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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Siemens. We have products like in our inventory, with part numbers including S30810-Q580-X-8 02, S30810-Q581-X-10 02, S30810-Q581-X-H1 02, S30810-Q582-X, S30810-Q582-X-8. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
S30810-Q580-X-8 02 siemens ewsd card Avl RFQ
S30810-Q581-X-10 02 siemens ewsd card Avl RFQ
S30810-Q581-X-H1 02 siemens ewsd card Avl RFQ
S30810-Q582-X lis Avl RFQ
S30810-Q582-X-8 m:lis Avl RFQ
S30810-Q586-X 10 02 ssm 16/16 Avl RFQ
S30810-Q586-X 10 12 ssm 16/16 Avl RFQ
S30810-Q586-XS ssm 16/16 Avl RFQ
S30810-Q5862-C-15 dcc Avl RFQ
S30810-Q587-X ssm 8/ 15 Avl RFQ
S30810-Q587-X-8 02 ssm8 15 Avl RFQ
S30810-Q587-X-8S ssm 8/15 Avl RFQ
S30810-Q590-X2 m:mbc:sgc Avl RFQ
S30810-Q590-X5 m:mbc:sgc Avl RFQ
S30810-Q602-X101-2 tem le Avl RFQ
S30810-Q605-X1 m:tem:po Avl RFQ
S30810-Q606-X-J1 s30810-q606-x-j1 Avl RFQ
S30810-Q607-X-18 02 tem:le Avl RFQ
S30810-Q607-X1 m:tem:le Avl RFQ
S30810-Q607-X1 11 03 tem le Avl RFQ
S30810-Q607-X1-12 s30810-q607-x1-12 Avl RFQ
S30810-Q607-X101 m:tem:le Avl RFQ
S30810-Q607-X101 2 0 tem:le Avl RFQ
S30810-Q607-X101-2 m:tem:le Avl RFQ
S30810-Q607-X101S temle Avl RFQ
S30810-Q616-X2-9 siemens Avl RFQ
S30810-Q617-X2-10 siemens Avl RFQ
S30810-Q626-A215 siemenscard Avl RFQ
S30810-Q626-A315 siemenscard Avl RFQ
S30810-Q629-A315 m:cardkibh125/h130 Avl RFQ
S30810-Q638-X liu Avl RFQ
S30810-Q638-X 12 01 liu Avl RFQ
S30810-Q638-X-13 liu Avl RFQ
S30810-Q638-X-M1 liu Avl RFQ
S30810-Q638-XS s30810-q638-x Avl RFQ
S30810-Q6400-X pne for hicom 300 Avl RFQ
S30810-Q6401-X 06 pbxxx Avl RFQ
S30810-Q6401-X-F4 pbxxx Avl RFQ
S30810-Q6401-X000 pbxxx for hipath 4000/hicom300 Avl RFQ
S30810-Q6402-X100 dcceb Avl RFQ
S30810-Q6403-X000-11 rg2500-10/100base-tx--hipathsystem Avl RFQ
S30810-Q65-X1 scrsaf / s30810-q65-x1 Avl RFQ
S30810-Q65-X1-4 s30810-q65-x1-4 Avl RFQ
S30810-Q65-X1-6 02 s30810-q65-x1-6/02 Avl RFQ
S30810-Q661-X 13 02 spmx Avl RFQ
S30810-Q661-X 15 02 spmx Avl RFQ
S30810-Q661-X-15 spmxa Avl RFQ
S30810-Q661-X1 11 06 spmxa Avl RFQ
S30810-Q661-X1-11 m:spmxa Avl RFQ
S30810-Q670-X 37012 m:ete:ae Avl RFQ
S30810-Q670-X1 5 01 eteae Avl RFQ
S30810-Q670-X1-5 eteae Avl RFQ
S30810-Q6701-X100-G1 siemens Avl RFQ
S30810-Q7 NA Avl RFQ
S30810-Q70-X m:lild Avl RFQ
S30810-Q708-X dym:sypd Avl RFQ
S30813-Q111-X-3 01 NA Avl RFQ
S30813-Q111-X1 m:sascg Avl RFQ
S30813-Q111-X1-41 siemens Avl RFQ
S30813-Q111-X403-9 m:sascg Avl RFQ
S30813-Q112-X-H1 02 NA Avl RFQ
S30813-Q112-X1 ewsdm:dluc30 Avl RFQ
S30813-Q112-X1-41 siemens Avl RFQ
S30813-Q112-X4 m:dluc30 Avl RFQ
S30813-Q112-X4-3 01 dluc30 Avl RFQ
S30813-Q112-X5-7 01 dluc30 Avl RFQ
S30813-Q112-X5-8 m:dluc 30 Avl RFQ
S30813-Q112-X5-8 01 dluc30 Avl RFQ
S30813-Q112-X6 m:dluc30 Avl RFQ
S30813-Q114-X-5-A 01 dluc:ldi Avl RFQ
S30813-Q114-X4-2 01 m:dluc:ldi Avl RFQ
S30813-Q114-X4-C1 01 dluc:ldi Avl RFQ
S30813-Q1148-X slma Avl RFQ
S30813-Q115-X m:bdg Avl RFQ
S30813-Q115-X-21 siemens Avl RFQ
