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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Hp. We have products like Tape Electronic Dat, Shaft Straight, Hard Drives Solid Stat, Switch Electronic in our inventory, with part numbers including 242457-B21, 242466-001, 242467-001, 2424AU, 2424M. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
242457-B21 15/30gb external scsi dlt new Avl RFQ
242466-001 7pack 15/30 tape cartridge new 7 pack, Avl RFQ
242467-001 NA Avl RFQ
2424AU hp1000/a400 6 slots chassis spu Avl RFQ
2424M hp procurve switch 2424m j4093a Avl RFQ
242506-004 fddi lcf das pci Avl RFQ
242509-001 NA Avl RFQ
242532-001 scsi address switch and cable assembly Avl RFQ
347704-001 NA Avl RFQ
347708-B22 B NA Avl RFQ
347708-B22-06 NA Avl RFQ
347708-B22-BULK NA Avl RFQ
347708-B22-RE NA Avl RFQ
347708-B22-REFURB NA Avl RFQ
347708-B22-RETAIL NA Avl RFQ
347708-B22_USED NA Avl RFQ
347708-B22B NA Avl RFQ
347708-B22B-ROHS NA Avl RFQ
347708B21 NA Avl RFQ
347708R-B22 NA Avl RFQ
347731-001 NA Avl RFQ
347732-001 NA Avl RFQ
347733-001 NA Avl RFQ
347771-001 NA Avl RFQ
347778-201 NA Avl RFQ
347778-D31 NA Avl RFQ
703473-501 sps-mb_i5-3317u r1 ts w8std el Avl RFQ
A5191-04002-SU l class chassis fan Avl RFQ
A5191-04003-SU l class card case fan Avl RFQ
A5191-04008 l-class bezel Avl RFQ
A5191-40088 l-class plastic cap Avl RFQ
A5191-60001-SU L1000 1-2 way a rev system board - l1000 Avl RFQ
A5191-60001-SU L2000 1-4 way a rev system board - l2000 Avl RFQ
A5191-60002-SU pci i/o backplane l1000/l2000 Avl RFQ
A5191-60004-SU disk/media scsi backplane l-class Avl RFQ
A5191-60010-SU power management board for l class Avl RFQ
A5191-60011-SU 4port ultra-2 10/100 bt lan l-class Avl RFQ
C3190-60060 c3190a and c3191a designjet 250c users manual (chinese) - includ Avl RFQ
C3190-60095 250c bail assembly (d/a1-size) Avl RFQ
C3190-60104 mem/hp dj 430 color upgrade simm Avl RFQ
C3190-60114 hp designjet parts designjet 230/330/250c/350c control panel, co Avl RFQ
C3190-60132 pulley : idler pulley - for main drive belt Avl RFQ
C3190-60139 electronics module - contains power supply, cooling fan, Avl RFQ
C3190-60143 carriage assembly - includes carriage pc board Avl RFQ
C3190-60149 cam : left cam journal - mounted on left end of pi Avl RFQ
C3190-60168 rom simm (rev a.01.06) - plugs into main logic board slot Avl RFQ
C3190-80010 belt tensioner spring - mounted to carriage motor assembly Avl RFQ
C3190-90102 NA Avl RFQ
C319060142 dedign jet 450 service station asm Avl RFQ
C3190A-REPAIR hp designjet 250c - d size (24) Avl RFQ
C3191-40048 parts/hv/pl/dj/36 e size carriage belt for 430/700/750 Avl RFQ
C3191-60040 overdrive roller - shaft with rollers - runs width of plotter Avl RFQ
C3191-60095 bail assembly - includes bail, starwheels, and brackets Avl RFQ
C3191-60106 dj 250c/350c encoder strip (e-size) Avl RFQ
C3191A-REPAIR hp designjet 250c - e size (36) Avl RFQ
