Fujitsu Siemens - IT Hardware Parts Manufacturer by page 254

At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Fujitsu Siemens. We have products like Disk Drive Unit in our inventory, with part numbers including 21-822-100, 22-043-025, 29LV200TC-70PFTN, 29LV400TC-55PFTN, 29LV800BE-90. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
21-822-100 NA Avl RFQ
22-043-025 ca assy kit 8awg blk8awg red8aeg Avl RFQ
29LV800BE-90 NA Avl RFQ
29LV800BE-90NC NA Avl RFQ
29LV800TA-10 NA Avl RFQ
341-2936 rack kit for i/o expansion unit Avl RFQ
71GL50052-20 uk keyboard black - k012327h2 (ret393)-cs Avl RFQ
A3C40039266 primergy 14-slot scsi backplane assembly Avl RFQ
A3C40039720 rx600 system fan Avl RFQ
A3C40039841 usb port Avl RFQ
A3C40039842 rx600 front usb port Avl RFQ
A3C40039940 front panel cable Avl RFQ
A3C40039966 3-metre 68-pin to 68-pin scsi cable Avl RFQ
A3C40040212 DSP-500E fujitsu a3c40040212 primergy rx300 500w power supply model: dps- Avl RFQ
A3C40040213 RPS psu 500w primergy Avl RFQ
A3C40040213 RPS-500 fujitsu a3c40040213 primergy rx300 power backplane with cage mod Avl RFQ
A3C40040532 dc/dc converter 12v Avl RFQ
A3C40040589 disk backplane, sata Avl RFQ
A3C40040763 fujitsu front bezel Avl RFQ
A3C40040765 fujitsu a3c40040765 primergy rx300 s2 metal bezel Avl RFQ
A3C40041101 146g 10k 3.5 fc hdd w/tray for fibrecat Avl RFQ
A3C40041236 fujitsu a3c40041236 primergy rx300 cpu shroud Avl RFQ
A3C40041250+A3C40053 fujitsu a3c40041250+a3c40053249 primergy rx600 cpu & memory air Avl RFQ
A3C40041270 fujitsu cable ide Avl RFQ
A3C40041551 primergy 4-way server main system board Avl RFQ
A3C40041553 fsc speicherboard primergy r450, h450 (excl. other accessories) Avl RFQ
A3C40041561 36gbscsi dis drive 15k 80p fw 9507 Avl RFQ
A3C40041642 pro1000/mt pci gigabit ethernet adapter Avl RFQ
A3C40042468 2gb pci-x fibre channel hba 64-bit/133 mhz, 1-channel Avl RFQ
A3C40042800 fsc scsi-hdd 72gb/15k/u320/sca2/lff s26361-h738-v100 (incl. rahm Avl RFQ
A3C40042806 500w hot pluggable power supply Avl RFQ
A3C40044502 rx600 power support cable Avl RFQ
A3C40044504 rx600 scsi power cable Avl RFQ
A3C40044509 rx600 frontpanel cable Avl RFQ
A3C40044850-A 1.5m 68-pin to 68-pin scsi cable Avl RFQ
A3C40046396 lto, scsi-lvd/se Avl RFQ
A3C40046505 fujitsu a3c40046505 primergy rx600 ac power connectors Avl RFQ
A3C40046597 primergy 4-way server main system board Avl RFQ
A3C40060555 fujitsu siemens rack extender bracket a3c40060555 primecenter da Avl RFQ
A3C40060556 fujitsu siemens rack extender bracket a3c40060556 primecenter da Avl RFQ
A3C40060787 rx300 s2 internal scsi cable Avl RFQ
A3C40060845 146.8gb 10k u320 Avl RFQ
A3C40060864 primergy econel 200 ic cable Avl RFQ
A3C40060875 s72 cpu-blade s2 /snp:a3c40060875 Avl RFQ
A3C40060875-GS08 fujitsu primergy s72 cpu-blade s2 Avl RFQ
A3C40060876 fujitsu gbe pass-thru blade Avl RFQ
A3C40060878 sp/kvm blade Avl RFQ
A3C40060896 primepower 850 16u rack server, 4x 1.89ghz 8gb memory Avl RFQ
BD30089BBA 300gb 80pin u320-scsi 10 000rpm hard drive Avl RFQ
CP259235-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP259240-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP259247-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP259249-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP259251-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP259256-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP259280-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP259386-01 NA Avl RFQ
