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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Sun Memory. We have products like in our inventory, with part numbers including 320490-000, 320492-001, 330-2615, 330-2615-01, 330-2616. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
320490-000 20/40gb 8mm internal exabyte tape drive assembly Avl RFQ
320492-001 20/40gb 8mm internal exabyte tape drive assembly Avl RFQ
330-2615 panel Avl RFQ
330-2615-01 sun 5u filler panel Avl RFQ
330-2616 1u trim strip Avl RFQ
330-2617 2u trim strip Avl RFQ
330-2618 NA Avl RFQ
330-2619 NA Avl RFQ
330-2620 5u trim strip Avl RFQ
330-2691 5 1/4 filler panel with 3 1/2 cutout Avl RFQ
330-2691-07 sun-plastic part Avl RFQ
330-2693-06 sun sunblade 2000 bezel Avl RFQ
330-2705 system board shroud Avl RFQ
330-2705-05 system board shroud Avl RFQ
330-2709 airguide Avl RFQ
330-2709-03 sp cpu fan shroud for e420r Avl RFQ
330-2714 sun blade 1000 5 1/4 filler panel Avl RFQ
330-2715 sun blade 1000 3 1/2 filler panel Avl RFQ
330-2730 sun cpu shroud Avl RFQ
330-2731 foot (cost reduced) Avl RFQ
330-2737 cpu front bracket Avl RFQ
330-2738 cpu rear bracket Avl RFQ
330264 front panel assembly, l400 Avl RFQ
330264-000 front panel assembly, l400 Avl RFQ
345-0000 sun assy plastic for cpu fan netra 240(st286-b9-35c) Avl RFQ
345000000000 pci bracket for sunblade 2500 Avl RFQ
370 PARTS 370 boxes Avl RFQ
371-1602-01 sun dual fan assembly , cpu area(gp63c-b4-2c)(277-8c) Avl RFQ
371-1603 i/o, front, rohs:y, 371-1603 Avl RFQ
371-1604 pci-e card 1-slot, w/bracket, 371-1604 Avl RFQ
371-1604-01 NA Avl RFQ
371-1605 NA Avl RFQ
371-1605-01 sun 2 slot disk backplane , sata (st277-bap-4c) Avl RFQ
371-1621 4gb sfp Avl RFQ
371-1623 4gbps 10km long wave sfp Avl RFQ
371-1625 sun disk drive filler panel, rohs:y Avl RFQ
371-1626 NA Avl RFQ
371-1627 146gb u320 15k sca 80pin with spud sun bracket new Avl RFQ
371-1629 sun 2gb single fc pci-x card rohs:y Avl RFQ
371-1630 pci-x quad gigabit ethernet rohs:yl Avl RFQ
371-1630 X9273A-Z pci-x quad gigabit ethernet v20z/v40z Avl RFQ
371-1631 NA Avl RFQ
371-1633 asm pci-x infiniband topspin card Avl RFQ
371-1639 NA Avl RFQ
371-1737 network express module (nem) filler panel, rohs:y Avl RFQ
371-1738 blade filler panel rohs:y Avl RFQ
395-0005 hard disk Avl RFQ
395-0009 ultra 5 motherboard Avl RFQ
501-1203 alm-2board/sparc 690 Avl RFQ
501-1206 12port ethernet card 10mb * Avl RFQ
501-1207 cpu Avl RFQ
501-1207-16 NA Avl RFQ
501-1208 cpu Avl RFQ
501-1210 frame buffer, sun-3/60 cg4, color, 501-1210, Avl RFQ
501-1217 NA Avl RFQ
501-1221 alm 2 board/sparc server 690 , , Avl RFQ
501-1227-05 sun cpu module , ss10 (gp28d#5-b-20-1ctp) Avl RFQ
501-1236 sun 3 scsi host adapter+501-1217(st276-k2-1c) Avl RFQ
501-1239 sun 1mb memory simm, 80ns, Avl RFQ
501-1239-TOS 1mb 30p 80ns 9c 1x1 parity fpm simm japan Avl RFQ
501-1243 sun 501-1243 video adapter Avl RFQ
501-1247 NA Avl RFQ
525-1032 sun idprom for sparc 1 (hbgp60-b25nds-2c) Avl RFQ
525-1084 sun idprom for sparc ipc (hbgp60-b25nds-2c) Avl RFQ
525-1085 sun boot prom module Avl RFQ
525-1085-03 sun flash rom Avl RFQ
525-1085-3 sun flashrom for sparc system (pk11f5-b4-18chb24) Avl RFQ
525-1107-06 sun flashrom for sparc system (pk11f5-b4-18chb24) Avl RFQ
525-1107-07 sun flashrom for sparc system (pk11f5-b4-18chb24) Avl RFQ
525-1107-08 sun flashrom for sparc system (pk11f5-b4-18chb24) Avl RFQ
525-1107-10 sun flashrom for sparc system (pk11f5-b4-18chb24) Avl RFQ
525-1108-05 sun part Avl RFQ
525-1109 sun idprom for sparc 1+ (hbgp60-b25nds-2c) Avl RFQ
525-1112 sun idprom for sparc 2 (hbgp60-b25nds-2c) Avl RFQ
525-1180 sparcstation ipx nvram Avl RFQ
525-1181 sparcserver 600mp nvram, ss600mp Avl RFQ
525-1183 sun eprom for sparc 10 Avl RFQ
525-1183-04 sun flashrom for sparc system (pk11f5-b4-18chb24) Avl RFQ
