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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Avx. We have products like Capacitor Fixed Cer, Bolt Machine, Arm Lever, Dog Stop, Controller Motor in our inventory, with part numbers including 04025C471JAT2A, 04025C471KAT, 060355A220JAT2A, 06035A-101JAT2A, 06035A0R5B4T2A. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
04025C471JAT2A 3 - 5 days Avl RFQ
04025C471KAT NA Avl RFQ
060355A220JAT2A capacitor 22.0pf +/- 5% Avl RFQ
06035A-101JAT2A 8058 Avl RFQ
06035A0R5B4T2A 06035a0r5b4t2a Avl RFQ
06035A0R5BAT NA Avl RFQ
06035A100CAT2A NA Avl RFQ
06035A100DAT2A null Avl RFQ
06035A100DAT2AOR4A oem excess Avl RFQ
06035A100DAT4A NA Avl RFQ
06035A100GAT2A 06035a100gat2a Avl RFQ
06035A100J4T2A 3 - 5 days Avl RFQ
06035A100JAT-A NA Avl RFQ
06035A100JAT4A NA Avl RFQ
06035A100JTT2A NA Avl RFQ
06035A100KAT2A 3 - 5 days Avl RFQ
06035A100MT2A NA Avl RFQ
06035A101FAT2AOR4A oem excess Avl RFQ
06035A101GAT2A NA Avl RFQ
06035A101JAT NA Avl RFQ
06035A101JAT1A 8058 Avl RFQ
06035A101JAT2AOR4A oem excess Avl RFQ
0603ZG105ZAT_A 6753 Avl RFQ
0603ZG105ZAT2A cap cery 10v +80-20% 1uf 0603 Avl RFQ
0603ZG105ZATA NA Avl RFQ
0603ZG105ZATZA cap cery 10v +80-20% 1uf 0603 Avl RFQ
0603ZG224ZAT2A 0603zg224zat2a Avl RFQ
0603ZG474ZAT2A NA Avl RFQ
0603ZYC104MKAT2A contact kasper for fast response Avl RFQ
06061A4R7DAT2A NA Avl RFQ
060880473KAT2A cap cer . .047uf , +/-10% Avl RFQ
06121A221KAT2U NA Avl RFQ
06123C153KAT2W avail Avl RFQ
06123C224KAT2A cap Avl RFQ
06123C224KAT2W cap Avl RFQ
06123G334ZAT2V 06123g334zat2v Avl RFQ
06125C103KAT2A 06125c103kat2a Avl RFQ
06125C223KAT2A 8058 Avl RFQ
06126D225KAT2A 06126d225kat2a Avl RFQ
0612YC104KAT1V NA Avl RFQ
0612YC104KAT2V 0612yc104kat2v Avl RFQ
0612YC105KAT2A NA Avl RFQ
0612YD105KAT2A NA Avl RFQ
0612ZC105KAT2V NA Avl RFQ
0612ZC105KAT4V cap Avl RFQ
0612ZC105MAT2A cap Avl RFQ
0612ZC225KAT2A cap Avl RFQ
0612ZC684MAT2W NA Avl RFQ
0612ZD225KAT2A NA Avl RFQ
0612ZD225MAT2A NA Avl RFQ
08051A4R7CATMA 3 day lead time Avl RFQ
08051A4R7DAT NA Avl RFQ
08051A4R7DAT2A NA Avl RFQ
08051C103KATMA NA Avl RFQ
08051C103KAZ2A avail Avl RFQ
08051C103MAT2A res Avl RFQ
08051C103MAT4A NA Avl RFQ
08051C103MATMA 08051c103matma Avl RFQ
08051C104K4E2A NA Avl RFQ
08051C104K4T2A NA Avl RFQ
08051C104KAT_A NA Avl RFQ
08051C104KAT4A oem excess Avl RFQ
08051C104MAT2A NA Avl RFQ
08051C121KAT2A 08051c121kat2a Avl RFQ
08051C123JAT2A 08051c123jat2a Avl RFQ
08051C123KAT2A 08051c123kat2a Avl RFQ
08051C152JAT2A NA Avl RFQ
08051C152KAT2A tr Avl RFQ
08051C152KATMA 5501 Avl RFQ
08051C152MAT2A tr Avl RFQ
08051C153KAT2AN 3 - 5 days Avl RFQ
08051C182JATMA 3 day lead time Avl RFQ
08051C182KAT2A 3 - 5 days Avl RFQ
08052A100KAT2A reel Avl RFQ
08052A101JAT4A 08052a101jat4a Avl RFQ
08052A151JAT2A 3 - 5 days Avl RFQ
08052A151JAT4A 08052a151jat4a Avl RFQ
08052A1R0BAT2A 3 - 5 days Avl RFQ
08052A1R2CAT2A 08052a1r2cat2a Avl RFQ
08052A220JAT2A stk full reel 1015dc rohs Avl RFQ
08052A221GAT2A 08052a221gat2a Avl RFQ
08052A221JAT1A contact mandy for fast response stk Avl RFQ
08052A221KAT NA Avl RFQ
08052A221KAT2A 3 day lead time Avl RFQ
08052A271GAT2A new&ori Avl RFQ
08052A331GAT2A NA Avl RFQ
08052A331JAT2A rohs cap-mcc n33 j 200v npo Avl RFQ
08052A331JAY1A NA Avl RFQ
08052A331K1B20 new Avl RFQ
08052A3R9DAT2A NA Avl RFQ
08052A470JAT2A 3 - 5 days Avl RFQ
08052A471JAT_A 6753 Avl RFQ
