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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Digital Innovations. We have products like in our inventory, with part numbers including 54-20346-01, 54-20352-01, 54-20359-01, 54-20363-01, 54-20365-01. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
54-20346-01 digital vaxstation 4000 model 60 cpu board Avl RFQ
54-20352-01 NA Avl RFQ
54-20359-01 scsi adapter 5976 Avl RFQ
54-20363-01 vaxstation 4000 dual head graphics Avl RFQ
54-20365-01 digital 8-plane high res lcg graphics option Avl RFQ
54-22469-02 de435-aa etherworks turbo pci Avl RFQ
54-22499-01 digital network pci fddi adapter Avl RFQ
54-22499-02 defpa-aa sas pci/fddi ada Avl RFQ
54-22499-03 module, fddi/pci utp adapter Avl RFQ
54-22539-01 hp fddi/cu pmd board Avl RFQ
54-22545-01 155mb/s mmf mfr Avl RFQ
54-22555-01 NA Avl RFQ
54-22563-01 pci backplane with scsi bus Avl RFQ
54-22601-01 as2100 mother board Avl RFQ
54-22601-02 NA Avl RFQ
54-22603-01 as2100 r/m backplane Avl RFQ
54-22615-01 alpha vme 2100 fan speed control module Avl RFQ
54-22625-01 64mb primary memory for axp-vme Avl RFQ
54-22625-DA 64mb primary memory for axp-vme Avl RFQ
54-22687-01 dec pc lpx 466dx main logic board Avl RFQ
54-22687-07 main system board, digital pc Avl RFQ
54-22703-01 main logic board for dec pc lpv+ 425sx Avl RFQ
54-22766-01 digital scsi i/o module for 4000-50 vaxbrick Avl RFQ
54-22767-01 digital scsi i/o module for 4000-50 vaxbrick Avl RFQ
54-22783-01 lps17 ethernet card Avl RFQ
54-22808-01 spx plus video option low resolution Avl RFQ
54-22808-02 graphics, spx plus option - high resolution vxt2000+ Avl RFQ
54-22816-01 ds700 16 line fr logic Avl RFQ
54-22818-01 decserver 700-xx mlb Avl RFQ
54-22847-01 NA Avl RFQ
54-22861-01 turbo channel zlx-e1 72hz graphics adapter Avl RFQ
54-22869-01 hsj40 module Avl RFQ
54-22877-01 NA Avl RFQ
54-22897-01 ba353-aa blakplane Avl RFQ
54-22898-01 desktop backplane 2 (ba353-aa) Avl RFQ
54-22899-01 ba353-aa blakplane Avl RFQ
54-22903-01 8 bit storage backplane Avl RFQ
54-22907-03 hs1cp ctlr Avl RFQ
54-22908-01 NA Avl RFQ
54-22910-01 32mb cache card Avl RFQ
54-22910-02 read/chache 16mb Avl RFQ
54-22944-01 digital pci to differential scsi host bus adapter Avl RFQ
54-23014-15 dlt 7k hvd diff scsi Avl RFQ
54-230993-001 NA Avl RFQ
54-23130-01 2nd scsi adapter microvax 3100 Avl RFQ
54-23136-01 prioris lx5200. Avl RFQ
54-23146-01 as2100 250mhz cpu board (b2040-ab) Avl RFQ
54-23148-01 digital standard pci/eisa i/o board Avl RFQ
54-23149-01 motherboard in alpha server 2100 4/275 ay53804391 Avl RFQ
54-23151-01 axp 2000 remote i/o panel:bul Avl RFQ
54-23153-03 dec 3000-600 cpu Avl RFQ
54-23153-05 dec 3000-700 cpu Avl RFQ
54-2317-01 axp2100 128mb memory module ms450-fa (b2021-fa) Avl RFQ
54-23170-01 16mb cache Avl RFQ
54-23170-AA 32mb simm-pair (2x16mb) Avl RFQ
54-23170-BA dec 54-23170-ba 16mb simm 4m x 36 60ns Avl RFQ
54-23170-EA digital 16mb simm Avl RFQ
54-23170-HA 4mx32 60ns edo simm Avl RFQ
54-23170-LA memory, 4mx16 ecc simm Avl RFQ
54-23170-PC 16mb simm Avl RFQ
54-23178-01 sound option Avl RFQ
54-23178-02 sound module Avl RFQ
54-23179-01 NA Avl RFQ
