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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Hitachi. We have products like Blanket Duct Aft, Nut Plain Hexagon, Capacitor Fixed Ele, Clamp Hose, Plate Discharge Val in our inventory, with part numbers including 07N4391, 07N4540, 07N4612, 08K2482, 08K2592. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
07N4391 travelstar 5gb 4200 rpm laptop ide hdd djsa-205 Avl RFQ
07N4540 clean pull ibm / hitachi ultrastar 07n4540 / ddys-t18350 18gb 10 Avl RFQ
07N4612 NA Avl RFQ
08K2482 300gb fc Avl RFQ
08K2592 pcb board b 36h6529 01 94v-0 nep-2, 08k2592 for hdd 41.1gb hitac Avl RFQ
08K2771 20gb 2.5in 4200 rpm travelstar ata/ide feb-04 mlc: h69421 Avl RFQ
08K2771 I 20gb 2.5in 4200 rpm travelstar ata/ide mar-04 mlc: h69555 Avl RFQ
08K2771 I I 20gb 2.5in 4200 rpm travelstar ata/ide jun-04 mlc: h69555 Avl RFQ
08K2771 I I I 20gb 2.5in 4200 rpm travelstar ata/ide feb-04 mlc: h69555 Avl RFQ
08K6032 hard drive, 20gb ide 4200rpm Avl RFQ
105950-043 NA Avl RFQ
105950-060 NA Avl RFQ
10757B 500gb 7.2k sata to fc 3.5' for df700-rkaj 10757b Avl RFQ
108-00056 72gb 10k fc-al universal hdd,hitachi,hard drive hdd Avl RFQ
108-00180+A5 1tb sata 7.2k 3gbps 3.5 hard drive Avl RFQ
215766G NA Avl RFQ
215766H NA Avl RFQ
217608A NA Avl RFQ
217702 NA Avl RFQ
2177452 NA Avl RFQ
219226 NA Avl RFQ
220082 NA Avl RFQ
220221 NA Avl RFQ
220855 NA Avl RFQ
221378A NA Avl RFQ
221430A NA Avl RFQ
45N7217 hdd 250gb 2.5 5400rpm 3.0gb/s sata Avl RFQ
45N7255 hd 2.5 320gb sata 7200rpm 7mm, hitachi Avl RFQ
45N7259 NA Avl RFQ
46-021-16 NA Avl RFQ
4600BK0 bds1000 itanium blade 9150m dc 1.66ghz/24mb Avl RFQ
4600BQ0 bds1000 xeon blade x5460 qc 3.16ghz (vmodel) Avl RFQ
4601RS0 bds1000 chassis type a Avl RFQ
460579-001 NA Avl RFQ
4608-606 NA Avl RFQ
4608-626 NA Avl RFQ
460804B NA Avl RFQ
461646-6C0 drdvdrw odd sata gsa-t50l dvd sm dl ls - 12.7mm Avl RFQ
462333-001 NA Avl RFQ
462587-001 72gb 15k sas hdd Avl RFQ
4643945 NA Avl RFQ
464994-001 NA Avl RFQ
465643-001 NA Avl RFQ
465643-002 hitachi 3.5in sata300 rpm7200 hdd Avl RFQ
469001-001 160gb 5400rpm sata 2.5 hdd Avl RFQ
46H3945 ibm lmg9925zwcc hitachi lcd screen, rev.b, p/n 46h3945 Avl RFQ
46L2492 lcd screen 14.1'', rev a, ibm p/n 46l2492, fru p/n 46l2493 Avl RFQ
46L2493 lcd screen 14.1'', rev a, ibm p/n 46l2492, fru p/n 46l2493 Avl RFQ
65256BLFP-12T NA Avl RFQ
