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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Alcatel. We have products like Washer Spring Tensi, Matrix Communicatio in our inventory, with part numbers including 3AL36153ABAB, 3AL36153ACAA01, 3AL36154AA, 3AL36154AA AA01, 3AL36154AAAA. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
3AL36153ABAB p.a.m.2mb 120k20 2mbit/s-120 k20 prot 1 Avl RFQ
3AL36153ACAA01 21x2m prot acc module 120 - k20 Avl RFQ
3AL36154AA alcatel card Avl RFQ
3AL36154AA AA01 21x2 protected access module 75 ohm - t43 Avl RFQ
3AL36154AAAA 3al36154aaaa Avl RFQ
3AL36154AAAA01 42 socket system card Avl RFQ
3AL36154AB AA 21x2 protected access module 7 Avl RFQ
3AL36154ABAA01 42 socket system card Avl RFQ
3AL36155AAA 3al36155aaa Avl RFQ
3AL36155AAAA iftp Avl RFQ
3AL36155AAAA01 140/stm1 switch tribut. Avl RFQ
3AL36155AAM NA Avl RFQ
3AL36155ABAA 3 x 34m access card Avl RFQ
3AL36155ABAA01 NA Avl RFQ
3AL36155AC AA 3x34/45 protection access modu Avl RFQ
3AL36156AA alcatel card Avl RFQ
3AL36156AAAC protected access module 140/stm1 m1 Avl RFQ
3AL85527BA AC01 3al85527ba Avl RFQ
3AL85527BA AD01 3al85527ba Avl RFQ
3AL85527BB AC01 3al85527bb Avl RFQ
3AL85527BD AD01 3al85527bd Avl RFQ
3AL85527BLAC stm-16 wla 194.3thz Avl RFQ
3AL85527CA AA01 3al85527ca Avl RFQ
3AL85527CAAA s16.1/tx 192.2 wla 6400 Avl RFQ
3AL85527CB s-16.1/tx 192,4 wla 6400 Avl RFQ
3AL85527CC AA01 3al85527cc Avl RFQ
3AL85527CD AA01 3al85527cd Avl RFQ
3AL85527CE AA01 3al85527ce Avl RFQ
3AL85527CF AA01 3al85527cf Avl RFQ
3AL85527CG AA01 3al85527cg Avl RFQ
3AL85527CH AA01 stm-16 wla Avl RFQ
3AL85528AA AA01 stm-16 wla wdm rx Avl RFQ
3AL85528AA AB01 stm-16 wla wdm rx Avl RFQ
3AL85528AAAA wla_rs16_1 Avl RFQ
3AL85528AAAA01 wla_rs16_1 Avl RFQ
3AL85528AAAB wla_rs16_1 Avl RFQ
3AL85528AAAB 01 alcatel 3al85528aaab Avl RFQ
3AL85528AAAB01 stm-16 wdm 1686wm Avl RFQ
3AL85540AF AA01 3al85540af Avl RFQ
3AL85540AG AA01 3al85540ag Avl RFQ
3AL85540AR AB01 3al85540ar Avl RFQ
3AL85540AS AB01 3al85540as Avl RFQ
3AL85540AT AB01 wlaasy Avl RFQ
3AL85560AA alcatel card Avl RFQ
3AL85560AA AB01 wla-tx fec-en Avl RFQ
3AL85560AB wla-tx fec-en Avl RFQ
3AL85560AB AB01 wla-tx fec-en Avl RFQ
3AL85560AC wla-tx fec-en Avl RFQ
3AL85560AC AB01 wla-tx fec-en Avl RFQ
3AL85560AD 3al85560ad Avl RFQ
3AL85560AD AB01 3al85560ad Avl RFQ
3AL85560AE wla-tx fec-en Avl RFQ
3AL85560AE AA01 wla-tx fec-en Avl RFQ
3AL85560AE AB01 wla-tx fec-en Avl RFQ
3AL85560AF NA Avl RFQ
3AL85560AF AB01 wla-tx fec-en Avl RFQ
3AL85560AG NA Avl RFQ
3AL85560AG AB01 3al85560ag Avl RFQ
3AL85560AH 3al85560ah Avl RFQ
3AL85560AH AA01 3al85560ah Avl RFQ
3AL85560AH AB01 3al85560ah Avl RFQ
3AL85560AMAA01 wla-tx fec-en 1686wm Avl RFQ
3AL85560ANAA01 wla-tx fed-en 194.7 1686wm Avl RFQ
3AL85560BA AB01 3al85560ba Avl RFQ
3AL85560BB AB01 3al85560bb Avl RFQ
3AL85560BC AB01 wla-tx fec-en Avl RFQ
