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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Hp. We have products like Memory Unit Data St, Interface Unit Auto, Disk Drive Unit in our inventory, with part numbers including 0I-WXH2-7BNP, 0J13243, 378329-001, 38NM6TP003A, 38NM6TP503A. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
0I-WXH2-7BNP power supply rohs Avl RFQ
0J13243 NA Avl RFQ
378329-001 hp processor module dl 580 g3/g4 Avl RFQ
38NM6TP003A 593486-001 new hp mini 210 series back lcd bezel silver Avl RFQ
38NM6TP503A 38nm6tp503a new hp mini 210 series back lcd bezel blue Avl RFQ
38NM6TPC03A 38nm6lctpc0 new hp mini 210 series back lcd bezel white Avl RFQ
38QT6CDTP00 hp/compaq pavilion - notebook laptop dv5-1095eo hp express card Avl RFQ
436426-313 hp battery 6-cell 4.4whr 2710p/2740p Avl RFQ
436426-711 NA Avl RFQ
436426-713 NA Avl RFQ
436426-751 NA Avl RFQ
436426-753 NA Avl RFQ
436426-7S2 436426-7s2 - new original genuine hp elitebook 2730p, 2740p, 276 Avl RFQ
436431-001 SFF NA Avl RFQ
436431-001_NEW NA Avl RFQ
436431-001_USED NA Avl RFQ
436431-001LP hp nc364t quad port nic lopro Avl RFQ
436452-001 NA Avl RFQ
436456-001-R 120gb sata 5400-rpm hard Avl RFQ
436460-L21 NA Avl RFQ
436498-002 NA Avl RFQ
436506-252 genuine original hp battery ve06 10.8v 4160mah hstnn-db42 446506 Avl RFQ
436520-001 hp quad core x5365 processor- Avl RFQ
436522-001 NA Avl RFQ
436523-001 NA Avl RFQ
436526-001-GRC system i/o board (mother board) - supports intel xeon 50xx 51xx Avl RFQ
436526-001_USED NA Avl RFQ
436526-001N system i/o board (mother board) - supports intel xeon 50xx 51xx Avl RFQ
436529-001 436529-001 Avl RFQ
436533-001 sps-tower stand, btx sff Avl RFQ
436538-001 dl145g3 drive power cable Avl RFQ
436539-001 sps-ca pwr hp to odd sps-ca pwr hp to odd Avl RFQ
436542-001 NA Avl RFQ
436543-000 NA Avl RFQ
436543-001 hp bc2500 blade server board Avl RFQ
436589-001 hp front system insight display dl380 g5 dl385 g2 Avl RFQ
436602-001 dl140 g3 cto chassis Avl RFQ
436603-001-NOPEN hp 436603-001 system board for proliant dl140 g3 server new Avl RFQ
5187-2155-B NA Avl RFQ
5187-2160 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2168 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2185 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2193 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2196 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2310 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2351 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2438 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2453 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2468 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2471 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2478 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2500 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2503 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2526 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2528 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2528 WOLAN NA Avl RFQ
5187-2528NO SUBS NA Avl RFQ