C3192-60003 parts/pl/dj/foot assy for dj 750c d size (includes castors) Avl RFQ
C3193-60001 unicover assembly Avl RFQ
C3194A ii Avl RFQ
C3195+49A-60001 self paced training kit for designjet 750c/755cm plotters - incl Avl RFQ
C3195+49A-60002 self paced training kit for designjet 750c/755cm plotters - incl Avl RFQ
C3195-00009 simm slot access cover - metal cover that mounts to the back cov Avl RFQ
C3195-00031 repackaging kit - for stand/legs of plotter Avl RFQ
C3195-20101 parts/bd/pl/dj/750c motherboard Avl RFQ
C3195-40006 right end cover Avl RFQ
C3195-40014 tensioner assembly Avl RFQ
C3195-40019 750c service station housing Avl RFQ
C3195-40024 NA Avl RFQ
C3195-40027 ribbon cable clamp Avl RFQ
C3195-40030 trim right Avl RFQ
C3195-40033 parts/pl/foot supply for hp 2000 plotter Avl RFQ
C3195-40045 media guide (small triangular shaped piece) Avl RFQ
C3195-40051 hand held cutter holder Avl RFQ
C3195-40066 fan deflector - deflects air from fan to prevent printing errors Avl RFQ
C319540014 left bracket 750c plus Avl RFQ
C4838A (055 NA Avl RFQ
C4838A -W11 NA Avl RFQ
C4838A -W12 NA Avl RFQ
C4838A -W13 NA Avl RFQ
C4838A -W4 NA Avl RFQ
C4838A LA (055 NA Avl RFQ
C4838A_BIN1 hp #11 bj1100/2200 ylw ink Avl RFQ
C9660-60001 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-60002 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-60004 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-60005 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-60006 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-60007 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-60008 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-60009 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-60011 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-60012 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-60013 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-60016 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-60020 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-60021 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-60022 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-60024 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-67901 NA Avl RFQ
C9660-67904 NA Avl RFQ
C9731A-B2 (shp)laser, tnr, color lj 5500 series, cyan, Avl RFQ
C9731A_BIN5 hp 645a cyan original laserjet toner cartridge Avl RFQ
C9731A_BIN6 hp 645a Avl RFQ
C9731AC c9731a - print cartridge for color laserjet 5500, 5550 series, c Avl RFQ
DS1225AD-150 dallas non volatile sram Avl RFQ
HA107A1 7RZ s/w 7rz sup Avl RFQ
HA107A1 7U1 s/w 7u1 sup Avl RFQ
HA107A1 7U2 1yr 24x7 sw sup hp nnmi adv 11000+/50 sw Avl RFQ
HA107A1 7UD s/w 7ud sup Avl RFQ
HA107A1 93E s/w 93e sup Avl RFQ
HA107A1 96Y s/w 96y sup Avl RFQ
HA107A1 9HE s/w 9he sup Avl RFQ
HA107A1 9K9 care pack dl185 stor svr sup Avl RFQ
HA107A1 9VD s/w 9vd sup Avl RFQ
HA107A1 QGV qgv s/w qgv sup Avl RFQ
HA107A1 QGX s/w qgv sup Avl RFQ
HA107A1 R32 ntwk 580x swch products jw sup Avl RFQ