3AL85560BD AB01 3al85560bd Avl RFQ
3AL85560BE AB01 wla-tx fec-en Avl RFQ
3AL85560BF AB01 3al85560bf Avl RFQ
3AL85560BG AA01 3al85560bg Avl RFQ
3AL85560BG AB01 3al85560bg Avl RFQ
3AL85560BH AB01 3al85560bh Avl RFQ
3AL85560CA AB01 3al85560ca Avl RFQ
3AL85560CB AB01 3al85560cb Avl RFQ
3AL85560CC AB01 3al85560cc Avl RFQ
3AL85560DA 3al85560da Avl RFQ
3AL85560DA AA01 3al85560da Avl RFQ
3AL85560DA AB01 3al85560da Avl RFQ
3AL85560DB 3al85560db Avl RFQ
3AL85560DB AB01 3al85560db Avl RFQ
3AL85560DC 3al85560dc Avl RFQ
3AL85560DC AB01 3al85560dc Avl RFQ
3AL85560DD 3al85560dd Avl RFQ
3AL85560DD AB01 3al85560dd Avl RFQ
3AL85560DE alcatel s-16.1 lh wla tx 193.1 - 6400card Avl RFQ
3AL85560DF AB01 3al85560df Avl RFQ
3AL85560EH alcatel l-16.2 lh wla tx 193.7 - 6400 card Avl RFQ
3AL85561AA AB01 3al85561aa Avl RFQ
3AL85561AA AC01 3al85561aa Avl RFQ
6033-2BALDE1 8 mp, red Avl RFQ
611EAAK0704 cpu card Avl RFQ
611EAAK2502 i/o adte (16) rs232 cable Avl RFQ
622-8731-007 NA Avl RFQ
622-8734-001 NA Avl RFQ
622-8752-001 HREV U board Avl RFQ
622-8752-001 I1 622-8752-001 i1-(ae-37l-1) - dmx-3003 muldem contr Avl RFQ
622-8752-001 RJ 622-8752-001 rj-(ae-37l-1) - dmx-3003 muldem contr Avl RFQ
622-8752-001 RK 622-8752-001 rk>-(ae-37l-1) - dmx-3003 muldem contr Avl RFQ
622-8752-001 RN 622-8752-001 rn Avl RFQ
622-8752-001 RP 622-8752-001 rp Avl RFQ
622-8752-001-ISS-01 dmx-3003 muldem contr Avl RFQ
622-885-001 alcatel 622-885-001 es-27c-1 bus terminator Avl RFQ
622-8935-002 01 alcatel 622-8935-002 es-27e communication interface module (cim) Avl RFQ
644-0171-001 02 alcatel 644-0171-001 es-16g-1 power supply (pst) Avl RFQ
6609-003-101-51 gsm Avl RFQ
695-3363-303 REV C alcatel 695-3363-303 1630 sx ass. blower Avl RFQ
695-7392-002 alcatel 695-7392-002 blower assembly Avl RFQ
700-178 cable Avl RFQ
70000G7 NA Avl RFQ
700232002 3600 main street Avl RFQ
7008210 management processor 12mb * Avl RFQ
702086323 fi-cpk umts sfp 20km Avl RFQ
72608934AAAA dng19 Avl RFQ
77093297AAAA bbat Avl RFQ
77164923AAAA alcatel board Avl RFQ
77251036BABA 77251036baba Avl RFQ
77252118AAAA spcm-s1 / 77252118aaaa Avl RFQ
77252132AAFA 001 ngpcm Avl RFQ
77470300CAAA itb Avl RFQ
7750 BLANK PLATE 16 7750 blanking plate 16 1/2 inch Avl RFQ
7750 BLANK PLATE 7.5 7750 blanking plate 7.5inch Avl RFQ
7750 BLANKING PLATE 7750 - 16 1/2 inch double thickness Avl RFQ
78-155-0300 power supply Avl RFQ
A74656-015 j7374a - agilent, intel tsrlt2 350w dc 2u rm dual p3t svr nebsii Avl RFQ
BBR1-S1 1 alcatel-lucent dacs ii bus termination Avl RFQ
D59016B02 tbtd2 Avl RFQ
D59147A01 alcatel ocb283/e10 Avl RFQ
