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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Nec. We have products like Circuit Card Assemb, Case Actuator Assem, Hub Body, Windshield Panel Ai, Stud Welding in our inventory, with part numbers including 036100-002, 060323V03BX, 1100070, 1100071, 1100111. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
036100-002 nwa-036100-002 - indoor unit Avl RFQ
060323V03BX mcp Avl RFQ
1100070 sl1100 24b desi labels (pkg 25)-black Avl RFQ
1100071 sl1100 60b desi labels (pkg 25)-black Avl RFQ
1100111 sl1100 16 channel voip daughter card w/ Avl RFQ
1100112 sl1100 2 port cfvms-c1 (ip4ww-cfvms-c1) Avl RFQ
1100113 sl1100 4 port cfvml-c1 (ip4ww-cfvml-c1) Avl RFQ
1101100 sl1100 handset w/o cord - black Avl RFQ
1101101 sl1100 handset w/o cord - white Avl RFQ
110585-02 NA Avl RFQ
111007-3 shelf Avl RFQ
1140986 16-bit at scsi 50-pin interface card Avl RFQ
12-01337-01 nec versa vx-sxi-vxi 14.1 pcba inverter 12-01337-01 Avl RFQ
120-01524-000 nec nd-867 3.5in tray for nec server 120-01524-000 Avl RFQ
120-01529-000 nec nd-867 3.5in tray for nec server 120-01529-000 Avl RFQ
120-01531-000 nec 3.5in tray mounting bracket assy 120-01531-000 Avl RFQ
120-1520-000 nec f-tune 3.5in disk tray assy 120-1520-000 Avl RFQ
120300 mem. expand. board image p90e Avl RFQ
121PW lcds nec 121pw 12.1 inch digitizer screen Avl RFQ
121PW11-B NA Avl RFQ
121PW181 nec 121pw181 Avl RFQ
121PW196 REV.C NA Avl RFQ
121PW203 REV.D NA Avl RFQ
121PWRE BP2243 NA Avl RFQ
12233783 NA Avl RFQ
12243114 NA Avl RFQ
1238T NA Avl RFQ
123958-001-1 fdd 1.44mb fd1231t-297 compaq p/n 388617-706, 123958-001 Avl RFQ
123958-001-2 fdd 3.5 1.44mb fd1231t, 134-506790-297-3, 388617-706, 123958-001 Avl RFQ
126141 nec ss4400 cronus-spr transfer drum new 126141 Avl RFQ
126161 nec main developer drive motor assy 126161 Avl RFQ
12626-8C7-4381 nec 5.25in hh 32x scsi-50pin cd-rom drive 50 pin internal Avl RFQ
128MB-SODIMM nec/dell 128mb 144pin sodimm memory 128mb-sodimm Avl RFQ
128U8S816-8.NEC 128mb 168p pc100 cl2 8c 8x16 sdram dimm Avl RFQ
130K86620 nec 1/ss1260 size sensor new 130k86620 Avl RFQ
131JD NA Avl RFQ
133-460107-001 nec dual-fan box assy cpu 133-460107-001 Avl RFQ
133-460109-001 nec fan box assy dku 133-460109-001 Avl RFQ
133-460111-001 nec fan box assy pci-2 133-460111-001 Avl RFQ
133-467460-001 nec 180ra7 g7dxb base board new 133-467460-001 Avl RFQ
133-467460-004 nec 180ra7 g7dcw bp system new 133-467460-004 Avl RFQ
133-467460-008 nec 180ra7 bp2 6b-ofcn scsi device 133-467460-008 Avl RFQ
133-467460-019 nec 180ra7 3m 0.9 lvd scsi cable 133-467460-019 Avl RFQ
133-467460-025 nec 180ra7 hot-plug 20pin pci cable 133-467460-025 Avl RFQ
133-553124 nec led dg8zwt board assy 133-553124 Avl RFQ
133-639659 nec ide interface board ls120-cd 320la 133-639659-b Avl RFQ
133-657733-001 nec memory expansion board n4500-83f 133-657733-001 Avl RFQ
133-657736-001 nec 4 pci-m b board assy 133-657736-001 Avl RFQ
133-657738-203 nec n4500-83f dg8yrd io board assy 133-657738-203 Avl RFQ
133-657740-102 nec led w/ scsi interface brd n4500-83f 133-657740-102 Avl RFQ
133-657779-102 nec scsi backplane 6 ports 133-657779-102 Avl RFQ
133-658799-001 nec hv8600 lvd 4-scsi backplane133-658799-001 Avl RFQ
133-658850 nec hv8600 board assy dg7bys 133-658850 Avl RFQ
133-658871-002 nec cdrom interface board assy 133-658871-002 Avl RFQ