5187-2534 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2556 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2557 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2564 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2569 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2581 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2617 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2618 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2621 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2630 NA Avl RFQ
5187-2655NO SUBS NA Avl RFQ
5187-2665 NA Avl RFQ
5187-3325 NA Avl RFQ
5187-3359NO SUBS NA Avl RFQ
5187-3364 NA Avl RFQ
5187-3430 NA Avl RFQ
5187-3445 NA Avl RFQ
5187-3470 NA Avl RFQ
5187-3494 NA Avl RFQ
5187-3495 NA Avl RFQ
5187-3496 NA Avl RFQ
5187-3529 NA Avl RFQ
5187-3550 NA Avl RFQ
5187-3670 NA Avl RFQ
5187-3689 NA Avl RFQ
5187-3703 NA Avl RFQ
581600-001-RE NA Avl RFQ
581658-001 hp heatsink 2 for bl465 g7 Avl RFQ
581659-001 - CZ heatsink, cpu1, bl465cg7 Avl RFQ
581666-001 hp baffle dimm left for bl685c g7 Avl RFQ
581667-001 hp baffle dimm right for bl685c g7 Avl RFQ
581672-001 backplane w/cage hdd sas/sata 2-bay 2.5' for bl685c g7 581672-00 Avl RFQ
581772-001 hp s-buydl165g6 2427 nhpussvr Avl RFQ
581773-001 dl165 g6 2431 2p 4gbr p212/256/bbwc sal#: 452339-001 Avl RFQ
581774-001 renew hp s-buy bl460c g6 e5520 6gb Avl RFQ
581774-B21 bl460c g6 e5520 6gb Avl RFQ
581783-B21 hp pci express riser kit - riser card - allow for 7-10 day deliv Avl RFQ
581783R-B21 hp dl385g7 x8/2x4 pci-e rsr rfrbd kt - allow for 7-10 day delive Avl RFQ
581783R-B21-0D1 factory integrated - allow for 7-10 day delivery Avl RFQ
581785-B21-B hp dl385 g7 pci-x riser kit spare# 583983-001 Avl RFQ
581785R-B21 hp dl385g7 pci-x riser rfrbd kit - allow for 7-10 day delivery Avl RFQ
581785R-B21-0D1 hp dl385g7 pci-x riser rfrbd kit fac - allow for 7-10 day delive Avl RFQ
581817-B21 hp configurator defined build instructions - allow for 7-10 day Avl RFQ
581870-L21 x3450 processor kit dl120 g6 Avl RFQ
581870R-L21 hp x3450 dl120 g6 fio rfrbd kit - allow for 7-10 day delivery Avl RFQ
581874-005 hp dl120 g6 x3440 2.53ghz 2gb nhp sata Avl RFQ
581875-005 dl120 g6 x3460 2.8 1p 4gb p212/256 sal#: 576932-001 Avl RFQ
AJ699BR-0D1 hp eva4400 450gb w/emb rmkt switch f - allow for 7-10 day delive Avl RFQ
AJ700BR hp eva4400 san 450 10k fld rfrbd arr - allow for 7-10 day delive Avl RFQ
AJ706A loopback connector Avl RFQ
AJ711AR hp 400gb 10k fc eva m6412enc rmkt hd - allow for 7-10 day delive Avl RFQ
AJ711AR-0D1 hp 400gb 10k fc eva m6412 enc rmkt h Avl RFQ
AJ711B hp storageworks / 400gb 10k rpm fibre channel Avl RFQ
AJ711BR hp eva m6412a 400gb 10k fc rmkt driv - allow for 7-10 day delive Avl RFQ
AJ711BR-0D1 hp eva m6412a 400gb 10k fc rmkt driv - allow for 7-10 day delive Avl RFQ
AJ713AR-0D1 hp eva4400 iscsi connectivity rmkt o - allow for 7-10 day delive Avl RFQ
AJ714AR-0D1 hp eva4400 iscsi conn opt upg rmkt k - allow for 7-10 day delive Avl RFQ
AJ715AR-0D1 hp 4gb shortwave b fc sfp 1 rmkt pa - allow for 7-10 day deliver Avl RFQ
AJ716-63001_NEW NA Avl RFQ
AJ716-63003 hp 8gb short wave b-series sfp+ 1pk Avl RFQ
AJ716-69001 hp 8gb shortwave b-series fibre channel sfp, 1-pack Avl RFQ
D9387-63004 ide cd-rom drive ribbon cable marked `cable cd-rom` - two 40-pin Avl RFQ
D9387-63005 cable scsi lvd/se e800 Avl RFQ
D9387-63022 e800 netserver system board Avl RFQ
D9397-63021 server motherboard Avl RFQ
D9401A e-800 piii733,128mb/9.1gb Avl RFQ