FG32S-9 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FG34S-8 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FG35S-5 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FG35S-6 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FG36S-9 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FG37S-10 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FG37S-9 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FG38S-6 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FG41S-10 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FG41S-9 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FG74S-8 pack ckt Avl RFQ
FGA-0001-1 alcatel fga-0001-1 packet engines 1000 fdr12 repeater unit alcat Avl RFQ
FHB2 S-1 sdv-2000 dsxbiu contr Avl RFQ
FHB2S-1 sdv-2000 dsxbiu contr Avl RFQ
FIP200S-1 fac intfc pc asby 5ess Avl RFQ
FIREWALL-150 300788288 - vpn firewall brick model 150 - eu Avl RFQ
FN02004681 109511113 - transceiver xfp 10gbase-er/ew Avl RFQ
FPP101 3em06217ab - fiber patch panel shelf assy fpp101 Avl RFQ
FSCM 59277 NA Avl RFQ
FSCM-03522 407945278 - fan shelf Avl RFQ
FSX-FM-2W omni 2-port fddi dassas mmf switching module Avl RFQ
FTM111 625214-000-011 - ftm111 fiber optical transceiver Avl RFQ
FTRJ1319P1BNL-A4 3he00028aa01 - 1-port 1000base-lx sfp Avl RFQ
FX2-D-3202-12V NA Avl RFQ
G86-PDC rs 8600 dc pwrsy mod rs 8600 Avl RFQ
G8M-GTSOM-02 advanced services mod rs 8000 Avl RFQ
G8M-HTXB2-16 rs 8000/8600 ethnt mod rs 8600 Avl RFQ
G8M-HTXF2-16 fast ethernet module rs 8000 Avl RFQ
GA11700-2664 b014r-rev-g - k-byte back plane Avl RFQ
GBE FC 2FC 1310 NA Avl RFQ
GBIC-ARL4 alcatel gbic-arl4 lucent packet engine 1000base gbic module alca Avl RFQ
GBIC-LH-70-JTS 1000base-lh(zx) , smf, 1550nm , 70km, (gbic) module Avl RFQ
GE-1X2XFC-LX-C1 sfp opt trcvr mod ckt metropolis dmx Avl RFQ
J98726BE-22 fxo serv off chan unit Avl RFQ
J98726BE-22 A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BE-22 A B NA Avl RFQ
J98726BE-22 B NA Avl RFQ
J98726BE-23 C NA Avl RFQ
J98726BE-34 2w fx ocu Avl RFQ
J98726BE-45 A 2 fxo chan un Avl RFQ
J98726BE-45 A B 2 fxo chan un Avl RFQ
J98726BF-11 B T rev pls orig end Avl RFQ
J98726BG-11 B C T rev pls term end Avl RFQ
J98726BG-11 C rev pls term end Avl RFQ
J98726BH-33 A dp orig off end channel Avl RFQ
J98726BJ-11 NA Avl RFQ
J98726BJ-11 A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BJ-22 NA Avl RFQ
J98726BJ-22 A 2w chan unit Avl RFQ
J98726BJ-33 NA Avl RFQ
J98726BJ-33 A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BK-1 L1 2fxs ls Avl RFQ
J98726BK-11 T 2w for exch chan un Avl RFQ
J98726BL-11 2w forn exch off unit Avl RFQ
J98726BL-11 T 2w forn exch off unit Avl RFQ
J98726BL-2 L2 2fso-ls Avl RFQ
J98726BL-22 2w fx off lst Avl RFQ
J98726BL-22 C 2w fx off lst Avl RFQ
J98726BM-11 NA Avl RFQ
J98726BM-22 NA Avl RFQ
J98726BM-22 A NA Avl RFQ
J98726BN-11 d4 puls lk rptr chan d4 Avl RFQ
J98726BN-22 A pvls lk repeater channel Avl RFQ
J98726BN-44 d4 puls lk rptr chan d4 Avl RFQ
J98726BN-44 A d4 puls lk rptr chan d4 Avl RFQ
J98726BP-11 4w extended ring channel unit Avl RFQ
X2E3-V2 x2e3-v2 Avl RFQ

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