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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer 3Com. We have products like Network And Communicat, Modem Subassembly, Networking, Interface Unit Auto, Circuit Card Assemb in our inventory, with part numbers including 02-0021-002, 02-0021-003, 02-0021-010, 02-0021-010 REV 02, 02-0046-001. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
02-0021-002 product type: networking ethernet board Avl RFQ
02-0021-003 product type: networking ethernet board Avl RFQ
02-0021-010 3com etherlink iii isa nic combo card Avl RFQ
02-0021-010 REV 02 etherlink 3 Avl RFQ
02-0046-001 pci etherlink network card Avl RFQ
02-0104-001 3com, ethernet card Avl RFQ
02-0104-001 I pci etherlink ethernet card Avl RFQ
02-0104-001 I I pci network card etherlink Avl RFQ
02-0104-001 I I I pci network card Avl RFQ
02-0108-001 ethernet pci, 03-0108-002 a, 02-0108-001, dp/n 00058094 Avl RFQ
02-0147-000 pci network card etherlink xl Avl RFQ
02-0147-001 REV A etherlink xl pci Avl RFQ
02-0247-001 3c905cx-txm, 03-0247-000 a, 10/100 pci ethernet card, 02-0247-00 Avl RFQ
02-0287-002 I pci 10/100 lan network card Avl RFQ
020-11060-3001 NA Avl RFQ
020-11344-3001 accessbuilder 9000 fan module Avl RFQ
023-11704-0001 scduplex 62.5/125 Avl RFQ
0231A033 3com 0231a033 h3c router 1-port oc-3 atm single mode flexible in Avl RFQ
1206-162-000-1 bicc data networks fibre tcvr module Avl RFQ
1206-360-000 tp tcvr module - 3c16671 Avl RFQ
3C13779 NA Avl RFQ
3C13779A 3com 3c13779a router 4-port t1 ima multifunction interface modul Avl RFQ
3C13780 NA Avl RFQ
3C13783 NA Avl RFQ
3C13784 NA Avl RFQ
3C13785 NA Avl RFQ
3C13786 NA Avl RFQ
3C13787 NA Avl RFQ
3C13787A NA Avl RFQ
3C13788 NA Avl RFQ
3C13788A NA Avl RFQ
3C13802 3c13802 - router 6040 fan module Avl RFQ
3C16462 superstack ii baseline switches (24 port x 10 mbps switched port Avl RFQ
3C16680 3com 100basetx tranceiver module Avl RFQ
3C16683 3com 100base-tx distance extender module Avl RFQ
3C16684 3com superstack ii expansion module Avl RFQ
3C16685 NA Avl RFQ
3C16701A 3com officeconnect ethernet hub 8c Avl RFQ
3C16701A-US 3com hub officeconnect ethernet 10mbps 8-ports 3c16701aus 3c16701a-us mnf. refurbished Avl RFQ
3C16702 3com hub officeconnect ethernet 10mbps 16-ports 3c16702 3c16702 used Avl RFQ
3C16703 3com hub officeconnect ethernet 10mbps 4-ports 3c16703 3c16703 mnf. refurbished Avl RFQ
3C16703A 3com officeconnect ethernet hub 4c Avl RFQ
3C16703A-US 3com hub officeconnect ethernet 10mbps 4-ports 3c16703aus 3c16703a-us mnf. refurbished Avl RFQ
3C16704A 3com officeconnect ethernet hub 4 3com hub officeconnect ethernet 10mbps 4-ports 3c16704a 3c16704a new Avl RFQ
3C16704US 3com hub officeconnect ethernet 10mbps 4-ports 3c16704us 3c16704 3c16704us mnf. refurbished Avl RFQ
