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At Cogent Sourcing, we provide parts from top IT hardware parts manufacturer Sgi. We have products like in our inventory, with part numbers including 005042839, 005044196, 005046125, 013-0500-003, 013-0826-001. Our supply chain network spans the United States, and branches into Canada and the United Kingdom, ensuring we have some of the fastest shipping times in the parts procurement industry. We’re always ready and eager to help you with your procurement needs, and can give you a quote for parts within fifteen minutes of receiving your Instant RFQ.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
005042839 power supply Avl RFQ
005044196 sgi/dg clariion deskside enclosure for dae Avl RFQ
005046125 hard disk Avl RFQ
013-0500-003 fan Avl RFQ
013-0826-001 fan Avl RFQ
013-1070-001 1.2gb scsi 50pin 3.5lp st-31230n Avl RFQ
013-1244-001 sgi ip27 dual r10k nodeboard Avl RFQ
013-1579-001 ibm sgi 4gb scsi 80 pin 7200rpm 3.5in hdd Avl RFQ
013-165-001 sgi 09y, 9.1 gb - 80-pin sca Avl RFQ
013-1673-002 sgi onyx / challenge quad r10k 195mhz 2mb cache ip25 030-1072-00 Avl RFQ
013-1740-001 sgi g brick blower assy Avl RFQ
013-2023-003 sgi 050-0396-002 rev d, 013-2023-003 panel assy blank filler Avl RFQ
013-2283-002 sony sdt-s9000/sge dds3 dat; 12/24gb Avl RFQ
013-2325-001 hard disk Avl RFQ
013-2429-001 hard disk Avl RFQ
013-2614 onyx3/origin3000 i-brick pci-card carrier Avl RFQ
013-2830-001 sgi seagate 18gb 10k sca hdd for octane Avl RFQ
013-2968-001 sgi pdu assy 6x c14 outlet 250v 10a. Avl RFQ
013-3032-001 sgi pdu Avl RFQ
013-3128 onyx3/origin3000 c-brick enclosure Avl RFQ
013-3200-001 cpu Avl RFQ
013-3276-001 sgi qlogic qla2342 dual port 2gb fc card Avl RFQ
013-3334-001 sgi 18gb 10k fc st318304fc hdd for i/brick Avl RFQ
013-3475-001 sgi fuel single fan Avl RFQ
013-3646-005 sgi video break out box (vbob) digital media Avl RFQ
013-3767-004 sgi cx-brick chassis - optional cpu / ram boards Avl RFQ
013-3821-003 sgi tezro tower 3 way fan assy Avl RFQ
013-4169-001 sgi origin 350/altix 350 cpu/memory blower assemlbly Avl RFQ
013-4464-001 73gb u320 15krpm 80pin with tray Avl RFQ
013-4577-003 sgi 1.5ghz 4mb cache itanium cpu Avl RFQ
013-4963-002 sgi altix 450 computer node Avl RFQ
013-8737 indycam Avl RFQ
015-0357-001 sgi n brick l1 Avl RFQ
018-0227-001 i/o Avl RFQ
018-0564-001 NA Avl RFQ
021-0800-001 sgi keyboard for 4d35; us layout; beige Avl RFQ
030-0160-001 connector Avl RFQ
030-0240-013 i/o Avl RFQ
030-0248-003 video cards Avl RFQ
030-0259-007 onyx/challenge ip19; 4x r4400 100mhz/1mb cache cpu board Avl RFQ
030-0314-004 backplane Avl RFQ
030-0352-001 video cards Avl RFQ
030-0375-007 onyx/challenge ip19; 4x r4400 150mhz/1mb cache cpu board Avl RFQ
030-0481-003 other Avl RFQ
030-0556-001 backplane Avl RFQ
030-0614-005 onyx / challenge mc3 memory Avl RFQ
030-0646-105 onyx/challenge io4; i/o processor board Avl RFQ
030-0662-004 sgi solid impact graphics board for indigo2 Avl RFQ
030-0734-002 onyx2 baseio; basic i/o Avl RFQ
030-0763-003 onyx ir kona vio1 video i/o assembly Avl RFQ
030-0766-007 video cards Avl RFQ
030-0806-001 onyx/challenge ip19; 1x r4400 250mhz/1mb cache cpu board Avl RFQ
030-0880-003 NA Avl RFQ
030-0888-004 octane pm10; r10000 195mhz/1mb cache cpu module Avl RFQ
030-0891-003 sgi front plane board 1.3 xbow mfr p/n 030-0891-003 Avl RFQ
