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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Fujitsu Siemens. We have products like O Ring, Disk Drive Unit in our inventory, with part numbers including A-3W-K-UL, CA20336-B42X, CA20337-B79X, CA20338-B44X, CA20338-B90X. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
CA20336-B42X NA Avl RFQ
CA20337-B79X NA Avl RFQ
CA20338-B44X NA Avl RFQ
CA20338-B90X NA Avl RFQ
CA20338-B91X NA Avl RFQ
CA20338-B92X NA Avl RFQ
CA20339-B25X NA Avl RFQ
CA20339-B27X NA Avl RFQ
CA20343-B60X NA Avl RFQ
CA20346-B01X NA Avl RFQ
CA20349-B06X NA Avl RFQ
CA20349-B08X NA Avl RFQ
CA20349-B13X NA Avl RFQ
CA20349-B15X NA Avl RFQ
CA20349-B22X NA Avl RFQ
CA20349-B24X NA Avl RFQ
CA20352-B05X NA Avl RFQ
CA20352-B09X NA Avl RFQ
CA20355-B13X NA Avl RFQ
CA20355-B18X NA Avl RFQ
CA20355-B20X NA Avl RFQ
CA20355-B33X NA Avl RFQ
CA20355-B34X NA Avl RFQ
CA20355-B36X NA Avl RFQ
CA20355-B41X NA Avl RFQ
CA20355-B43X NA Avl RFQ
CA20355-B63X NA Avl RFQ
CA20355-B73X NA Avl RFQ
CA20355-B92X NA Avl RFQ
CA20355-B92X 1 NA Avl RFQ
CA20355-B92X 2 NA Avl RFQ
CA20356-B04X NA Avl RFQ
CA20356-B05X NA Avl RFQ
CA20356-B13X NA Avl RFQ
CA20356-B15X NA Avl RFQ
CA20356-B42X NA Avl RFQ
CA20356-B79X NA Avl RFQ
CA20356-B88A NA Avl RFQ
CA20356-B88X NA Avl RFQ
CA20357-B10X NA Avl RFQ
CA20357-B16X NA Avl RFQ
CA20357-B43X NA Avl RFQ
CA20357-B48X NA Avl RFQ
CP160747-01 NA Avl RFQ
CP160747-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP160751-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP160760-02 NA Avl RFQ
CP160764-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP160771-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP160773-02 NA Avl RFQ
CP160773-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP160785-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP160791 NA Avl RFQ
CP160791-01 NA Avl RFQ
CP161114-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161118-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161120-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161125-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161130-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161192-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161193-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161220-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161302-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161306-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161320-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161342-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161510-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161603-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161606-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161609-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161618-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161640-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP161708 NA Avl RFQ
CP161708-XX NA Avl RFQ
CP342886-XX pcb,system board w/cpu t5250 Avl RFQ
CP343081-XX core,dl smulti,fpcdld53ak(gsa-t20n) Avl RFQ