3C1671600 3com officeconnect 16 port ethernet switch Avl RFQ
3C16721 3com hub officeconnect ethernet 100mbps 12-ports 3c16721 3c16721 new Avl RFQ
3C16721A 3com officeconnect fast ethernet hub Avl RFQ
3C16723A 3com officeconnect fast ethernet hub Avl RFQ
3C16733A 3com officeconnect dual speed switch 4 Avl RFQ
3C16751A 3com officeconnect dual speed hub 16 hub 16-ports en fast en 10base-t 3c16751a mnf. refurbished Avl RFQ
3C16753 3com officeconnect 8-port dual speed hub Avl RFQ
3C16754 3com offfice connect dual speed hub 16 Avl RFQ
3C16754-US 3com hub officeconnect ethernet 10/100mbps 16-ports 3c16754us 3c16754-us mnf. refurbished Avl RFQ
3C16755-US 3com hub officeconnect ethernet 10/100mbps 5-ports 3c16755us 3c16755-us mnf. refurbished Avl RFQ
3C16771 3com officeconnect internet firewall dmz Avl RFQ
3C16771-US 3com officeconnect internet firewall dmz 3c16771us 3c16771-us mnf. refurbished Avl RFQ
3C16780 3com officeconnect 14.4w power adapter uk 3c16780 3c16780 new Avl RFQ
3C16803 3com switch 4007 documentation kit 3c16803 3c16803 new Avl RFQ
3C16854 3com power supply for switch 7700 460w redundant ac 100-240 v 3c16854 3c16854 used Avl RFQ
3C16860 3com switch 7700 ethernet 10/100mbps 48-ports 3c16860 3c16860 new Avl RFQ
3C16875 3com expansion module ethernet 10gbps xenpak 1-port 3c16875 3c16875 mnf. refurbished Avl RFQ
3C16911 3com module ethernet 1000mbps 1-port 3c16911 3c16911 new Avl RFQ
3C16920 3com ssii downlink mod 100bfx 1pt sc feth 1000/3000 100mbps 1-port 3c16920 3c16920 mnf. refurbished Avl RFQ
3C16922 3com module for switch ethernet 100mbps 1-port 3c16922 3c16922 mnf. refurbished Avl RFQ
3C16970 3com superstack ii expansion module 3com module ethernet 100mbps 1-port 3c16970 3c16970 mnf. refurbished Avl RFQ
3C16977 3com module atm 155mbps 1-port 3c16977 3c16977 mnf. refurbished Avl RFQ
3C16985B - RF 3com switch superstack iii 3300 ethernet 10/100mbps 24-ports Avl RFQ
3C16985B B superstack ii switch 3300 xm (24 port) Avl RFQ
3C16985B CT NA Avl RFQ
3C16986A-USREF ref // 3com ss3 3300tm 24port 10/100 + 1000base-t port Avl RFQ
3C16987A superstack 3 switch 3300, 24 10/100 ports, 1 1000base-sx port,1 Avl RFQ
3C16987A CT NA Avl RFQ
3C16988 CT NA Avl RFQ
3C16988A CT NA Avl RFQ
3C16988A-RE NA Avl RFQ
3C16990 3com super stack ii switch 9000 sx (3c16990) Avl RFQ
3C17111 3com superstack 3 expansion module 3com module for switch 4300 ethernet 100mbps 1-port 3c17111 3c17111 mnf. refurbished Avl RFQ
3C17121 3com superstack 3 single-port expansion module 3com module for switch 4300 ethernet 1000mbps 1-port 3c17121 3c17121 new Avl RFQ
3C17131 3com superstack 3 expansion module 3com module for switch 4300 ethernet 1000mbps 1-port 3c17131 3c17131 mnf. refurbished Avl RFQ