CP259393-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP259483 NA Avl RFQ
CP259483-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP259594-01 NA Avl RFQ
CP259829-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP259839-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP260981-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP260983 NA Avl RFQ
CP260983-02 NA Avl RFQ
CP260983-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP337137-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP337254-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP337402-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP337407-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP337499-XX NA Avl RFQ
D2164-A NA Avl RFQ
D2164-A11 NA Avl RFQ
D2179 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4004-T501 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4004-V502 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4004-V504 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4004-V507 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4004-V614 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4004-V621 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4004-X409 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4004-X532 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4006-T401 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4006-V101 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4006-V132 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4006-V133 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4006-V401 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4006-V441 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4006-X122 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4008-X006-C01 NA Avl RFQ
D220-4008-X011-C01 NA Avl RFQ
E5905-7 fsc esprimo e5905 2.8ghz 2 gb 80gb xp pro Avl RFQ
E5925 E8400 2GB 160 e5925 c2d e8400 2g 160gb Avl RFQ
FC9580C2C1-ISS. 02 fujitsu flashwave 4500 1 port oc12 long reach card Avl RFQ
FC9580C2C2 I05 fc9580c2c2 Avl RFQ
FC9580C2C2-I03 IFA2 NA Avl RFQ
FC9580C3F3-I01 2400adx oc- intfc Avl RFQ
FC9580C3F3-I01 IFA2 NA Avl RFQ
FC9580C3F3-I04 oc-3 i/f card Avl RFQ
FC9580C3F3-I05 oc-3 interface card flash2400 adx Avl RFQ
FC9580C82C2-I05 fujitsu fc9580c8c2-i05 flash-2400 adx 1-pt oc-48 intfc cd Avl RFQ
FC9580C82C2-I06 fujitsu fc9580c8c2-i06 flash-2400 adx 1-pt oc-48 intfc cd Avl RFQ
FC9580C8B1 flash-2400 adx oc-48 intfc, sr, sc connector Avl RFQ
FC9580C8B1-I02 fw4500 oc-48 intfc flash2400 adx Avl RFQ
FC9580C8B1-I03 oc-48 intfc un Avl RFQ
FC9580C8B1-I03 I07 card: 2400adx oc-48 intfc Avl RFQ
FC9580C8B1-I04 fujitsu oc-48 intfc card ifa2-c8b1 souiac6cab Avl RFQ
FC9580C8B1-I06 oc-48 intfc un Avl RFQ
FC9580C8C1 I02 2400adx oc-48 intfc Avl RFQ
FC9580C8C1 I03 2400adx oc-48 intfc Avl RFQ
FC9580C8C1-I05 IFA2 NA Avl RFQ
FC9580C8C1-I06 oc-48 intfc un Avl RFQ
FC9580C8C1-I07 fujitsu fc9580c8c1-i07- souiadacad oc-48 i/f unit fujitsu fc9580 Avl RFQ
FC9580C8C1-I07 IFA2 NA Avl RFQ
FC9580C8C1-I08 oc-48 intfc un Avl RFQ
FC9580C8C2 flash-2400 adx 1-pt oc-48 intfc cd Avl RFQ
FC9580C8C2-I02 flash-2400 adx 1-pt oc-48 intfc cd Avl RFQ
FC9580C8C2-I02 IFA2 NA Avl RFQ
FC9580C8C2-I03 1-pt oc-48 intfc cd Avl RFQ
FC9580C8C2-I05 1-pt oc-48 intfc cd Avl RFQ
FC9580C9B1 oc-192 intfc un Avl RFQ
FC9580C9B1-I02 oc-192 intfc un Avl RFQ
FC9580C9B1-I03 oc-192 intfc un Avl RFQ
FC9580C9B1-I04 oc-192 intfc un flash2400 adx Avl RFQ
