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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Nec. We have products like Plug Pipe, Door Access Aircraf, Bearing Plain Self, Switch Push, Filter Direct Curre in our inventory, with part numbers including 100012571, 100012648, 100012665, 100012684, 100012722. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
100012571 NA Avl RFQ
100012648 NA Avl RFQ
100012665 NA Avl RFQ
100012684 NA Avl RFQ
100012722 NA Avl RFQ
100012730 NA Avl RFQ
100012828 NA Avl RFQ
100012859 NA Avl RFQ
100012868 NA Avl RFQ
100092-00 NA Avl RFQ
1001183-2 NA Avl RFQ
1009847-0056 NA Avl RFQ
10194-493 NA Avl RFQ
10286449-0009 NA Avl RFQ
104LHS35 NA Avl RFQ
104PW191 NA Avl RFQ
105K94291 NA Avl RFQ
1090002 NA Avl RFQ
1090003 NA Avl RFQ
1090003 - DX7NA-160M NA Avl RFQ
1090021 - DX7NA-34BT NA Avl RFQ
109002449 NA Avl RFQ
1090028 NA Avl RFQ
1091008 - DX7NA-PSU NA Avl RFQ
1091018 NA Avl RFQ
1091021 NA Avl RFQ
1091038 NA Avl RFQ
1091053 NA Avl RFQ
1093070 NA Avl RFQ
1093086 NA Avl RFQ
1095003 NA Avl RFQ
10W1-01203 NA Avl RFQ
11154001 NA Avl RFQ
1171631 NA Avl RFQ
118-025171 NA Avl RFQ
118-25169 NA Avl RFQ
11801006 NA Avl RFQ
11860 NA Avl RFQ
12-00146-00 NA Avl RFQ
120-00043-000 NA Avl RFQ
120-01521-000 NA Avl RFQ
120-01525-000 NA Avl RFQ
120-01530-000 NA Avl RFQ
120244 NA Avl RFQ
120EF-A NA Avl RFQ
120EF-C NA Avl RFQ
120EF-D NA Avl RFQ
120EG-A NA Avl RFQ
120EG-B NA Avl RFQ
120LE NA Avl RFQ
120LH 2.8GHZ NA Avl RFQ
120MC2-R 533 DUAL 51 NA Avl RFQ
120MC2-R 533MHZ 256M NA Avl RFQ
120MC2-R 600MHZ 256M NA Avl RFQ
120ME NA Avl RFQ
120ME 2.4GHZ 2GO NA Avl RFQ
120R1-2 NA Avl RFQ
120RB-1 NA Avl RFQ
120RB-1 1.26GHZ NA Avl RFQ
120RD-1-A NA Avl RFQ
120RE-2 1.8GHZ 1GO NA Avl RFQ
120RE-2 1.8GHZ 2GO NA Avl RFQ
120RE-2 2.6GHZ NA Avl RFQ
120RF-1 3.2GHZ 4GO NA Avl RFQ
120RF-2 NA Avl RFQ
120RF-2 D2.4GHZ 1GO NA Avl RFQ
120RF-2-A NA Avl RFQ
241243 pz-m199; neax 2400 plo term (m Avl RFQ
241245 pc00; neax 2400 shelf interfac Avl RFQ
241246 pc56; neax 2400 (int pkg) Avl RFQ
241251 al09; neax 2400 mat interface Avl RFQ
241289 ha-610z; neax 2400 console - b Avl RFQ
241291 ha-710z; neax 2400 hotelmotel Avl RFQ
241292 neax 2400 hdac phone Avl RFQ
241297 neax 2400 hdac-c (series ii hd Avl RFQ
241320 cs07; neax 2400 console contro Avl RFQ
241321 cs07a; neax 2400 console contr Avl RFQ
241322 cs07b; neax 2400 console contr Avl RFQ
60003153 nectftea273wm Avl RFQ
60003154 nec lcd display - tft - 27 - (available) Avl RFQ
60003157 nec multisync ea243wm - led monitor - 24.1 - (available) Avl RFQ
60003158 displays multisync ea243wm 24 inch led backlight lcd display 100 Avl RFQ
60003161 nectftsv232 23in lcd monitor with ips pannel Avl RFQ
60003162 24" lcd/tft monitor - white Avl RFQ
60003171 nec 40 pro range 1920 x 1080 15.5mm slim bezel screen depth 103 Avl RFQ
60003172 multisync p462 Avl RFQ
