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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Asus. We have products like in our inventory, with part numbers including 04072-00100500, 04072-00180000, 04072-00320200, 04072-00320400, 04072-00390000. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
04072-00100500 asus transformer pad tf300t speaker module Avl RFQ
04072-00180000 asus n56vm speakers-cs Avl RFQ
04072-00320200 speakers Avl RFQ
04072-00320400 speaker x501a Avl RFQ
04072-00390000 speaker assembly nexus7 Avl RFQ
04072-00390100 asus nexus 7 speaker-cs Avl RFQ
0408-00030100 x501a webcam-cs Avl RFQ
04081-00010100 webcam Avl RFQ
04081-00021900 s200e webcam-cs Avl RFQ
04081-00050200 k53u webcam-cs Avl RFQ
04081-00060000 camera - rear tf201 Avl RFQ
04081-00060300 camera - rear tf300t Avl RFQ
04081-00080000 camera - front tf201 Avl RFQ
04081-00080200 camera - front tf300t Avl RFQ
04081-00080400 webcam nexus7 Avl RFQ
04081-00080900 camera - front me301t-1b017a Avl RFQ
04081-00150300 camera - rear me301t-1b017a Avl RFQ
04081-00150900 nexus7 (2013) rear webcam 5.0mp-cs Avl RFQ
04081-00170000 nexus7 (2013) front webcam 1.26mp-cs Avl RFQ
0420-00AP000 eee pc x101 webcam-cs Avl RFQ
0420-00AU000 webcam x54c Avl RFQ
04G001617659 1 gb, 200-pin, so-dimm Avl RFQ
04G001617660 memory ddr2-667 1gb Avl RFQ
04G0300025B3 wwan card eee pc 1005hag Avl RFQ
04G033052020 wireless lan card g1s Avl RFQ
04G0330540 NA Avl RFQ
04G03305404175020646 f5vl wifi card-cs Avl RFQ
04G0330540418261 04g03305404182615644 wifi card Avl RFQ
04G03305404382604485 eee pc 904hd wifi card-cs Avl RFQ
04G033054046 wifi card Avl RFQ
04G033098002 wlan board Avl RFQ
04G039000500 wlan board n Avl RFQ
04G039000730 wlan card Avl RFQ
04G107060012 keyboard (german) Avl RFQ
04G110102600 NA Avl RFQ
04G110103100 touchpad g1s Avl RFQ
04G110104900 touchpad eee pc 1018p Avl RFQ
04G110105200 asus touchpad board Avl RFQ
04G110105410 touchpad eee pc x101h Avl RFQ
04G110105600 touchpad tf300t Avl RFQ
04G110106000 touch panel board eee pc x101ch Avl RFQ
04G125610170DP usb mouse essentio cm6730 Avl RFQ
04G160006300 mic assembly board Avl RFQ
04G170018801-1 asus 04g170018801-1 x51r speakers assembly Avl RFQ
04G170021530 NA Avl RFQ
04G170039500 NA Avl RFQ
04G170051202 speaker eee pc 1015pem Avl RFQ
04G170051500 speaker eee pc 1018p Avl RFQ
04G170051900 NA Avl RFQ
04G170051901 speaker r Avl RFQ
13GNFQ1AT01-0 s200e thermal module-cs Avl RFQ
13GNFQ1AT010 s200e heatsink and fan-cs Avl RFQ
13GNFQ1AT010-1 s200e heatsink and fan-cs Avl RFQ
13GNFQ1AT010-2 s200e heatsink and fan-cs Avl RFQ
13GNFU10M141-1 hinge and bracket l Avl RFQ
13GNFU10M151-1 hinge and bracket r Avl RFQ
13GNFU10P180-1 cpu thermal fan 77mm x 77mm x 12mm electrical parts Avl RFQ
13GNG37AP013 asus laptop upper cover Avl RFQ