S420024-D4226-B110 NA Avl RFQ
S42023-A799-R1 siemens aa Avl RFQ
S42023-A822-A1-G01 .shelf cmxii-2s Avl RFQ
S42023-A822-A2-G01 .shelf cmx ii - cs Avl RFQ
S42023-A822-B3 10 cmxii-ls Avl RFQ
S42023-A861-B1 G01 omx2s2 Avl RFQ
S42023-A862-S13-01 kupplungsstck Avl RFQ
S42023-A864-A10-02 ecc-verteiler Avl RFQ
S42024-D3541-A202 10 ucu (sdh series2 sma4) Avl RFQ
S42024-D3541-A202 11 ucu (sdh series2 sma4) Avl RFQ
S42024-D3541-A202 H2 ucu (sdh series2 sma4) Avl RFQ
S42024-D3541-A202 H3 ucu (sdh series2 sma4) Avl RFQ
S42024-D3541-A202-05 ucu-c- Avl RFQ
S42024-D3541-A202-08 depot o Avl RFQ
S42024-D3541-A202-8 ucu Avl RFQ
S42024-D3541-A202-E1 ucu-c- Avl RFQ
S42024-D3541-A202-I1 ucu Avl RFQ
S42024-D3541-A202-J1 ucu Avl RFQ
S42024-D3541-A202-L1 ucu Avl RFQ
S42024-D3541-C202-10 ucu Avl RFQ
S42024-D3541-C202-11 ucu Avl RFQ
S42024-D3542-A202 lad double (hdd, alm) Avl RFQ
S42024-D3542-A202-11 depot o Avl RFQ
S42024-D3542-A202-12 s42024-d3542-a202-12 Avl RFQ
S42024-D3542-A202-13 lad Avl RFQ
S42024-D3542-A202-7 depot o Avl RFQ
S42024-D3542-A202-8 s42024-d3542-a202-8 Avl RFQ
S42024-D3542-B202 lad (sdh series2 sma4) Avl RFQ
S42024-D3542-B202 7 lad (sdh series2 sma4) Avl RFQ
S42024-D3542-B202-04 NA Avl RFQ
S42024-D3542-B202-08 NA Avl RFQ
S42024-D3542-B202-09 lad Avl RFQ
S42024-D3542-B202-3 sdh series2 sma4 Avl RFQ
S42024-D3542-B202-4 lad Avl RFQ
S42024-D3542-B202-8 lad Avl RFQ
S42024-D3542-B202-9 lad Avl RFQ
S42024-D3548-A102 mtu Avl RFQ
S42024-D3549-C102 scut Avl RFQ
S42024-D3558-A1-2 siemens sma s42024-d3558-a1-2 card Avl RFQ
S42024-D3559-B1 A1 oim-w Avl RFQ
S42024-D3559-B1-A2 oim-w Avl RFQ
S42024-D3559-C1 working card,sh,1310 nm Avl RFQ
S42024-D3559-C1 D2 o-working card 1310 nm lh Avl RFQ
S42024-D3559-C1-3 oim-w Avl RFQ
S42024-D3559-C1-C1 oim-w Avl RFQ
S42024-D3559-C3-3 oim-w Avl RFQ
S42024-D3559-D101 NA Avl RFQ
S42024-D3560-B1 oim21p agregado protection l-1 Avl RFQ
S42024-D3560-B1-A1 oim-p Avl RFQ
S42024-D3560-B2-A1 oim-ptransxpresssma1koptic Avl RFQ
S42024-D3560-C1 oim-p Avl RFQ
S42024-D3560-C1-2 oim-p Avl RFQ
S42024-D3560-C1-3 oim-ptransxpresssma1koptic Avl RFQ
S50010-F1056-S3-2 NA Avl RFQ
S50010-F1056-S3-5 cable bridge Avl RFQ
S50010-F1058-A1-10 NA Avl RFQ
S50010-F1058-A1-8 f:sub:mn Avl RFQ
S50010-F1058-A1-E2 siemens mini dslam Avl RFQ
S50010-F1059-A1 hix5300/microdslams50 Avl RFQ
S50010-F1073-A1-10 f:sub:bs:v3 Avl RFQ
S50010-F1076-A1-01 fan shelf Avl RFQ
S50010-F1083-A1-04 fan shelf hix 5300 Avl RFQ
S50010-F1083-A1-4 NA Avl RFQ
S50010-F1086-A1-5 NA Avl RFQ
S50010-F1086-A1-6 NA Avl RFQ
S50010-F1089-A2 subrack f:pdimae1ca:32p:p 50, e1 ima, p Avl RFQ
S50010-F1138-A1-3 NA Avl RFQ
S50010-F1138-A1-5 frame Avl RFQ
S50010-F1138-D1-6 f:sub:bs:v3 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1056-A101-07 m:ltad:2p:r3 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1056-A101-C3 m:ltad:2p:r3 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1066-A101 adsl port Avl RFQ
