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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Emc. We have products like Coil Radio Frequenc, Hub Network, Mixer Gas in our inventory, with part numbers including 0B22177, 0MC545, 0MC771, 0MJ924, 0MK814. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
0B22177 73gb 15000 rpm sas Avl RFQ
0MC545 dell poweredge 1950 server fan Avl RFQ
0MC771 NA Avl RFQ
0MJ924 emc cx3-40 storage processor Avl RFQ
0MK814 NA Avl RFQ
0MX838 powervault md1000 md3000 488w power supply Avl RFQ
0N2001 dell powervault 775n Avl RFQ
0N5510 emc / dell hdd 73gb 10k fc for cx series Avl RFQ
0N728G san management i/o module Avl RFQ
0N8750 NA Avl RFQ
0NG341 emc ax150i dual sp iscsi 4x500gb Avl RFQ
0NM564 NA Avl RFQ
0NY526 dell poweredge 2950 power supply Avl RFQ
0PD591 NA Avl RFQ
0PG198 sata festplatte 500gb 7,2k sata2 lff ax150 005048607 (incl. rahm Avl RFQ
0PP973 dell/ storage processor i/o module iscsi 1gbps celerra nx4 100-5 Avl RFQ
0PY611 NA Avl RFQ
0R4783 NA Avl RFQ
0RG556 NA Avl RFQ
0RN442 switching power supply Avl RFQ
0T2571 NA Avl RFQ
0TC146 dell poweredge 1950 server fan Avl RFQ
0TJ164 emc storage processor cx300 sp board w/1gb cach Avl RFQ
0TJ166 NA Avl RFQ
0TJ781 emc clariion kle dae2 400w power supply, Avl RFQ
0TR651 storage system Avl RFQ
0TW656 emc cx-2g10-300 300gb 10k fc fibre channel hot plug hard disk dr Avl RFQ
0U2600 NA Avl RFQ
0U632 NA Avl RFQ
0U736N 400 watt cx-4pdae power supply Avl RFQ
0U9968 NA Avl RFQ
0UC126 NA Avl RFQ
0UJ460 storage system Avl RFQ
0UJ722 NA Avl RFQ
0UM392 ns20 with 2x sp3 Avl RFQ
0UM402 ax150i 750gb sata 7200rpm with tray emc Avl RFQ
0W2567 emc clariion kle dae2 581w power supply, Avl RFQ
0W4572 NA Avl RFQ
0W843N storage array Avl RFQ
0WX843 NA Avl RFQ
0X404H dell poweredge 2950 power supply Avl RFQ
0XRRV2 emc 300gb 15k 4g fc hdd Avl RFQ
300-001-761 NA Avl RFQ
300-006-998 planning your storage-system configuration Avl RFQ
300-007-008 setup guide Avl RFQ
300-009-312 NA Avl RFQ
300-1032-00 NA Avl RFQ
300-1032-00-0B.1 300w emc centera psu Avl RFQ
300-1393-01 NA Avl RFQ
3000075903 NA Avl RFQ
3000785-02 NA Avl RFQ
300080502 NA Avl RFQ
30049110BR eu req lic replicator dd640 enh s/w sup rnwl Avl RFQ
30070016HL eu req avamar gen4 3.9tb st node-3411410-713431 Avl RFQ
30073760H eu req vnx5300 dpe 15x3.5 dr retention prog Avl RFQ
30094172HL eu req avamar gen3 3.3tb stg node fld inst Avl RFQ
30094172L eu req avamar 1tb replication cap lic Avl RFQ
3009773-585525 eu req lic replicator dd640 rnwl Avl RFQ
30097760L eu req nw svr ntwk ed win/lin-3482049-731938 Avl RFQ
3012494-587245 eu req 2u dual sp dpe iscsi front end w 1u rnwl Avl RFQ
30126771S eu req custom rnwl quote 3510922-739692 Avl RFQ
3016416-591371 eu req lic replicator dd690 enh sw sys sup rnwl Avl RFQ
30164689BR eu req lic replicator dd860 rnwl Avl RFQ
3016804-591590 eu req vnxe3100 2xsp dpe 12x3.5 ds 6x2tb sup Avl RFQ
30174102 NA Avl RFQ
30177589BR eu req lic replicator dd640 enh s/w wty rnwl Avl RFQ
