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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Dell. We have products like Hose Air Breathing, Clutch Positive Non, Catheterization Kit, Packing Preformed, Breather in our inventory, with part numbers including 0U408 I I, 0U414, 0U4366, 0U4466, 0U4469. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
0U408 I I 30gb ide fireball 3 ata/133 21dec2002 lba 60058656 code vam51jj0 Avl RFQ
0U414 cdrw/dvd combo drive Avl RFQ
0U4366 dvd+r/rw slim ide (silver) Avl RFQ
0U4466 kit, rack, rpd-rail, rt, p2650, v4 Avl RFQ
0U4469 boxster 2-post, lf, rail, assy Avl RFQ
0U4470 boxster 2,-post, rt, rail, assy Avl RFQ
0U456C dell 8x ide slim slot load dvd'rw drive Avl RFQ
0U462D 1570w pe r900 psu Avl RFQ
0U473D dell multimedia usb keyboard (820-001717)(u473d) Avl RFQ
0U4883 poweredge sc1425 control panel Avl RFQ
0U499F dell bottom cover Avl RFQ
0U532 dell precision workstation 650 heatsink Avl RFQ
0U535 assy,htsnk,2nd,c,low,ihs Avl RFQ
0U5425 I power supply for optiplex gx270 etc 210 watt Avl RFQ
0U5427 dell 0u5427 100-127v / 200-240v 6a/3a 50/60hz output: 180watt at Avl RFQ
0U5626 gde, rack, instl, p6800, ww Avl RFQ
0U5627 gde, rack, instl, p6850,ww Avl RFQ
0U5627 I gde, rack, instl, p6850, ww Avl RFQ
462-5855 469-3399 BN e5440 i5/2.0 4gb 500gb w8.1p e-pt plus Avl RFQ
462-5855_BIN1 dell latitude notebooks Avl RFQ
462-5856 469-3398 BN e5540 i7/2.1 8gb 500gb w7p e-pt repl Avl RFQ
462-5856 469-3399 BN e5540 i7/2.1 15.6 8gb 500g w7p e-pt plus Avl RFQ
462-5858 469-3398 BN e5540 i5/2.0 4gb 180gb w7p e-pt repl Avl RFQ
462-5858 469-3399 BN e5540 i5/2.0 15.6 4gb 180g w7p e-pt plus Avl RFQ
462-5859 469-3398 BN e7440 i5/2.0 4gb 500gb bt w7p e-pt repl Avl RFQ
462-5859 469-3399 BN e7440 i5/2.0 14 4gb 500gb w7p e-pt plus Avl RFQ
462-5860 469-3398 BN e7440 i5/2.0 4gb 256gb bt w7p e-pt repl Avl RFQ
462-5861 469-3398 BN e7440 i5/2.0 8gb 256gb w8.1p e-pt repl Avl RFQ
462-5861 469-3399 BN e7440 i5/2.0 14tch 8gb 256gb w8.1p e-pt Avl RFQ
462-5862-A1 90w auto-air dc adapter pwr for select systems 330-8105 Avl RFQ
462-5862_BIN1 90w auto-air dc adapter Avl RFQ
462-5864 tablet folio venue11 pro model case 7130 460-bbks Avl RFQ
5271501008 chip Avl RFQ
C9975 dell pn c9975 Avl RFQ
C9F36 xps one 2710 psu blower fan Avl RFQ
C9MW9 dell fx130 Avl RFQ
C9YCD assy.crd.intfc.1prt.adsl2-b Avl RFQ
C9YM9 kybd ins n5110 m5110 ,102,cze,c12sn Avl RFQ
CA05429-B59400SN NA Avl RFQ
CA05904-B10300DL dell 18.2gb ultra-160 hot-plug disk drive Avl RFQ
CA06070-D304 mem: board, 2gb ddr1 dimm Avl RFQ
CA06200-B10300DL dell 36.4gb hdd 10k Avl RFQ