08052A471JAT2A capacitor- ceramic chip, 470.0pf, +/-5.00% 2 Avl RFQ
08052A4R7CAT2A 3 - 5 days Avl RFQ
08052A560KAT2A 08052a560kat2a Avl RFQ
08052A620GAT2A NA Avl RFQ
08052A6R8CAT2A stk partial reel 0020dc cap,ceramic,6.8pf,200vdc,.25-pf tol,.25+ Avl RFQ
08052AOR5CATMA 08052aor5catma Avl RFQ
08052C102KATA NA Avl RFQ
08052C105KAT2A NA Avl RFQ
08052C123MAT2A NA Avl RFQ
08052C151KAT2A 3 - 5 days Avl RFQ
08052C222JAT2A NA Avl RFQ
08052C222JATMA NA Avl RFQ
11-0707-01 NA Avl RFQ
1206-A-3100PF-5 NA Avl RFQ
12060A471JAT2P capacitor wp90006l50r 470pf +/-5%cannot sell to tyco or their c Avl RFQ
12061470JAT2A 47 5 3 - 5 days Avl RFQ
12065E27MAT050M NA Avl RFQ
12065E334MAT1A NA Avl RFQ
12065E334MATMA res Avl RFQ
12065E473MAT050M NA Avl RFQ
12065E473MAT2A NA Avl RFQ
12065E473ZAT050M NA Avl RFQ
12065F224K4T2A contact kasper for fast response Avl RFQ
12065G103Z NA Avl RFQ
12065G103ZA600J NA Avl RFQ
12065G104MAT NA Avl RFQ
12065G104MAT2A 12065g104mat2a Avl RFQ
12065G104ZAT2A 4k/reel Avl RFQ
12065G105ZATDA NA Avl RFQ
12065G154MAT2A new&ori Avl RFQ
12065G224M NA Avl RFQ
12065G224ZAT1A NA Avl RFQ
12065G224ZAT2A NA Avl RFQ
12065G224ZATDA NA Avl RFQ
12065G334MAT2A NA Avl RFQ
12065G334ZAT 6753 Avl RFQ
12065G334ZAT00J NA Avl RFQ
12065G334ZAT2A NA Avl RFQ
12065G334ZAT4A NA Avl RFQ
12065G474ZAT1A cap Avl RFQ
12065G474ZAT2A NA Avl RFQ
12065R4R7DAT2A 3 day lead time Avl RFQ
12066C226KAT2A NA Avl RFQ
12066D106K MAT1A 8058 Avl RFQ
1206E5103MAT2A NA Avl RFQ
1206GA330KATIA capacitor - 33pf, 10% Avl RFQ
1206GC101MAT1A 3 - 5 days Avl RFQ
1206GC101MAT2A 3 day lead time Avl RFQ
1206GC181MA11A oem availability Avl RFQ
175114 NA Avl RFQ
175126 NA Avl RFQ
175150 NA Avl RFQ
175151 NA Avl RFQ
180401 tr Avl RFQ
18055A222KAT2A 18055a222kat2a Avl RFQ
18082C223KATME 18082c223katme Avl RFQ
18085C104KA12A rtp Avl RFQ
18085C104KAT1A new2 Avl RFQ
18085E474MATMA 3 day lead time Avl RFQ
18085E684MATMA 3 day lead time Avl RFQ
18087A101JAT2A capacitor Avl RFQ
18087A271JAT2A capacitor 270 pf 5% Avl RFQ
18087A330KAT2A rohs aka 668483a04 Avl RFQ
18087C102KAT2A NA Avl RFQ
18087C103KAT2A 18087c103kat2a Avl RFQ
1808AA100GAT1A oem availability Avl RFQ
1808AA100GAT2A oem availability Avl RFQ
1808AA220JAT1A NA Avl RFQ
1808AA471KAT1A 3 day lead time Avl RFQ
1808AA561JAT1A 1808aa561jat1a Avl RFQ
1808AA681KAT1A 3 day lead time Avl RFQ
1808AC102MA11A oem availability Avl RFQ
1808AC102MAT1A 1808ac102mat1a Avl RFQ
1808AC103KAT1A 3 day lead time Avl RFQ
1808AC103KAT2A 3 day lead time Avl RFQ
1808AC103MAT1A NA Avl RFQ
1808AC103MAT9A oem availability Avl RFQ
1808AC152KAT1A 1808ac152kat1a Avl RFQ
1808AC472KA8BAJ NA Avl RFQ
1808AC472KAT1A 4.7nf 10% Avl RFQ
1808CA152JAT1A NA Avl RFQ
1808CA222KAT1A 3 day lead time Avl RFQ
2200 PF 2200 pf Avl RFQ
220000 T80-20 t&r Avl RFQ
2200PF-100V new Avl RFQ
2200PF-50VX AND R10 new Avl RFQ
22201C104KAT1A NA Avl RFQ
22201C105KAT1A 22201c105kat1a Avl RFQ
22201C105KAT2A NA Avl RFQ
22201C474KA800A NA Avl RFQ
22201C474MAT2A X7R 6753 Avl RFQ
22202A273JA00A NA Avl RFQ
22205A223JAT2A NA Avl RFQ
22205C105KAT NA Avl RFQ
22205C105KAT1A NA Avl RFQ
SA105A102FAR 3 day lead time Avl RFQ
SA105A102JAATR cap. ceramic 1nf 5% 50v Avl RFQ
SA105A102JALF oem availability Avl RFQ
SA105A271JAA new2 Avl RFQ
TAJA474MO35R sm cap/tnlm .47mf 35v 20% 3216 Avl RFQ
TAJA475K004RGA 475k004rga Avl RFQ
TAJA475K010 NA Avl RFQ
TAJA475K010SGA new&ori Avl RFQ

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