Triumph Thermal Systems Inc - NSN Parts List

Cogent Sourcing stocks multiple parts from the manufacturer Triumph Thermal Systems Inc. Part numbers 10-4-4NSG, 24495, 42310-03722SEN, 529092, 536700-2 or NSN 4730004494496, 4130004098310, 5330005514685, 2915007992483, 4730012147102 are all ready to ship out. Should you need assistance, our dedicated team are on hand 24/7. We can cross-reference any sourcing information or verify any part conditions. Our goal is to make things as simple as possible for you. We do all the hard work, so you can focus on what you do best. As a company we hold an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 0056B certification and are proud members of the ASA. Enjoy fast lead-times and turn-around-times of 15 minutes or less. Submit an RFQ to get started.

CAGE Code : 78943

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
10-4-4NSG 4730-00-449-4496 adapter straight pipe Avl RFQ
24495 4130-00-409-8310 valve receiver outl Avl RFQ
42310-03722SEN 5330-00-551-4685 gasket Avl RFQ
529092 2915-00-799-2483 parts kit fuel heat Avl RFQ
536700-2 4730-01-214-7102 flange pipe Avl RFQ
536700-3 4730-01-224-4172 flange pipe swivel ret Avl RFQ
5E820 2520-01-017-4587 cooler fluid transmiss Avl RFQ
AS1005W080608 4730-01-607-7927 tee tube to boss Avl RFQ
B75511 1620-00-510-9042 cap dust ng upper c Avl RFQ
D75591 1620-00-510-9032 shaft trunion Avl RFQ
HR30322 5120-00-943-3180 wrench retainer sea Avl RFQ
U-2312-03188-SEA 5330-01-218-3221 packing preformed Avl RFQ
U-524464 1650-01-559-9585 cover switch Avl RFQ
U-529676 4810-00-912-0228 parts kit pressure Avl RFQ
U-5310-01744-SED 5330-01-092-3749 gasket Avl RFQ
U-5310-02992-SEE 5330-01-094-9142 gasket Avl RFQ
U-610580 4730-00-449-4496 adapter straight pipe Avl RFQ
U2175V 2915-00-308-1689 pump assembly fuel Avl RFQ
U2210-01438SED 5330-00-848-8957 gasket Avl RFQ
U2260ANG25 3110-00-198-1250 bearing roller rod Avl RFQ
U2310-03438SEA 5330-00-845-4259 gasket Avl RFQ
U2318-02150SEN 5330-00-618-9863 gasket Avl RFQ
U2597 4730-00-219-2374 strainer element se Avl RFQ
U3100 4810-00-032-8178 valve solenoid Avl RFQ
U3116 5315-00-888-7373 pin straight headle Avl RFQ
U3258 5365-00-205-9475 spacer ring Avl RFQ
U3795 2935-00-308-1694 guide poppet valve Avl RFQ
U400292 5306-00-208-2502 bolt eye Avl RFQ
U400513 5340-00-290-3581 plug protective dus Avl RFQ
U512470 5340-00-217-3824 lever manual contro Avl RFQ
U512716-1A2 2840-00-675-3527 tank assy lubricati Avl RFQ
U513451 1650-00-610-1337 diaphragm assy pres Avl RFQ
U513535 1650-00-610-1334 seal assy regulatin Avl RFQ
U514760-2 4130-00-517-6056 heat interchanger r Avl RFQ
U514858 4720-00-540-0977 hose preformed Avl RFQ
U515125T15 5120-00-632-9723 wrench thermostat e Avl RFQ
U515191 5360-00-508-6182 spring helical compres Avl RFQ
U517238-8 2840-00-757-1486 tank lubricating oil a Avl RFQ
U517266 1650-01-473-4339 disk valve Avl RFQ
U517432 3040-00-658-2193 shaft shouldered Avl RFQ
U517441 24 2840-00-876-5900 pad chafing oil tan Avl RFQ
U517441-7 2840-00-659-9122 pad chafing oil tan Avl RFQ
U518518-9 5331-00-250-0236 o ring Avl RFQ
U518658 2840-00-652-8813 tube assy hub vent Avl RFQ
U518662 2840-00-652-8814 tube assembly vent Avl RFQ
U518692 2840-00-652-8818 pad anti chafing oi Avl RFQ
