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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Ibm. We have products like Circuit Card Assemb in our inventory, with part numbers including 076N8138, 2425 701X, 2426331, 24H8970, 24H8973. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
076N8138 NA Avl RFQ
2425 701X NA Avl RFQ
2426331 switch Avl RFQ
24H8970 constant force spring Avl RFQ
24H8973 NA Avl RFQ
24H8975 power cable, power stacker Avl RFQ
24H8981 extension spring Avl RFQ
24H8983 power stacker paddle Avl RFQ
24H8988 pwr stacker drvr roller Avl RFQ
24H8990 clear rect npn photodar- Avl RFQ
24H8994 ibm 6400 ethernet card Avl RFQ
24H8997 pwr stacker paddle shaft Avl RFQ
24H9004 power stacker hardware kit Avl RFQ
24H9008 NA Avl RFQ
24H9011 6400 coax/twinax expansion Avl RFQ
24H9011 (NEW coax / twinax expansion Avl RFQ
24H9625AE ibm 6400-009, ibm 6400-09p shuttle asm (advance exchange) Avl RFQ
24H9718 ibm3900 120kg sc spring Avl RFQ
24H9750 3900 1.2gb hd dr Avl RFQ
24H9756 4000 card Avl RFQ
24H9831 switch asm Avl RFQ
24H9835 bearing Avl RFQ
24H9837 belt Avl RFQ
24H9839 motor Avl RFQ
24H9841 belt Avl RFQ
24H9843 fan Avl RFQ
24H9845 lamp off sensor Avl RFQ
24H9847 switch Avl RFQ
24H9849 oil damper Avl RFQ
24H9874 blower Avl RFQ
24H9877 6252 diskette drive Avl RFQ
24K3747 vs80 40/80gb hht Avl RFQ
24K4177 ibm cable-1.5m kvm conversion Avl RFQ
24L0700 ibm 24l0700 pci divider Avl RFQ
24L0852 ctrl panel Avl RFQ
24L0888 busbar, power distribution unit - cec drawer Avl RFQ
24L0891 power board pb1 Avl RFQ
24L0903 disk tray Avl RFQ
24L0912 removable media cage assembly Avl RFQ
24L0916 tape drive bracket Avl RFQ
24L0921 pci/spcn card assembly Avl RFQ
24L0946 control panel 5065 Avl RFQ
24L0964 8-way processor regulator Avl RFQ
25L1952-06 ibm 18gb 7.2k hard drive scsi. Avl RFQ
25L1959 9.1gb 80-pin wide ultra scsi hs hdd Avl RFQ
25L1965 9406 #6713 8.5gb disk Avl RFQ
25L1967 4.19gb ultra scsi disk unit (2-byte) Avl RFQ
25L1972 ibm hd 18.2gbibm dd/18.2gb ibm Avl RFQ
25L1991 ibm 9gb scsi 80 pin 3.5 7200rpm hdd (no sun badge Avl RFQ
25L2022 NA Avl RFQ
25L2101 ibm 9.1gb scsi-68 3.5 3h Avl RFQ
25L2102 hp / ibm 18gb scsi 80 pin 3.5 hard drive Avl RFQ
25L2110 ibm 18.2gb scsi-68 lvd se 3.5 3h Avl RFQ
25L2112 ibm 18.2gb scsi-80 lvdiff 3.5 3h Avl RFQ
25L2113 ibm 9.1gb scsi-80 lvdiff 3.5 3h Avl RFQ
25L2130 ibm 18.2gb scsi-68 lvd se 3.5 3h Avl RFQ
25L2131 hp / ibm 9.1gb scsi 80pin 3.5 hdd Avl RFQ
25L2141 dell / ibm 9gb scsi 68 pin 7200rpm 3.5 hdd Avl RFQ
25L2142 dnes-318350 18gb Avl RFQ
25L2143 ibm hdd 9.1gb lvd ultra2 7200rpm w/o tray Avl RFQ
25L2193 NA Avl RFQ
25L2496 6.49gb 2.5 hdd Avl RFQ
25L2583 ibm 8.4gb ide 5400rpm 3.5in hdd Avl RFQ
25L2613 NA Avl RFQ
25L2614 ibm 9.1gb scsi-68 3.5 3h Avl RFQ
25L2652 NA Avl RFQ
25L2671 ibm/hp 2.1gb 2.5 hdd Avl RFQ
25L2686 bm 4.8gb ata hard drive mfr p/n 25l2686. Avl RFQ
25L3100 NA Avl RFQ