525-1183-05 sun flashrom for sparc system (pk11f5-b4-18chb24) Avl RFQ
525-1184 sparcstation 10 / sparcstation 10sx nvram Avl RFQ
525-1188 sun idprom for sparc elc (hbgp60-b25nds-2c) Avl RFQ
525-1203 sun nvram , idprom , ( gp-ss10-b3-50c) Avl RFQ
600-6363-01 ultra enterprise 450 Avl RFQ
600-6376-01 sun server enterprise e4500 Avl RFQ
600-6383 sun: d130 netra expansion chassis.. Avl RFQ
600-6383-02 sun netra d-130 ac base w/ rack 600-6383-02 Avl RFQ
600-6391 systems Avl RFQ
600-6393 systems Avl RFQ
600-6467-01 netra t1 105 - server Avl RFQ
600-6467-02 sun microsystems 600-6467 netra t1 105 Avl RFQ
600-6467-03 netra t1 105 - server Avl RFQ
600-6468 systems Avl RFQ
600-6468-02 sun microsystems netra 105 t1 server 600-6468-02 Avl RFQ
600-6468-03 pc/netra t1 105 server 440mhz Avl RFQ
600-6485 systems Avl RFQ
600-6485-01 sun ultra60 creator3d Avl RFQ
600-6488 systems Avl RFQ
600-6490 sun ultra 60 base Avl RFQ
600-6492 systems Avl RFQ
600-6492-01 NA Avl RFQ
600-6494-01 NA Avl RFQ
600-6508-01 ultra enterprise 450 Avl RFQ
600-6509 systems Avl RFQ
600-6509-02 netra t1 105, cpu 400mhz, 512mb ram, 2 x 18gb dd 10k, pas de lec Avl RFQ
600-6511 systems Avl RFQ
600-6511-01 server enterprise 420r Avl RFQ
600-6514-01 microsystem420r Avl RFQ
600-6514-1 server enterprise 420r Avl RFQ
600-6515-01 server enterprise 220r ultrasparc ii 1go Avl RFQ
600-6518-01 server enterprise 220r ultrasparc ii 1go Avl RFQ
600-6523-01 NA Avl RFQ
600-6528 systems Avl RFQ
600-6528-01 sun netra t1 105 server Avl RFQ
600-6538 systems Avl RFQ
600-6538-01 sun microsystems 600-6538-01 netra t1 100 fj1d sun microsystems Avl RFQ
600-6539-01 description Avl RFQ
600-6561-01 netra t1 105 Avl RFQ
600-6562 systems Avl RFQ
600-6562-01 systems Avl RFQ
600-6594-01 sun microsystems 600-6594 netra t 1125 Avl RFQ
9N6008-038 seagate st39120a (9.1gb - 7200 rpm ultra ata) barracuda ata Avl RFQ
9N7004-022 seagate st336704fc(36.4gb - 10000 rpm fc-al) Avl RFQ
9N7004-024 seagate st336704fc(36.4gb - 10000 rpm fc-al) Avl RFQ
9N7006-024 36gb 80p u160 10k sun Avl RFQ
9N9001-093 drive Avl RFQ
9N9001-095 hard disk Avl RFQ
A5000 rack mount network array (tdx a5000) Avl RFQ
A5000-1 interface board (a5000) Avl RFQ
E250 M B motherboard only Avl RFQ
E250 SKIN SET skin set including feet Avl RFQ
E250-R19-H sharkrack 19 inch rckmt kit e250 Avl RFQ
E250-RM-CONFIG sun e250 400mhz / 1gb mem/36gb disk/ Avl RFQ
E250R RAIL KIT e250r rail kit parts (tdx e250r rail kit) Avl RFQ
E250RM e250 base rackmount Avl RFQ
FFB0412SHN single 3-wire internal dc system fan, 40x40x28mm 12v Avl RFQ
FFB0412VHN fan assembly Avl RFQ
FFB0412VHN DELTA 540-5107-01 Avl RFQ
FFB0421VHN sun dat 72 fan unit Avl RFQ
FFB0612EHE sun, pe2650 rear fan Avl RFQ
FFB0812UHE system fan tray rohs:y Avl RFQ
FFB0812VHE sun fan assy, 0.9a (286-bap-12c/pk6-6c)t2000/x4200 Avl RFQ
QLE-2462-CK qlogic pci-e 4gb dual port fc hba Avl RFQ
QLE2460-E-SP 4gb single hba pci-e qlogic Avl RFQ
QLE2460-SUN sun/qlogic 4gb pcie single port fc hba Avl RFQ
QLE2460-SUN-X0 sun 4gb pci-x 1-port fibre channel hba, rohs-y Avl RFQ
QLE2462 4gb pci express dual port fc host adapter rohs:y Avl RFQ
QLE2462-E NA Avl RFQ
QLE2462-SUN sun/qlogic 4gb fc dual port pci-e hba Avl RFQ
QLE2462-SUN-XO-LPB sun dual 4gb hba pci-e low bracket lpb(gb21#1m2-bap-2co) Avl RFQ
QLE2462-SUN-XO-N sun dual 4gb hba pci-e low&std bracket(pk10em20b25c1n/pk13t2cn)m Avl RFQ