030-0891-003G octane2 fp1 crosstalk frontplane with xbow 1.4 Avl RFQ
030-0957-002 video cards Avl RFQ
030-0994-001 sgi o2 r12k 270mhz cpu Avl RFQ
030-1033-001 memory Avl RFQ
030-1041-003 onyx3/origin3000/3x0/fuel/tezro 512mb dimm Avl RFQ
030-1072-101 sgi onyx challenge quad r10k 195mhz 2mb cache Avl RFQ
030-1124-002M i/o Avl RFQ
030-1143-002 indigo2 pmt5l; r10000 175mhz module Avl RFQ
030-1166-001 sgi origin 200 xtalk jumper Avl RFQ
030-1240-003 REV F video cards Avl RFQ
030-1263-002 other Avl RFQ
030-1276-001 sgi o2 r5000 200mhz 1mb cpu board Avl RFQ
030-1286-001 cpu Avl RFQ
030-1382-002 sgi hdtv to memory video daughter board Avl RFQ
030-1409-001 video cards Avl RFQ
030-1433-001 cpu Avl RFQ
030-1467-001 REV D sgi motherboard octane (gp63c*21/*10-bap25-2c/1c) Avl RFQ
030-1529-004 sgi o2 and o2+ r12k 400mhz (2mb l2)cpu Avl RFQ
030-1583-001 onyx3/origin3000 xio host interface card (p1) for p-brick Avl RFQ
030-1598-004 onyx3 g-brick msc-l1 interface board Avl RFQ
030-1605-002 sgi octane pm10 single r12k 400mhz 2mb cache cpu Avl RFQ
030-1649-001 sgi pci radical audio board Avl RFQ
030-1696-005 onyx3/origin3000 px-brick i/o midplane; 12x pci slots and 2x xto Avl RFQ
030-1707-004- A sgi ip34 motherboard rev a , fuel ,(gp64b*13-bap25-1c)(gp38-1c) Avl RFQ
030-1724-002 sgi dual 600mhz ip35 pimm Avl RFQ
030-1746-002 sgi 512mb dimm standard fuel / tezro / origin Avl RFQ
030-1780-001 ip45_2cpu Avl RFQ
030-1798-001 ip45 dual 600mhz cpu board Avl RFQ
030-1812-002 sgi quad 700mhz ip53 board Avl RFQ
030-1891-001 REV D sgi 700mhz cpu module ,4mb cache, risc r16000 (281fuel#3-b30-1c) Avl RFQ
030-1989-003 sgi ip59 quad 1ghz 16mb cache cpu (tezro / o350) Avl RFQ
030-2038-001 sgi altix prism motherboard (nocpu) Avl RFQ
030-2083-001 sgi prism cpu / ram board Avl RFQ
030-8054-002 indigo r3000 8mb simm Avl RFQ
030-8072 indigo r3000 4mb simm Avl RFQ
030-8093-002 indigo video buffer vb1.1 Avl RFQ
030-8107-003 indigo2 extreme graphics board ru1 Avl RFQ
030-8123-016 mother boards Avl RFQ
030-8205-003 cpu Avl RFQ
030-8225-001 cpu Avl RFQ
030-8264-002 video cards Avl RFQ
034-8064-004 4d35 audioboard Avl RFQ
04-1051-002 8mb 64p 80ns 18c 1x4 fpm ecc simm sgi usa Avl RFQ
040-2027-002 other Avl RFQ
041-0025-001 parts/bd/onyn1 control panel Avl RFQ
041-0160-003 hard disk Avl RFQ
050-0153-001 sgi disk bracket (gp63c*17-b9-1c) Avl RFQ
050-0396-002 sgi 050-0396-002 rev d, 013-2023-003 panel assy blank filler Avl RFQ
050-0857-001 sgi altix 350 2u front panel Avl RFQ
060-0021-001 indigo2 r10000 385watt power Avl RFQ
060-0038-001 sgi octane power supply Avl RFQ
060-0102-002 dc reg Avl RFQ
060-0109-002 vrm Avl RFQ
060-0242-001 sgi a450 cpu power board Avl RFQ
061-0048-001 sgi 24 monitor flat display gdm fw9011 klingon grey Avl RFQ
062-0002-002 keyboards Avl RFQ
062-0015-002 keyswitch Avl RFQ
064-0022-001 sgi 2gb 80-pin scsi bare internal hard drive mfr p/n 064-0022-00 Avl RFQ
064-0060-001 hard disk Avl RFQ
064-0072-002 dat drives Avl RFQ
064-0114-001 hard disk Avl RFQ
064-0229-003 tp9400 st373405fc cheetah drive 73gb tp9400-73gb-a2 Avl RFQ
064-0288-001 sgi 147gb 10k 68pin scsi drive fuel Avl RFQ
064-0360-003 sgi 1tb sata hard drive Avl RFQ
090-1241-001 software Avl RFQ
121472-101 keyboards Avl RFQ
25391-02 memory Avl RFQ
30-01-00048-R rackable systems power supply model # 3f27-45-1 Avl RFQ