CP343088-XX core,dl smulti,ad-7540a,fpcdld53al Avl RFQ
CP343832-02 fujitsu rwdvd dl smulti Avl RFQ
CP343832-06 fujitsu rwdvd dl smulti Avl RFQ
CP343908-XX fujitsu dvdrw dl smulti,gt30n Avl RFQ
CP345745-XX battery,4-cell Avl RFQ
FC9511MSF1 flash-192 msx1 oc48/intcon sn96rxjjbaa i01 Avl RFQ
FC9511MSF1 I01 module Avl RFQ
FC9511MSF1-I02 fujitsu fc9511msf1-i02 fujitsu lightwave add/drop shuttle oc-192 Avl RFQ
FC9511MSF1-I03 flash-192 msx1 unit Avl RFQ
FC9511MSF2-I02 flash-192 mid spd chan Avl RFQ
FC9511MSS1 flash-192 msx1 unit Avl RFQ
FC9511MSS1-I02 flash-192 msx1 unit Avl RFQ
FC9511MSS1-I03 flash-192 msx1 unit flash-192 Avl RFQ
FC9511MSS1-S01 NA Avl RFQ
FC9511MSS1-S02 NA Avl RFQ
FC9511MSS1-S03 NA Avl RFQ
FC9511MSS2 flash-192 mid spd chan Avl RFQ
FC9511MSS2 I02 flash-192 mid spd chan Avl RFQ
FUJITSU FI-4340C fujitsu fi-4340c Avl RFQ
FUJITSU FI-4750 SCAN fujitsu fi-4750 Avl RFQ
FUJITSU FI-5110C fujitsu fi-5110c Avl RFQ
FUJITSU FI-5530C fujitsu fi-5530c Avl RFQ
FUJITSU FI-5750C fujitsu fi-5750c Avl RFQ
FUJITSU FI-6770A fujitsu fi-6770a Avl RFQ
FUJITSU LIFEBOOK T44 c2d/2.5/notebook Avl RFQ
FUJITSU LIFEBOOK T73 i5/2.4/notebook Avl RFQ
FUJITSU P701 core i5 i5-2520m 2gb 320gb Avl RFQ
FUJITSU PRIMEPOWER 1 fujitsu primepower 1500 server 32 x 1.89ghz processors 168gb ram Avl RFQ
FUJITSU PXZ 20010 fujitsu pxz 20010 Avl RFQ
FUJITSU S761 core i5 i5-2520m 2gb 320gb Avl RFQ
FUJITSU SCANMATE I92 fujitsu scanmate i920 Avl RFQ
FUJITSU SCANSNAP S51 fujitsu scansnap s510 Avl RFQ
MC5A-31MC fc9616mc31-i03 - flm-2400 oc3 adm ms enhanced oc3 ir; sc Avl RFQ
PA25134-B30102 snapscan sensor board s500 s510 pa20134-b30x Avl RFQ
Q584-Q81PRO-002 NA Avl RFQ
S26361-F3006-L128 primergy 2-channel scsi-u320 raid controller 128mb cache, 64-bit Avl RFQ
S26361-F3011-E1 2x 1gbit pci-x pro/1000mt adapter Avl RFQ
S26361-F3011-L201 primergy dual port pro/1000 mt cu lp gigabit ethernet controller Avl RFQ
S26361-F3017-L250 primergy 250gb 7200rpm sata hot plug disk with bracket Avl RFQ
S26361-F3019-E513 primergy 512mb pc3200 ecc memory option kit Avl RFQ
S26361-F3019-E522 512mb ddr-sdram 400mhz memory option kit Avl RFQ
S26361-F3019-L523 primergy 1gb ddr-sdram 400mhz memory option kit Avl RFQ
S26361-F3023-B1 fujitsu fc daughter board for bx6, rohs Avl RFQ
S26361-F3024-L10 NA Avl RFQ
S26361-F3027-V2 bp sata incl. .2 cable (rohs) Avl RFQ
S26361-F3031-L410 mem 4gb ddr-ram pc2100 ecc (4x1gb) rxi600 Avl RFQ
S26361-F3031-L420 mem 8gb ddr-ram pc2100 ecc (4x2gb) rxi600 Avl RFQ
S26361-F3051-V10 NA Avl RFQ
S26361-F3057-L438 1gb memory kit ddr sdram pc333 Avl RFQ
S26361-F3057-L439-R 1gb kit, ddr sd ram, pc400, , Avl RFQ
S26361-F3057-L459-R 4gb, , , , 4gb 2x2gb ddr333 rg ecc rohs Avl RFQ
S26361-F3059-E2 1.44mb slimline fdd drive, server Avl RFQ
SP100075 led panel - g800i Avl RFQ
SP100112 fujitsu sp100112 teamserver l8i power backplane Avl RFQ
SP100143 intel pro 100 (michigan) Avl RFQ
SP100151 scsi back plane Avl RFQ
SP100159 9gb hdd 10k lvd sca Avl RFQ
SP100164 9gb hdd Avl RFQ
SP100171 intel pro 100 Avl RFQ
SP100179 fsc server manager v2.1 card Avl RFQ