U518835-1 2935-00-626-5181 valve assy cooler o Avl RFQ
U518877 5310-01-008-1955 washer flat Avl RFQ
U519975-T6B 5120-01-581-0535 wrench spanner Avl RFQ
U519978 2840-00-676-0181 seal metallic aircr Avl RFQ
U520046-1 2995-00-587-5014 strap assy adjuster Avl RFQ
U520190 2935-00-858-0759 valve slide Avl RFQ
U520386 5307-01-292-4852 stud plain Avl RFQ
U520445-6 5330-01-126-5724 packing preformed Avl RFQ
U520905 5305-01-606-2428 screw cap hexagon h Avl RFQ
U521134-10 2935-00-882-5191 cooler lubricating Avl RFQ
U521231T1AB 5120-00-491-6705 wrench open end Avl RFQ
U521319 2935-00-719-8821 guide spring Avl RFQ
U521407-3 2935-00-117-8267 heater assy fuel Avl RFQ
U521446 2995-00-760-9753 support valve Avl RFQ
U521451 5330-01-166-4028 felt mechanical prefor Avl RFQ
U521750 1560-01-075-5822 plate cover Avl RFQ
U522084 5360-01-101-4351 spring Avl RFQ
U522126-1 1560-01-558-5779 support structural com Avl RFQ
U522218-5 5330-00-542-1528 packing preformed Avl RFQ
U522377 2935-00-628-6672 parts kit cooler cu Avl RFQ
U522455 2840-00-961-2589 body valve oil tank Avl RFQ
U523705 2995-00-544-5229 strap assy adjuster Avl RFQ
U523722 2995-00-544-5239 strap assy adjuster Avl RFQ
U523968 1560-00-707-0067 parts kit valve and Avl RFQ
U523969 1560-00-707-0068 parts kit valve and ca Avl RFQ
U524305 4730-00-877-1425 plug Avl RFQ
U524437 5310-01-025-1177 nut Avl RFQ
U524701 2915-00-719-7340 cap valve Avl RFQ
U524741-7 5340-01-072-5105 tapered caplug Avl RFQ
U525188 2915-00-799-2483 parts kit fuel heat Avl RFQ
U525381 1660-01-026-9515 valve assembly vent Avl RFQ
U525381T2 5120-00-849-8983 wrench spanner Avl RFQ
U525386 2840-00-911-0207 collar valve Avl RFQ
U525437 2840-00-798-6649 adapter Avl RFQ
U525802 2935-01-606-5950 master assy fuel he Avl RFQ
U527307 5310-01-494-2134 washer flat Avl RFQ
U527971 2840-00-992-1565 parts kit oil tankx Avl RFQ
U528052-1X 5330-00-585-0976 seal plain encased Avl RFQ
U528916 5340-00-911-1849 cover shipping Avl RFQ
U529478 5360-00-130-0784 spring helical compres Avl RFQ
U530507 4730-00-001-5200 adapter pendulum Avl RFQ
U532652 1660-00-464-6328 screen assy rear Avl RFQ
U532658 5310-00-400-8349 washer flat Avl RFQ
U532663 1660-00-464-6329 condenser conical w Avl RFQ
U533630 4820-00-001-5207 valve tube assembly Avl RFQ
U533977 4710-00-140-5146 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
U534195 And 4 5331-00-020-0203 o ring Avl RFQ
U534215 4820-00-001-2095 valve vent Avl RFQ
U534251 4820-01-290-3706 diaphragm valve fla Avl RFQ
U534414 5306-00-146-3159 bolt machine Avl RFQ
U534714 2935-00-371-5885 piston oil cooler Avl RFQ
U535030 5305-00-119-7688 screw cap socket he Avl RFQ
U535216 4810-00-009-0710 valve solenoid Avl RFQ
U535293 4820-00-321-3949 valve safety relief Avl RFQ
U535300T112 5120-01-003-1808 pull rod l handle Avl RFQ
U535300T120 5120-01-003-2810 spool Avl RFQ
U535361 5305-00-144-8389 screw cap socket he Avl RFQ
U535476 1650-01-125-2159 baffle power contro Avl RFQ
U535513-2 6105-01-582-1891 motor assembly elec Avl RFQ
U535701-1 5340-01-371-8792 bracket angle Avl RFQ
U535702 2520-01-127-9907 cooler oil master a Avl RFQ
U535705 4730-01-372-4963 flange pipe Avl RFQ
U535708 4730-01-371-8861 outlet boss Avl RFQ
U535733 2915-00-707-2690 parts kit valve dep Avl RFQ
U535890 4820-00-320-5428 valve safety relief Avl RFQ