CA06200-B10300PL hdd 36 go 10k rpm u320 80pins Avl RFQ
CA06200-B50700DV NA Avl RFQ
CA06227 dell 73gb scsi u320 15k 80p hdd Avl RFQ
CA06308-E204 mem: board, 2gb ddr1 dimm Avl RFQ
CA06308E204 mem: board, 2gb ddr1 dimm Avl RFQ
CA06350-B16300DL 73gb 10k scsi ultra-320 68-pin non-pluggable disk Avl RFQ
CA06570-B20300LD 5803 / 73g0 / / fw : 5803 Avl RFQ
CA06681B26300DL dell 72gb 10k 2.5in sas hdd Avl RFQ
CA06697 dell 73gb 15k 3.5inch sas hdd Avl RFQ
CA06698-B40300LD 73gb 15k sas 3.5 max3073rc fujitsu Avl RFQ
CA06708-B10300DL 72gb u320 80p 15k Avl RFQ
CA07173-B41400DG dell 600gb 10k 2.5in sas hdd in r610/710 caddie Avl RFQ
CA318588-0001 U kvm cable 12foot for kvm 582rr and avocent outlook 2160es Avl RFQ
CA5695-B12200DC 9.1ghz scsi 80pin sca 3.5 ultra2 scsi Avl RFQ
CA7018-B302000DL NA Avl RFQ
CABLE-6715009017P03 cable dvi cable Avl RFQ
CAO5668-B26600DL NA Avl RFQ
CAO6200-B20300DL hard disk Avl RFQ
CAO7096-B78500DL dell 160gb 7.2k sata 2.5 inch hdd Avl RFQ
CATCRT17A dell 17 inch crt monitor Avl RFQ
CBI0988A battery d410 11.1v 4400mah Avl RFQ
CBI0989A cbi0989amain battery pack Avl RFQ
CBI1058A battery dell d620 4400mah Avl RFQ
CBI3097B cbi3097b- dell studio 1735 battery Avl RFQ
CBL-10GSFP-DAC-2M 10ge sfp+ direct attach copper cable force10 compatible- 2m Avl RFQ
CBL-10GSFP-DAC-5M 10ge sfp+ direct attach copper cable force10 compatible- 5m Avl RFQ
CBNBBL1004-256 memory Avl RFQ
CBNBH4HOO1 memory Avl RFQ
CC-E1200I-2800W-AC NA Avl RFQ
CC26W-N new, dell, bezel, lcd, plastic, w/o camera, mic, lat e5530 Avl RFQ
CC282 dell lcd tft 17'' 1707fpt 1280 x 1024 60hz dvi-d / vga 15 pin Avl RFQ
CC286 1907fpt tft Avl RFQ
CC287 1707fpt Avl RFQ
CC289 1907fpt Avl RFQ
CC289-B dell, 19, 1907fpt, tft, monitor, grade b Avl RFQ
CN-0JH878 control panel Avl RFQ
CN-0JH878-13740 control panel Avl RFQ
CN-0JH878-13740-77N control panel Avl RFQ
CN-0JH879 pe1950/2950 pci-e riser board Avl RFQ
CN-0JH994 power supply 305w for gx745 cmt Avl RFQ
CN-0JJ461 pci-e ati radeon 256mb x1300 video card Avl RFQ
CN-0JN549 cable sas backplane to controller Avl RFQ
CN-0JP250 dvd/cd-rw x16/x48 sata internal 5.25 Avl RFQ
CN-0JP911 cpu heatsink w/shroud for gx520sff Avl RFQ
CN-0JR271 system board for gx755 cmt Avl RFQ
CN-0JR815 pe 2950 system board Avl RFQ
CN-0JR815-70821 pe 2950 system board Avl RFQ
CN-0JU081 power supply 750w Avl RFQ
CN-0JU081-17972 power supply 750w Avl RFQ
CN-0JU083 power supply 750w for pe2950 Avl RFQ
CN-0JW031 heatsink for gx280 gx745 gx755 sd Avl RFQ
CN-0JW560 heatsink cpu for dell pem600 Avl RFQ
CN-0JW697 blank cpu plastic dell Avl RFQ
CN-0JX399 power supply 750w for pe2950 Avl RFQ
