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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Dell. We have products like Filter Element Flui, Circuit Card Assemb, Universal Joint Veh, Capacitor Fixed Pap, Tunnel Fish Counter in our inventory, with part numbers including 0000284T179719CT030P, 00003382, 00004360, 00004421, 00004800. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
0000284T179719CT030P dell poweredge 2450 2550 redundant power supply unit nps-330bb Avl RFQ
00003382 unknown Avl RFQ
00004360 dell 65w ac adapter Avl RFQ
00004421 system board socket 5 Avl RFQ
00004800 alienware Avl RFQ
00004802 unknown Avl RFQ
00004831 alienware Avl RFQ
00004832 alienware Avl RFQ
00004837 unknown Avl RFQ
00004839 unknown Avl RFQ
00004877 unknown Avl RFQ
00004879 alienware Avl RFQ
00004886 unknown Avl RFQ
00004890 unknown Avl RFQ
00004903 alienware Avl RFQ
00004903-000 unknown Avl RFQ
00004912 unknown Avl RFQ
00004913 unknown Avl RFQ
00004950 unknown Avl RFQ
00004951 alienware Avl RFQ
00004958 unknown Avl RFQ
00005013 unknown Avl RFQ
00005019 alienware Avl RFQ
00005088 unknown Avl RFQ
00005090 unknown Avl RFQ
00005314 alienware Avl RFQ
00005315 alienware Avl RFQ
00005316 unknown Avl RFQ
00005317 alienware Avl RFQ
00005318 alienware Avl RFQ
00005332 unknown Avl RFQ
00005333 alienware Avl RFQ
00005339 alienware Avl RFQ
00005340 alienware Avl RFQ
00005489 unknown Avl RFQ
00005493 unknown Avl RFQ
00005499 unknown Avl RFQ
0000570T-12564-981-0 27.3gb ide hdd Avl RFQ
0004421 system board socket 5 Avl RFQ
00046350 300w atx power supply with remote switch Avl RFQ
00046585 system board optiplex headland chipset tseng et4000/w32 Avl RFQ
0004767D power supply Avl RFQ
02518 si,doc/dsk,crd,ctl,int,pcmcia Avl RFQ
0M3664 36gb, 10krpm, 80 pin Avl RFQ
0M378D dell 8gb/s fibre channel mezzanine card Avl RFQ
0PM10 samsung 64gb msata mini card ssd Avl RFQ
0PN168 rack-montage-schienen poweredge 1950 0ku085 (incl. innenschienen Avl RFQ
0PR245 system board dual cpu for pe1950 Avl RFQ
294437NORWEVAL 294437norwicheval dell optiplex - allow for 7-10 day delivery Avl RFQ
294453NOREVAL 294453norwicheval dell optiplex - allow for 7-10 day delivery Avl RFQ
294458NOREVAL 294458norwicheval dell fixed worksta - allow for 7-10 day delive Avl RFQ
294459NOREVAL 294459norwicheval dell optiplex - allow for 7-10 day delivery Avl RFQ
294460NOREVAL 294460norwicheval dell fixed worksta - allow for 7-10 day delive Avl RFQ
300000000000000000000000 interposer bd Avl RFQ
30000000000000000000000000000000000 NA Avl RFQ
3C048 3c048 dell keyboard for latitude Avl RFQ
3C054 dell, 3c054 , keyboard kybd 88 nor c600 Avl RFQ
3C058 kybd,88,por,c600/i4k,r2 Avl RFQ
3C060 dell, 3c060 , keyboard kybd 88 hun c600 Avl RFQ
3C061 dell 3c061 kybd 88 bulg c600 Avl RFQ
3C089 bzl,cmb,tshba,omha,mg Avl RFQ
