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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Brother. We have products like Networking in our inventory, with part numbers including AC101LKQT, BRT-DK1209 1356, BRT-DK1218 1356, BRT-DK1221 1356, BRT-DK1240 1356. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
BRT-DK1209 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-DK1218 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-DK1221 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-DK1240 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC31Y 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC41BK 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC41C 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC41M 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC41Y 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC513PKS 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC51BK 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC51C 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC51M 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC51Y 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC61BK 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC61C 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC61M 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC61Y 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC652PKS 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC653PKS 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC752PKS 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC753PKS 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC75BK 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC75C 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC75M 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC75Y 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC793PKS 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC79BK 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC79C 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC79M 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-LC79Y 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PR3030R6P 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PR3458B6P 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PR3458E6P 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PR3458R6P 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PR4040B6P 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PR4040E6P 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PR4040R6P 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PR4090B6P 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PR4090E6P 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PR4090R6P 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PT1010NB 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PT1090 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PT1230PC 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PT1290 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PT1400 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PT2030AD 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PT2030VP 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PT2430PC 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PT2730 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PT2730VP 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PT70 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PT7600 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PT90 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-PT9600 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-QL1060N 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-QL500 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-QL570 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-QL580N 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-QL650TD 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-SC2 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-SC2000USB 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-TC10 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-TC11 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-TX6311 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-TX6511 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-TX7311 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-TX7511 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-TXB511 1356 NA Avl RFQ
BRT-TZ141 1356 NA Avl RFQ
CM100DM brother scanncut cm100dm home and hobby cutting machine with a b Avl RFQ
CMKD-P3X hvps board plover cmkd-p3x for brother laser printer Avl RFQ
CMKM-P3X brother 1020 fax power Avl RFQ
LC-1072PK brother mfcj4410 xxl blk inkx2 4510/4610 Avl RFQ