3000-0863-P systems Avl RFQ
34413-07 scsi hdd carrier for tp900 Avl RFQ
360 077 503-51 i/o Avl RFQ
39BB5-OCT2 systems Avl RFQ
4715KL-04W-B46 fan Avl RFQ
5042839 sgi tower power distn unit (pdu) Avl RFQ
530-0042466 NA Avl RFQ
74G7012 hard disk Avl RFQ
812-0114-001 10 92 software Avl RFQ
812-0212-001 6 93 software Avl RFQ
812-0601-021 software Avl RFQ
812-0722-024 software Avl RFQ
812-0877-002 software Avl RFQ
812-0918-027 software Avl RFQ
813-0246-002 software Avl RFQ
814-0688-012 software Avl RFQ
814-0729-010 software Avl RFQ
814-0730-011 software Avl RFQ
9010020-IBM 128mb memory dimm 16mx72 (cl6*6-b4-6co) tam14 ip30 Avl RFQ
9010105 sgi altix 450 2gb dimm Avl RFQ
9210108 pci fibre host adapter Avl RFQ
9210284 sgi pci-x gigabit ethernet adapter 1000basesx Avl RFQ
9330812 monitors Avl RFQ
9410101 hard disk Avl RFQ
9470153 power supply Avl RFQ
9470377 hard disk Avl RFQ
9470396 sgi 12 bay d-brick / tp9100 enclosure Avl RFQ
9470583 sgi tp9400 base fc-gbic minihub Avl RFQ
9480136 cpu Avl RFQ
9905100-002 memory Avl RFQ
9J6003-059 hard disk Avl RFQ
ALTIX XE340 2xquad-core/2.93ghz, 96gb ram Avl RFQ
APS-81 171w p/s sony Avl RFQ
AT43D865-03-C-J hard disk Avl RFQ
CMN A011 systems Avl RFQ
CMNB014ANG300 sgi 02 r12k 300mhz system Avl RFQ
CMNB015ANF250 sgi octane - 300mhz, 512mb ram, sse graphics, Avl RFQ
D-MON21C-OPT sgi 21 fd trinitron monitor black Avl RFQ
D9-OCT-DIGVID octane digital video dual channel real-time (ccir-601) video opt Avl RFQ
DCAS-32160 hard disk Avl RFQ
DG5-2 TVO sgi dg5-2/tvo display generator assembly Avl RFQ
FC0210406-14 sgi qla2200/66 pci fc Avl RFQ
FI-525-500-00 parts/pc/fan Avl RFQ
FPD180 sgi f180 18 tft monitor Avl RFQ
FTO-SCSI-BOX-12 disk storage enclosure, origin 2000 Avl RFQ
GDM 20D11 ii crt montor Avl RFQ
HN2275S hard disk Avl RFQ
HU-DG5-2TO8 upgrade from 2-channel to 8-channel display generator Avl RFQ
HU-PIMM-2P-1 pimm 2x 400mhz cpu for sgi 3000 cbrick Avl RFQ
HU-V6 v6 grafics hu-v6 Avl RFQ
HU1-H6502-4 node board; 2x 250mhz r10k with 4mb cache for origin2000; onyx2; Avl RFQ
INDIGO2R10IM sgi indigo2 r10000 impact base system Avl RFQ
KSG-OCTR12 1024 memory Avl RFQ
MEMR-O300-2G-D sgi 300/350/3000/fuel/tezro 2gb memory kit (2x1gb) Avl RFQ
MMI-110 audio Avl RFQ
MP60244196 NA Avl RFQ
NEC-MC-363 memory Avl RFQ
ODYSSEY V12 sgi odyssey v12(astody) 128mb graphic card t-pas(st281-b25-1c) f Avl RFQ
ORIGIN 2000 plastics Avl RFQ
OX2-RM-UPGR sgi onyx2 deskside to rack upgrade kit Avl RFQ
PCI-SCSIB-Q-DF-1P differential ultra scsi pci card for origin200 and octane system Avl RFQ
PFC0612DE intel sr2500lx server chassis fan 60mm x 38mm hot swap Avl RFQ
QLA2200 66 pci Avl RFQ
RM-KIT-ORIGIN300-I origin/onyx 300 and origin / onyx 350 rack mount kit (factory in Avl RFQ
RT6836T keyboards Avl RFQ
SC4-AWE-65-Z-18 sgi irix 6.5 media kit Avl RFQ
SGI-ON2-PRT-RM7 raster manager 7 64mb texture memory for onyx2 infinitereality2 Avl RFQ
SIL007-3774-001 software Avl RFQ
SNP-T021 dials Avl RFQ
SSC-AX350 altix 350 server system case Avl RFQ
SSC-O2O2K-CM sgi onyx2/origin2000 compute module Avl RFQ
SSC-O3O3K-IB onyx3/origin3000 i-brick enclosure Avl RFQ
ST3500630NS NA Avl RFQ
TP-400GB-S sgi 400gb sata hdd Avl RFQ
X9-FC-2P 2-port fibre channel xio card for octane and octane2 systems Avl RFQ
XP32150 2gb disk drive Avl RFQ
XYR-19877-06 power supply Avl RFQ

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