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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Ericsson. We have products like in our inventory, with part numbers including 1HAM60892AAP, 1HAM61134AAC, 1HAM61215AAF 08 01 0, 1HAM61219AAP, 1HAM61240AAM. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
1HAM61215AAF 08 01 0 34/45m ltu Avl RFQ
1HAM61219AAP fantray Avl RFQ
468261A-204-HVSB12 card Avl RFQ
EEM-BMGE113001 ericsson aa Avl RFQ
EEM-BMGE113010 ericsson aa Avl RFQ
EEM-ZYAE40202 ericsson aa Avl RFQ
ROA 117 343 1 R6 axe-10 distn un supvn Avl RFQ
ROA 117 3839 qmh Avl RFQ
ROA 117 9580 scu-h Avl RFQ
ROA 119 3030 roa 119 3030 Avl RFQ
ROA 127 0191 1 R4F roa 127 0191/1 r4f Avl RFQ
ROA 127 0228 1 roa 127 0228/1 Avl RFQ
ROA 127 0228 1 R3A roa 127 0228/1 r3a Avl RFQ
ROA117 3010 pfu-a Avl RFQ
ROA1173010 1 pfu-a primary fuse unit, +24v Avl RFQ
ROA1173010 2 V2.1 pfu-a (dxx) Avl RFQ
ROA1173011 1 pfu-b secondary fuse unit, +24v Avl RFQ
ROA1173011 2 V2.2 pfu-b Avl RFQ
ROA1173040 2 V2.0 eae Avl RFQ
ROA1173077 1 scc-if Avl RFQ
ROA1173143 21 V4.0 gmh 220 Avl RFQ
ROA1173143 22 V4.0 gmh 220 Avl RFQ
ROA1173144 21 gmh 2 ports 8 mbit/s 75 ohm, -48v Avl RFQ
ROA1173380 203 R1A gmu synk/asynk/2*stm-1-e elect Avl RFQ
ROA1173380 203 V1.0 gmu synk/asynk/2*stm-1-e elect Avl RFQ
ROA1173380 206 V1.0 gmu synk/asynk/2*stm-1-e elect Avl RFQ
ROA117343 1 R3A card Avl RFQ
ROA1173467 12 xcg xc & control unit for 2202 +24v . Avl RFQ
ROA1173467 22 V1.0 xcg multifunction unit Avl RFQ
ROA1173521 2 V3.1 vcm-5t-a Avl RFQ
ROA1173521 2 V4.0 vcm-5t-a Avl RFQ
ROA1173521 2 V4.1 vcm-5t-a Avl RFQ
ROA1173521 3 vcm-5t-a/v.24-dce 2 ifs, +24v Avl RFQ
ROA1173521 4 vcm-5t-a/v.24-dce 2 ifs -48v Avl RFQ
ROA1173761-1-R1A booard Avl RFQ
ROA1173839 12 qmh 4 ports 2 mbit/s 120 ohm, +24v Avl RFQ
ROA1174081 1-R1B mini-link e backplane card r1a Avl RFQ
ROA1174081 1-R1D mini-link e backplane card r1d Avl RFQ
ROA117449 1R2A 96w36 Avl RFQ
ROA117460 0110R5B internet kyb assy Avl RFQ
ROA1179579 2 V1.0 pfu-h Avl RFQ
ROA1179580 2 V1.0 scu-h Avl RFQ
ROA1179580 2 V1.1 scu-h Avl RFQ
ROA1179581 201 V1.0 gmx/stm-1-e Avl RFQ
ROA1179581 203 R3 gmx/stm-1-e Avl RFQ
ROA1194335 2R5A pdu Avl RFQ
ROA1194336 2R4A k5095 a73 Avl RFQ
ROA119806 0650 R2D roa 119 806/0650 Avl RFQ
ROF131820203 2R1A rpirs Avl RFQ
ROF1318206 1R1A fdd Avl RFQ