654835-001 NA Avl RFQ
655-0988 NA Avl RFQ
655-1131 NA Avl RFQ
655-1172B 400gb internal 3.5 sata 7200rpm Avl RFQ
655-1251C hitachi hd 30gb zif 4200rpm Avl RFQ
655-1278A NA Avl RFQ
655-1390B 1tb 7200rpm sata hard drive w / apple tray Avl RFQ
655-1408A NA Avl RFQ
655-1751C apple oem hitachi 1tb 1000gb 5400rpm 2.5 hard drive Avl RFQ
655T0235 hitachi p/n 655t0235 0a35851 mlc: ba2634 1000gb 7200rpm hds72101 Avl RFQ
657534-6C2 hp 4540s 4545s dvd-rw cd-rw sm dl combo odd sata 12.7mm Avl RFQ
657534-FC2 hp 4540s 4545s dvd-rw cd-rw sm dl combo odd sata 12.7mm Avl RFQ
658512FP-85 NA Avl RFQ
7U488-DEL clean pull hitachi deskstar tk160 160gb 7.2k sata hard drive 0a3 Avl RFQ
7U504 500gb,3.5,72k rpm,sata,disk drive Avl RFQ
A1181 NA Avl RFQ
A2187 NA Avl RFQ
A25022 NA Avl RFQ
A26924 NA Avl RFQ
A2807-1-10T NA Avl RFQ
A2807-1-24T NA Avl RFQ
A2807-1-34T NA Avl RFQ
A30210 80gb ide hdd Avl RFQ
A30229 400gb 7.2k sata 3.5 hdd Avl RFQ
A30356 80gb, 7200rpm, 8mb buffer, 3.5 sata-300 hard drive Avl RFQ
A32238 NA Avl RFQ
A32541 NA Avl RFQ
A32904 NA Avl RFQ
A34V-445-900-UNI33 ams2000 universal railkit Avl RFQ
A34V-600-850-UNI ams2000 universal railkit Avl RFQ
A35001 hitachi ultrastar 750gb sata 7200rpm 3.5 desktop hard drive hdd Avl RFQ
A35415 NA Avl RFQ
A35770 sata hard drive 500gb 7200 rpm 3.5 Avl RFQ
A35771 hitachi ultrastar 750gb 7.2k enterprise sata hard drive a35771 / Avl RFQ
A35832 NA Avl RFQ
A36071 NA Avl RFQ
A36143 NA Avl RFQ
A36505 NA Avl RFQ
A36831 apple hitachi hts547575a9e384 750gb hdd: 5k750-750 mlc: da3932 2 Avl RFQ
A36918 NA Avl RFQ
A38679 NA Avl RFQ
A3B9-123R4-50.P NA Avl RFQ
A443121 NA Avl RFQ
A50538 NA Avl RFQ
A5201-62329 NA Avl RFQ
A55233 NA Avl RFQ
A5961AX NA Avl RFQ
A5967S NA Avl RFQ
A741121 NA Avl RFQ
A765121 NA Avl RFQ
A7907A NA Avl RFQ
A7910A xp1024 8-port fc adapter Avl RFQ
A7912A NA Avl RFQ
A7915A NA Avl RFQ
A7922A xp1024 acp, dka high perform Avl RFQ
A7922AR xp1024 acp, dka high perform Avl RFQ
A7925-87907 NA Avl RFQ
A7925A NA Avl RFQ
A7K1000HUA721010KLA NA Avl RFQ
A7K2000 NA Avl RFQ
A7K2000 HUA722010CLA NA Avl RFQ
A7K2000 HUA722020ALA NA Avl RFQ
A7K2000-3YR 3yr hitachi ultrastar 0f10452 a7k2000 / hua722020ala330 2000gb / Avl RFQ
A825121 NA Avl RFQ
A841121 NA Avl RFQ
A845221 NA Avl RFQ
A846121 NA Avl RFQ
CML180SXU-511 NA Avl RFQ
CMPAS14V hitachi speakers for cmp420v2/ 4212/4221 Avl RFQ