54-23180-01 operator control panel, axp 2000 Avl RFQ
54-23180-03 operator control panel, rackmount Avl RFQ
54-23184-01 digital tga zlxp-e1 8-plane pci graphics adapter Avl RFQ
54-23203-00 as3000/800 regulator board Avl RFQ
54-23203-01 dec3000/800 regulator Avl RFQ
54-23236-01 eisa to dssi adapter Avl RFQ
54-23240-01 4mb 10ns cache dimm Avl RFQ
54-23242-03 333 mhz alcor system mod Avl RFQ
54-23244-01 hp alpha server 600 memory mot Avl RFQ
54-23245-02 NA Avl RFQ
54-23252 mustang ethernet mau Avl RFQ
54-23252-01 network option Avl RFQ
54-23254 NA Avl RFQ
54-23254-01 alphastation 200 4/166 cpu board with lif socket Avl RFQ
54-23254-02 digital alphastation 200 4/166mhz cpu Avl RFQ
54-23254-03 system module, mustang 233mhz Avl RFQ
54-23254-04 alpahstation 200 4/100mhz cpu board Avl RFQ
54-23257-01 digital vax 4000-50 vaxbrick q-bus adapter module Avl RFQ
54-23258-01 riser module, ast200 Avl RFQ
54-23260 dec 2000 fan contrl module Avl RFQ
54-23260-01 fan contrl module (with 17-03942-01 wire harness) Avl RFQ
54-23262-01 digital alpha 400 4/166mhz cpu board Avl RFQ
54-23262-02 alphaserver 400 4/233mhz cpu board Avl RFQ
54-23279-01 decnis module, eisa 2-line sync comm Avl RFQ
54-23289-01 clock management module Avl RFQ
54-23294-01 as2000 system board Avl RFQ
54-23297-01 cpu for trm 60 Avl RFQ
54-23297-03 alphaserver 1000 cpu 233mhz Avl RFQ
54-23297-04 alphaserver 1000 cpu 266mhz Avl RFQ
54-23302-01 opc ctrl panel alphaserver 1000 Avl RFQ
54-23302-02 ocp, control panel, widetower, alphaserver 1000 Avl RFQ
54-23308-01 digital alphaserver 1000 main system board Avl RFQ
54-23310-06 system board with cpu Avl RFQ
54-23310-07 system board with cpu Avl RFQ
54-23319-01 axp2100 model 4/275 cpu (b2024-aa) Avl RFQ
54-23338-01 8 bit scsi backplane for narrow drives Avl RFQ
54-23343-01 16 bit storage backplane Avl RFQ
54-24941-KA 128mb dimm ecc sdram Avl RFQ
54-24945-01 digital scsi disk backplane assembly Avl RFQ
54-24962-01 memory channel-2 pci adapter Avl RFQ
54-24966-01 memory channel linecard interface Avl RFQ
54-24968-01 memory channel hub mlb Avl RFQ
54-24970-01 fibre module Avl RFQ
54-24978-01 digital operator control module Avl RFQ
54-25000-BA NA Avl RFQ
54-25007-BA 32mb ecc simm 60ns, fr-pccam-ec & pc77m-bl Avl RFQ
54-25017-02 gs80/160 main power module Avl RFQ
54-25023-BA ms8aa-bb sdram directory dimm Avl RFQ
54-25035-0-01 gs160 48v power distribution (wpi) board Avl RFQ
54-25035-01 gs160 48v power distribution (wpi) board Avl RFQ
54-25043-02 hp. gs160/gs320 backplane mod. Avl RFQ
54-25045-01 digital firebox qbb mcm bkp 8d Avl RFQ
54-25045-02 digital firebox qbb mcm bkp 8d Avl RFQ
54-25053-BA digital 64mb 200-pin sdram dimm Avl RFQ
54-25053-BA(4 256mb memory option Avl RFQ
54-25053-BT digital 64mb 200-pin sdram dimm Avl RFQ
54-25056-01 remote copper i/o riser Avl RFQ
54-25057-01 NA Avl RFQ
54-25069-01 vax4k-5a/6a/700a dl dssi card Avl RFQ
54-25070-01 512 mb 200pin sync dimm 100mhz Avl RFQ
54-25070-EA 512mb 200 pin dim 100mhz Avl RFQ
54-25074-01 psm module Avl RFQ
54-25074-02 digital power system manager service module Avl RFQ
54-25082-01 kfe72 serial data port module Avl RFQ
54-25084-AA simm Avl RFQ