ROF1318206 1R1A A fdd Avl RFQ
ROF131821 1 R5A NA Avl RFQ
ROF131821 5R1A NA Avl RFQ
ROF131821 5R2A moc Avl RFQ
ROF1318217 3R2A emrps Avl RFQ
ROF1318217 3R2B emrps Avl RFQ
ROF1318218 1R1B rpk Avl RFQ
ROF1318224 1R2C pro60gs Avl RFQ
ROF1318230 1R2A re1 Avl RFQ
ROF1318231 1R1A st20c2 Avl RFQ
ROF1318231 1R1B st20c2 Avl RFQ
ROF1318290 1R2A rei Avl RFQ
ROF131830 1R4A A placa Avl RFQ
ROF131830 1R4B mbu2 Avl RFQ
ROF131842 1R3B msu2 Avl RFQ
ROF131843 1 thu2 Avl RFQ
ROF131843 14R5C thu2 Avl RFQ
ROF131843 1R4B thu2 Avl RFQ
ROF131843 R5C thu2 Avl RFQ
ROF131846 2 NA Avl RFQ
ROF131846 2R1C mpu09 Avl RFQ
ROF1370995 1 R2B rof1370995/1 Avl RFQ
ROF1370995 1 R2C rof1370995/1 Avl RFQ
ROF1370997 1 R2A cent unit alarm board Avl RFQ
ROF1371398 1RC NA Avl RFQ
ROF1371399 7RC NA Avl RFQ
ROF1371589 3 NA Avl RFQ
ROF1371597 1 R1 NA Avl RFQ
ROF1371597 1R1A NA Avl RFQ
ROF1371602 1 NA Avl RFQ
ROF1371602 1RC NA Avl RFQ
ROF1371602 5 NA Avl RFQ
ROF1371604 1RC NA Avl RFQ
ROF1371719 4 R3 NA Avl RFQ
ROF1371794 2 R3 NA Avl RFQ
ROF1371824 1 R1A NA Avl RFQ
ROF1371824 1 R6B NA Avl RFQ
ROF1371824 1 R6D NA Avl RFQ
ROF1371899 1RC NA Avl RFQ
ROF13718991 NA Avl RFQ
ROF1372189-1 NA Avl RFQ
ROF13725215 2 NA Avl RFQ
ROF1374147 1 R5A NA Avl RFQ
ROF1374149 1RC NA Avl RFQ
ROF1374414 4 R8B NA Avl RFQ
ROJ1192254 8 R1C tx6hs-04 card Avl RFQ
ROJ11922544 card tx6hs-04 transmitter board tx45 Avl RFQ
ROJ11922546 tx6hs-06 transmitter board (tx60) Avl RFQ
ROJ11922548 card tx6hs-04 transmitter board tx45 Avl RFQ
ROJ1192289 1 R1J strx 1900 single transceiver board Avl RFQ
ROJ1192315 1R7A et-mfx tu8g248060 Avl RFQ
ROJ1192315 2 R1A et-mfx card Avl RFQ
ROJ11923151 card etmfx-11 Avl RFQ
ROJ11923152 card et-mfx-11 Avl RFQ
ROJ1192334 1 R1A scb-df Avl RFQ
ROJ204015 1R1A card Avl RFQ
ROJ20403 1 R2A etc5 card Avl RFQ
ROJ20406 1 ericsson dlhb Avl RFQ
ROJ20406 1 R1C dlhb card Avl RFQ
ROJ20406 1 R1C 1 dlhb Avl RFQ
ROJ20406 1R1C 1 dlhb card Avl RFQ
ROJ204061 dlhb Avl RFQ
ROJ204061R1C card Avl RFQ
ROJ20407 1 R1A io2b module Avl RFQ
ROJ20408 1 R4C rpg2 card Avl RFQ
ROJ20408 1 R4E rpg2 module Avl RFQ
ROJ204081R4E (rpg2) Avl RFQ
ROJ204101R2A s7v35 Avl RFQ
ROJ20412 3 ericsson ccd Avl RFQ
ROJ20412 31R3G card Avl RFQ
ROJ20412 3R4E card Avl RFQ
ROJ20412 4 ericsson csr-r1mu module Avl RFQ
ROJ20412 4R4A csr r1mu Avl RFQ
