There are thousands of parts that go into assembling a helicopter. There is the stabilizer bar which is used to help stabilize the rotary blades. There is also the tail fin which helps the pilot to steer the aircraft, as well as the landing skids which enables the aircraft to make a safe landing, and so on. While each part plays an important function, this outline will exclusively cover the parts of the helicopter which impact the most crucial flying aspect of the vessel.

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Cleanliness is a virtue. But, in aviation, cleanliness is a must. So, it’s important to follow a strict and regular cleaning maintenance cycle. As rotatable parts follow maintenance cycles, cleaning the aircraft should follow the suit. And, the best place to start is your aircraft manufacturer manual.  It’s important to consult your manual because you need to make sure that there won’t be subsequent damage to your aircraft. Certain materials don’t work with certain cleaning solutions and methods, so consulting your manual will prevent you from causing irreparable damage. Your manual will also include a list of recommended cleaning solutions and cleaning schedule.  

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