CN-0JX469 heatsink for dimension c521 sd Avl RFQ
CN-0K0141 power supply 160w for gx270 Avl RFQ
CN-0K0226 power distribution board for pe2600 Avl RFQ
CN-0K0227 control panel board w/cable for pe2600 Avl RFQ
CN-0K0710 pe2650 400mhz system board Avl RFQ
CN-0K1664 caddy hdd w/bezel for d505 Avl RFQ
CN-0K1768 cable flex lcd - board for d505 Avl RFQ
CN-0K2094 cable assy port parallel chasis Avl RFQ
CN-0K2105 lcd panel 15 latitude d505 Avl RFQ
CN-0K3214 control panel board for pe1800 Avl RFQ
CN-0K3401 73gb 10k u320 3.5 Avl RFQ
CN-0K4156 14 xga tft for inspiron 2200, latitude d610 Avl RFQ
CN-0K4586 powerconnect 2216 16-port 10/100 Avl RFQ
CN-0K4598 fan w/heatsink for gx260 gx270 sff Avl RFQ
CN-0K4679 multibay cd interface board Avl RFQ
CN-0K5096 cd-rom 48x 5.25 ide drive black Avl RFQ
CN-0K5149 8x slimline dvd-rom drive for optiplex sff Avl RFQ
CN-0K7599 48x cd-rom ide carbon Avl RFQ
CN-0K8964 power supply 275w for optiplex sff dimension & xps Avl RFQ
CN-0K8965 power supply 220w for gx520 sd Avl RFQ
CN-0K9626 control panel board for pe850 Avl RFQ
CN-0KC038 heatsink for pe1900 pe2900 Avl RFQ
CN-0KC228 rear backplane enclosure fan w/o fan for dell Avl RFQ
CN-0KC361 system board for gx280 smt Avl RFQ
CN-0KC411 cable assy backplaneto controller Avl RFQ
CN-0KC411-42940 cable assy backplaneto controller Avl RFQ
CN-0KC411-42940-77N cable assy backplaneto controller Avl RFQ
CN-0KC672 power supply 220w for gx520 sd Avl RFQ
CN-0KC939 fan dual w/bracket assy for pex950 Avl RFQ
CN-0KD816 system board for gx620 sff Avl RFQ
CN-0KF248 tray hdd 2.5 sas/sata for dell Avl RFQ
CN-0KG316 fan cpu and shroud for gx620 gx745 gx755 sff Avl RFQ
CN-0KG317 system board for gx620 gx745 usdt Avl RFQ
CN-0KH290 system board for gx620 sff Avl RFQ
DC02001TO00 NA Avl RFQ
DCDH4 logic board i5-3380m e6330 Avl RFQ
P4K62 LS-6611P dell oem latitude e6320 laptop audio, vga board p4k62 ls-6611p Avl RFQ
P4N30 assy,pwa,pln,dis,1g,3d,l702x Avl RFQ
P4RMK new dell p4rmk universal projector ceiling mount kit chief Avl RFQ
P4T66 NA Avl RFQ
P4V4F dell r510 750w power supply Avl RFQ
P4YPY new dell p4ypy force10 copper breakout cable 14 qsfp+ to 4x sfp Avl RFQ
P5008 cus,hd,60gb,5.4k,sfx,z40,d810 Avl RFQ
P505M dell battery 6cell rated at 11.1v, 58whr, 5200mah. ... laptop ba Avl RFQ
P505M X284G dell 6-cell 48whr inspiron 1525/1526/1545 type x284g Avl RFQ
P5062YR dell axim x50v - win mobile for pocket pc 2003 2nd ed 624 mhz Avl RFQ
P5068 new dell p5068 latitude d410 us international keyboard black 84 Avl RFQ
P507F NONE GRADE A dell latitude e6400 atg p507f black base w/same day shipping - g Avl RFQ
P5080 NA Avl RFQ
