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Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, Cogent Sourcing features a range of IT hardware parts, including 1160A 160W 1Channel Amp Perp , Califone Stereo Jackboxes Perp 1210Avps Via Ergoguys, 4Input 60Watt Mixer Amplifier Perp , Ibm Bladecenter Kvm, 4Pt Svga Splitter Extd + Aud. These parts include part numbers 1160A, 1210AVPS, 160MA, 25R5779 N, 39968, and are sourced from leading manufacturers like Crown International, Ergoguys, Computer Exchange, C2g, Calrad. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we are an FAA AC 0056B accredited and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, and the only independent distributor with a No China Sourcing policy. Interested in getting a competitive quote for parts? Submit an Instant RFQ today.

Video Switchboxes Catalog

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
1160A crown international 1160a 160w 1channel amp perp Avl RFQ
1210AVPS ergoguys califone stereo jackboxes perp 1210avps via ergoguys Avl RFQ
160MA crown international 4input 60watt mixer amplifier perp Avl RFQ
25R5779 N computer exchange ibm bladecenter kvm Avl RFQ
39968 c2g 4pt svga splitter extd + aud Avl RFQ
40-1061-HS-4 calrad 1 x 4 hdmi distribution amp 3d perp 1080p Avl RFQ
40-841M calrad 4 x 2 composite a/v matrix perp switcher Avl RFQ
40-994 calrad hdmi switch 4x1 w/ pip w-4kx2k adap 4kx2k res includes remore & ir r Avl RFQ
40734 c2g 3 port compact hdmi switch Avl RFQ
4SVDVI25BND-001 emerson 4pt usb duallink dvi swch w/aud 3pt usb2 Avl RFQ
4XHDMISW3X1 4xem corporation 3x1 hdmi switch perp eta 9/17/14 Avl RFQ
4XVGASL2504 4xem corporation 1x2 vga selector 250mhz adap eta 3/14 Avl RFQ
910-401-026 clearone communications collaborate soundbar hd 100hz to 20khz monaural 85db 20w (ships from mfg) (no returns or exchanges) collaborate soundbar hd 100hz cpnt to 20khz monaural 85db 20w Avl RFQ
ADS-12-I connectpro 2port a/v dvi switch enables perp upto 2pcs to connect to 1xa/v out Avl RFQ
AF5D-20 elite screens aflex5d af5d-20 dual proj 2d/3dperp stacking proc edge blending Avl RFQ
AF5D-21 elite screens aflex5d af5d-21 dual proj perp passive3d video proc linear 3dglass Avl RFQ
AF5D-21SC elite screens airflex5d fullhd image prcssr (af5d21sc) Avl RFQ
AF5D-21SL elite screens aflex5d af5d-21sl dual proj perp passive3d video proc linear 3dglass Avl RFQ
AF5D-30 elite screens airflex5d multi-projector 2d/3d stacking system - stacking/ scaling/ warping/opt Avl RFQ
AF5D-30SC elite screens aflex5d af5d-30sc multi proj perp 2d/3d stacking syst circl 3dglass Avl RFQ
AF5D-30SL elite screens aflex5d af5d-30sl multi proj perp 2d/3d stacking syst linear 3dglass Avl RFQ
AT-VGA14A atlona technologies atlona at-vga14a 1x4 vga dist amp w/audi Avl RFQ
AVS-14 araneus usa rf-link 4-port component & composite av splitter 4-port component composite av perp splitter Avl RFQ
CDI1000 crown international cdi1000 500w 2channel amp with perp dsp Avl RFQ
CDI2000 crown international crown cdi2000 2 ch power amplifier Avl RFQ