S50010-M1066-A101 5 s50010-m1066-a101 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1066-A101 D2 s50010-m1066-a101 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1066-A101 D3 s50010-m1066-a101 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1066-A101 K1 s50010-m1066-a101 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1067-A1-14 s50010-m1067-a101-6 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1067-A101 adsl-line-termination Avl RFQ
S50010-M1067-A101 6 m:suadsl:16i Avl RFQ
S50010-M1067-A101 D3 m:suadsl:16i Avl RFQ
S50010-M1067-A101 D5 m:suadsl:16i Avl RFQ
S50010-M1067-A101 H3 m:suadsl:16i Avl RFQ
S50010-M1068-A1 M4 m:ci:a Avl RFQ
S50010-M1068-A1 M6 m:ci:a Avl RFQ
S50010-M1068-A1-M2 s50010-m1068-a101-d2 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1068-A1-M5 s50010-m1068-a101-d6 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1068-A1-M7 s50010-m1068-a101-d9 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1068-A101 m:lu155:os:v2 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1068-A101-D2 s50010-m1068-a101-d2 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1068-A101-D5 s50010-m1068-a101-d5 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1068-A101-D6 s50010-m1068-a101-d6 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1068-A101S ci:a Avl RFQ
S50010-M1069-A2-D2 s50010-m1069-a201-c2 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1069-A201 m:lu155:os:v2 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1069-A201-C2 s50010-m1069-a201-c2 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1071-A101-3 m:lu155:c:v2 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1071-A101-C2 s50010-m1071-a101-c2 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1072-A101 line unit e3/ds3 electrical Avl RFQ
S50010-M1072-A101-6 NA Avl RFQ
S50010-M1072-A101-C1 s50010-m1072-a101-c1 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1074-A101-3 m:upl:a:v2 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1078-A1 m:posu:16p:eu Avl RFQ
S50010-M1079-A1 5 posu:16i:dt Avl RFQ
S50010-M1079-A1-V1 m:posu:16i:dt Avl RFQ
S50010-M1079-A1S splitter unit isdn/pots (posu 16 bg) Avl RFQ
S50010-M1086-A101-5 m:luimae1:c Avl RFQ
S50010-M1086-A301-4 m:luimae1:c Avl RFQ
S50010-M1086-A301-A4 m:luimae1:c Avl RFQ
S50010-M1088-A1-7 m:suadsl:16:2b1q Avl RFQ
S50010-M1088-A101 sdsl 2b1q Avl RFQ
S50010-M1088-A101-7 m:suadsl:16:2b1q Avl RFQ
S50010-M1088-A101-8 s50010-m1088-a101-8 Avl RFQ
S50010-M1089-A1-07 m:clu:mae1nc:c Avl RFQ
S50010-M1089-A1-1-3 m;cluimae1nc;c Avl RFQ
S50010-M1089-A1-7 NA Avl RFQ
S50010-M1089-A1-G4 m:cluimae1nc:c Avl RFQ
S50010-M1089-A101 m;cluimae1nc;c Avl RFQ
S50010-M1089-A101-3 siemens cluimae Avl RFQ
S50010-M1089-A101-6 m:clumae1nc:c Avl RFQ
S50010-M1089-A101-D5 m:cluimae1nc:c Avl RFQ
S50010-M1089-A101-D6 m:cluimae1nc:c Avl RFQ
S50010-M1089-A301-6 oneimagroupofeighte1linesnointerlink,coaxia Avl RFQ
S50010-M1089-A501-3 siemens Avl RFQ
S50010-M1090-A101-D8 m:cludsx3:c Avl RFQ
S50010-M1090-A101-H2 m:cludsx3:c Avl RFQ

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