P511H dell pe r710 system board Avl RFQ
P5176 cvr,plstc,back,tmd,2.0 Avl RFQ
P5201 power supply 200 watt optiplex Avl RFQ
P52357-YF NA Avl RFQ
P524P unknown Avl RFQ
P525M dell 300gb 10k sas 2.5 hdd in r series tray Avl RFQ
P5265-06 cdrw/dvd combo drive 24x slimline Avl RFQ
P5265-T dell optiplex sff combo drive in tray Avl RFQ
P5266 dell gx270 cd-rw drive Avl RFQ
P5283 si,380201,mod,cdrst,dms Avl RFQ
P5312 hard drive ,20.4 gb,,,,,,,,,, Avl RFQ
P5313 speaker assembly 670 650 Avl RFQ
P5353 kit,sw,rhel,3ws,u1,ipf,3yr Avl RFQ
P550R dell oem studio 1458 led lcd flex ribbon cable p550r Avl RFQ
P550X NA Avl RFQ
P550X GRADE B dell oem studio 1535 lcd back cover p550x gray grade b Avl RFQ
P551H e6500 - order for cy040, discrete, motherboard service kit (incl Avl RFQ
P552R assy,cvr,bk,pur,1110 Avl RFQ
P553R new dell p553r inspiron 1110 11.6 pink lcd back cover w wireles Avl RFQ
P558X GRADE NEW dell oem studio 1737 lcd back cover p558x red grade new Avl RFQ
P5592 kit, rail, rack, prd-rail, rt, 5u Avl RFQ
P5592 I kit, rail, rack, prd-rail, rt, 5u Avl RFQ
P5593 I kit, rail, rack, rpd-rail, lf, 5u Avl RFQ
P5607 adaptec ava 2906 scsi pci controller card for mac or pc Avl RFQ
P560G-01 2.4 ghz wireless 370bluetooth (2.1 + edr) mini-card for e-series Avl RFQ
P560G-06 dell e6500 bluetooth card 370 Avl RFQ
P5625 pc lock Avl RFQ
P5630 si,mod,info,fd hd cd Avl RFQ
P5636 drcombo drive with (gt type) caddy for dell optiplex gx150.gx24 Avl RFQ
P5639 vs160 dlt vs1, 80/160gb data cartridge - new sealed Avl RFQ
P564G unknown Avl RFQ
P5664 dell seagate 73gb 10k fc hard drive st373207fcv Avl RFQ
P566F 320gb sata 2.5 5400rpm hdd Avl RFQ
P566M adpt,45w,19.5v,dc/dc,auto-air Avl RFQ
P5699 lat d400 heatsink assy Avl RFQ
P5747 U5014 dell 8-cell battery lat x300/insp 300m type p5747 Avl RFQ
P575G cbl,cntl pnl,led-bd,sr1560 Avl RFQ
P5761 I assy, rail, r-rail, rt, rk, 6u Avl RFQ
P5761 P5762 dell poweredge 6800 server versa rapid rail kit rackmount p5761 Avl RFQ
P5762 pe6800.left.rail Avl RFQ
P5762 I assy, rail, r-rail, lf, rk, 6u Avl RFQ
P576F unknown Avl RFQ
P576R dell 6-cell (56whr) battery for latitude 2100, 2200 series ***** Avl RFQ
P5781 assy,chas,212,200w,npfc,l5.5 Avl RFQ
P5784 kit,cdsk,mus-match,mp3,yma,v2 Avl RFQ
P5794 I assy, tray, cbl, rk, 6u Avl RFQ
P5794 I I assy, tray, cbl, rk, 6u Avl RFQ
P57NX emm filler panel md1200 Avl RFQ
P5818 info,p2850 config 2,mr0 Avl RFQ
P581X GRADE NEW dell oem studio 1735 studio 1737 lcd back cover p581x blue grade Avl RFQ
P5878 si,emea,btry,pri,11.1v,sony,6c Avl RFQ
XDP3P dell c3760 main board Avl RFQ

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