LC-107BK brother mfcj4410 xxl blk ink Avl RFQ
LC-51BK_BIN1 brother mfc230/240/440 blk ink Avl RFQ
LC-51C_BIN1 brother mfc230/240/440 cyn ink Avl RFQ
LC-51M_BIN1 brother mfc230/240/440 mgt ink Avl RFQ
LC-51Y_BIN1 brother mfc230/240/440 ylw ink Avl RFQ
LC-612PKS brother mfc250/255 blk inkx2 Avl RFQ
LC-613PKS brother mfc250/255 clr inkx3 Avl RFQ
LC-652PKS brother mfc5890 blk inkx2 5895/6490/6890 Avl RFQ
LC-713PKS brother mfcj280 clr inkx3 Avl RFQ
LC-71BK brother mfcj280/j425 blk ink Avl RFQ
LC-71C brother mfcj280/j425 cyn ink j430/j435/j625/j825-300 yield Avl RFQ
LC-71M brother mfcj280/j425 mgt ink Avl RFQ
LC-71Y brother mfcj280/j425 ylw ink Avl RFQ
LC-752PKS brother mfcj280 xl blk inkx2 j425/j430/j435/j625/j825/j835 Avl RFQ
LC-753PKS brother mfcj280 xl clr inkx3 j425/j430/j435/j625/j825/j835 Avl RFQ
PA-BB-001 battery base accessory Avl RFQ
PA-BI-001 NA Avl RFQ
PA-CM-4000 ruggedjet 4 car mount accs Avl RFQ
PA-CM-4000 B 1810 brother mobile, ruggedjet 4 car mount Avl RFQ
PA-FFC-610LHC B 1810 brother mobile, rugged signature case+handle, and clip, fit Avl RFQ
PA-LP-001 td21xx label peeler Avl RFQ
PA-SCA-001 brother td21xx serial cable Avl RFQ
PA-SS-4000 shoulder strap for rugged jet Avl RFQ
PA-TDU-001 1810 brother mobile, touch panel & lcd display accessory for td- Avl RFQ
PA-WI-001 NA Avl RFQ
PA4BC4000 ruggedjet 4 bay lithium-ion batt charg Avl RFQ
PABT500 ni-mh battery Avl RFQ
PABT500 -W12 NA Avl RFQ
PABT600LI lithium battery Avl RFQ
PACC500 carry case for pocket jet Avl RFQ
PACD600CG car adapter Avl RFQ
PACD600WR car adapter Avl RFQ
PACM4000 car mount Avl RFQ
PACM500 car mount Avl RFQ
PAMCR4000 magnetic card reader Avl RFQ
PAR411 a4 thermal paper rolls Avl RFQ
PARB600 protective cover Avl RFQ
PARC600 roll printer case Avl RFQ
PARH600 paper roll holder Avl RFQ
PASS4000 shoulder strap Avl RFQ
PT90 (001 NA Avl RFQ
PT90 (004 NA Avl RFQ
PT90 -W12 NA Avl RFQ
PT90 -W4 NA Avl RFQ
PT90 -W5 NA Avl RFQ
PT9600 brother p-touch 9600 Avl RFQ
PT9700PC brother p-touch pt-9700pc thermal transfer printer - monochrome - desktop - label print Avl RFQ
PT9700PC B 1810 brother mobile, pt-9700, desktop barcode and identification Avl RFQ
PT9800PCN B 1810 brother mobile, pt-9800, desktop barcode and identification Avl RFQ
PTE300VP electronic labelling system Avl RFQ
PTE500 pt-e500 handheld labeling tool usb i/f li-ion autocut carry case Avl RFQ
PTE550W p-touch handheld labeler 24mm shrink tube compatible using hse s Avl RFQ
PTE550WVP wireless industrial labeller Avl RFQ
PTH500ZU1 handheld labeller 20mm per second print speed prints labels up t Avl RFQ
UF0443001 brother head protection sheet Avl RFQ
UF3148020-P1 keyboard use us3148020 Avl RFQ
UF3673001 ccd unit Avl RFQ
UF3677001 NA Avl RFQ
UF4609001 pcb ops Avl RFQ
UH0153001-P2 NA Avl RFQ
UH0159001 bro hl 10 psu Avl RFQ
UH0161001 psu low voltage 200v brother (pal2) Avl RFQ
UH0161001-P2 NA Avl RFQ
UH0162001 scanner unit brother hl10v (pal1) Avl RFQ
UH0162001-P2 NA Avl RFQ
UH0204001 hl10 fuse holder assy Avl RFQ
UH0275001-P1 separation pawls Avl RFQ
UH0282001 bulb Avl RFQ
UH0286001-P1 fuser gear Avl RFQ
UH0295001 hl10 thermal fuse assy Avl RFQ
UH0296001-P1 thermistor Avl RFQ
UH0297001 hl10 fuser cover Avl RFQ
UH0344001 carter superieur hl-10 Avl RFQ
UH0369001-P1 ozone filter Avl RFQ
UH0389001-P2 NA Avl RFQ
UH0403001 roller,paper delivery,new Avl RFQ
UH0415000-P1 actuator lever Avl RFQ
UH0420001-P1 i/o lid Avl RFQ
UH0433001 carter cote gauche hl-10dv/dps Avl RFQ
UH1540002 paper stopper Avl RFQ
UH1542001 rear cover asm brother hl2060 (prntbx) Avl RFQ
UH1545001-P1 face down exit actuator Avl RFQ
UH1552001 bro hl20060 dc fan motor Avl RFQ
UH1583001-P1 separation pad spring (50) Avl RFQ
UH1596001-P1 polygon control pcb Avl RFQ
UH1668001-P1 duplex bottom cover Avl RFQ
UH1669001-P1 cover lh Avl RFQ
UH1670001-P1 duplex right cover Avl RFQ
UH1730001 hl1260 dup int pcb Avl RFQ
UH1730001-P1 duplex interface pcb Avl RFQ
UH1734001-P1 cassette sensor assembly Avl RFQ
UH1751000-P1 cassette lever Avl RFQ
UH1834001 transfer roller assembly hl1260 etc. Avl RFQ
UH1835001 bro hl2060 paper feed unit Avl RFQ
UH1853001 bearing Avl RFQ
UH1874001-P1 exit flag on fuser Avl RFQ
UH1885001 NA Avl RFQ
UH1886001 bro hl2060 fuser asy Avl RFQ
UH1887001 fuser unit Avl RFQ
UH1889001 2060 fuser lamp Avl RFQ
UH1943001-P2 NA Avl RFQ
UH1945001 please use lm0310001 Avl RFQ
UH1950001 hl2700 toner sensor assy Avl RFQ
UH2021001-P1 panel overlay Avl RFQ
UH2021001-P2 NA Avl RFQ
UH2027001 side cover Avl RFQ
UH2071001 toner cartridge lid for hl 1260 Avl RFQ
UH2071001-P2 NA Avl RFQ
UH2072001 hl 960/1260 font cover assy Avl RFQ
UH2072001-P2 NA Avl RFQ
UH2077001 NA Avl RFQ
UH2077001-P1 cover left Avl RFQ

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