60003173 nec multisync p552 - 55 lcd flat panel display - (available) Avl RFQ
60003174 nec 46 inch high brightness screen. brightness = 1500 candela/m2 Avl RFQ
60003176 necv260 Avl RFQ
60003179 nec v300x - dlp projector - 3d ready - (available) Avl RFQ
60003180 necv260w Avl RFQ
60003181 necv300w Avl RFQ
60003183 displays px700w dlp projector 2100:1 7000 lumens 1280x800 19.7kg Avl RFQ
60003184 px800x Avl RFQ
60003216 necnp16fl Avl RFQ
60003217 nec displays np13zl middle zoom lens for pa series projectors Avl RFQ
60003218 nec displays np02cv cable cover pa series projectors (3 day lead Avl RFQ
60003219 necnp15zl Avl RFQ
60003220 necnp12zl Avl RFQ
60003221 necnp14zl Avl RFQ
60003222 necnp11fl Avl RFQ
60003223 displays np22lp replacement projector lamp for ph1000u/px700w/px Avl RFQ
804-062676-0250 24p-24p dc cabl exp5800 140hb Avl RFQ
804-062679-0500 mf10p-10p dc cabl e5800 140hb Avl RFQ
804-062680-0350 mf12p-12p dc cabl e5800 140hb Avl RFQ
856-851056-001A express5800/320lb i/o-disks module psu 250w Avl RFQ
856-851078-021 NA Avl RFQ
856-851079-001 power supply 450w fixe Avl RFQ
856-851091-011 power supply 500w hot plug Avl RFQ
856-851091-011 DSP-5 nec 856-851091-011 express 5800 500w power supply model: delta d Avl RFQ
856-851091-021 power supply cage Avl RFQ
856-851091-021 RPS-5 nec 856-851091-021 express 5800 power backplane with cage model: Avl RFQ
856-851091-021A express5800/120re-2 power cage Avl RFQ
856-851117-021 carte connecteur 2 alims h plug express 5800 120 egac-027 a Avl RFQ
856-851117-021A power supply cage distribution board Avl RFQ
856-851123-001C power supply hot plug 700w Avl RFQ
856-851142-001 s1300 hot-plug psu Avl RFQ
856-851160-001C kusatsu 380w power supply tg-6380 Avl RFQ
856-851181-001-A power supply 600w hot plug Avl RFQ
856-851181-001-B 600w hp power supply for ex5800 120rg2/rh2 Avl RFQ
856-851181-001B power supply hot plug 600w Avl RFQ
856-851181-002 psu board Avl RFQ
856-851181-002-A power supply distribution board Avl RFQ
856-851203-001C power supply 650w hot plug Avl RFQ
856-851203-002-B carte connecteur 2 alim h plug express 5800 120rg-1ac-054a rev Avl RFQ
DG7FMV pci i/o board Avl RFQ
DG7GET nec 5800-140rb base board Avl RFQ
DG7GEU quad cpu board assembly Avl RFQ
DG7GEV 12 slot memory board Avl RFQ
DG7GNS nec express 5800 rc-4 motherboard Avl RFQ
NP-L102W np-l102w led dlp proj wxga proj 1000lumens 3.0lbs mercury free spkr Avl RFQ
NP-M282X np-m282x dlp proj xga 10000:1 proj 2800lumens 6.4lbs w/ 20w spkr Avl RFQ
NP-M322W np-m322w dlp proj wxga 10 000:1proj 3200lumens 6.4lbs 20w spkr Avl RFQ
NP-M322X np-m322x dlp proj xga 10000:1 proj 3200lumens 6.4lbs 20w spkr 8000hr Avl RFQ
NP-M332XS np-m332xs short throw dlp proj proj xga 10000:1 3300lumens 8.2lbs Avl RFQ
NP-M402X np-m402x dlp proj xga 10000:1 proj 4000lumens w/ 20w spkr 8000hr lamp Avl RFQ
NP-M420XG nec np-m420xg xga 4200 lm proj Avl RFQ
