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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Microchip. We have products like in our inventory, with part numbers including MBI55915, MBI55919, MBI55924, MBI55925, MBI55928. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
MBI55915 microbattery mbi55915 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBI55919 microbattery mbi55919 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBI55924 microbattery mbi55924 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBI55925 laptop battery for hp 6cells li-ion 10.8v 5.2ah 56wh batteries Avl RFQ
MBI55928 laptop battery for asus 6cells li-ion 11.1v 4.4ah 49wh 07g016bn1 Avl RFQ
MBI55929 microbattery mbi55929 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBI70002 microbattery laptop battery for asus 6cells li-ion 10.8v 5.2ah 5 Avl RFQ
MBI70003 microbattery laptop battery for samsung 6cells li-ion 11.1v 4.4a Avl RFQ
MBI70004 laptop battery for dell 6cells li-ion 11.1v 5.4ah 60wh - (availa Avl RFQ
MBI70006 microbattery laptop battery for msi 6cells li-ion 10.8v 4.4ah 47 Avl RFQ
MBI70010 microbattery mbi70010 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBI70013 microbattery laptop battery for fujitsu 6cells li-ion 10.8v 4.4a Avl RFQ
MBI70014 microbattery laptop battery for uniwill 6cells li-ion 10.8v 4.4a Avl RFQ
MBI70015 microbattery laptop battery for maxdata 6cells li-ion 10.8v 4.4a Avl RFQ
MBI70016 microbattery laptop battery for medion 6cells li-ion 11.1v 5.2ah Avl RFQ
MBI70017 microbattery laptop battery for lg 6cells li-ion 11.1v 5.2ah 58w Avl RFQ
MBI70018 microbattery mbi70018 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBI70019 microbattery mbi70019 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBI70020 microbattery mbi70020 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBI70021 microbattery mbi70021 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBI70022 microbattery mbi70022 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBI70023 microbattery mbi70023 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBI70024 microbattery mbi70024 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBI70025 microbattery mbi70025 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBI70026 microbattery mbi70026 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBI70032 laptop battery for fujitsu 6cells li-ion 11.1v 4.4ah 49wh black Avl RFQ
MBI70037 microbattery mbi70037 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBMOBILE1000 microbattery mbmobile1000 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBMOBILE1005 mobile battery for samsung li-pol 3.7v 900mah 3wh black Avl RFQ
MBO-OP-570-74001 microbattery mbo-op-570-74001 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBOBT.T2303.001 microbattery mbobt.t2303.001 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBP-MOT1006 microbattery mbp-mot1006 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBP-NOK1025 microbattery mbp-nok1025 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBP-SOER1013 sony xperia acro li-ion 3.7v 1200mah black sonyericsson Avl RFQ
MBP1016 microbattery battery 3.7v 550mah Avl RFQ
MBP1018 microbattery battery 3.7v 850mah Avl RFQ
MBP1027 microbattery battery 3.7v 750mah ipod-4 Avl RFQ
MBP1032 microbattery battery 3.7v 1800mah Avl RFQ
MBP1047 3.7v 1300mah mitac mitac Avl RFQ
MBP1051 microbattery battery 3.7v 1400mah black Avl RFQ
MBP1053 microbattery battery 3.7v 1200mah black Avl RFQ
MBP1106 microbattery mbp1106 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
MBP1143 microbattery handheld battery - 1000 mah - (available) Avl RFQ
MBP1146 microbattery camera battery - li-ion - (available) Avl RFQ
MBP1157 microbattery li-ion 3.7v 1200mah black - (available) Avl RFQ
MBP1158 microbattery li-ion 3.7v 1120mah black - (available) Avl RFQ
MBP1162 microbattery 3.7v 1100mah - (available) Avl RFQ
MBP1164 microbattery li-ion 3.7v 1300mah black - (available) Avl RFQ
MBP1169 microbattery li-ion 3.7v 1500mah black - (available) Avl RFQ
MBP1171 microbattery li-ion 2.4v 500mah black - (available) Avl RFQ
MBPAC1015 microbattery travel charger - (available) Avl RFQ
MBPT1009 power tool battery for hitachi li-ion 116x74x68mm equivalent to: Avl RFQ
MBS9004 microbattery li-ion 3,7v 3600mah black - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32680 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at01-a01 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32681 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at01-a03 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32682 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at01-b01 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32683 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at01-l01 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32684 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at07 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32685 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at07-001 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32686 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at07-201 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32687 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at07-501 