CMPAS15SB hitachi speakers for 55hdm71 black Avl RFQ
CT30F-DO ihi stock 11/11/2013 Avl RFQ
D27256-25 ic Avl RFQ
J188F NA Avl RFQ
J397F HTS723216L9A36 dell j397f hts723216l9a362 2.5 sata 160gb 7200 hitachi laptop h Avl RFQ
JH723 NA Avl RFQ
JM777 hitachi 17 tft colour monitor Avl RFQ
JPK34E 2tb 7200rpm sata hard drive 3.5 Avl RFQ
JT24542R signal pwb Avl RFQ
MH4V645CWJ-6 hitachi mh4v645cwj-6 32mb dimm 60nsec Avl RFQ
MHW2040BH 40gb sata 2.5 Avl RFQ
MHZ2080BH 80gb, 5400rpm, 2.5 inch sata hdd Avl RFQ
PF0045A ic Avl RFQ
PF0045A-04-TB NA Avl RFQ
PF0065A-01 **oem-xs xpe070713-2203 Avl RFQ
PF0067A NA Avl RFQ
PF0067A-01 NA Avl RFQ
PF01412A-TB **oem-xs xpe070713-3548 Avl RFQ
PF01419B NA Avl RFQ
PF0144-TB NA Avl RFQ
PF0145 NA Avl RFQ
PF0231A NA Avl RFQ
PF08103B-TB NA Avl RFQ
PF08109B-05-TB NA Avl RFQ
PF08122B-TB NA Avl RFQ
PF08124BA-02-TB NA Avl RFQ
PFK13 hdd 320gb 2.5 5400rpm sata Avl RFQ
PH-BLC08-K2 generic ph-blc08-k2 Avl RFQ
PH0828-31 usp-v ac/dc power supply box, rohs Avl RFQ
PHO811-31 rk b1h psu Avl RFQ
PHO823-31 raid500 3ps-ac box Avl RFQ
PHO834-31 9500v psu rka Avl RFQ
PHO840-30 ams500 power supply Avl RFQ
PHP-02036D43 adapter, power supply Avl RFQ
PHSS1200 12mm straight shank hss drill bits (5 per pack) Avl RFQ
USB-WL-11N wireless usb Avl RFQ
V1JJ2 hd 2.5 320gb sata 7200rpm 7mm, hitachi Avl RFQ
V3-11 viewstation view3muc Avl RFQ
V999CM715 monitor Avl RFQ
VC-3130 NA Avl RFQ
VC-3131 NA Avl RFQ
VC-3132 NA Avl RFQ
VC-3133 NA Avl RFQ
VC-3134 NA Avl RFQ
VDS9303 NA Avl RFQ
VI614042SF75 NA Avl RFQ
WP412-A serial 4-port cha assy Avl RFQ
WP412-A SH214-A serial 4-port cha assy Avl RFQ
WP425-A dka sh189-a/ wp425-a Avl RFQ
WP425-B5 9960 interface Avl RFQ
WP430-B wp430-b (csw-b) Avl RFQ
WP430-SH2 board Avl RFQ
WP435-A cache switch Avl RFQ
WP440-SH6 9960 cache memory board Avl RFQ
WP461 hitachi wp461 fibre card Avl RFQ
WP461-C2 hitachi wp461-c2 fibre card Avl RFQ
WP461-F xp1024 cha disk array module (8hsf) (sh281-sm4) Avl RFQ
WP461-F And SH281-A 4-port fc cha assy (sw auto) Avl RFQ
WP462-A And SH281-C X (wp462-a & sh281-c x 2) x 2 Avl RFQ
WP468-A SH281-C serial 4-port cha (wp468-a/sh281-c) Avl RFQ
WP471-SA0 fibre board for hitachi Avl RFQ
WP481 array adapter Avl RFQ
WP481-A cswa Avl RFQ
WP481-B E1 hitachi wp481 csw communications module Avl RFQ
WP481-C1 parts/bd/csw-wp481 board for xp128 Avl RFQ

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