HA107A1 R3M ntwk 5800-48 swch jw sup Avl RFQ
HA107A3 1JZ s/w 1jz sup Avl RFQ
HA107A3 4Q6 s/w 4q6 sup Avl RFQ
HA107A3 4YB care pack ilo pwr non blade s/w sup Avl RFQ
HA107A3 4Z3 lo100c card nonbl s/w tech sup Avl RFQ
HA107A3 66E vmw vsphere std 1p sup Avl RFQ
HA107A3 6TT s/w 6tt sup Avl RFQ
HA107A3 6U1 s/w 6u1 sup Avl RFQ
HA107A3 75U care pack vmware inf starter 2 skt sup Avl RFQ
HA107A3 7RE care pack s/w 7re sup Avl RFQ
HA107A3 7RP s/w 7rp sup Avl RFQ
HA107A3 7U1 s/w 7u1 sup Avl RFQ
HA107A3 7WT care pack vmware 3i ent 2p sup Avl RFQ
HA107A3 9CM care pack for msa2000 snpsht 64 sw ltu s Avl RFQ
HA107A3 9CQ care pack for msa2000 vol copy s/w ltu s Avl RFQ
HA107A3 9JM care pack id-vse w/ ice 16 svr s/w sup Avl RFQ
J9421A-ABA_BIN1 procurve msm760 access Avl RFQ
J9422AR hp msm317 access rfrbd device - allow for 7-10 day delivery Avl RFQ
J9426A procurve msm410 us access point Avl RFQ
LN056AV cto 250gb 7200rpm sata-6g 1st hd Avl RFQ
LN057AV 500gb 7.2k sata-6g 1st hd Avl RFQ
LQ034AA 250gb sata 6gb/s 7200 hd Avl RFQ
LQ036AA hewlett-packard lq036aa hard drive 500gb sata 6gb/s 7200 hd Avl RFQ
LQ037AA hp 1 tb internal hard drive 1tb sata 6gb/s 7200 hd Avl RFQ
P1977A NA Avl RFQ
P1978-63001 NA Avl RFQ
P1978A NA Avl RFQ
P197B10320 NA Avl RFQ
P1980-63001 NA Avl RFQ
P1980-63001-OEM NA Avl RFQ
P1981-63001 NA Avl RFQ
P1981-63002 NA Avl RFQ
P1981-63003 NA Avl RFQ
P1981-63004 NA Avl RFQ
P1982A NA Avl RFQ
P199A00000 NA Avl RFQ
P199A00004 NA Avl RFQ
P199A02141 NA Avl RFQ
P199A02144 NA Avl RFQ
P199A02145 NA Avl RFQ
P199A02146 NA Avl RFQ
P199A02147 NA Avl RFQ
P199D00001 NA Avl RFQ
P199D00161 NA Avl RFQ
P199D10057 NA Avl RFQ
P199D20220 NA Avl RFQ
P1G6250G NA Avl RFQ
P2-UMT1664M NA Avl RFQ
P2.3 40BC 256E 4 UK NA Avl RFQ
P2.4 40BC 256E 4 UK NA Avl RFQ
P2.6 80BC 256E 4 UK NA Avl RFQ
P2.66 40BC 256E 4 UK NA Avl RFQ
P2.8A 40BC 256E 4 UK NA Avl RFQ
P2000-G3 NA Avl RFQ
P200A02061 NA Avl RFQ
P200A02063 NA Avl RFQ
RG56786000CN NA Avl RFQ
RG56786030CN NA Avl RFQ
RG56801 NA Avl RFQ
RG56803 NA Avl RFQ
RG56808 NA Avl RFQ
RG56809 NA Avl RFQ
RG56809050CN NA Avl RFQ
RG56815 NA Avl RFQ
RG56818 NA Avl RFQ
RG56820 NA Avl RFQ
RG56820030CN NA Avl RFQ
RG56826 NA Avl RFQ
RG56826040CN NA Avl RFQ
RG56829 NA Avl RFQ
U2KX6E-A1 hp 3y ctr w/dmr d2000 encl fc svc Avl RFQ
U2KX7E-A1 hp 5y ctr w/dmr d2000 encl fc svc Avl RFQ
U2KX8E-A1 hp 3y 24x7 w/dmr d2000 enc fc svc Avl RFQ
U2KX9E-A1 hp 4y 24x7 w/dmr d2000 encl fc svc Avl RFQ
U2KY0E-A1 hp 4y ctr w/dmr d2000 encl fc svc Avl RFQ
U2KY1PE-A1 hp 1y pw nbd w/dmr d2000 fc svc Avl RFQ
U2KY2E-A1 hp 3y nbd w/dmr d2000 encl fc svc Avl RFQ
U2KY3E-A1 hp 4y ctr d2000 encl fc svc Avl RFQ
U2KY4PE-A1 hp 1y pw 24x7 w/dmr d2000 fc svc Avl RFQ
U2KY5PE-A1 hp 1y pw ctr w/dmr d2000 fc svc Avl RFQ
U2KY6E-A1 hp 3y nbd d2000 encl fc svc Avl RFQ
U2KY7E-A1 hp 5y 24x7 d2000 encl fc svc Avl RFQ
U2KZ5E-A1 hp 5y ctr d2000 encl fc svc Avl RFQ

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