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32688 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at07-f02 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32689 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at07-j01 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32690 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at07-n01 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32691 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at09-101 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32692 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at09-d02 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32693 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at10-b01 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32694 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at10-b02 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32695 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at10-h - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32696 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at10-h01 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32697 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at10-w01 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32698 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154at10-w03 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32699 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x1-l01-001 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32700 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x1-l02-g02 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32701 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x1-l02-g04 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32702 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x1-l03-001 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32703 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x1-l03-ar - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32704 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x1-l03-c01 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32705 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x1-l03-c0b - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32706 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x1-l03-g0c - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32707 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x2-l02-000/am - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32708 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x2-l02-00r - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32709 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x3-l01-00b/am - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32710 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x3-l01-00r - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32711 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x3-l01-10b/am - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32712 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x3-l01-10r - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32713 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x3-l01-e10 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSC32714 15,4 lcd wxga glossy ltn154x3-l01-g00 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSH-4307701 amplifier, 20 db, 4.4-4.7 ghz, +27 dbm po, 12v 1.8a, sma f Avl RFQ
MSM-HS.5-016MJ 16gb 1.8 inch half sata (mlc)right angel version Avl RFQ
MSM-HS.6-016MJRA 16gb 1.8 inch half sata iii mlc, right angel version equivalent Avl RFQ
MSP1195 microspareparts separation pad tire compatible parts Avl RFQ
MSP1297 msp1297 Avl RFQ
MSP1562 msp1562 Avl RFQ
MSP2425 microspareparts separation pad assembly compatible parts Avl RFQ
MSP3688 msp3688 Avl RFQ
MSP3812 microspareparts msp3812 transfer roll msp3812 Avl RFQ
MSP4730 microspareparts msp4730 transfer roll msp4730 Avl RFQ
MSP4785 microspareparts msp4785 transfer roll msp4785 Avl RFQ
MSP5489 separation pad Avl RFQ
MSP6002 msp6002 Avl RFQ
MSP6012 maintenance kit 220v compatible parts Avl RFQ
MSP6512 heating element 220v Avl RFQ
MSP6763 upper picker finger Avl RFQ
MSP8823 upper picker fingercompatible parts Avl RFQ
MSPA1023 microspareparts mspa1023 hard disk drive mspa1023 Avl RFQ
MSPA1185 microspareparts 661-5091 mspa1185 Avl RFQ
MSPA1234 microspareparts reversible torx plus 0.8/1.2mm mspa1234 Avl RFQ
MSPA1275 microspareparts tri-lobe screwdriver mspa1275 Avl RFQ
MSPA4821 microspareparts mspa4821 notebook spare part mspa4821 Avl RFQ
MSPA4824 pc3-10600 1333mhz 4gb204pin ddr3 sodimm Avl RFQ
MSPA4834 microspareparts 15-piece precision screwdriver mspa4834 Avl RFQ
MSPA4891 480GB microspareparts macbook air aura pro ssd 480gb mspa4891/480gb Avl RFQ
MSPA5000 microspareparts magsafe 60w car charger mspa5000 Avl RFQ
MSPA5001 microspareparts magsafe 85w mspa5001 Avl RFQ
MSPK42T53008 microspareparts keyboard danish thinkpad l430,l530,t430,t430s, - Avl RFQ
MSPK42T53012 microspareparts keyboard german/austria thinkpad l430,l530,t430, Avl RFQ
MSPK42T53017 microspareparts keyboard italian thinkpad l430,l530,t430,t430s, Avl RFQ
MSPK42T53021 microspareparts keyboard norwegian thinkpad l430,l530,t430,t430s Avl RFQ
MSPK42T53022 microspareparts keyboard polish thinkpad l430,l530,t430,t430s, - Avl RFQ