SP100182 fujitsu sp100182 teamserver g8i m9-gx cpu board - af33400 Avl RFQ
SP100189 php led g800i Avl RFQ
SP110035 fan Avl RFQ
SP110037 chassis intrusion switch Avl RFQ
SP110042 front bezel inc lock + key Avl RFQ
SP110048 scsi terminator Avl RFQ
SP110058 cpu terminator g800i Avl RFQ
SP110060 led pcb Avl RFQ
SP110062 fan Avl RFQ
SP110064 hdd carrier Avl RFQ
SP110077 pii 350mhz cpu Avl RFQ
SP110080 dimm 64mb g800i Avl RFQ
SP110082 dimm 256mb Avl RFQ
SP110104 cpu piii 550mhz + h/s Avl RFQ
SP110109 cpu piii 600mhz + h/s Avl RFQ
SP1300039-D fujitsu memory board Avl RFQ
SP130009 128mb dimm Avl RFQ
SP130111 NA Avl RFQ
SP150017 NA Avl RFQ
SP2504C fujitsu 250gb 7.2k sata 3.5 with a3c40032808 tray Avl RFQ
SP52BP6TS fujitsu sp52bp6ts vrm for pentium pro Avl RFQ
SPCX178A fujitsu spcx178a pentium pro vrm Avl RFQ
SPECA05951-3112 NA Avl RFQ
SPS5649 primergy processor blade power supply Avl RFQ
SPW1312 250w power supply, primergy Avl RFQ
SPW1545 power supply 340w primergy 260 Avl RFQ
SPW1553 power supply 145w atx Avl RFQ
SQ42C00001 cpu heatsink for primergy rx200s6 Avl RFQ
SR00T i5-2500 3.3ghz processor Avl RFQ
SR244W1 fsc cd-laufwerk 24x primergy rx300 s1 a3c40029907 (incl. rahmen) Avl RFQ
SR41100001 A3C401055 fujitsu cpu processor heatsink cooler a3c40105505 for rx300 s5 s Avl RFQ
SR4850HW4 primergy rx600-s3 xeon 7140m 3.4ghz 16mb dc cpu, scsi Avl RFQ
SR4850HW4 M-D2352 primergy rx600-s3 xeon 7140m 3.4ghz 16mb dc cpu, scsi Avl RFQ
SR4850HW4-D1651 primergy rx600-s2, xeon mp 3.16ghz 16mb processor, 2gb ram Avl RFQ
SRT PN-EP1-1000-11-0 rom1 scu key Avl RFQ
SSL10-7660 primergy rsp lp external power supply Avl RFQ
ST3146356SS fujitsu 146 gb 15k.6 3,5 sas hdd Avl RFQ
ST3146707LC hard drive disk Avl RFQ
ST3146854LC primergy 147gb 10k ultra-320 hot-plug disk drive and tray Avl RFQ
ST3146855SS fsc sas-festplatte sx60/sx80/sx88 146gb/15k/sas/lff (incl. rahme Avl RFQ
ST3160023AS-N 160gb 7200rpm sata disk drive, primergy econel Avl RFQ
ST3160812AS seagate hdd 160gb sata 300 7.2k, celsius Avl RFQ
ST318203FC 18.2gb 10k fibre channel disk Avl RFQ
ST318406LC seagate hdd Avl RFQ
ST32000444SS sas-festplatte 2tb/7,2k/sas/lff eternus dx80/90 s2 fts:eten2hd-l Avl RFQ
ST3300007LC 300gb 10k u320 Avl RFQ
ST336704LC hard disk drive Avl RFQ
ST336706LC 36gb, 80pin, 10k, 3.5th , hard disk drive Avl RFQ
ST336754SS 36g 15k sas 3.5 hs hdd w/tray Avl RFQ
ST340014AS hdd seagate 40gb Avl RFQ
ST3402111AS 40gb sata hdd Avl RFQ
ST3600057SS sas-festplatte 600gb/15k/sas/lff eternus dx60/80/90 fts:etlsa6ha Avl RFQ
ST373207LC hard drive disk Avl RFQ
ST373207LW-R 73gb 10k scsi ultra-320 68-pin non-pluggable disk Avl RFQ
ST37320LC 73gb hdd 10k 80 pin sca2 Avl RFQ
ST373355SS 72 gb 10krpm sas disk drive 3.5 with tray Avl RFQ
ST373454LC 73gb 15k rpm ultra320 Avl RFQ
ST373455SS fujitsu 73gb 15k sas 3.5in hdd Avl RFQ
ST380013AS hdd seagate Avl RFQ
ST3808110AS esprimo e5901 80gb sata2 7.2k 3.5 Avl RFQ
ST39102LC hd 9.1gb scsi seagate cheetah lp Avl RFQ
ST39204LC hard drive disk Avl RFQ

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