25L3113 hdd: 9.1gb 80pin Avl RFQ
25L3130 4gb bare disk Avl RFQ
25L3134 NA Avl RFQ
25L3135 ibm dnes-318350 25l1969 25l3135 f79971 18gb 80 pin scsi drive Avl RFQ
25L4837 NA Avl RFQ
25L5512 ibm surepos 700 lcd display fru 25l5510 Avl RFQ
25L5707 fc 5500 - ssa fiber extender (pair) optical converter Avl RFQ
25L5798 ssa pci multi-initiator/raid el adapter (type 4-n) Avl RFQ
25L5806 4 port ssa raid pci adapter 32h8311 (excl. other accessories) Avl RFQ
25L5814 ibm rs6000 pci ssa raid el adapter Avl RFQ
25L7054 i/o filler Avl RFQ
25L7093 4820 short dvi video cable 48d/t only Avl RFQ
25L7095 short vga cable 4820 Avl RFQ
25P0094 best offer in poland on Avl RFQ
25P0543 best offer in poland on Avl RFQ
25P2145 ibm x235 operator panel (62a)* Avl RFQ
25P2170 NA Avl RFQ
25P2609 best offer in poland on Avl RFQ
25P2653 best offer in poland on Avl RFQ
2648-EG3 ibm t23 2648-eg3 notebook laptop Avl RFQ
2648281 3890 belt Avl RFQ
3249EPU lenovo x201 laptop i5 Avl RFQ
3486-BAX infowindow ii 14 amber Avl RFQ
3486-BXX green twinax console Avl RFQ
372421 2803 card 8/86 Avl RFQ
487136-001 6730b keyboard Avl RFQ
56P7699 NA Avl RFQ
56P8201 ibm 1352 - latch spring Avl RFQ
56P8939 ibm 1125 500 sheet redrive assy Avl RFQ
56P9104 ibm 1120/1125 maintenance kit (advance exchange) Avl RFQ
56P9330 (NEW 256 mb memory dimm Avl RFQ
56P9374 ibm 1220/1354 fuser core Avl RFQ
56P9500 NA Avl RFQ
56P9521 5055 lever size sensor Avl RFQ
56P9522 5055 card size sensor Avl RFQ
56P9523 5055 cable arm size sensor Avl RFQ
56P9533 5055 right side cover Avl RFQ
56P9536 left side cover Avl RFQ
56P9537 paper feed cover Avl RFQ
56P9538 rear cover Avl RFQ
56P9539 5055 top cover Avl RFQ
56P9543 front cover magnet latch Avl RFQ
56P9557 face up assembly Avl RFQ
56P9584 guide asm, turn Avl RFQ
56P9592 5055 left slide rail Avl RFQ
56P9593 5055 rear printhead holder Avl RFQ
56P9595 5055 erase lamp m Avl RFQ
56P9596 5055 erase lamp c Avl RFQ
56P9598 5055 erase lasmp k Avl RFQ
56P9599 5055 led printhead Avl RFQ
56P9608 5055 front hsp holder Avl RFQ
56P9609 5055 printhead spring Avl RFQ
56P9611 5055 printhead holder front Avl RFQ
56P9616 c910 handle upper opening Avl RFQ
56P9620 board printhead controller Avl RFQ
56P9621 fan holder bracket Avl RFQ
56P9622 fan assembly,upper right Avl RFQ
56P9642 drive unit Avl RFQ
56P9646 sub-frame Avl RFQ
56P9680 5055 registration frame asm Avl RFQ
56P9694 (NEW transfer belt for infoprint 1228 1357 laser printer Avl RFQ
56P9698 motor asm 120v drive Avl RFQ
56P9701 sensor board Avl RFQ
56P9704 5055 paper remaining sensor cable asm Avl RFQ
56P9708 duplexor cable assembly Avl RFQ
6217314 NA Avl RFQ
6217373 NA Avl RFQ
6217464 NA Avl RFQ
6217470 NA Avl RFQ
6217471 NA Avl RFQ
6217473 NA Avl RFQ
6217480 NA Avl RFQ
6218-1GU NA Avl RFQ
6218-22U NA Avl RFQ
6218-25U NA Avl RFQ
6218-46U-B5-07 NA Avl RFQ
6218-4GYPIV360GHZ NA Avl RFQ
6218-56U-08-CT NA Avl RFQ
6218-57U NA Avl RFQ