QLE2462-SUN-XO-STD sun dual 4gb hba pci-e . standard bracket(pk10em3-bap35-1c) Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBL25L-BASE l25 no hvd tape drive library witn 214200-11contoller 380067 Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBL25L-LTO1 l25 single lto1 hvd tape library witn 214200-11contoller 380067 Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBL25LLV- LTO3X l25 lvd 2xlto3 ,2 x magazine, library(st276#3/4/5-b3n5-1ctp) Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBL25LLV-BASE l25 lto lvd base ,2xmagazine library (276#2&3/4/5-b2n5-4ctp) Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBL25LLV-LTO2 sun l25 lto2 one drive with two magazines, Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBL25SDL-BASE sel25 sdlt lvd base, 21-slot Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBL25SDLT-BASE storedge l25 sdlt library base, scsi lvd Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBL25SDLT320 storedge l25 with single sdlt320, dual magazines 380-0821 Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBL25SDLT320 SI storedge l25 sdlt one drive library, two magazines scsi lvd Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBL40 sun stk storedge l40 hvd tape library Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBL700 storedge l700 library with 2x dlt 7000 Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBL700-BASE3 l700 enclosure base configuration 228 slots Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBL700-BASE3 2 storedge l700e library, base configuration, 228 slots Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBL700-DOOR l700 exp door w/294 cart slots Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBLTO-L40 storedge l40, lto hvd variant, no drives, rackmount Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBLTO1-L20 storedge l20 rackmount library, 1x lto1 hvds drive Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBLTO1R-L20 storedge l20 single lto1 hvd tape library, 20slots Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBLTO2-L20 l20 tape library 2 lto Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBLTO2R-L20 storedge l20 rackmount library with 2x lto1 hvds drives Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBLTOS-C4-RAILS sg-xlibltos-c4 rails Avl RFQ
SG-XLIBLTOS-C4-Z storedge-c4 lto scsi library base,scsi ctrl (276l1mk5-b5n-1c) Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI1SCSI-LM320 single ultra320 scsi adapter (pci-x) Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI2FC-EM2 pci-x 2gb dual fc 375-3305 emu Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI2FC-EM2-N-LPB sun dual 2gb fc hba pci-x, lpb bracket (pk11d6m17/m5-4co) Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI2FC-EM2-N-STD sun dual 2gb fc hba pci-x, std bracket (pk11d6m7-2co) Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI2FC-EM2-NIB card, fc, pci-x, dual, 2gb, host adapter, rohs:y, sg-xpci2fc-em2 Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI2FC-EM4 sun 4gb 2ps fibre pci-x Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI2FC-EM4-Z sun storagetek pci-x ente Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI2FC-EM4-Z- -N sun dual 4gb fc hba pci-x, std bracket + lpb (nhxxm3-b35-2cnlp+s Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI2FC-EM4-Z-LPB sun *original* dual 4gb fc hba pci-x, lpb bracket (nhxxm3-b30-2c Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI2FC-EM4-Z-STD sun *original* dual 4gb fc hba pci-x, std bracket (nhxxm3-b27-2c Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI2FC-JF2 jni2gbpcidualportfibrechannel Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI2FC-JF2NEW dual2gbjni Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI2FC-Q2GBF2 pci dual fc host adapter Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI2FC-QF2 sun 2gb 2ps fibre pci-x Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI2FC-QF2 375-3 sun qlogic sg-xpci2fc-qf2 x6768a dual 2gb qla2342 Avl RFQ
SG-XPCI2FC-QF2 W LPB sun 2gb dual channel hba pci-x w lpb low bracket (cl15*1-b20-12c Avl RFQ
SGXPCI1SCSILM320-Z xoption,sunstoredgepcisingle Avl RFQ
SGXPCI1SCSILM320-Z-N card, scsi, pci-single ultra-320, sgxpci1scsilm320-z-nib, 375-33 Avl RFQ

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