3C253 gde,plstc,pci,pe2500 Avl RFQ
3C314 3c314 inspiron 2500 swiss kybd Avl RFQ
3C403 dell perc3 /di raid w/ bbu Avl RFQ
3C477 kit,rack,2post,pwrapp120,west Avl RFQ
3C900 heatsink Avl RFQ
3C996B NA Avl RFQ
3C9JJ dell poweredge c6220 mother board Avl RFQ
3CP1N inspiron 1470 i o board-cs Avl RFQ
3CX0G kybd vostro 3555, 3cx0g,87,bel,c12sb Avl RFQ
3D001 kit,encl,mnt,pv56f,2.5mm Avl RFQ
3D076 NA Avl RFQ
3D3ZR0J dell poweredge 600sc server tower intel p4 2.4ghz, 512mb ram, 44 Avl RFQ
3D400 cbl,adpt,rj11,hds,pchi,uk Avl RFQ
3D412 cbl,adpt,rj11,hds,nor/fin Avl RFQ
3D415 cbl,adpt,rj11,hds,pchi,fr Avl RFQ
3D422 cbl,adpt,rj11,hds,pchi,den/por Avl RFQ
3D426 cbl,adpt,rj11,hds,pchi,hol Avl RFQ
3D4K7 assy,bzl,frt,mt,blagl,390 Avl RFQ
3DC9K assy,pwa,dtrbd,vga,n/q Avl RFQ
3DGD1LBN060 sony pcg-5l2m pink lcd front cover Avl RFQ
3DKJ3DB0000 asus a52f power/ card reader board Avl RFQ
3DTFT latitude e6520 Avl RFQ
3E421 3e421 dell laltitude c400 Avl RFQ
3E515 NA Avl RFQ
3E687 cbl,data,68p,hd,scsi,1ft Avl RFQ
3E851 NA Avl RFQ
3E922 assy,bzl,plstc,frt,sre,tmd Avl RFQ
3EKJ31B0000 asus a52f usb audio vga board Avl RFQ
3ETM7BDWI12 latitude c600 series memory cover 3etm7bdwi12 Avl RFQ
3F004 assy,htsnk,prc,533,v2 Avl RFQ
3F322 chassis riser card cage for dell optiplex gx260 Avl RFQ
3F388 crd,ctl,pckr,cntl,pv136t Avl RFQ
3F532 dell 3f532 kybd 85,nor,nbk,c400 Avl RFQ
3F535 dell - 3f535 - kybd, 84, grk, nbk, c400 Avl RFQ
3F5DK svc,pln,row,r905,v4 Avl RFQ
3F757 (5649C CADDY dell 3f757 36.7gb 10k u3 sca scsi drive in poweredge 5649c caddy Avl RFQ
3FGC3BALV00 lenovo sl510 bottom cover Avl RFQ
3FGD1LHN090 sony pcg-5l2m pink lcd back cover Avl RFQ
3FK51 dell inspiron n4020 cpu heatsink fan assembly Avl RFQ
561731678 eu req cto opti 780 mt c2d/2.93 4gb 320gb dvd w Avl RFQ
561761370 eu req cto vostro 3500 ci3/2.4 15.6 3gb 250gb d Avl RFQ
561888016 eu req cto opti 380 mt c2d/3.0 4gb 160gb dvdr w Avl RFQ
561889380 eu req cto vostro 3700 ci5/2.53 17.3 3gb 320gb Avl RFQ
562016258 eu req cto lati e6410 c15/2.53 19 4g 250 dvdr w Avl RFQ
562238867 eu req cto opti 980 mt ci5/3.2 8gb 320gb dvdr w Avl RFQ
562272257 eu req cto prec t5500 ws x/2.53 4gb 250gb dvdr Avl RFQ
562417909 eu req cto opti 960 c2d/3.0 4gb 160gb dvdr w7p Avl RFQ
562556110 eu req cto prec t7500 ws x/2.26 1gb 250gb dvdr Avl RFQ
562967447 eu req cto opti 980 mt ci3/3.06 2gb 250gb dvd w Avl RFQ
563270809 eu req cto lati e4310 ci5/2.53 13.3 4gb 250g dv Avl RFQ
563549977 eu req cto opti 780 dt c2d/3.0 4gb 250gb dvdr w Avl RFQ
563576712 eu req cto lati e4200 c2d/1.6 3gb 128ssd dvd wl Avl RFQ
563839771 eu req cto prec m6500 ci7/1.86 17 4gb 500gb dvd Avl RFQ
563911105 eu req cto vostro 3700 ci3/2.4 4gb 320gb dvdr w Avl RFQ
564055881 eu req cto opti 380 mt pdc/2.7 3gb 160gb dvd wl Avl RFQ
6632L-0091B laptop inverter Avl RFQ