13GNG37AP022-1 g2s wifi card door-cs Avl RFQ
13GNXM1AP070-2 odd bezel Avl RFQ
13GNXM30P032-2 asus, palmrest, [black wave lines] k52/a52 Avl RFQ
13GNXM3AP010-1 asus plastic back cover for k52jr-2c Avl RFQ
13GNXM3AP010-3 asus plastics back cover for k52f-rgr8r black Avl RFQ
13GNXM3AP033-1 k52jr-2c top case assy Avl RFQ
13GNXM3AP034 asus k52f-egr5 palmrest w/ touchpad 13gnxm1ap034-3 Avl RFQ
13GNXM9AP010-1 NA Avl RFQ
13GNXMIAP034-1 asus palmrest for k52f dark brown Avl RFQ
13GNXP1AP020-2 asus plastics base cover n61ja-1a bott assy wo tv Avl RFQ
13GNXP1AP020-3 asus plastics base cover n61ja-1a bott assy wo tv Avl RFQ
13GNXP1AP021-1 asus plastics base cover n61ja-1a bott assy wo tv Avl RFQ
13GNXP1AP021-2 asus plastics base cover n61ja-1a bott assy wo tv Avl RFQ
13N0-GUA0H11 asus plastic back cover for k52jr-2c Avl RFQ
13N0-GZA0201 bottom case Avl RFQ
13N0-GZA0501 asus g60jx fan / heatsink Avl RFQ
13N0-H3A0111 asus plastics back cover for asus g73 black Avl RFQ
13N0-H3A0221 asus lcd bezel assy Avl RFQ
13N0-H3A0711 asus bottom door assy Avl RFQ
13N0-H3A0A01 asus top cover assy Avl RFQ
13N0-H3A0C01 asus thermal gpu module assy Avl RFQ
13N0-H5A0202 asus plastics back cover for asus ul80vt Avl RFQ
13N0-H5A0401 asus palmrest for ul80vt glossy black Avl RFQ
13N0-H5A0701 asus lcd bezel for asus ul80j-bbk5 series Avl RFQ
13N0-H9A0101 asus plastics base cover k50id-1a bottom case assy Avl RFQ
13N0-HBA0501 asus top case sub assy u50f-1d Avl RFQ
13N0-HBA0601 asus cpu thermal module assy u50f Avl RFQ
13N0-HYA0101 asus u52f speakers Avl RFQ
13N0-HYA0102 asus u53jc-2b lcd cover sub assy Avl RFQ
13N0-HYA0301 odd bezel Avl RFQ
13N0-HYA0M01 asus palmrest for u52f-bbg6 with keyboard Avl RFQ
13N0-HZA0401 asus u43f hdd door assy cover / door Avl RFQ
13N0-HZA0501 asus ux50v chassis bottom cover w/ speaker Avl RFQ
13N0-HZA0706 asus u43f lcd back cover bamboo assy Avl RFQ
13N0-HZA0711 asus plastics back cover u43f lcd back cover bamboo Avl RFQ
13N0-HZA0713 asus u43f lcd back cover bamboo assy Avl RFQ
14G124130062 function board ffc (6 pin) Avl RFQ
14G124130203 touch ffc 20-pin Avl RFQ
14G124140080 swb-mb ffc 8 pin Avl RFQ
14G124140303 ffc 30i/o audio/usb Avl RFQ
14G124150103 power board cable Avl RFQ
14G12415012B touchpad button brd ffc (12 pin) Avl RFQ
14G124150162 tp bd 16p ffc Avl RFQ
14G124150207 sd ffc (20 pin) Avl RFQ
14G12416012E touchpad cable Avl RFQ
14G124160202 tp bd ffc 20pin Avl RFQ
14G124170200 sd ffc (20 pin) Avl RFQ
14G124180122 ffc -touchpad (12 pin) Avl RFQ
14G124200127 tp ffc Avl RFQ
14G124290160 ffc switch board cable Avl RFQ
60-N03MB1300-C25 u33jc main_bd._0m/i3-370m/as Avl RFQ
60-N0MMB1100-A02 b53j main_bd._0m/as (wo/3g) Avl RFQ
60-N0OMB1000-C04 asus motherboard rev 2.1 for x55c Avl RFQ
60-N0UMB1000-D06 asus g73jw intel laptop motherboard s989 Avl RFQ
