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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Nokia Siemens Networks. We have products like Adapter Connector, Absorber Overvoltag, Label, Housing Mechanical, Valve Assembly in our inventory, with part numbers including 130-3631 0101, 1300500, 1300600, 130492, 131-110126-012. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
130-3631 0101 NA Avl RFQ
1300500 afeb Avl RFQ
1300600 afeb Avl RFQ
130492 NA Avl RFQ
131-110126-012 NA Avl RFQ
131-111-819-904 NA Avl RFQ
131-141653-001 fan plug-in mdl 4ru idu s2 aa Avl RFQ
131-141669-008 psnty module 8e1 4fsk s2 aa Avl RFQ
132107.09 axub card Avl RFQ
134632 .005 pmp 13.48 sic (bmh 415) aa Avl RFQ
134999 .002 powec dc cutoff pcu aa Avl RFQ
137829 .000 rectifier, pmp 13.48 sic power aa Avl RFQ
176-100748-M2-1 NA Avl RFQ
176-100786-M2-02 NA Avl RFQ
176-101005-S2-PF-TXH dmc (38 ghz, high band) aa Avl RFQ
176-101005-S2-PF-TXL dmc (38 ghz, low band) aa Avl RFQ
176-101105-S2-PF-TXH dmc (23 ghz, high band) aa Avl RFQ
176-101105-S2-PF-TXL dmc (23 ghz, low band) aa Avl RFQ
176-101110-SNA-PFA3 NA Avl RFQ
176-101805-SNA-PF-TX dmc (18 ghz, high band) aa Avl RFQ
2100200 bbub Avl RFQ
21028 connector patch-panel 2xv35+2xv.11/tu21124 Avl RFQ
2102B2B smhw card Avl RFQ
274917 NA Avl RFQ
276902 connectivity cable dke-2 Avl RFQ
278447 dc-4 Avl RFQ
279361 NA Avl RFQ
282976-3H-03.01 vbp card Avl RFQ
282976-3H-03.06 prlc card Avl RFQ
282976-3H-03.07 prl c card Avl RFQ
41-0038-000 nokia 41-0038-000 ip440 sp350 power supply Avl RFQ
41-0204-001 nokia 41-0204-001 ip330 dc 12v 0.18a case fan- delta afb0412hd Avl RFQ
41-0603-002 REV B nokia 41-0603-002 fan tray Avl RFQ
41-0712-001 nokia 41-0712-001 ip330 hdd power cable Avl RFQ
41-0713-002 nokia 41-0713-002 ip330 ide hdd data cable Avl RFQ
41-1405-001 nokia 41-1405-001 ip440 internal power harness Avl RFQ
41-1425-001 CD-ROM nokia 41-1425-001 ip440 ide cd-rom drive cable Avl RFQ
41-1425-001 FLOPPY nokia 41-1425-001 ip440 floppy drive cable Avl RFQ
410038 nokia 410038 ip440 firewall sp350 power supply Avl RFQ
414912 manguera larga lmds Avl RFQ
41494 powerhopper varlo 1500hp -7ghz Avl RFQ
471984A.103 ftlb Avl RFQ
472046A dtrx unit expb flexi edge 1900 Avl RFQ
472059A esmc Avl RFQ
472059A.ESMC NA Avl RFQ
472083A fxda Avl RFQ
472083A FXDA NA Avl RFQ
607-018 85G(5472.5MH oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 85G(5492.5MH oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 85G(5522.5MH oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 85G(5532.5MH oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 89A(7796.30M oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 89A(7817.70M oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 89A(7825.95M oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 89A(7847.35M oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 89A(7855.60M oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 89A(7877.00M oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 89A(7906.65M oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 89B(8107.62M oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 89B(8166.92M oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 89B(8188.32M oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 89B(8196.57M oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 89B(8210.02M oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 89B(8217.97M oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 89B(8501.634 oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 90(10905MHZ oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 90(10945MHZ oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 90(10985MHZ oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 90(11065MHZ oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
607-018 90(11395MHZ oscillator unit aa Avl RFQ
66484 stock of functioning & non-functioning Avl RFQ
6700926 NA Avl RFQ
68351 650 - d-channel isdn-u t/a 100-250vac 50/60hz .7-.3a Avl RFQ
6840-0025 NA Avl RFQ
68436 vanguard 100 multiplexer Avl RFQ
772002 cut wire 5.3v dc 500ma ac adapter Avl RFQ
78-162-2300 NA Avl RFQ
7C86M2006 NA Avl RFQ
7C91G1408 NA Avl RFQ
9299 MSI-2 sln9299ba Avl RFQ
933934B NA Avl RFQ
93487 D connecting cabel 2m fiber Avl RFQ
9500001-0017 NA Avl RFQ
A00002135 c6-01 silver Avl RFQ
A00006811 asha 306 b grade Avl RFQ
A00007443 nokia 113 1.8in series40 Avl RFQ
A00010219 nokia lumia 520 black black 8gb Avl RFQ
A00010226 nokia lumia 520 cyan b grade cyan 8gb Avl RFQ
A00012254 nokia 210 simple sim yellow Avl RFQ
A00012255 nokia 210 simple sim cyan Avl RFQ
A00013311 nokia 210 fuchsia Avl RFQ
A00013691 NA Avl RFQ
A00013692 NA Avl RFQ
A00013936 nokia 515 black cw Avl RFQ
A00013937 nokia 515 white cw Avl RFQ
A00014539 BDL bdl/no lumia 1020 black+free carch Avl RFQ
A00014540 BDL bdl/no lumia 1020 white+free carch Avl RFQ
A00014541 BDL bdl/no lumia 1020 yell+free carcha Avl RFQ
A00015545 nokia lumia 1520 black Avl RFQ
A00015547 nokia lumia 1520 red Avl RFQ
A00015648 nokia 503 sim free - black Avl RFQ
A00016392 108 rm-945 cv gb black - allow for 7-10 day delivery Avl RFQ
A00016960 lumia 1320 (6 inch) mobile phone (black) Avl RFQ
A00016961 nokia lumia 1320 a00016961 Avl RFQ
A00017249 nokia lumia 1320 black Avl RFQ
A00017254 nokia 220 white Avl RFQ
A00017383 nokia lumia 1320 white Avl RFQ
A00017885 nokia 220 ds yellow cw Avl RFQ
A00018025 nokia 220 rm-970 tesco mobile gb white Avl RFQ
A00018363 nokia lumia 630 a00018363 Avl RFQ
A00018729 nokia lumia 630 white Avl RFQ
A00018772 lumia 630 smartphone green Avl RFQ
A00018773 nokia lumia 630 a00018773 Avl RFQ
A00018809 nokia 225 ss white Avl RFQ
A00018878 nokia lumia 930 a00018878 Avl RFQ
A00018879 nokia lumia 930 a00018879 Avl RFQ
A00018880 nokia lumia 930 a00018880 Avl RFQ
CB-P48000 dc power cable Avl RFQ
CB-P480000 dc power cable surpass hid 2140 Avl RFQ
CEQ19490 acc for e112086 Avl RFQ
CM3361000744392 NA Avl RFQ
