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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Digital Innovations. We have products like in our inventory, with part numbers including 28391-01, 29-18480-01, 29-24411-00, 29-25074-00, 29-25103-01. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
28391-01 audio headset Avl RFQ
29-18480-01 tsz07 assembly Avl RFQ
29-24411-00 digital lg12 parts, force gauge Avl RFQ
29-25074-00 NA Avl RFQ
29-25103-01 printer acc Avl RFQ
29-25334-00 ln03 logic Avl RFQ
29-25559-00 lg01 sensor Avl RFQ
29-25560-00 NA Avl RFQ
29-25561-00 lgo1 cpu control mod Avl RFQ
29-25563-00 lg01 blower assembly Avl RFQ
29-25565-00 tractor Avl RFQ
29-25575-00 lg01 Avl RFQ
29-25577-00 power rectifier pcc Avl RFQ
29-25916-00 digital la75 9-pin printhead Avl RFQ
29-25917-00 tractor, left/right Avl RFQ
29-25918-00 la75 print mechanism assembly Avl RFQ
29-25919-00 lever, friction release Avl RFQ
29-25920-00 la75 smudge guard Avl RFQ
29-25922-00 carriage assembly Avl RFQ
29-25932-00 lever, tractor lock Avl RFQ
29-25934-00 deflector 1 *for use on printers w/serial numbers 0000 to 1427 Avl RFQ
29-25934-01 deflector 2 *for use on printers w/serial numbers 1428 and highe Avl RFQ
29-25936-00 la75 logic Avl RFQ
29-25937-00 belt, carriage Avl RFQ
29-25949-00 lever, impression control Avl RFQ
29-25950-00 la75 shaft bushing Avl RFQ
29-25951-00 shaft, carriage Avl RFQ
29-25953-00 cam, carriage Avl RFQ
29-25955-00 la75 platen assembly Avl RFQ
29-25958-00 power supply, 120v Avl RFQ
29-25959-00 power supply, 100v Avl RFQ
29-25960-00 la75 psu Avl RFQ
29-25961-00 fuse holder Avl RFQ
29-25962-00 switch, power 100/120v Avl RFQ
29-25964-00 bail bar assy Avl RFQ
29-25966-00 digital la75 parts, mechanical misc parts kit Avl RFQ
29-25968-01 la75 logic board Avl RFQ
29-25969-00 control pannel Avl RFQ
29-25970-00 lever, bail release Avl RFQ
29-25971-00 la75 platen knob Avl RFQ
29-26001-00 fuse, 5a fu1 125v Avl RFQ
29-26002-00 fuse, 1a fu2 125v Avl RFQ
29-26003-00 fuse, line mt4 1.6a Avl RFQ
29-26087-00 NA Avl RFQ
29-26380-00 module, 2400 baud (s) df242-ca Avl RFQ
29-26723-00 NA Avl RFQ
29-26736-00 lg31 actuator module Avl RFQ
29-28478-01 pwb, head, tsz07 Avl RFQ
29-28479-01 servo board Avl RFQ
29-28484-01 gas spring assembly, tsz07 Avl RFQ
29-28649-01 eot/bot sensor assembly, tsz07 Avl RFQ
29-28939-01 digital power supply, 105w Avl RFQ
29-28952-01 mother board, dec pc 433 Avl RFQ
29-28981-01 tape - acc Avl RFQ
29-28982-01 digital ta key Avl RFQ
29-29179-01 psu, system expansion box, dec pc433 Avl RFQ
29-29274-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-29275-01 platen interlock switch, digital lg06, Avl RFQ
29-29276-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-29277-01 magnetic pickup assembly, digital lg06, Avl RFQ
29-29279-01 digital dec lg06 extension spring Avl RFQ
29-29282-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-29283-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-29285 tractor set lft and rt, digital lg06, Avl RFQ
29-29285-00 tractor set lft and rt, digital lgplus, lglplus, Avl RFQ
29-29285-001 tractor set Avl RFQ
29-29285-01 tractor set Avl RFQ
29-29286-01 control panel, digital lg06, digital lg12, Avl RFQ
29-29287-01 600 lpm shuttle assembly, digital lg06, Avl RFQ
29-29289-01 mechanical drivers, digital lg06, Avl RFQ
29-29290-01 power supply, digital lg06, Avl RFQ
29-29291-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-29294-01 fan, digital lg06, lg12, Avl RFQ
29-29295-01 hammer bank fan, digital lg06, Avl RFQ
29-29297-01 600 lpm shuttle, digital lg06, Avl RFQ
29-29299-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-29303-01 tractors kit lower Avl RFQ
29-29309-01 operator control panel Avl RFQ
29-29311-01 smudge guard Avl RFQ
29-29312-01 digital la75s / la75+ print head Avl RFQ
29-29314-01 carrier block *carrage assy Avl RFQ
29-29322-01 companion printer mlb Avl RFQ
29-29325-01 power supply Avl RFQ
29-29327-01 power supply Avl RFQ
29-29328-01 printer mechanical assy Avl RFQ
29-29329-01 circuit breaker on, digital lg06, Avl RFQ
29-29331-01 power supply unit Avl RFQ
29-29335-01 digital power supply, 18/36 track Avl RFQ
29-29483-01 digital 1.35gb 5.25-inch scsi disk drive Avl RFQ
29-29484-01 1.38gb; 5.25 scsi hard disk Avl RFQ
29-29485-01 digital fan assembley for autoloader Avl RFQ
29-29508-01 gas spring assy, digital lg06, Avl RFQ
29-29640-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-29708-02 digital 95mb scsi tape drive, storageworks pluggable Avl RFQ
29-29971-01 printer mech w/o printhead Avl RFQ
29-29972 la424 24 pin print head,vpn Avl RFQ