3C201250 corebuilder 2500 10base2 (eight ports, unterminated bnc) note: r Avl RFQ
3C201610 3c201610 lanplex 2016 Avl RFQ
3C2101000 8 port utp card rj45 Avl RFQ
3C220000 linkswitch 2200 eth/fddi Avl RFQ
3C250 B-TX NA Avl RFQ
3C250-TX 3com ss2 12 port ethernet hub Avl RFQ
3C250-TX-1 3 com 12 port network switch Avl RFQ
3C37266 NA Avl RFQ
3C37400 7400 eth/atm i/f card Avl RFQ
3C595-TX 10/100base-t ethernet adapter Avl RFQ
3C595-TX ASSY 03-002 3c595-tx fast etherlink pci 10/100base-t ethernet adapter Avl RFQ
3C597-TX network card 3com fast etherlink eisa Avl RFQ
3CR17561-91 CT NA Avl RFQ
3CR17561-91-US switch 4500 26-port Avl RFQ
3CR17562-91-US 3com switch 4500 - switch - 48 Avl RFQ
3CR1757-91 superstack3 4500 Avl RFQ
3CR17571-91-UK NA Avl RFQ
3CR17572-91-US 3com switch 4500 pwr - switch Avl RFQ
3CR176-91 switch 4200 g pwr 24-port Avl RFQ
3CR17660-91 switch 4200g, 12port Avl RFQ
3CR17660-91 CT NA Avl RFQ
3CR17660-91-ME switch 4200g 12-port Avl RFQ
3CR17660-91-UK NA Avl RFQ
3CR17661 NA Avl RFQ
3CR17661-91 NA Avl RFQ
3CR17661-91 CT NA Avl RFQ
3CR17661-91-A switch 4200g 24-port Avl RFQ
3CR17662-91 CT NA Avl RFQ
3CR17671-91 NA Avl RFQ
3CR17672-91 NA Avl RFQ
3CR17761-91 3com switch 4500g - 24port / je057a Avl RFQ
3CR17761-91 CT NA Avl RFQ
3CR17761-91-US 3com switch 4500g - switch - 2 Avl RFQ
3CR1776191 3com switch 4500g 24-port Avl RFQ
3CR17772-91 3com switch 4500g pwr 48-port Avl RFQ
3CSFP9-81 NA Avl RFQ
3CSFP91 3RD 3com 1000base-sx transeiver Avl RFQ
3CSFP92-OEM 1000base-lx sfp transceiver compatible Avl RFQ
3CSFP93-4500 1000base-t sfp transceiver Avl RFQ
3CSM905CX-TXM adapter, network Avl RFQ
DCS-2332L d-link wireless hd day/night outdoor network surveillance dcs-23 Avl RFQ
JD998A lan hp v1405 Avl RFQ
JF284A 3com msr 30-20 jf284a multi-service router hp a-msr30-20 w/ flas Avl RFQ
MCP-310-39001-0N super micro air shroud for chassis Avl RFQ
NPM-4100 crossbeam system npm-4100- crossbeam npm-4100- Avl RFQ
NV-GT610-A nvidia gt610; aktiv Avl RFQ
NV-GT610-P nvidia gt610; passiv Avl RFQ
P07744117N NA Avl RFQ
P41240300A101G 3com nbx class 2 power supply Avl RFQ
P48121000A040G p48121000a040g 3com / 7900-000-018- Avl RFQ
P48121000A040G I ac adapter 12vdc 1000ma, 6ft cable with barrel connector, od:5.5 Avl RFQ
P48131000A060G p48131000a060g 3com / ac adapter Avl RFQ
P48240600A020G power supply new open box Avl RFQ
P48240600A030G ac adapter 24v dc 600ma Avl RFQ
P61-0127-000 p61-0127-000 3com / 48v - 420ma ac adapter Avl RFQ
PATHBUILDER S500 pathbuilder s500 router isa versatile, one-solution switch Avl RFQ
PILA8460MBLK20 intel pro/100 m desktop adapter - network adapter - pci x 1 sing Avl RFQ
PSE2500-A 3com 3c16883 external poe power rack pse2500-a Avl RFQ
PW118RA4800N03 NA Avl RFQ
QLE2462 dual port 4 gig Avl RFQ
R9-NBC-XSLI-GP cooler master notepal x-slim ultra-slim laptop cooling pad with Avl RFQ
