What Is the Working Principle of a Bellows Seal Valve?

When you are working with a stem-actuated control valve, you will require a seal that allows motion of the stem while also preventing processed fluids from leakaging between the steam and body of the valve. One popular device for such an application is a bellows seal valve, that of which is an accordion-like metal tube fastened to the valve stem and bonnet. As such, your valve will not allow for any fugitive emissions,” or any unwanted escape of substances, into the surrounding environment. With its unique design and applications across many industries, a bellows seal could be exactly what you require for your operations. For your better knowledge, this blog will explore the working principle of a bellows seal valve.

A bellows seal valve relies on accordion ribs for the ability to stretch and compress with a sliding stem’s linear motion while in use. The bellows is an uninterrupted metal tube, meaning there are no spots in which leaks could develop. As the sliding stem moves in and out of a bonnet, it passes a port that serves as a point of connection for process fluid leak detection sensors. In the case of a ruptured bellows, these detectors sound an alarm and/or take action to ensure the issue is fixed and any leaks are taken care of. Sensors can function in a number of ways, one common example being a pressure switch that is calibrated to “trip” in response to a modest pressure value below that of the normal process operating pressure. Regardless of specific designs, when a sensor detects a leak, the packing assembly will maintain a seal until repairs are made.

The configuration of a bellows consists of one end that is welded to the valve stem and one end that is welded to the protective tube. With the wide flange of the tube firmly clamped in the bonnet of the valve, a leak-free seal exists. Since bellows have a limited service life, they are prone to rupture, and this is why a conventional packing assembly is always included in a bellows-equipped bonnet. The packing assembly serves as a back up seal located above the bellows and the port. When leakage is a major concern for your operations, a bellows seal valve might be the best option.

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