29-29972-01 printhead, 24 needles Avl RFQ
29-29973 digital (dec) la424 la324 parts, main board Avl RFQ
29-29973-01 main board Avl RFQ
29-29974-00 digital (dec) la424 la324 parts, interface board Avl RFQ
29-29974-01 interface board Avl RFQ
29-29976-01 carriage unit Avl RFQ
29-30253-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-30361-01 la310 power supply 220v,vpn 728795g Avl RFQ
29-30369-01 platen knob Avl RFQ
29-30415-01 tu81 head Avl RFQ
29-30596-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-30601-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-30602-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-30621-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-30679-01 bulbs, ocp cm379 Avl RFQ
29-30821-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-30891-01 digital lg12 parts, blower assy Avl RFQ
29-30892-01 digital lg12 parts, counter weight assy Avl RFQ
29-30894-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-30895-01 digital lg12 parts, power supply assy Avl RFQ
29-30898-01 digital lg12 parts, hammer bank assy Avl RFQ
29-30899-01 digital lgplus parts, belt, platten timing Avl RFQ
29-30900-01 digital lg12 parts, oil wick Avl RFQ
29-30901-01 shuttle direction, digital lg12, Avl RFQ
29-30903-00 mech driver, digital lg06, lg12, Avl RFQ
29-30903-01 mechanical driver, digital lg06, lg12, Avl RFQ
29-30904-01 digital lg12 parts, prom kit Avl RFQ
29-30905-01 tool, antirotation Avl RFQ
29-30906-01 tractor, left Avl RFQ
29-30907-01 tractor, right Avl RFQ
29-30943-01 digital lg12 parts, shim, anti-rotation (.010) Avl RFQ
29-30944-01 digital lg12 parts, shim, anti-rotation (.005) Avl RFQ
29-30945-01 digital lg12 parts, lubricant, bearing Avl RFQ
29-31323-01 ocp, tz877 Avl RFQ
29-31405-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-31410-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-31411-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-31413-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-31474-01 NA Avl RFQ
29-31490-01 la600 Avl RFQ
29-31662-01 digital library logic power supply Avl RFQ
29-31664-01 digital 200w power supply, tl896, tl893 tape library Avl RFQ
29-31665-01 library switch panel Avl RFQ
29-31667-01 digital library barcode scanner, tl8xx series Avl RFQ
29-31668-01 fan tl896 /3 Avl RFQ
29-31669-01 power strip Avl RFQ
29-31670-01 carolsel timing belt Avl RFQ
29-31676-01 iec power distribution Avl RFQ
29-31677-01 dlt pinback tl896 /3 Avl RFQ
29-31680-01 tl896 door switch assy Avl RFQ
29-31691-01 digital tz885 loader assembly Avl RFQ
29-33117-01 pulley assy Avl RFQ
29-33118-01 pulley Avl RFQ
29-33119-01 front pulley Avl RFQ
29-33121-01 printing positioning mylar Avl RFQ
29-33122-01 tractor idle gear Avl RFQ
29-33123-01 open gear Avl RFQ
29-33124-01 aga gear Avl RFQ
29-33125-01 cartridge support right Avl RFQ
29-33127-01 support Avl RFQ
29-33128-01 friction assy Avl RFQ
29-33129-01 cartridge support left Avl RFQ
29-33130-01 pivot assy Avl RFQ
29-33131-01 bail assy *w/ upper mylar strip Avl RFQ
29-33132-01 tractor gear Avl RFQ
29-33133-01 tractor gear brush Avl RFQ
29-33134-01 idle gear Avl RFQ
29-33136-01 printhead 24 pin. Avl RFQ
29-33139-01 la400 ops panel Avl RFQ
29-33143-01 knob, platen Avl RFQ
29-33144-01 aga sector Avl RFQ
29-33145-01 movable gear Avl RFQ
29-33148-01 gear,55 Avl RFQ
29-33152-01 carriage assy color Avl RFQ
29-33155-01 la400 / la450 psu Avl RFQ
29-33156-01 (la400 main locic module) Avl RFQ
29-33162-01 o.p. membrane Avl RFQ
29-33163-01 pwa power supply 120v Avl RFQ
29-33164-01 cut sheet assy Avl RFQ
29-33165-01 supprt spring assy Avl RFQ
29-33166-01 pwa dec interface* Avl RFQ
29-33167-01 la400 / 450 ocp Avl RFQ
29-33168-01 tractor assy, push/feed Avl RFQ
29-33169-01 base assy Avl RFQ
29-33172-01 lever, t/f group Avl RFQ
29-33173-01 aga support Avl RFQ
29-33177-01 sensor, opto Avl RFQ
29-33178-01 interrupter, opto Avl RFQ
29-33179-01 magenet, interlock Avl RFQ
29-33180-01 platen belt toothed Avl RFQ
29-33182-01 carriage belt mini pitch Avl RFQ
29-33183-01 tractor, left Avl RFQ
29-33184-01 right tractor Avl RFQ
29-33185-01 dec la450, kit, mechanical parts 1 Avl RFQ
29-33186-01 dec la450, kit, mechanical parts 2 Avl RFQ
29-33187-01 plastic parts kit Avl RFQ
29-33188-01 printhead mask Avl RFQ
29-33191-01 la400 mechanical assy Avl RFQ
29-33214-01 mechanical assy wide la30/36 Avl RFQ
29-33215-01 sensor sub assy Avl RFQ
29-33216-01 platen roll assembly Avl RFQ
29-33217-01 carrier unit Avl RFQ
29-33218-01 tractor unit Avl RFQ
29-33223-01 digital la30w, la36w belt, timing Avl RFQ

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