RA4800N03 NA Avl RFQ
RM1-3812-030CN NA Avl RFQ
RS232 3com modulator nic radiant rs232 Avl RFQ
RTF2MABDA0 3com router main logic bd Avl RFQ
RTXM191-550 NA Avl RFQ
S7910E switch s7910e chassis Avl RFQ
S8000FP1 filler plate amp for s-8000/s-12000 Avl RFQ
SL-3055 wireless pci network adapter card Avl RFQ
SNPG6036C 2G snpg6036c/2g dell memory pc2-3200 2gb snpg6036c/2g dell memory p Avl RFQ
SP228 170w power supply for nbii 3c6001 cherokee int'l sp228 Avl RFQ
SPA1370-1V2.31 router 5000 family manuals and doc cd Avl RFQ
SS3 SWITCH 4400 3c17204 (only board) - 3com superstack 3 (ss3) switch 4400, 48-p Avl RFQ
ST15150N 4.3gb 3.5 scsi 50 pin hdd Avl RFQ
ST3983-002 NA Avl RFQ
SUPERSTACKII-1 3com superstack ii netbuilder, p/n: 3c8467, espl-343 Avl RFQ
SUPERSTACKII-2 3com superstack ii netbuilder, p/n: 3c8442, espl-341 Avl RFQ
SUPERSTACKII-3 3com superstack ii netbuilder, p/n: 3c8457, espl-342 Avl RFQ
SUPERSTACKII-4 3com superstack ii netbuilder, p/n: 3c8437, espl-340 Avl RFQ
SUPERSTACKII-5 3com superstack ii netbuilder, p/n: 3c8462, espl-343 Avl RFQ
SUPERSTACKII-6 3com superstack ii netbuilder, p/n: 08-0262-001, espl-320, t94-5 Avl RFQ
SWITCH 3900 switch Avl RFQ
TC81D-1312 130a dc power suppy tape 9 psi Avl RFQ
TC81D1312 power supply unit dc 130 amp type 9 Avl RFQ
TC84D-1311 3com total control 1000 130amp blue tab ac power supplies Avl RFQ
TC84D-1313 130a dc power supply unit type 9 psu Avl RFQ
TC84D1313 power supply unit dc 130 amp type 9 Avl RFQ
TEST001 cable Avl RFQ
TP5000E tippingpoint 5000e intrusion protection system Avl RFQ
TPR1200EC96 3com tipping point 1200e copper intrusion prevention system Avl RFQ
TPR2400EC96 3com tippingpoint 2400e copper tpr2400ec96 security management s Avl RFQ
TPR600EC96 8 port intrusion prevention system Avl RFQ
TPRN2500B0S96 tippingpoint 2500n intrusion prevention system Avl RFQ
TPRSMS2396 3com tprsms2396 tipping point security management system 25 intr Avl RFQ
TRUNK 3CRVG71226-0 1-port Avl RFQ
US-019YRD dell / 3com us.robotics 56k v.90 Avl RFQ
USR-0701 3co usrobotics 56k faxmodm xtrnal _usr-0701 Avl RFQ
USR0525 3com usr 0525 3com/5605 us robotics 56k voice faxmodem Avl RFQ
USR1868 3com usr v.everything external modem Avl RFQ
USR263090 56k urs pci modem usr263090 Avl RFQ
USR5686-02 5686-02 usr external modem Avl RFQ
USR5686D usrobotics 56k faxmodem external Avl RFQ
USR5686E 56k v.92 external faxmodem Avl RFQ
VCX V7111 -11494 3com vcx v7111 voip sip 8fxs Avl RFQ
VCX V7111 -13313 3com vcx v7111 voip gateway (2fxs) Avl RFQ
VELOCITY XL-36 3com tokenlink velocity xl pci token ring interface card Avl RFQ
VJ1812Y104KXEAT surface mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors2183936-4-825 Avl RFQ

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