NP-P451W nec npp451w wxga 4500 lm proj Avl RFQ
NP-P451X nec np-p451x wxga 4500 lm proj Avl RFQ
NP-P501X nec np-p501x xga 5000 lm proj Avl RFQ
NP-PA622U nec np-pa622u wuxga 6200 lm proj Avl RFQ
NP-PA622U-13ZL nec np-pa622u wuxga 6200 proj w/np13zl Avl RFQ
NP-PA672W nec np-pa672w wxga 6700 lm proj Avl RFQ
NP-PA672W-13ZL nec np-pa672w wxga 6700 lm proj w/np13zl Avl RFQ
NP-PA722X nec np-pa722x xga 7200 lm proj Avl RFQ
NP-PA722X-13ZL nec np-pa722x xga 7200 lm proj w/np13zl Avl RFQ
NP-PH1400U nec np-ph1400u wuxga 14000 lm proj Avl RFQ
NP-PX700W2 nec np-px700w2 wxga 7000 lm proj Avl RFQ
NP-PX700W2-08ZL nec np-px700w2 wxga 7000 lm prj w/np08zl Avl RFQ
NP-PX750U2 nec np-px750u2 wuxga 7500 lm proj Avl RFQ
NP-PX750U2-18ZL nec np-px750u2 wuxga 7500 lm pj w/np18zl Avl RFQ
NP-PX800X2 nec np-px800x2 xga 8000 lm proj Avl RFQ
NP-PX800X2-08ZL nec np-px800x2 xga 8000 lm proj w/np08zl Avl RFQ
NP-U300X u300x dlp ultra short throw proj proj xga 2000:1 3000 lumens rj-45 Avl RFQ
NP-UM330W um330w lcd proj wxga 3300 lumenproj 12.6lbs ultra shrt throw 16w spkr Avl RFQ
NP-UM330W-WK wxga lcd 3300 lumen ultra shortproj throw projector w/16w speaker Avl RFQ
NP-UM330WI-WK nec np-um330wi-wk wxga 3300 lm proj Avl RFQ
NP-UM330X nec np-um330x xga 3,300 lm proj Avl RFQ
NP-UM330X-WK nec np-um330x-wk xga 3300 lm proj Avl RFQ
NP-V311W np-v311w dpl porj wxga 3000:1 proj 3100 lumen 5.7lbs 120v Avl RFQ
NP-V311X np-v311x dlp proj xga 3000:1 proj 3100 lumen 5.7lbs 120v Avl RFQ
NP-VE281X ve281x xga dlp proj 2800 lumensproj 3000:1 vga/hdmi/rca/rs232/usb 5lbs Avl RFQ
NP02CV nec np02cv input cover panel Avl RFQ
OL-V323 NA Avl RFQ
OL-V423 NA Avl RFQ
OL-V463_BIN1 10point infrared touch overlay Avl RFQ
OL-V552 NA Avl RFQ
OL-V652 nec ol-v652 Avl RFQ
OL-V801 NA Avl RFQ
P-7F35 nec p7f35 subscriber unit Avl RFQ
P-7F66-000-620 p-7f42 Avl RFQ
P-7H6D-000-620 p-7h6d Avl RFQ
P-7H6E-000-620-B nec p7h6e(000)620-0-b Avl RFQ
P-7H8S-000-630 nec p7h8s p-7h8s-000-630-f Avl RFQ
P-7H9B-003-620-B p-7h9b-b Avl RFQ
P-7H9C-002-620-D neax p7h9c(002)620-d Avl RFQ
P-7H9C-002-620-E neax p7h9c(002)620-e Avl RFQ
PN-24PRTA neax 2000 circuit card Avl RFQ
PN-2DLCB pn-2dlcb dig card 850 meter lo Avl RFQ
PN-30PRTA neax pn-30prta card Avl RFQ
ST-801 nec st-801 large screen display stand Avl RFQ
TPI-1260-231 NA Avl RFQ
Y0452C-V01C PWR NA Avl RFQ
Y0453A its-600 term alm cont Avl RFQ
Y0453A-V02BA term alarm/control Avl RFQ
Y0454AA-V01DH tlmy unit Avl RFQ
Y0454AA-V01ED imt-150 tlmy unit Avl RFQ
Y0454AA-V01EH imt-150 tlmy unit imt-150 Avl RFQ
Y0454AA-V01EK imt-150 tlmy unit Avl RFQ
Y0454AB-V01ED tlmy-b card Avl RFQ
Y0454AB-V01ED ITS240 NA Avl RFQ
Y0454XA-V01AA its-600 term tlmy Avl RFQ
Y0454XA-V01AC its-600 term tlmy Avl RFQ
Y0454XB-V01DA tlmyx card Avl RFQ
Y0455CA-V01BA swcl unit Avl RFQ
Y0455CA-V01BC /2400 swcl unit Avl RFQ
Y0455CA-V01CC /2400 swcl unit Avl RFQ

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