590011 dtp-8-1 black digital phone Avl RFQ
60003445 nec pa672w 60003445 Avl RFQ
60003446 pa722x/xga 7200 l Avl RFQ
60003452 nec l102w 60003452 Avl RFQ
60003454 nec m322w 60003454 Avl RFQ
60003455 nec m420w 60003455 Avl RFQ
60003461 m352ws short throw projector 3500 lumens wxga resolution dlp tec Avl RFQ
60003477 nec p403 60003477 Avl RFQ
60003478 nec p463 60003478 Avl RFQ
60003479 nec p553 60003479 Avl RFQ
60003480 nec p703 60003480 Avl RFQ
60003481 nec multisync p801 60003481 Avl RFQ
60003488 multisync pa302. 30 inch (black) 16:10 2560x1600 Avl RFQ
60003493 nec ea274wmi 60003493 Avl RFQ
60003494 nec multisync ea304wmi 60003494 Avl RFQ
60003547 30 inch spectraview ref pa302w col.calib Avl RFQ
60003575 32" hd ready 1366 x 768 display 16:9 black bezel vga dv-d h Avl RFQ
60003577 nec m362w 60003577 Avl RFQ
60003577 KIT k/m362w projector+free beamer c-80 Avl RFQ
60003578 m302ws short throw proejctor 3000 lumens wxga resolution dlp tec Avl RFQ
60003580 3300 lumens xga resolution dlp technology meeting projector Avl RFQ
60003581 nec multisync e171m 60003581 Avl RFQ
60003582 nec multisync e171m 60003582 Avl RFQ
60003630 nec v323 60003630 Avl RFQ
60003632 nec x554un 60003632 Avl RFQ
60003635 KIT k/v281w+free aroo laser presenter Avl RFQ
60003636 KIT k/v311w+free aroo laser presenter Avl RFQ
60003637 KIT k/v311x+free agroo laser presenter Avl RFQ
60003641 nec pa572w 60003641 Avl RFQ
60003660 nec pa671w 60003660 Avl RFQ
60003661 nec pa621u 60003661 Avl RFQ
60003671 nec 46 ultra narrow bezel product with only 5.7mm content to con Avl RFQ
60003673 nec x554uns 60003673 Avl RFQ
60003680 nec e232wmt 60003680 Avl RFQ
680003 dtl-12d-1 white digital phone Avl RFQ
680004 dtl-24d-1 black digital phone Avl RFQ
680006 dtl-32d-1 black digital phone Avl RFQ
680007 dtl-32d-1 white digital phone Avl RFQ
680009 dtl-12pa-1 black digital phone Avl RFQ
680012 dcl-60-1 black console (power supply not included) Avl RFQ
680014 8lk-l(bk) unit Avl RFQ
DX2NA-16BTXH nitsuko / nec dx2na-16btxh black phone display speaker (92563) Avl RFQ
DX2NA-32BT nitsuko / nec dx2na-32bt black phone display speaker 92670 Avl RFQ
DX2NA-4PGDU-A nitsuko tie 384i 92135 dx2na-4pgdu-a 4-port paging card Avl RFQ
DX2NA-8ATRU-LS1 nitsuko/nec 8 port trunk circuit card dx2na-8atru-ls1 Avl RFQ
DX2NA-CDTU-A1 nec 384i dx2na-cdtu-a1 conference/dtmf circuit card Avl RFQ
DX2NA-CPRU-B1 nitsuko nec central processor circuit dx2na-cpru-b1 Avl RFQ
DX2NA-ITSU-15P1 nitsuko/nec pri circuit card dx2na-itsu-15p1 92190 Avl RFQ
DX7NA-12TH 80570 black 22 button speaker Avl RFQ
DX7NA-12TXH 80573 black 22 button display speaker Avl RFQ
DX7NA-160M 1090003 8 slot main cabinet Avl RFQ
DX7NA-24D 80556 black 24 button dss/blf Avl RFQ
DX7NA-24TUX 80673 black 34 button super display speaker Avl RFQ
DX7NA-24TXH 80663 black 34 button display speaker Avl RFQ
DX7NA-40M 1090001 4 co line by 8 digital station main cabinet Avl RFQ
DX7NA-48M-4323 nitsuko / nec ds2000 bds 4-slot ksu dx7na-48m ds2000 Avl RFQ
DX7NA-8ATRU nitsuko / nec ds2000 8 port analog trunk unit 80011a Avl RFQ
DX7NA-8ATRU-A1 800 8-port analog truck unit Avl RFQ
DX7NA-8ATRU-A1-11977 NA Avl RFQ
DX7NA-8ATRU-A1-2797 nitsuko / nec ds2000 8 port analog trunk unit 80011b Avl RFQ
MTB-D2317 p4 ht celsius w350 tower pc Avl RFQ
MTB-D2587 core 2 vpro celsius w360 tower pc Avl RFQ