FC9580CAB1 fw4500 cable ds3 Avl RFQ
FC9580CPU1 I02 2400adx main procr Avl RFQ
FC9580CPU1 I03 2400adx main procr Avl RFQ
FC9580CPU1 I08 fw4500 main procr Avl RFQ
FC9580CPU1-I01 fujitsu fc9580cpu1-i01- fw4500 main procr mpa2-cpu1 sqcuaa0aaa f Avl RFQ
FC9580CPU1-I13 main processor card Avl RFQ
FC9580CPU1-IO1 fujitsu fw4500 main procesr. mpa2-cpu1 fc9580cpu1-io1- Avl RFQ
FC9580CPU2 I05 mapa2-cpu2 unit Avl RFQ
FC9580CPU2-I03 enhanced processor dual cpu 1 w/ flow control Avl RFQ
FC9580CPU2-I04 mapa2-cpu2 unit flash2400 adx Avl RFQ
FC9580CPU2-I08 mapa2-cpu2 unit flash2400 adx Avl RFQ
FC9662SL11 shelf;mux;flm150e Avl RFQ
FC9662TCU1 card;tcu Avl RFQ
FC9662TSA1 card;tsa;time slot allocation;flm150 Avl RFQ
FC9662TSA2 card;tsa-enh;time slot allocation;flm150 Avl RFQ
FC9664RCS2 receiver;rcs2e;oc-192;sc opt conn Avl RFQ
FC9664SFD2 housing;shelf;sfd2e;dcm Avl RFQ
FC9664TCS7 tcs7e;oc-192 Avl RFQ
FC9666EC62-ISS04 card;ec6a-24go;embedded channel unit Avl RFQ
FC9666ECS1-ISS03 card;ec6a-sto;flm600 Avl RFQ
FC9666HCL3 card;hc6a-l41s;stm4 trib;long ss-sc conn Avl RFQ
FC9666HES1 card;mc6a-s110;flm2400 Avl RFQ
FC9666HSS1 card;hs6a-sto;flm600 Avl RFQ
FC9666HSS2 card;hs6a-ad1e;high speed switch unit Avl RFQ
FC9666MCL1 card;mc6a-l11s;stm1 trib long;ss-sc Avl RFQ
FC9666MCS1 card;mc6a-s11s;stm1 trib short;ss-sc Avl RFQ
FC9666MPG1-ISS05 card;mp6a-24go;microprocessor unit Avl RFQ
FC9666MPS1-ISS03 card;mp6a-sto;microprocessor unit Avl RFQ
FC9666MS61 card;ms6a-opto;middle speed switch unit Avl RFQ
FC9666MS61-G783 card;ms6a-g783;middle speed switch unit; Avl RFQ
FC9666MS62 card;ms6a-opte;middle speed switch unit Avl RFQ
FC9666SAM1 card;hs6a-ad10;high speed switch unit; Avl RFQ
FC9666SF12 shelf;adm;c/w heat shield&f-plate Avl RFQ
FC9666SVS1-ISS04 card;sv6a-sto;supervisory unit;flm600 Avl RFQ
FC9667HSB1 card;hs2h-b1e;blsr;flm2400 Avl RFQ
FC9667HSN2-ISS02 card;hs2h-rn2o;upsr ring;hs switch unit Avl RFQ
FC9667HSR1-ISS02 card;hs2h-rego;regenerator;hs switch Avl RFQ
FC9667HTL1 card;ht2h-lr1b;flm2400 Avl RFQ
FC9667HTL2 flm-2400 hs trmt lr Avl RFQ
FC9667HTL2 03 flm-2400 hs trmt lr Avl RFQ
FC9667HTL2 IO3 flm-2400 hs trmt lr Avl RFQ
FC9667MPT2-ISS04 card;mp2h-t12o;microprocessor unit Avl RFQ
FC9667SVT2-ISS05 card;sv2h-t12o;supervisory unit Avl RFQ
FW9410-1G-A fujitsu fc9695ge11 flashwave 9410-1g fw9410-1g-a nte 128 evc w/ Avl RFQ
K1337-A110-Z105 chassis esprimo e700 Avl RFQ
K1342-V201 fujitsu primergy rx200 s6 server 2x e5620 quad core xeon 2.40ghz Avl RFQ
K1345-V201-961 fujitsu primergy tx300 s6 2x xeon sixcore x5650 2.66ghz 12gb 2x1 Avl RFQ
K1346-V101-305 fujitsu primergy tx200 s6 xeon quad core 2.13ghz, 16gb ram, 4 x Avl RFQ
K1402-V400 primergy rx600-s6 4u rack server base system Avl RFQ
MB96F645A NA Avl RFQ
MB96F645R NA Avl RFQ
MB96F646R NA Avl RFQ
MB96F647R NA Avl RFQ
MB96F653A NA Avl RFQ
MB96F653R NA Avl RFQ
MB96F655A NA Avl RFQ
P1500PPAA3IT esprimo p1500-q8200-4gb-1tb-vhp Avl RFQ
SNI4YPYBAA flash600 oc-3 intfc un Avl RFQ
SNI519JFAA flash600 oc12 intfc un Avl RFQ
SNI5M8SFAA flash600 oc-3 intfc un Avl RFQ
SNP8890CAA 2400adx ds3/ec1 sw fab Avl RFQ
SNP8Z40CAA enhncd sw fab Avl RFQ
SNPQAK85AC flm-2400 mid spd ds3 Avl RFQ
SNPQALK5AA flm-2400 hs rcv un Avl RFQ
SNPQAZZ5AA flm-2400 hi spd sw rg2 Avl RFQ
SNPQB0F5AA microprocessor unit-supports oc12, enh.tsa units, lan/atm, sync. Avl RFQ
SNPQBBU5AB supervisory interface for tl1/ x.25/ lcn; supports all tributari Avl RFQ

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