQ
04P7DJ original dell! brand new zero hours! 900gb 10k rpm 2.5 drives w Avl RFQ
04PWH6 2.2kw standby power supply w/ new batteries Avl RFQ
04R040 36gb ultra 3 10k 80 pin Avl RFQ
04R051 20gb ata barracuda hd Avl RFQ
04R081 A03 fibre channel switch 8 port Avl RFQ
04R340 dell powervault 110t 100/200gb lto ext. Avl RFQ
04R424 dell 36gb 10k u320 68pin scsi 1 Avl RFQ
04R426 graphics card d4550 Avl RFQ
04R5RH dell latitude e5410 laptop hard drive case 04r5rh 60.4eq37.001 Avl RFQ
04R656 dell 04r656 poweredge 600sc gx1 power supply 250w nps-250fb Avl RFQ
04T274 W MEMORY gx260 m/b w/2x 512mb ddr pc266 Avl RFQ
04TNHY 160gb 2.5 7200rpm hdd Avl RFQ
04U176 73gb 10krpm fibre w/tray Avl RFQ
04U519 gde, rack, instl, pv725n, ww Avl RFQ
04U782 plmrst plstc w/o t/pad d400 Avl RFQ
04U829 internal v.92 56k dial-up modem Avl RFQ
04UYF assy htsnk cstm fc-pga Avl RFQ
04V0C adobe acrobat 9 standard windows Avl RFQ
20D9K assy,base,cart,mngd,dmcc,na Avl RFQ
6V001 1gb pc-2100r ddr-266 ecc Avl RFQ
6V3GW kybd, dell usb keyboard Avl RFQ
857-10562 e1912h Avl RFQ
857-10581 48.3cm/19, 1400 x 900, tn, 250 cd/m2, 1000:1, 5 ms, dvi-d, vga Avl RFQ
857-10586 dell e-series e1913 (19 inch) led monitor 1000:1 250cd/m2 1440x9 Avl RFQ
857-10588 48.3cm/19, 1280 x 1024, tn, 250 cd/m2, 1000:1, 5 ms, vga, schwa Avl RFQ
857-10594 dell e1913s 48cm (19) square 5:4 led vga black Avl RFQ
857-10595 dell p1913 48cm (19 inch) wide led vga dvi display port 2 x usb Avl RFQ
857-10597 1440 x 900, tn, 250 cd/m2, 1000:1, 5 ms, dvi-d, vga, displayport Avl RFQ
857-10604 1280 x 1024, tn, 250 cd/m2, 1000:1, 2000000:1 (dynamisch), 5 ms, Avl RFQ
857-10610 dell p1913s 48cm (19) square 5:4 led vga dvi 2 x usb height adj Avl RFQ
857-BBBV 1914s Avl RFQ
8574C NA Avl RFQ
8578P dell 9.1gb 10k scsi 80-pin sca disk Avl RFQ
857HW assy,cvr,top,tft,15.0,lav Avl RFQ
858-10247 p2012h 20 inch widescreen led monitor, black Avl RFQ
858-10266 e2013h 20 inch wide tft monitor black Avl RFQ
858-10274 dell e2014h 19.5 inchwide led 1600 x 900 vga dvi Avl RFQ
858-10275 dell e2014h lcd 20 wled/5 ms/1000:1/dvi/vga/ Avl RFQ
858-BBBN 1600 x 900, ips, 250 cd/m2, 1000:1, 2000000:1 (dynamisch), 8 ms, Avl RFQ
858-BBBR 2014h Avl RFQ
858-BBBX 2014t Avl RFQ
858-BBBY multi-touch, 1600 x 900 hd, tn, 250 cd/m2, 1000:1, 8000000:1 (dy Avl RFQ
85800 memory 64mo simm server dell poweredge 2200 Avl RFQ
85809 housing for 3 pwr splys Avl RFQ
85839 dell 85839 rack mount kit Avl RFQ
85881 kit,rail,sl,hw,rack,instl,onst Avl RFQ
859-10143 dell ultrasharp u2312hm - led monitor - 23 - (available) Avl RFQ
859-10143-DB u2312hm 23 inch widescreen led black Avl RFQ
859-10144 dell ultrasharp u2312hm 58cm (23 inch) led monitor vga dvi dp (1 Avl RFQ
859-10152 (58.42cm) 58,4cm/23, 16:9 led ips-display, 1920x1080 bei 60hz, Avl RFQ
859-10157 dell p2312h 23 full hd led monitor black Avl RFQ
859-10171 1920 x 1080, ips, 250 cd/m2, 1000:1, 8000000:1 (dynamisch), 7 ms Avl RFQ
859-10179 dell s2340t (23 inch multi-touch) led monitor 1000:1 270cd/m2 19 Avl RFQ
859-10180 23, 1.920*1.080, 8 ms, 1.000:1, 270 cd/m, schwarz Avl RFQ
859-10189 dell e series e2313h (23 inch) led monitor 1000:1 250cd/m2 1920x Avl RFQ