6632L-0091C laptop inverter Avl RFQ
6632L-0131C dell inspiron 6000 Avl RFQ
6632L-0212A model no.l3200tc Avl RFQ
6632L-0264A dell oem precision m65 6632l-0264a ccfl inverter dd284 #07 Avl RFQ
6632L-0265A dell inspiron 1525, inspiron 6400, inspiron e1505 Avl RFQ
6632L-0266B dell d620 Avl RFQ
6632L-02678 dell inspiron 6400 e1405 e1505 xps m140 series 15.4 lcd inverter Avl RFQ
75357 NA Avl RFQ
753752-006 dell power supply 78wuh -- dps-125fba , power supply , Avl RFQ
753752-007 125w power supply Avl RFQ
75391 si,info,set jumper to master Avl RFQ
75393 si,mds,info,r1(6),r5(4),mal Avl RFQ
753MH NA Avl RFQ
7541R dsk,tpad,w95,dsk2,f3,jpn,crna Avl RFQ
75440 lcd back cover Avl RFQ
755-10065 dell optiplex 755 ultra small form factor intel pentium dual cor Avl RFQ
755-11165 dell optiplex 755 sff core 2 duo e8200 2.66ghz 512mb ddr2 40gb Avl RFQ
755-12802 dell optiplex 755 sff core 2 duo e4500 2.2ghz 512mb ddr2 40gb Avl RFQ
755-14381 dell optiplex 755 tower core 2 duo 2.33 ghz 512mb ram 40gb hd cd Avl RFQ
755-2.3GHZ-7 dell optiplex 755,dual core 2.3,1gb,80gb,dvd/cdrw,w7 pro,90-day Avl RFQ
755-2.3GHZ-XP dell optiplex 755,dual core 2.3,1gb,80gb,dvd/cdrw,xp pro,90-day Avl RFQ
DTM65528 4gb pc2-5300f ddr2-667 2rx4 ecc Avl RFQ
DTP8N 8gb pc3l-10600r 2rx4 ddr3 240pin ecc registered samsung 1333mhz Avl RFQ
DTPS-200PB-109A 200w power supply Avl RFQ
DTTA-351680 hard drive 16.80gb Avl RFQ
DTTA-371290 hard drive 12.90gb Avl RFQ
DTW4H dell latitude e6500 right speaker grill cover Avl RFQ
DTXM5 palmrest Avl RFQ
DTXM5 GRADE A dell latitude e6520 dtxm5 black palmrest warranty w/same day shi Avl RFQ
KP80526GY900256 processor p3/900/256k inspiron Avl RFQ
MT16VDDT6464AG-40BG 512mb pc3200u ddr-400 n-ecc Avl RFQ
MT181SDT1672AG dell 128mb memory module Avl RFQ
N3J57 unknown Avl RFQ
N3JCW UJ242 dell bd-re drive n3jcw uj242 latitude e6410 e6510 Avl RFQ
R620-RAILS dell rail kit sliding ready rails ii 1u for r620 Avl RFQ
R620E5-2640 dell poweredge r620 e5-2640 xeon 2.50ghz 6 core proc kit Avl RFQ
R620E5-2640V2KIT dell poweredge r620 e5-2640 v2 / e5-2640v2 cpu kit (inc processo Avl RFQ
R620E5-2643 dell poweredge r620 e5-2643 3.30ghz quad core proc kit Avl RFQ
R620E5-2650 dell poweredge r620 e5-2650 xeon 2.0ghz 8 core proc kit Avl RFQ
R620E5-2650V2KIT dell poweredge r620 e5-2650 v2 / e5-2650v2 cpu kit (inc processo Avl RFQ
R620E5-2658 dell poweredge r620 e5-2658 xeon proc 2.10ghz 20m 8 cores 95w Avl RFQ
R620E5-2660 dell poweredge r620 e5-2660 xeon 2.20 ghz 20mb 8 cores 95w proc Avl RFQ
R620E5-2660V2KIT dell poweredge r620 e5-2660 v2 / e5-2660v2 cpu kit (inc processo Avl RFQ
R620E5-2665 dell poweredge ibm r620 e5-2665 2.40ghz 20mb 8 cores 115w proc k Avl RFQ
R620E5-2667 dell poweredge r620 e5-2667 xeon proc kit Avl RFQ
R620E5-2667V2 dell poweredge r620 e5-2667 v2 xeon proc 25m cache 3.30 ghz 8 co Avl RFQ