N8100-1602F server express 5800 r120a-2 intel xeon dual core proc e5502 1.87 Avl RFQ
N8100-1707F server express 5800 r120b-2 intel xeon dual core proc e5506 2.13 Avl RFQ
N8102-428F 2gb ddr3-1333mhz ecc memory dimm Avl RFQ
N8150-258 73gb sas disk drive 15k 2.5 Avl RFQ
UC230-0A00 memb wbm - flash card uc230-0a00 Avl RFQ
UC231-0A00 sscb unit - uc231-0a00-v01xd Avl RFQ
UC232-AB00 psw40b - 2mhz clk uc232-ab00 Avl RFQ
UPD780034AGK-B30 NA Avl RFQ
UPD780034AGK-B31 NA Avl RFQ
UPD780053GC1658BT ic Avl RFQ
UPD780058BGC-174-8BT NA Avl RFQ
UPD780058GC-636-8BT NA Avl RFQ
UPD780058GC-657-8BY NA Avl RFQ
UPD780076GK-584-9ET NA Avl RFQ
UPD780101MC-A22-CAB NA Avl RFQ
UPD780101MC-A48-CAB NA Avl RFQ
UPD780102MC-A08-CAB NA Avl RFQ
UPD780102MC-A15-CAB NA Avl RFQ
UPD780102MC-A30-CAB NA Avl RFQ
UPD780103MC-A30-CAB NA Avl RFQ
UPD780103MC-A31-CAB NA Avl RFQ
V423-AVT -W11 NA Avl RFQ
V423-AVT -W12 NA Avl RFQ
V423-PC -W12 NA Avl RFQ
V423-PC_BIN1 42in nec digital signage solution w/ v423 & single board compute Avl RFQ
V423_BIN1 v423 42 led lcd public display monitor 1920x1080 (fhd) black wi Avl RFQ
V423_BIN2 v423 42in led public display Avl RFQ
V462-TM 46 commercial-grade lcd touch display Avl RFQ
V462-TM_BIN1 46in lcd 1920x1080 3000:1 touch Avl RFQ
V463 -W11 NA Avl RFQ
V463 -W12 NA Avl RFQ
V463 -W4 NA Avl RFQ
V463-AVT -W11 NA Avl RFQ
V463-AVT -W12 NA Avl RFQ
V463-AVT -W4 NA Avl RFQ
V463-AVT_BIN1 46in led tv 1920x1080 4000:1 Avl RFQ
V463-AVT_BIN2 v463 46in led lcd public display 1920x1080 (fhd) black with full Avl RFQ
V463-C3 nec v463 46'' led public display Avl RFQ
V463-PC NA Avl RFQ
V463-PC -W12 NA Avl RFQ
V463-PC -W4 NA Avl RFQ
V463-PC_BIN1 46in led 1920x1080 4000:1 v463 Avl RFQ
V463-PC_BIN2 v463 46in led lcd public display 1920x1080 (fhd) black with full Avl RFQ
V463_BIN1 v463 46in led lcd public display 1920x1080 (fhd) black with full Avl RFQ
V463_BIN2 nec multisync v463 Avl RFQ
V552 -W12 NA Avl RFQ
V552 -W4 NA Avl RFQ
V552-AVT nec multisync v552-avt Avl RFQ
V552-AVT_BIN1 55in v552 led 1920x1080 dvi Avl RFQ
V552-B2 nec v552 55'' led public display Avl RFQ
V552-PC nec multisync v552-pc Avl RFQ
V552-PC_BIN1 55in led 1920x1080 4000:1 v552 Avl RFQ
V552-PC_BIN2 55 inch led backlit Avl RFQ
V552_BIN1 55inch led backlit Avl RFQ
V552_BIN2 nec multisync v552 Avl RFQ
V6313 CC NA Avl RFQ
V651-PC 65in lcd 1920x1080 5000:1 v651 Avl RFQ
V652 -W11 NA Avl RFQ
V652 -W12 NA Avl RFQ
V652 -W4 NA Avl RFQ
V652-AVT -W12 NA Avl RFQ
V652-B2 nec v652 65'' led public display Avl RFQ
V652-PC nec multisync v652-pc Avl RFQ
V652-PC -W12 NA Avl RFQ
V652_BIN1 65in led 1920x1080 4000:1 v652 Avl RFQ
V652_BIN2 65 inch led backlit Avl RFQ
V801-AVT -W11 NA Avl RFQ
V801-AVT -W4 NA Avl RFQ
V801-AVT_BIN1 v801 80 led lcd public display monitor 1920x1080 (fhd) black wit Avl RFQ
V801-PC -W11 NA Avl RFQ
V801-PC_BIN1 v801 80 led lcd public display monitor 1920x1080 (fhd) black wit Avl RFQ
V801_BIN1 v801 80 led lcd public display monitor 1920x1080 (fhd) black wit Avl RFQ
V801_BIN2 nec multisync v801 Avl RFQ
V810B7B-25 NA Avl RFQ
VC6313 NA Avl RFQ
VCC5SBY nec server motherboard Avl RFQ
VER-223902128 scanner; hand held (versatile) Avl RFQ
VERSA6230 floppy drive for versa 6230 laptop Avl RFQ
VF0176P01 NA Avl RFQ
VHID61012GC-1 NA Avl RFQ
VI944S1Y02 NA Avl RFQ

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