DM-MD16X16-RPS crestron electronics inc crestron dm-md16x16-rps dm switcher w/ps Avl RFQ
DMCO-53 crestron electronics inc crestron dmco-53 2 dm 8g+ w/1 hdmi & 2 h Avl RFQ
EXT-3GSDI-144 gefen video/audio splitter - 5 - external Avl RFQ
EXT-3GSDI-441 gefen 4x1 3gsdi switcher perp Avl RFQ
EXT-COMPAUD-444 gefen 4x4 component audio matrix Avl RFQ
EXT-COMPAUD-44424 gefen 4x4 component waudio matrix Avl RFQ
EXT-COMPAUD-CAT5-444 gefen 4x4 component with audio cat5 perp matrix Avl RFQ
EXT-DP-441 gefen 4x1 displayport switcher perp Avl RFQ
EXT-DP-841 gefen 8x1 displayport switcher perp Avl RFQ
EXT-DVI-16416 gefen 16x16 dvi crosspoint matrix perp Avl RFQ
EXT-DVI-841 gefen switch - 8 - rack-mountable Avl RFQ
EXT-HDMI-844 gefen switch - 8 - external Avl RFQ
EXT-HDMI1.3-1410-BLK gefen 1 10 hdmi distribution amp blk (exthdmi131410bl) Avl RFQ
EXT-HDMI1.3-1410-SIL gefen 1:10 hdmi 1.3 distribution perp amplifier silver Avl RFQ
EXT-HDMI1.3-242 gefen 2x2 switcher for hdmi 1.3 Avl RFQ
EXT-HDMI1.3-244 gefen 2x4 switcher for hdmi 1.3 Avl RFQ
EXT-HDMI1.3-841 gefen 8x1 hdmi 1 3 switcher perp Avl RFQ
EXT-HDTV-441N gefen 4x1 hdtv switcher discontinued Avl RFQ
EXT-MHDMI1.3-148 gefen mini 18 splitter for hdmi 1.3 Avl RFQ
FG1052-10 amx corp amx vga splitter avb-dad-rgbhv-hd15-0104 1:4 rgbhv hd-15 distribution amplifier driver Avl RFQ
FG1052-19 amx corp amx avb-dad-cmpnt-rca-0102 video distribution amplifier driver 1:2 component video rca distribution amplifier driver Avl RFQ
FG1052-22 amx corp amx video splitter avb-dad-cmpnt-rca-0106 1:6 component video rca distribution amplifier driver Avl RFQ
FG1052-25 amx corp amx dad-cmpnt-bnc-0102 video distribution amplifier driver 1:2 component bnc distribution amplifier driver Avl RFQ
FG1058-16 amx corp amx fg1058-16 avs-enovadgx16 enclosure Avl RFQ
FG1059-32 amx corp amx avs-enovadgx32-enc dgx 32 enclosure Avl RFQ
FG1330-1401-01 amx corp amx fg1330-1401-01 video splitter avs-sl-0201-834 2x1:2 rgbhv hd-15, bnc, stereo switcher Avl RFQ
FG1330-1600-04 amx corp amx fg1330-1501-04 vga switch avs-sl-0601-848 4x1 rgbhv hd-15, stereo switcher Avl RFQ
FG1330-2011-01 amx corp amx fg1330-2011-01 video switch avs-sl-pr-0401-0601 4x1 rgbhv, 6x1 s-video, 10x1 stereo presentation switche Avl RFQ
FG1330-2020-01 amx corp amx fg1330-2020-01 video switch avs-sl-pr-0201-0301 2x1:2 rgbhv, 3x1 s-video, 5x1 stereo presentation switcher Avl RFQ
FG1340-1101-02 amx corp avb-da-rgbhv-st-0102 Avl RFQ
FG1340-1200-01 amx corp avb-da-rgbhv-0102 Avl RFQ
FG1340-3403-01 amx corp avb-da-rgbhv-0103 Avl RFQ
FG1340-3404-01 amx corp amx avb-da-rgbhv-0104 Avl RFQ
FG1340-4516-01 amx corp avb-da-rgbhv-0106 Avl RFQ
FG1340-4616-01 amx corp 1:6rgbhv hd-15 distribution amplifier Avl RFQ
FG1905-22 amx corp dvx-3156hd-sp 10x4 all-in-one presentation switcher (multi-format hdmi 4 dxlink inputs) Avl RFQ
FG1905-24 amx corp dvx-3156hd-t 10x4 all-in-one presentation switcher (multi-format hdmi 4 dxlink inputs) Avl RFQ
FGP34-1252-110 amx corp modulapre-engineered matrix switchers composite video with bnc Avl RFQ