54-25084-CA 32mb dimm Avl RFQ
54-25084-DA 32 mb memory 3.3v sdram dimm Avl RFQ
54-25084-FX 32mb memory dimm - as1200 Avl RFQ
54-25088-01 xp1000 500mhz cpu Avl RFQ
54-25090-01 xp1000 motherboard Avl RFQ
54-25092-BA 64mb sdram dimm Avl RFQ
54-25092-DA 128mb memory dimm, as1200 Avl RFQ
54-25109-01 dau card Avl RFQ
54-25117 digital clock splitter Avl RFQ
54-25117-02 clock splitter Avl RFQ
54-25123-01 gs80/160 auxiliary psu Avl RFQ
54-25125-01 csb distribution card 54-25125-01 Avl RFQ
54-25133-01 module beeper Avl RFQ
54-25147-01 as1200 motherboard Avl RFQ
54-25147-02 alphaserver 1200, digital server 5000 main system board Avl RFQ
54-25149-01 memory riser board 8-slot for alphaserver 1200 54-25149-01 Avl RFQ
54-25151-01 powerstorm 4d30t w/ texture Avl RFQ
54-25151-03 pci graphics accelerator, powerstorm 4d30t Avl RFQ
54-25151-04 graphics accelerator, powerstorm 4d30t Avl RFQ
54-25156-BA digital 64mb mem Avl RFQ
54-25156-DA 128mb for xp1000 Avl RFQ
54-25158-DA 256mb for pws Avl RFQ
54-25166-01 pws riser module Avl RFQ
54-25171-AA 4mb simm, 1x36, 5v, 60ns Avl RFQ
54-25171-AP 4mb simm, 1x36, 5v, 60ns Avl RFQ
54-25179-01 alphaserver 1200 5/533 cpu Avl RFQ
54-25183-DA digital 32mb dimm for sn-msp01 Avl RFQ
54-25222-01 pws 433au cpu Avl RFQ
54-25222-02 miatagl 500mhz (ev56) Avl RFQ
54-25222-03 miatagl 600mhz (ev56) Avl RFQ
54-25222-04 pws m/board no cpu Avl RFQ
54-25252-01 as200 4/233 cpu Avl RFQ
54-25277-KA NA Avl RFQ
54-25290-01 mlb & cpu pc550/6233 Avl RFQ
54-25292-01 digital venturis fx-2 riser card Avl RFQ
54-25294-02 digital pc 5000 riser card Avl RFQ
54-25300 NA Avl RFQ
54-25300-01 regulator module, 7.5 amp Avl RFQ
54-25302-01 terminator module Avl RFQ
54-25302-02 termn Avl RFQ
54-25302-04 terminator board Avl RFQ
54-25306-01 i/o & riser Avl RFQ
54-25308-01 venturis fx mother board Avl RFQ
54-25308-02 NA Avl RFQ
54-25310-01 digital nic daughter card module Avl RFQ
54-25314-01 memory carrier - ds7000r Avl RFQ
54-25322-01 pc3500/5510 main logic Avl RFQ
54-25322-03 digital pc3500/6300 system board Avl RFQ
54-25332-03 st riser card Avl RFQ
54-25334-01 venturis fx-2 cpu / motherboard Avl RFQ
54-25334-02 pc 5000 motherboard Avl RFQ
54-25334-03 mlb for digital pc 3000 desktop frost pc Avl RFQ
54-25334-04 main system board Avl RFQ
54-25385-01 es40 motherboard Avl RFQ
54-25385-02 quad ev6/tsunami cpu/memory m Avl RFQ
54-25418-01 system board Avl RFQ
54-25422-01 main logic, digital server 7100r Avl RFQ
54-25424-01 cpu dual board Avl RFQ
54-25426-01 NA Avl RFQ
54-25430-01 storage backplane 5 slot ds7000r Avl RFQ
54-25430-20 NA Avl RFQ
54-25436-01 disk backplane for system Avl RFQ
54-25440-01 module, mx/hx dual klamath cpu board Avl RFQ
54-25529-01 NA Avl RFQ
54-25565-01 pci 1/0 backplane Avl RFQ
54-25575-01 miscellaneous i/o board for es40 54-25575-01 Avl RFQ
54-25582-01 memory riser Avl RFQ
54-25582-02 memory riser 8 slot es40 model 2 Avl RFQ
54-25588-01 power distribution module Avl RFQ
54-25639-01 compaq system control panel Avl RFQ
54-25647-01 power backplane for ds20e 54-25647-01 Avl RFQ
54-25649-01 backplane module Avl RFQ

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