CM640B08-14-B6 anp2520a mem bd ext anp2520a Avl RFQ
CPIP-A-12ADP-1 check point ip appliance - applicae Avl RFQ
CPIP-A-2-1LX check point cpip-a-2-1lx - two port 1000baselx ethernet sfp pmc Avl RFQ
CPIP-A-3ADP-10 002 3 port 10gbf xfp adp-service modur Avl RFQ
CPIP-A-4-100C NA Avl RFQ
CPN1027D power supply Avl RFQ
CPN5360 01-w3632f13a Avl RFQ
CPN5360TM 01-w3643f01a Avl RFQ
CPN5365 NA Avl RFQ
CPSM021 interconnection cables c109913.a01 Avl RFQ
CPTM85 01-w3802f02a Avl RFQ
CPU486B8 1 cpu486b8 Avl RFQ
CPV5350 01-w3631f08e Avl RFQ
CPV5350TM 01-w3645f03a Avl RFQ
CPX8216CHAS 01-w2759e01b - cpx8216 compactpci configurable systems Avl RFQ
CR-39 NA Avl RFQ
DZ62705.1.001 nokia dz62705 cable Avl RFQ
DZ62706.1.001 nokia dz62706 cable Avl RFQ
DZ62709.1.001 nokia dz62709 cable Avl RFQ
G32372 branching 1+1 ch=28l us25 aa Avl RFQ
G6JI7001 rim 1/2/4 4qam aa Avl RFQ
G6JI7R01 001 NA Avl RFQ
G7084401583 NA Avl RFQ
G7RIAU68 001 siaeidu Avl RFQ
G7RIYU67 lim 4e1 aa Avl RFQ
G8GDOG62 odu 23 ghz 8-16e1 4qam 15l aa Avl RFQ
G8GDOH62 odu 23ghz 8-16e1 4qam 15h aa Avl RFQ
G98KD0822 odu 38ghz 8-16e1 4qam 4h aa Avl RFQ
GA9001-03 odu 18ghz aa=1h aa Avl RFQ
GA9008-03 odu al23 2l aa Avl RFQ
GA9009-03 odu al23 2h aa Avl RFQ
GA9011-03 odu 25 ghz hb aa Avl RFQ
GA9025-03 odu 15 ghz band 01 hb sh 1008 aa Avl RFQ
GAI0045 idu-c al 8x2 sub-d 120ohm bnc aa Avl RFQ
GAI0093 alc 16x2 120 1+1 v11 aa Avl RFQ
GAI0096 idu 1+0 alc 120 ohm sub d & v1 aa Avl RFQ
GAI0156 alcplus2 (1+1) 16xe1+ eth (2b/ aa Avl RFQ
GAI0163 alcplus2 idu (16+2)xe1 + 2xstm aa Avl RFQ
GAO0501 al series 15 ghz odu low freq, aa Avl RFQ
GTG4324.10 NA Avl RFQ
GTG4324.10 B4B NA Avl RFQ
GYUSK7100P sk-7100 - wireless multimedia keyboard Avl RFQ
H0363A NA Avl RFQ
HDT68C.1 placa Avl RFQ
HDW-3 nokia wireless headset / bluetooth hdw-3 Avl RFQ
HF-210 hf-210 Avl RFQ
HF-310 nokia hf-310 bluetooth speakerphone hf-310 Avl RFQ
HIT-7300 hit7300 long-haul dwdm chassis Avl RFQ
MP-1008-0 idm Avl RFQ
MP-R501-0 power hopper vario 1500r Avl RFQ
MSI-2 sln9299cc - multi serial interface 2; msi-2 Avl RFQ
MSP20C01B C01 cpi1 Avl RFQ
MT18LSDT3272G-133B1 NA Avl RFQ
MT300-81015 high-pressure membrane, 3.08.0 psig, low-pressure alarm, 115 vac Avl RFQ
SK-7100 wireless multimedia keyboard Avl RFQ
SP0444-1B hot swap power supply Avl RFQ
SP0672-Z01A A 150w ac/dc psu Avl RFQ
SP350-1B proprietary psu Avl RFQ
SP350-1B-RE power supply for nokia ip440 Avl RFQ
SP444 NA Avl RFQ
SP444-1B ip710 psu Avl RFQ
SP4441A sp4441a Avl RFQ
SP517 nokia power supply Avl RFQ
SP517-1A ip1260 pmc psu Avl RFQ
SP517-1A D sp517-1a cherokee internationa Avl RFQ
SP517-Z02A pmc psu Avl RFQ
SP517-Z02A 2 sp517-z02a cherokee int'l Avl RFQ
SP630-Z01A 225w psu Avl RFQ
SP672-Z01A 150w ac/dc psu Avl RFQ
SP673-Z01A 250w ac psu Avl RFQ
SPANOKA-01G 150w (spanoka-01g) psu Avl RFQ
SPN4141A pwr cnvtr xcdr -48vdc Avl RFQ
SPN4339A class 2 transformer input; 120vac 60hz 25w output; 13vdc 10.4w Avl RFQ

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