30178640BR eu req es30 shelf 15x2tb hd 2xlcc upg rnwl Avl RFQ
30183278IS eu req swch ib qdr 18pt 1ps 1u rnwl Avl RFQ
30183278IS0 eu req r-iq36000x prem h/w s/w sup rnwl Avl RFQ
30188373IS enh h/s sup rnwl 3135786-633359 Avl RFQ
303-076-00B NA Avl RFQ
303-076-00D NA Avl RFQ
303-081-103B NA Avl RFQ
303-085-100B NA Avl RFQ
303-086-100B NA Avl RFQ
303-086-101B NA Avl RFQ
303-092-102B NA Avl RFQ
470-0000453-403 upm card, mc data Avl RFQ
470-000320-200 NA Avl RFQ
470-000396-202 NA Avl RFQ
470-000437-403 NA Avl RFQ
470-000445-201 NA Avl RFQ
470-000453-413 NA Avl RFQ
470-000453-413A NA Avl RFQ
470-000475-202 D emc ed-140m 250-029-901 mcdata Avl RFQ
470-000561-101 brocade mcdata emc swm rtd4 blade module, ed10km Avl RFQ
470-00439-004 mcdata 4 ports short wave port Avl RFQ
470-396-202 NA Avl RFQ
470-474-107 D NA Avl RFQ
470-E00474-108 B mcdata 4 port switch ump card Avl RFQ
470-E00560-201 emc ctp rdt4 control processor blade Avl RFQ
470-E00561-101 brocade mcdata emc swm rtd4 blade module, ed10km Avl RFQ
47090418 NA Avl RFQ
47090605 NA Avl RFQ
4767C fan rear assy x3 for fc4700 Avl RFQ
62882656H eu req 2u dual sp dpe fc front end w/ 1u sps Avl RFQ
62901819H eu req 2u dual sp dpe iscsi front end w 1u sps Avl RFQ
63006048H48 eu req prem h/w sup wty upg 3251582 673174 Avl RFQ
63006048H48A eu req prem h/w sup wty upg 3251582 673174 Avl RFQ
63191379H eu req ds-5100b 24p/40p base swch rnwl Avl RFQ
63191379S eu req snapview for cx4-960 rnwl Avl RFQ
63256186H eu req ds-300b 8/24p base switch-3478445-730920 Avl RFQ
63669968H eu req nx4 captive array factory inst h/w sup Avl RFQ
63669968S eu req celerra nx4 dual blade unix nfs lic sup Avl RFQ
A6685A hp hsc 1gb hba card Avl RFQ
A7438A NA Avl RFQ
A757512TD8AAU050F 50ft fibre cable Avl RFQ
A7984A hp storageworks 4/8 san switch Avl RFQ
A91849-001 db9 to rj45 null modem cable Avl RFQ
AA23540 2.2kw astec 2.2kw standby power supply Avl RFQ
AA23950 NA Avl RFQ
AA26150L 533w psu Avl RFQ
AA26340L 370w psu Avl RFQ
CMPFLASH-C01 cmpfl 1tb 0-14tb Avl RFQ
CMPFLASH-C02 cmpfl 1tb 15-25tb Avl RFQ
CMPFLASH-C03 cmpfl 1tb 26-40tb Avl RFQ
CMPFLASH-C04 cmpfl 1tb 41-60tb Avl RFQ
CMPFLASH-C05 cmpfl 1tb 61-100tb Avl RFQ
CMPFLASH-C06 cmpfl 1tb 101-150tb Avl RFQ
CMPFLASH-C07 cmpfl 1tb 151-250tb Avl RFQ
CMPFLASH-C08 cmpfl 1tb 251-400tb Avl RFQ
CMPFLASH-C09 cmpfl 1tb 401-600tb Avl RFQ
CMPFLASH-C10 cmpfl 1tb 601-1000tb Avl RFQ
CMPFLASH-C11 cmpfl1tb1001tb or greater Avl RFQ
CMTPF12LC03PL20 fibre cable Avl RFQ
CMTPF12LC03PL60 60ft fibre cable lc/pc Avl RFQ
CMTPF12LCO3P20F 20ft fibre cable Avl RFQ
CN0CK048132906AL00Z1 NA Avl RFQ
CN0CK048132906CL00BA NA Avl RFQ
CN0CK0481329078F000K NA Avl RFQ
CN0CK0481329078T01OB NA Avl RFQ
D-3742 NA Avl RFQ
E-ACON3P-50 eu req adptr ac 3ph 50a w3-4in conduit adptr Avl RFQ
E-E011-05-2049 (A san switch Avl RFQ
ED-100-635-019 ed 10000m front fan tray Avl RFQ
ED-100-635-021 ed 10000m psu Avl RFQ
ED-100-635-025 ed 10000m rear fan assembly Avl RFQ
ED-100-885-138 ed 10000m pdu 24a 50/60hz 200-240 vac Avl RFQ
ED-1000M san director Avl RFQ