FGP37-0404-115 amx corp fixed matrix switchers composite video with bnc, stereo audio with 5t phoenix-st Avl RFQ
FGP37-0404-345 amx corp pl 04x04,cmpnt bnc,300 mhz,stereo 5t,cp Avl RFQ
FGP37-0404-844 amx corp 4x4, rgbhv Avl RFQ
FGP37-0804-567 amx corp 08x04 rgbhv video Avl RFQ
FGP37-0808-567 amx corp rgbhv video with stereo audio matrix swi Avl RFQ
FGP37-1204-567 amx corp amx fgp37-1204-567 video switch amx autopatch 12x4, rgbhv bnc, stereo 5t Avl RFQ
FGP46-0404-DD0 amx corp optima 4x4, digital video with dvi Avl RFQ
FGP46-1515-847 amx corp pre-engineered matrix switchers rgbhv video with hd-15, stereo audio with 5t pho Avl RFQ
FGP46-1616-117 amx corp avs-op-1616-117 16x16, composite bnc Avl RFQ
FGP46-1616-567 amx corp rgbhv video with stereo audio matrix swi Avl RFQ
FGP46-1624-117 amx corp amx fgp461624117 optima 16x24 composite Avl RFQ
FGP46-1624-340 amx corp amx optima pre-engineered matrix swither hdtv/component video with bnc 16x24 Avl RFQ
HA8-3 cable manufacturing inc ce labs ha8-3 hdmi splitter 1x8 hdmi 1.3v distributn- Avl RFQ
HMSP102 bytecc 1x2 hdmi splitter Avl RFQ
K072C-007B accell accell ultraav 4x8 hdmi 1.3 perp switcher amplified Avl RFQ
NM200WH broan nutone nutone deluxe nm master amfm perp intercom white Avl RFQ
P-6014 channel vision cat5 camera sequencer Avl RFQ
PPE2224-SVJT-BK-IM brocade imbuyback adc 2ru 2x24 video jackfield perp special sourcing see notes Avl RFQ
SA-380 atlantic thx 380watt mono sub amp-8esub perp *eol* Avl RFQ
UMG6000-G01 emerson eu req umg 6000 40p as 1024sp 10kdp-gvt Avl RFQ
VDA-12 channel vision audio/video baseband dist. 1 in 12 out Avl RFQ
VM0808T aten technology aten 8x8 video audio matrix switch 8x8 video/audio matrix switch perp Avl RFQ
VM1616T aten technology 16x16 vga & audio switch perp Avl RFQ
VS0108H aten technology 8port hdmi spillter 1080p perp Avl RFQ
VS0116 aten technology 16port video & audio splitter perp signal booster 1 input/16 output Avl RFQ
VS0801 aten technology 8port vga video/audio switch perp simultaneous access to diff hdmi Avl RFQ
VS1204KIT1 aten technology 4port a/v over cat5 splitter perp Avl RFQ
VS138A aten technology 8port 450mhz vga video splitterperp Avl RFQ
VS1508T aten technology 8 port video splitter cat5 with audi Avl RFQ
VS1601 aten technology aten 16-port video switch 16port vga switch with audio/ perp video transfer via Avl RFQ
VS164 aten technology video/audio splitter - 4 - external Avl RFQ
VS1808T aten technology video/audio splitter - ports qty: 8 - hdmi - rack-mountable Avl RFQ
VS184 aten technology aten vs184 video / audio splitter 4port 1:4 hdmi distribution perp amplifier Avl RFQ
VS461 aten technology 4 port dvi video switch w/audioperp dvi video w/ stereo audio support Avl RFQ
VS481 aten technology aten 4-port hdmi switch, hdcp 1.1 compliant 4port hdmi video switch 4 hdmi perp sources to 1 hdmi monitor Avl RFQ
XLS1500 crown international crown xls1500 amplifier Avl RFQ
XLS2500 crown international crown xls2500 xls series amplifier Avl RFQ

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