R620E5-2670 dell poweredege r620 e5-2670 xeon processor 20m cache 2.60 ghz 8 Avl RFQ
R620E5-2670V2KIT dell poweredge r620 e5-2670 v2 / e5-2670v2 cpu kit (inc processo Avl RFQ
R620E5-2680V2KIT dell poweredge r620 e5-2680 v2 / e5-2680v2 cpu kit (inc processo Avl RFQ
R620E5-2687W dell presicion r620e5-2687w xeon 3.10ghz 20m 8 core 150w proc ki Avl RFQ
R620E5-2690 dell poweredge r620 e5-2690 xeon 2.9ghz 8 core proc kit Avl RFQ
R620E5-2690V2KIT dell poweredge r620 e5-2690 v2 / e5-2690v2 cpu kit (inc processo Avl RFQ
R620E5-2695 V2 r620e5-2695 v2 dell xeon processor e5-2695 v2 30m cache 2.40 ghz Avl RFQ
ST3146854FC 146gb 15k fc disk drive,520 bps,for cx series Avl RFQ
ST318432LC 18gb 15k u320 80 pin Avl RFQ
T5M02-N kybd,86,us,eng,c12s,win8 Avl RFQ
T6183 NA Avl RFQ
T620 12X3.5HD dell poweredge t620 12x3.5 drive bays Avl RFQ
T620-1312 poweredge (12g) t620 tower/rackable server (5u) xeon six core e5 Avl RFQ
T620-1879 poweredge (12g) t620 tower/ rackable server (5u) xeon six core e Avl RFQ
T620-7129 poweredge (12g) t620 tower/rackable server (5u) xeon six core e5 Avl RFQ
T620E5-2603KIT dell poweredge t620 e5-2603 cpu kit (inc processor and heatsink) Avl RFQ
T620E5-2603V2KIT dell poweredge t620 e5-2603 v2 / e5-2603v2 cpu kit (inc processo Avl RFQ
T620E5-2609 dell poweredge t620 e5-2609 2.40ghz 10m 4 core 80w proc kit Avl RFQ
T620E5-2609KIT dell poweredge t620 e5-2609 cpu kit (inc processor and heatsink) Avl RFQ
T620E5-2620 dell poweredge t620 e5-2620 6 core 2.0ghz 15mb proc kit Avl RFQ
T620E5-2620KIT dell poweredge t620 e5-2620 cpu kit (inc processor and heatsink) Avl RFQ
T620E5-2620V2KIT dell poweredge t620 e5-2620 v2 / e5-2620v2 cpu kit (inc processo Avl RFQ
T620E5-2630KIT dell poweredge t620 e5-2630 cpu kit (inc processor and heatsink) Avl RFQ
T620E5-2630L dell poweredge t620 e5-2630l 6 core 2.00ghz 15m 7.2gt/s 60w proc Avl RFQ
T620E5-2630LKIT dell poweredge t620 e5-2630l cpu kit (inc processor and heatsink Avl RFQ
T620E5-2630LV2KIT dell poweredge t620 e5-2630l v2 / e5-2630lv2 cpu kit (inc proces Avl RFQ
T620E5-2637V2KIT dell poweredge t620 e5-2637 v2 / e5-2637v2 cpu kit (inc processo Avl RFQ
T620E5-2640KIT dell poweredge t620 e5-2640 cpu kit (inc processor and heatsink) Avl RFQ
T620E5-2640V2KIT dell poweredge t620 e5-2640 v2 / e5-2640v2 cpu kit (inc processo Avl RFQ
T620E5-2650 dell poweredge t620 e5-2650 xeon 2.0ghz 8 core proc kit Avl RFQ
T620E5-2650KIT dell poweredge t620 e5-2650 cpu kit (inc processor and heatsink) Avl RFQ
T620E5-2650LKIT dell poweredge t620 e5-2650l cpu kit (inc processor and heatsink Avl RFQ
T620E5-2650V2KIT dell poweredge t620 e5-2650 v2 / e5-2650v2 cpu kit (inc processo Avl RFQ
T620E5-2660 dell poweredge t620 e5-2660 xeon 2.20 ghz 20mb 8 cores 95w proc Avl RFQ

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