60-N0UMB1000-F04 g73jw main_bd._0m/as(cla hm55) Avl RFQ
60-N0UVG1000-C03 asus g73sw g73jw oem video card gddr5 nvidia gtx Avl RFQ
60-N0WMB1100-D13 n53jf main_bd._0m/as (usb3.0) Avl RFQ
60-N0WMB1100-D15 n53jf main_bd._0m/as (usb3.0) Avl RFQ
60-N18MB1H00-A06 u36jc main_bd._0m/i5-480m/as Avl RFQ
60-N1BMB1000-D09 u31jg main_bd_0m/as Avl RFQ
60-N1NMB1200-D03 asus vx7 intel laptop motherboard s989 Avl RFQ
60-N1QDC1000-D01 asus pc board, dc board rev 2.1 for n53sv Avl RFQ
60-N1QDC1000-D02 asus pc board, dc board rev 2.1 for n53sv Avl RFQ
60-N1QMB1300-C11 n53sv main_bd._0m/as(usb3/4dim) Avl RFQ
60-N1QMB1300-C12 n53sv main_bd_0m/as(usb3/4dim) Avl RFQ
60-N1QMB1300-D04 n53sv main_bd._0m/as (usb3/4dim Avl RFQ
60-N1QMB1300-D13 n53sv main_bd._0m/as(usb3/4dim) Avl RFQ
60-N1QMB1500-D14 n53sv main_bd._0m/as(usb3/2dim) Avl RFQ
60-N1RMB1100-C03 n73sv main_bd._0m/as usb3.0/qc Avl RFQ
60-N1RMB1100-C04 n73sv main_bd._0m/as usb3.0/qc Avl RFQ
60-N1RMB1600-A01 n73sv main_bd._0m/as usb3.0/qc Avl RFQ
90-YAA021-1UAN3BZ xonar d2/pm pci audio card battlefield 3 edition Avl RFQ
90-YAA055-1UAN0BZ asus xonar d2x/xdt - sound card - (available) Avl RFQ
90-YAA060-1UAN0BZ xonar dx Avl RFQ
90-YAA0A0-0UAN0BZ asus xonar h6 sound expansion card Avl RFQ
90-YAA0B0-0UAN00Z asus xonar d1/xd low profile pci 7.1 channel audio card Avl RFQ
90-YAA0C0-0UAN0BZ asus xonar essence stx Avl RFQ
90-YAA0D0-0UAN0BZ asus xonar hdav1.3 slim 7.1 channel pci soundcard Avl RFQ
90-YAA0E0-0UAN0BZ xonar essence st pci-e audio card Avl RFQ
90-YAA0F0-0UAN00Z asus xonar ds audio card Avl RFQ
90-YAA0K0-0UBN0BZ oem: asus xonar dg sound card Avl RFQ
90-YAA0M0-0UAN0BZ 192 khz, 118 db s/n, 7.1, pcie, cmi8888dht Avl RFQ
90-YAA0M1-0UAN0BZ rog xonar phoebus ubisoft bundle Avl RFQ
90-YAA0M2-0UAN0BZ rog xonar phoebus solo Avl RFQ
90-YAA0N0-0UAN0BZ asus xonar d-kara karaoke soundcard Avl RFQ
90-YAA0P0-0UAN0BZ 192 khz, 107 db s/n, 7.1, pcie, asus av66, low profile Avl RFQ
90-YAA0P1-0UAN0BZ 192 khz, 107 db s/n, 7.1, pcie, asus av66, low profile Avl RFQ
90-YAA0Q1-0UAN0BZ xonar/dgx Avl RFQ
90-YAB610B-UAN0BZ xonar u1 lite Avl RFQ
90-YAB610B-UAN0KZ asus xonar u1 external sound box, ua100, usb, external Avl RFQ
90-YAB610S-UAN0BZ asus xonar u1 lite usb audio station (silver) Avl RFQ
90-YAB630B-UAY0MZ asus xonar essence one - sound card - (available) Avl RFQ
90-YAHI3210-EA00 hs-101 Avl RFQ
90-YAHI5110-UA00 nc1 Avl RFQ
90-YAHI7180-UA00 headset Avl RFQ
90-YAHI7180-UA10 asus vulcan pro republic of gamers - headset - with rog spitfire Avl RFQ
90-YAHI8110-UA00 asus orion rog gaming headset Avl RFQ
90-YAHI9180-UA00 orion pro Avl RFQ
90-YAHIA110-UA00 echelon gaming headset (camo edition) Avl RFQ
90-YASM511-EA100 asus cine5 5.1 speaker system, 20 khz Avl RFQ
90-YASM712-UA000 asus ms-100 usb speaker system Avl RFQ
90-YT04A12-0EAY0BZ dvb-t Avl RFQ