ROJ20412 51R3E cat card Avl RFQ
ROJ20412 71R6A card Avl RFQ
ROJ20412 72 R3E csk-dm card Avl RFQ
ROJ20412 72R3G csk-dm card Avl RFQ
ROJ20414 1 R3A etct1h card Avl RFQ
ROJ20414 1R3A cd, tta-1 Avl RFQ
ROJ204141 NA Avl RFQ
ROJ20416 4 R3A rpp-basic card Avl RFQ
ROJ20416 5R2C rpp/r2c Avl RFQ
ROJ20423 1EPSB epsb Avl RFQ
ROJ20429 1R1A pcd-g Avl RFQ
ROJ20432 1R1A pdspl2e Avl RFQ
ROJ204321 1 port daughter bd Avl RFQ
ROJ20443 2RPG3 rpg3 Avl RFQ
ROJ204432 rpg3 Avl RFQ
ROJ20450 1R1B r1b/eps Avl RFQ
ROJ204507 1 ericsson printed board assy Avl RFQ
ROJ204507 1 R6C rp4-h card Avl RFQ
ROJ204507 1 R6K rp4-h card Avl RFQ
ROJ204507 1R8F rp4-h card Avl RFQ
ROJ2045071 1R6J r6j/rp4h Avl RFQ
ROJ2045071R6G card Avl RFQ
ROJ204510 1 ericsson, trb-s card Avl RFQ
ROJ204511 1R1B card Avl RFQ
ROJ206001 1R1A ccu-1 pcb Avl RFQ
ROJ2060021 1 port daughter bd Avl RFQ
ROJ2060031 1 port daughter bd Avl RFQ
ROJ207009 1R3B cpu-60/c6 Avl RFQ
ROJ207012 6 R1A lum 3v 1eth module Avl RFQ
ROJ207013 1 R2C alcpu card Avl RFQ
ROJ207013 1R2C alcpu pcb Avl RFQ
ROJ207014 1 ericsson alexp card Avl RFQ
ROJ207014 1ALEXP alexp Avl RFQ
ROJ207015 2 ericsson pou5v12v12v Avl RFQ
ROJ207015 2R1C pou spvcm pcb Avl RFQ
ROJ207020 1 R2A emkrip card Avl RFQ
ROJ207022 1 R3A dlbuf card Avl RFQ
ROJ207023 1 R1A astkr32 card Avl RFQ
ROJ207026 1 R1C astram card Avl RFQ
ROJ207028 1 erricsson card in original box Avl RFQ
ROJ2070281 1 port daughter bd Avl RFQ
RPM251 91 NA Avl RFQ
RPM251 95 NA Avl RFQ
RPM251 96 00140 NA Avl RFQ
RPM251 96 00400 NA Avl RFQ
RPM251003 15M R1B NA Avl RFQ
TSR90105356-N NA Avl RFQ
TSR901120220K-N NA Avl RFQ
TSR902024070-N NA Avl RFQ
TSR903 0031 00500 NA Avl RFQ
TSR903 0089 50000 NA Avl RFQ
TSR903 0090 50000 NA Avl RFQ
TSR903 013 07000 NA Avl RFQ
TSR903 013 15000 NA Avl RFQ
TSR903021625-N NA Avl RFQ
TSR904 0102 NA Avl RFQ
TSR909 056 1500 NA Avl RFQ
TSR909 058 00600 NA Avl RFQ
TSR909 058 12M NA Avl RFQ
TSR95 157 1700 NA Avl RFQ
TSR951 1001 2300 NA Avl RFQ
TSR951 1001 2800 NA Avl RFQ
TSR951 1002 2200 NA Avl RFQ
TSR951 1004 1800 NA Avl RFQ
TSR951 1005 1750 NA Avl RFQ
TSR951 1016 2800 NA Avl RFQ
TSR951 11 NA Avl RFQ
TSR951 1193 3 NA Avl RFQ
TSR951 14 NA Avl RFQ
TSR951 15 NA Avl RFQ
TSR951 157 50 NA Avl RFQ
TSR951 23 NA Avl RFQ
TSR951 23 5800 NA Avl RFQ

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