All About Turbine Engine Compressors and Choosing Quality Parts

In the modern day of aviation, a multitude of aircraft are reliant on turbine engines for achieving heavier than air flight. Through the compression and combustion of fuel and air mixtures, high amounts of thrust can be produced even at high altitudes where oxygen levels are lower than that of sea level. This ability to produce high levels of thrust and propulsion by turbine engines is due in part to their compressors, which require precise and advanced engineering to optimally operate.

The compressor is the section of the aircraft engine assembly that is responsible for compressing entering air, increasing its pressure before it moves into the combustor. The compressor is a critical component of the aircraft engine, as it often affects the performance of the engine as a whole. In general, the two main types of compressors are the axial and centrifugal compressor, and both provide compression through different means.

Within axial flow compressors, rotors and stators operate to compress air as it travels to its main destination. The rotor consists of blades that impel air rearward as they operate, acting as airfoils that produce a high velocity of airflow. The air then passes through the stator blade, diffusing the high velocity air into high pressure. Centrifugal compressors accelerate air as it enters, utilizing a compressor manifold alongside its rotor and stator turbine engine parts. The rotor, or impeller, accelerates air to the diffuser (stator) which then utilizes the compressor manifold to direct airflow into the combustion chamber.

Through their various differences, choosing between axial and centrifugal compressors comes down to specific needs and desires for flight operation. The axial flow compressor assembly can handle high amounts of airflow, providing straight through flow for high ram efficiency. Nevertheless, they can be more expensive to produce, and are more sensitive to foreign object damages. The centrifugal compressor, on the other hand, is lightweight and is simplistic in nature, leading to lower costs to build and procure. The disadvantages of the centrifugal compressor lie in their large frontal areas for airflow, as well as two stage compression operations that may cause losses.

With compressors, aircraft can operate with much more power while at high altitudes, extending our capabilities of passenger and international flights. To ensure that compressors and the surrounding aircraft engine assembly all function efficiently, it is critical that they are manufactured with the highest degree of precision. With precision grinding operations, flight critical components can be made for a variety of models and applications. Rotor assemblies that are manufactured with precision grinding can lead to efficient parts and components with optimal surfacing. Depending on the material of the components in question, surface treatments and coatings may not be required. With locating fixtures, assemblies that are more complex can be produced with accuracy and precision. Another method to ensure that the parts that you procure are of top quality is to refer to their grades. This can enable you to know what the specific part can withstand and the environments it may thrive in, letting you know if it is an airworthy part that will benefit your operations.

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