ED-1032-32S connectrix fibre Avl RFQ
ED-105-000-002 ed 10000m control processor ctp (rdt4 Avl RFQ
ED-105-000-003 ed 10000m swm rtd4 blade module Avl RFQ
ED-105-000-016 ed 10000m 4 gbps lmq port card w/o opric rohs Avl RFQ
ED-105-000-017 ed 10000m rdt4 swx card Avl RFQ
ED-12000B-32 32-port fibre channel director Avl RFQ
ED-12000B-64 64-port fibre channel director Avl RFQ
ED-140M-UPG 140-port fc director upg Avl RFQ
ED-24000 emc connectrix silkworm 24000 Avl RFQ
ED-6064-UPG 64 port ficon dirctr upgrade Avl RFQ
ED-64M 64 port director-no cards Avl RFQ
ED-CTP2-UPG control processor set-2gbps Avl RFQ
ED-UPM-04 universal port card, 1-2gbps, 4 ports w/sw optics Avl RFQ
HT299 emc 1tb 7200rpm sata ii Avl RFQ
HUA721010KLA330 1tb 7200rpm sata hdd Avl RFQ
HUS151414VLF400 146gb 15krpm fcal disk drive p/n 0b20917 Avl RFQ
HUS153030VLF4E0 hitachi / emc clariion 300gb 15k 2/4gbps hard drive cx3 cx4 (0f1 Avl RFQ
LP10000-E REV.A NA Avl RFQ
LP10000-E-FW-1.41A4 1 port lp10000 fcode 1.41a4 hba pci-x , (ptg9a*1-b17-1c) Avl RFQ
LP10000-E-FW-1.50A4 1 port lp10000 fcode 1.50a4 hba pci-x , (ptg9a*1-b17-1c) Avl RFQ
LP10000-M2 2gb single port pci-x fc hba Avl RFQ
LP10000DC-E emulex dual port hba Avl RFQ
LP10000E emc hba pcix fc 1 chan 2gb Avl RFQ
LP1050-F2 2gb pci-x 133/64 bit fc hba Avl RFQ
LP1050DC-E emulex dual port hba Avl RFQ
LP1050EX-E emulex pci express single Avl RFQ
LP11000 emulex 4gb single port fc pci-x hba Avl RFQ
LP11002-E dual port 4gb pci-x 2.0 Avl RFQ
LP21000-M-E converged network adapter Avl RFQ
LP21002C retail fac sealed w/cables Avl RFQ
LP7000E-EMC-AIX fiber channel host adapter Avl RFQ
LP7000E-N1 1gb mm optical glm 33mhz pci Avl RFQ
LP8000-E 1gb/s fibre channel - embedded multi-mode optic interface (sc) Avl RFQ
LP850-D1 1gb embedded copper db9 33mhz pci Avl RFQ
LP9002 2gb embedded opt fh 66mhz pci Avl RFQ
LP9002C-E single port 2gb fc cpci Avl RFQ
LP9002C-F2 2gb embedded mm opt cpci Avl RFQ
LP9002DC dual channel fc hba, emulex pci (pk4e#1-b15-1c) Avl RFQ
LP9002DC-E dual port 2gb emulex board Avl RFQ
LP9002DC-F2 2gb dual embedded mm opt 66mhz pci Avl RFQ
LP9002L 2gb pci-x fibre hba Avl RFQ
LP9002L-E REV. D emc 1 port lp9002 pci-x ,fcode 1.40.a0 lpfc path (pk1d11-b11-2c) Avl RFQ
LP982-E REV C 2gb fibre channel adapter pci-x Avl RFQ
LPE11000 NA Avl RFQ
LPE11000-E (055 NA Avl RFQ
LPE11000-E-A1 1ch 4gb lc pcie fc hba ctlr Avl RFQ
LPE11002-E-A1 2ch 4gb lc pcie lp 3.3v fc hba ctlr w/std bracket win lnx Avl RFQ
LPE1150 lpe1150 emc | fibre channel network adapter Avl RFQ
LPE12000-E-A1 single port 8gb fc pci express ctlr Avl RFQ
LPE12000-E_BIN1 emulex lightpulse lpe12000 Avl RFQ
LPS-V53 recoverpoint and lps rtu for vnx5300 Avl RFQ
LPSE12002E p003696-01 dual channel Avl RFQ
MA01748 ma01748 standby power supply Avl RFQ
MA01772 power supply Avl RFQ
RG556 500gb 7200rpm sata hdd Avl RFQ
SB-3D emc v-max delta infrast Avl RFQ
SP382-TS x-dd400 ablecom sp382-ts xdd400 pwr module datadomain 400 / akj Avl RFQ

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