859-10190 23, 1.920*1.080, 5 ms, 1.000:1 Avl RFQ
859-BBBE 23, 1.920*1.080, 8 ms, 100:1, 250 cd/m, schwarz Avl RFQ
859-BBBI dell p2314h 23 inch wide led 1920 x 1080 vga dvi display port us Avl RFQ
859-BBBS multi-touch, 1920 x 1080 fullhd, plane to line switching (pls), Avl RFQ
859-BBCC 1920 x 1080 fullhd, tn, 250 cd/m2, 1000:1, 5 ms, dvi-d, vga, sch Avl RFQ
859-BBCI dell e-series e2314h (23 inch) led backlit lcd monitor 1000:1 25 Avl RFQ
8594C hdd 3.5 scsi 4.5gb 10k Avl RFQ
85969 bzl,plstc,lcd,13.3,i3000,smsng Avl RFQ
8599C pwa,invrtr,lcd,cpia Avl RFQ
95GH8 assy,plmrst,w/o fprdr,winery17 Avl RFQ
95GH8 GRADE NEW dell vostro 3700 95gh8 black palmrest warranty same day shipping Avl RFQ
BN96-21431C unknown Avl RFQ
BN96-21667A boards Avl RFQ
BN96-21667B speakers Avl RFQ
BN96-21669A speakers Avl RFQ
BN96-21669B unknown Avl RFQ
BN96-21669C unknown Avl RFQ
BN96-21669D speakers Avl RFQ
BN96-21669E speakers Avl RFQ
BN96-21669J speakers Avl RFQ
BN96-21669K boards Avl RFQ
BN96-21670A speakers Avl RFQ
BN96-21670B speakers Avl RFQ
BN96-21670C speakers Avl RFQ
BN96-21672A speakers Avl RFQ
BN96-21672D speakers Avl RFQ
CN-0TC837 rail kit r+l 2u for pe2950 Avl RFQ
CN-0TD570 power supply 275w for optiplex sff dimension & xps Avl RFQ
CN-0TD634 heatsink for pe2800/2850 Avl RFQ
CN-0TF530 memory ram shroud fan for pe2900 Avl RFQ
CN-0TF639 switch module 3030 4-port fc for enclosure pe1855 pe1955 Avl RFQ
CN-0TH259 dell fibre channel cable, lc-sc connections, 5-metre Avl RFQ
CN-0TH344 psu 420w non hot-plug for pe840 Avl RFQ
CN-0TJ160 fan w/bracket for gx740/745/755 Avl RFQ
CN-0TJ810 power supply 750w for pe2950 Avl RFQ
CN-0TJ853 front panel board audio/power buttom for gx745 cmt Avl RFQ
CN-0TK237 146gb 15k sas 3.5 Avl RFQ
CN-0TM757 system board for pe2900 Avl RFQ
CN-0TN937 146gb 15k sas 3.5 Avl RFQ
CN-0TP004 front panel i/o board for gx330 gx360 cmt Avl RFQ
CN-0TT740 system board dual cpu for pe1950 Avl RFQ
CN-0TT740_MOTHERBOAR dell poweredge 1950 server Avl RFQ
CRPW6 h700 Avl RFQ
HMT151R7BFRAC-H9-D7 mem - 4gb pc3-10600r - hmt151r7bfrac-h9-d7-aa-c Avl RFQ
HMT151R7BFRAC-H9-DB mem - 4gb pc3-10600r - hmt151r7bfrac-h9 db ab-c Avl RFQ
HMT31GR7BFR4C dell pc3 8500r memory dimm Avl RFQ
HMT31GR7BFRAC-G7 8gb 2rx4 pc3l-8500r memory dimm Avl RFQ
HMT31GR7BFRAC-H9 D7 dell hynix memory 8gb (2x4gb) pc3-10600r 1333mhz 2rx4 Avl RFQ
HMT31GR7CFRA-PB 8gb pc3l-12800r ddr3-1600 2rx4 ecc Avl RFQ
HMT31GR7CR4A-H9 8gb pc3l-10600r ddr3-1333 2rx4 ecc Avl RFQ
IXO-0786-508 video card Avl RFQ
WD2001FYYG-18SL3W0 wd2001fyyg-18sl3w0 dell 2tb 7.2k sas 6g hdd Avl RFQ
YV9C8 dell 200gb 1.8 mlc micro usata 3gbs ssd Avl RFQ
YVGP7 V1MN8 dell 4200w ups, 4u rackmount - yvgp7, v1mn8 Avl RFQ
YVJ3N 1gb 1rx8 10600 1333 240 memory Avl RFQ
YVN0F dell b5465 control panel buttons parts Avl RFQ
YVPYP AP0US000A00 dell laptop palmrest yvpyp black ap0us000a00 alienware 14 r1 Avl RFQ
YVR54 poweredge r920 equinox front bezel Avl RFQ
YVX9R dell b5465 bin extension Avl RFQ
YVYH6 dell poweredge c6220 heatsink Avl RFQ
YW433-REF pe1944 system board Avl RFQ
YW519-06 front plastic gx745/755 sdt Avl RFQ

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