6218-58U NA Avl RFQ
6218-58U-06 NA Avl RFQ
6218-701X NA Avl RFQ
6218-85U-06-CT NA Avl RFQ
6218-87U-01-CT NA Avl RFQ
6218-MC1-B16-06 NA Avl RFQ
6218-MC1-B16-07 NA Avl RFQ
6218-MC1-B17-06 NA Avl RFQ
6218-MC1-B19-06 NA Avl RFQ
6218-MC1-B20-06 NA Avl RFQ
6218-MC1-B21-06 NA Avl RFQ
6218-MC1-B25-06 NA Avl RFQ
6218-MC1-B27-07 NA Avl RFQ
6218-MC1-B30-06 NA Avl RFQ
6218-MC1-B32-06 NA Avl RFQ
6218-MC1-B33-06 NA Avl RFQ
78902007-005 main logic board - ibm 4247-003 Avl RFQ
78902017-RO N power supply 120-240v new Avl RFQ
78902022-R01 carriage asm - ibm 4247 Avl RFQ
78902022-RO N 4247-z03 carriage assymbly new Avl RFQ
78902033-00 left cartridge support assembly Avl RFQ
78902043-R0 board, encoder, 2enc99 Avl RFQ
B504JEN algoe dynamic balance sheet lics analysis add-on v5.0.0 mplat Avl RFQ
B504KEN algorithmicse mortgage backed lics securities/asset based securi Avl RFQ
B504PEN algorithmicse ecap/solvency ii lics base v5.0.0 mplat Avl RFQ
B504QEN algorithmicse ecap/solvency ii lics capital workflow mgr add-on Avl RFQ
B504REN algorithmicse ecap/solvency ii lics connect add-on v5.0.0 mplat Avl RFQ
B504SEN algorithmicse ecap/solvency ii lics stdmula add-on v5.0.0 mplat Avl RFQ
B504TEN algoe high speed simulation lics extension add-on v5.0.0 mplat Avl RFQ
B504UEN algorithmicse liquidity risk lics base v5.0.0 mplat Avl RFQ
B504VEN algorithmicse liquidity risk lics funds transfer pricing add-on Avl RFQ
B504WEN algorithmicse liquidity risk lics fsa uk liquidity reports add-o Avl RFQ
B504XEN algorithmicse market risk base lics v5.0.0 mplat Avl RFQ
B504YEN algorithmicse market risk lics incremental risk charge add-on Avl RFQ
B5050EN algorithmicse non-production lics environment v5.0.0 mplat Avl RFQ
B5050ML infosphere business informationlics exchange data warehousing mp Avl RFQ
B5051EN algorithmicse stochastic lics pricing models add-on v5.0.0 mpla Avl RFQ
B5051ML infosphere information svr ent lics data warehousing mplat v8.7 Avl RFQ
B5052EN algorithmicse variable annuity lics models add-on non-production Avl RFQ
B5053EN algo integrated risk reporting lics platform v1.0.2 mplat Avl RFQ
B5054EN algo integrated risk data mgmt lics v1.0.2 mplat Avl RFQ
D0QPVLL PX eu req ibm cram appeals for linux on system z Avl RFQ
D0QPVLL-GOV 12mo sup sub curam appeals for slic linux on systz auth user Avl RFQ
D0QPXLL AE eu req ibm cram appeals professional Avl RFQ
D0QPXLL D eu req ibm cram appeals professional Avl RFQ
D0QPXLL E eu req ibm cram appeals professional Avl RFQ
D0QPXLL F eu req ibm cram appeals professional Avl RFQ
D0QPXLL GV eu req ibm cram appeals professional Avl RFQ
D0QPXLL H eu req ibm cram appeals professional Avl RFQ
D0QPXLL I eu req ibm cram appeals professional Avl RFQ
D0QPXLL J eu req ibm cram appeals professional Avl RFQ
D0QPXLL PX eu req ibm cram appeals professional Avl RFQ

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