D9418-69000 hp xeon piii 550mhz 1mb cpu sl3tw new d9418-69000 Avl RFQ
D9419-60002 36gb 10k ultra3 htswap lp alt Avl RFQ
D9419-63001-1 hdd 36.4gb 10k u3 scsi, hp ddys-t36950 p/n: 07n4602 mlc: ds0s94, Avl RFQ
D9419-63002 hard drive, 36.4gb ultra scsi 10k lvd Avl RFQ
D9419-69001 36gb 10k ultra 3 hot/slp hdd Avl RFQ
D9419-69002 36gb 10k ultra3 htswap lp alt Avl RFQ
D9419A hp 36gb 10k u160 hard drive Avl RFQ
D9419A-63001 hp 36.4gb 10k-rpm ultra3 scsi hot swap drive w/ tray Avl RFQ
D9420 hp hot swap drive Avl RFQ
EPPS106826 NA Avl RFQ
EPPS106828 NA Avl RFQ
EPPS106830 NA Avl RFQ
EPPS106832 NA Avl RFQ
EPPS106834 NA Avl RFQ
EPPS106836 NA Avl RFQ
EPPS106838 NA Avl RFQ
EPPS106840 NA Avl RFQ
EPPS106842 NA Avl RFQ
EPPS106844 NA Avl RFQ
EPPS106846 NA Avl RFQ
EPPS106848 NA Avl RFQ
EPPS106850 NA Avl RFQ
HG930A3-87L NA Avl RFQ
HG930A3-9LS NA Avl RFQ
HGLM-0063 NA Avl RFQ
HUB-16U hp hub-16u advancestack hub-16u Avl RFQ
PT810U-16CF2003 ready to ship !!!!!!!! tecra 8100 p3-700 128 ram 12 gig dvd 56k Avl RFQ
PT810U-16CF3003 ready to ship !!!!!!!! tecra 8100 p3-850 128 ram 20 gig dvd 56k Avl RFQ
RG5-6149-130CN left front cover assembly Avl RFQ
RG5-6149-R 9500/9500mfp left front cvr as Avl RFQ
RG5-6150 clj 9500 delivery feed assy Avl RFQ
RG5-6150-000CN delivery feed assembly Avl RFQ
RG5-6150-R delivery feed assembly - clj 9500 / mfp Avl RFQ
RG5-6151-000CN delivery cover assembly Avl RFQ
RG5-6152-000CN NA Avl RFQ
RG5-6152-050 delivery sensor assembly Avl RFQ
RG5-6159-030CN NA Avl RFQ
RG5-6178-000CN NA Avl RFQ
RG5-6178-030CN NA Avl RFQ
RG5-6178-N 9500 transfer rlr Avl RFQ
RG5-6179 clj 9500 secondary t2 transfer assy Avl RFQ
RG5-6179-020CN no longer supplied Avl RFQ
RG5-6179-N 9500 secondary transfer asm Avl RFQ
RG5-6180 hp laserjet 9500 image transfer kit Avl RFQ
RG5-6180-000CN NA Avl RFQ
RG5-6180-040CN NA Avl RFQ
RG5-6180-140CN NA Avl RFQ
RG5-6181 hp clj9500 laser scanner Avl RFQ
RG5-6181-000 laser scanner assy Avl RFQ
RG5-6181-050CN-NP hp 9500 laser scanner assembly new pull Avl RFQ
RG5-6182 p-crg open/close cover assembly Avl RFQ
RG5-6186-090CN hp 9500 process cartridge drive assembly Avl RFQ
RG5-6188-000CN NA Avl RFQ
RG5-6188-090CN NA Avl RFQ
RG5-6188-R process cartridge drive assembly - clj 9500 / mfp Avl RFQ
RG5-6190-000CN NA Avl RFQ
RG5-6190-000CN-R hp colour l/j 9500mfp delivery feed assembly Avl RFQ
SECPAAF1Z-BASE t5120 server 4 core 1.2ghz base dvdrw Avl RFQ
SECPFEF3Z sunfire t5120 8-core 1.4ghz16gb (4x4gb) Avl RFQ
SECX9PS11Z 658wattacpowersupply, Avl RFQ
SEH-24 10base-t hub w/lanview. Avl RFQ
SEH-M03850 thinprint gateway tpg60 damaged box Avl RFQ
SEH1-24 hubstack base t hub w/lanview Avl RFQ
SEHI -24 cabletron enterasys sehi-24 hubstack 10base-t hub with lanview s Avl RFQ
SELX1B1Z m4000/5000 2xsparc vii 2.4ghz cpu module Avl RFQ
SELX3C12Z 146gb 10000 rpm sas disk assembly Avl RFQ
SEPX3C11Z 146gb 10000 rpm sas disk assembly Avl RFQ
SERIES PS4000 compaq series ps4000 power supply 325w Avl RFQ
SERVER RP5470 (5 hp server rp5470 with, Avl RFQ
SESX2B1Z 4gb (2x2gb) memory module Avl RFQ
SET CM3530 TONERS set cm3530 toners Avl RFQ
SF100D-08-EU cisco small business 100 series unmanaged switch Avl RFQ
SF672A hp data c19-reg c20-micro db9 y special Avl RFQ
USB6FT usb cable 6 foot long Avl RFQ

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