90-YT04A12-UAY0BZ dvb-t, hi-speed usb Avl RFQ
90-YT04A12-UAY0Z asus my cinema-u3000 hybrid tv tuner Avl RFQ
90-YT0QA14-0UAY0Z NA Avl RFQ
90-YT0TA14-0EAY00 schwarz Avl RFQ
90-YTM60320-EA10MZ NA Avl RFQ
90-YTM63120-EA12MZ NA Avl RFQ
90-YTM67120-EA11MZ o! play mini plus media player Avl RFQ
90-YTM68120-EA10MZ o!play tv pro Avl RFQ
90-YTM6A120-EA10MZ o!play media pro Avl RFQ
90-YV03B0-M0NA00 asus gtx650ti-dc2t-1gd5 graphics card geforce gtx650ti 1gb pcie Avl RFQ
90-YV03B1-M0NA00 asus gtx650ti-dc2o-1gd5 graphics card 1gb pci-e vga dvi hdmi Avl RFQ
900K0MI1100610U 17.8cm/7 ips ( 1280 x 800 ), kamera auf vorderseite, wi-fi, blu Avl RFQ
901G0-0UK-RED01 asus eee pc 901 notebook 33671850-cs Avl RFQ
901GO-OUK-BK01 notebook eee pc 901 Avl RFQ
90AT0021-M01750 4g, 64 gb, 4.7, super ips+, schwarz, mit asus padfone 2 station Avl RFQ
90AT0022-M02230 4g, 32 gb, 4.7, super ips+, wei, mit asus padfone 2 station Avl RFQ
ET1620IUTT-03-A1 asus all-in-one system et1620iutt-03 15.6inch celeron j1900 2gb Avl RFQ
ET1620IUTT-03_BIN1 asus all-in-one system et1620iutt-03 15.6inch celeron j1900 2gb Avl RFQ
ET1620IUTT-03_BIN2 reliable, secure, and efficient, the improved 15.6-inch 10-point Avl RFQ
ET1620IUTT-B010 asus et1620iutt (15.6 inch) all-in-one pc celeron (j1900) 2.0ghz Avl RFQ
ET1620IUTT-B026 asus et1620iutt (15.6 inch) all-in-one pc celeron (j1900) 2.0ghz Avl RFQ
ET1620IUTT-B026Q et1620iutt (15.6 inch) all-in-one pc celeron (j1900) 2.0ghz 2gb Avl RFQ
K30AM-J-US001S_BIN1 k30am-j-us001s j1800 2.4g 4gb Avl RFQ
K30BD-US002S k30bd-us002s desktop pc with amd sempron x4-3850 (1.3ghz), integ Avl RFQ
P8Q67-M DO TPM 1PK asus p8q67-m do/tpm b3 revision oem 1pk Avl RFQ
PA-1650-66 asus ac adapter 19v 3.42a 65w ac adapter Avl RFQ
PA-1650-93 asus s400 s46e s550 65w 19v 3.42a ac adapter charger Avl RFQ
S301L s301la-c1033h i5-4200u@1.60ghz/4gb/500gb/azerty/w8.1 Avl RFQ
X550CA asus core i5-3337u 6gb 750g win8.1 Avl RFQ
X550CA-CJ296H dark grey - intel dual core i3-3217u 4gb 750gb intel hd graphics Avl RFQ
X550CA-CJ441H asus x550ca-cj441h notebook x550ca-cj441h Avl RFQ
X550CA-CJ677H asus x550ca-cj677h notebook x550ca-cj677h Avl RFQ
X550CA-CJ678H x550ca-cj678h/i7-3537u8g1tbw815.6 Avl RFQ
X550CA-QB31-CB-DDO asus x550ca-qb31-cb ultrabook pc - 15.6 - core i3-3217u - 6gb dd Avl RFQ
X550CA-QB92-CB-DDO asus x550 ultrabook pc - 15.6 - pentium 2117u - 6gb ddr3 ram - 7 Avl RFQ
X550CA-QH32-BU-CB-DD asus x550 notebook pc - 15.6 core i3-3217u 1.8ghz - 6gb ram - 75 Avl RFQ
X550CA-QH32-RD-CB-DD asus x550 notebook pc - 15.6 core i3-3217u 1.8ghz - 6gb ram - 75 Avl RFQ
X550CA-QH92-BU-CB-DD asus x550 notebook pc 15.6in hd intel pentium 2117u 6g ddr3blu [ Avl RFQ
X550CA-XX1010H blue - intel celeron 1007u 4gb 1tg intel integrated graphics cam Avl RFQ

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