MSPK42T53027 microspareparts keyboard spanish thinkpad l430,l530,t430,t430s, Avl RFQ
MSPK42T53032 microspareparts keyboard uk english thinkpad l430,l530,t430,t430 Avl RFQ
MSPK42T53033 microspareparts keyboard us english thinkpad l430,l530,t430,t430 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20001 mspk42tx20001 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20002 mspk42tx20002 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20007 mspk42tx20007 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20008 mspk42tx20008 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20010 microspareparts keyboard swedish/finish - (available) Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20012 microspareparts mspk42tx20012 keyboard & desktop Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20017 microspareparts mspk42tx20017 notebook accessory Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20021 mspk42tx20021 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20022 mspk42tx20022 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20023 mspk42tx20023 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20024 mspk42tx20024 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20025 mspk42tx20025 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20027 mspk42tx20027 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20028 mspk42tx20028 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20032 microspareparts mspk42tx20032 notebook accessory Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX20033 mspk42tx20033 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6001 mspk42tx6001 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6002 mspk42tx6002 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6007 mspk42tx6007 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6008 mspk42tx6008 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6009 mspk42tx6009 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6010 mspk42tx6010 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6011 mspk42tx6011 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6012 mspk42tx6012 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6017 mspk42tx6017 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6021 mspk42tx6021 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6022 mspk42tx6022 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6023 mspk42tx6023 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6024 mspk42tx6024 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6025 mspk42tx6025 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6027 mspk42tx6027 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6028 mspk42tx6028 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6032 mspk42tx6032 Avl RFQ
MSPK42TX6033 mspk42tx6033 Avl RFQ
MSPK45NT51001 microspareparts mspk45nt51001 notebook accessory Avl RFQ
MSPK45NT51002 mspk45nt51002 Avl RFQ
MSPK45NT51008 microspareparts mspk45nt51008 notebook accessory Avl RFQ
MSPK45NT51009 microspareparts mspk45nt51009 notebook accessory Avl RFQ
MSPK45NT51010 microspareparts mspk45nt51010 notebook accessory Avl RFQ
MSPK45NT51011 microspareparts keyboard french - (available) Avl RFQ
MSPK45NT51012 microspareparts mspk45nt51012 notebook accessory Avl RFQ
MSPK45NT51017 microspareparts keyboard italian - (available) Avl RFQ
MSPK45NT51021 microspareparts mspk45nt51021 notebook accessory Avl RFQ
MSPK45NT51022 microspareparts mspk45nt51022 notebook accessory Avl RFQ
MSPK45NT51023 microspareparts mspk45nt51023 notebook accessory Avl RFQ
MSPK45NT51024 microspareparts mspk45nt51024 notebook accessory Avl RFQ
MSPK45NT51025 microspareparts mspk45nt51025 notebook accessory Avl RFQ
MSPK45NT51028 microspareparts keyboard swiss - (available) Avl RFQ
MSPK45NT51032 microspareparts mspk45nt51032 notebook accessory Avl RFQ
MSPKD620001 mspkd620001 Avl RFQ
MSPKD620002 mspkd620002 Avl RFQ
MSPKD620008 microspareparts mspkd620008 keyboard & desktop Avl RFQ
MSPKD620009 mspkd620009 Avl RFQ
MSPKD620010 mspkd620010 Avl RFQ
MSPKD620012 mspkd620012 Avl RFQ
MSPKD620021 mspkd620021 Avl RFQ
MSPKD620022 mspkd620022 Avl RFQ
MSPKD620024 mspkd620024 Avl RFQ
MSPKD620025 mspkd620025 Avl RFQ
MSPKD620028 mspkd620028 Avl RFQ
MSPKD620032 mspkd620032 Avl RFQ
MSPKD620033 mspkd620033 Avl RFQ
MSPP0001 siemens s88 battery li-polymer - (available) Avl RFQ
MSPP0015 sony ericsson battery li-polym - (available) Avl RFQ
MSPP0022 nokia bl-4d battery - n97 mini - (available) Avl RFQ
MSPP0023 lg c1100 / c1300 battery - red - (available) Avl RFQ
MSPP0027 samsung i9000 galaxy s battery Avl RFQ
MSPP0036 htc touch pro2 battery ba s390 Avl RFQ
MSPP0049 original nokia bp-6mt battery - (available) Avl RFQ
MSPP0053 samsung battery ab474350becstd - (available) Avl RFQ
MSPP0058 original motorola battery bz60 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSPP0060 original htc battery - ba s270 - (available) Avl RFQ
MSPP0068 battery for htc touch diamondextended 1800 mah Avl RFQ
MSPP0077 lg kc550 battery - li-polymer - (available) Avl RFQ
MSPP0084 lg l1100 battery - li-polymer - (available) Avl RFQ
MSPP0092 original nokia bl-5c battery - (available) Avl RFQ
MSPP0093 original nokia bp-5m battery - (available) Avl RFQ

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