U535977 1650-01-108-2691 adjustment nut ther Avl RFQ
U536022 4730-01-371-9057 plug tube repair Avl RFQ
U536033 2935-00-361-6517 body assembly top fuel Avl RFQ
U536057 2935-01-117-2831 core augmentor Avl RFQ
U536064 4710-00-394-4926 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
U536065 4710-00-432-7952 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
U536103 4820-01-263-1578 cage valve Avl RFQ
U536752 4730-00-123-3137 coupling tube Avl RFQ
U536882 5315-01-005-0646 pin straight headed Avl RFQ
U536909 2840-01-066-8775 kit engine Avl RFQ
U536985 2935-00-361-6517 body assembly top fuel Avl RFQ
U537593 4730-01-245-6689 manifold hydraulic sys Avl RFQ
U537687 5340-01-347-8139 plug expansion Avl RFQ
U537773 1660-01-244-1321 outlet bleed air Avl RFQ
U537810 1660-01-243-7813 manifold heat excha Avl RFQ
U537859 4730-01-207-5253 manifold outlet Avl RFQ
U539570 2935-01-161-1059 core augmentor Avl RFQ
U539788 1660-01-373-3547 capstan precooler Avl RFQ
U539836 2925-01-254-3068 weldment core Avl RFQ
U540000 2840-00-924-4848 insulation blanket Avl RFQ
U540010 1660-01-374-9892 duct assembly air c Avl RFQ
U540748 3010-01-375-3697 bellows pressure Avl RFQ
U541481 5998-01-373-4353 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
U544821 6610-01-579-1774 sleeve tranducer Avl RFQ
U610142 4130-00-404-7062 rod assembly coales Avl RFQ
U610163T26 5120-01-174-9088 wrench special Avl RFQ
U610173 5360-00-246-8057 spring helical compres Avl RFQ
U610175 5330-00-255-4809 seal assembly Avl RFQ
U610183-2 4130-01-094-9371 wheel compressor Avl RFQ
U610184 3040-00-179-9966 shaft shouldered Avl RFQ
U610245 4130-00-404-7060 separator water Avl RFQ
U610254 4130-00-404-6923 sleeve loading Avl RFQ
U610260 5310-00-404-6897 washer recessed Avl RFQ
U610262 4130-00-404-6922 retainer wick Avl RFQ
U610270 4130-00-195-5403 valve partial admis Avl RFQ
U610274 5310-00-419-5236 washer flat Avl RFQ
U610275 5310-00-409-8485 washer flat Avl RFQ
U610298 5310-00-406-9761 washer spring tension Avl RFQ
U610374 4130-00-179-9978 spray bar Avl RFQ
U610381 4130-00-179-9971 bracket water separ Avl RFQ
U610390 4710-00-432-0680 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
U610399 4710-00-221-5569 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
U610441 5340-00-435-5777 clevis rod end Avl RFQ
U610443 4730-00-225-9303 clamp hose Avl RFQ
U610484 4130-00-179-9972 cable control tempe Avl RFQ
U610485 4130-00-179-9973 cable control Avl RFQ
U610502 4130-00-404-7074 screen frame coales Avl RFQ
U610505 4730-00-225-8613 coupling tube Avl RFQ
U610507 4710-00-432-0679 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
U610517 5340-01-003-7571 bracket double angle Avl RFQ
U610529 4710-00-241-9667 tube bracket air inlet Avl RFQ
U610560 4820-00-402-9634 valve butterfly Avl RFQ
U610570 5310-00-255-4511 washer bevel Avl RFQ
U610572 4730-00-463-2373 elbow pipe to tube Avl RFQ
U610576 4730-00-455-8648 tee pipe to tube Avl RFQ
U610579 4730-00-443-8579 elbow pipe to tube Avl RFQ
U610586 4710-00-241-9685 tube bent metallic Avl RFQ
U610615 4130-01-037-1759 refrigerant relief Avl RFQ
U610639 4130-01-043-2501 valve Avl RFQ
U610641 4710-01-112-5756 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
U610648 4130-01-112-2607 seal runner Avl RFQ
U610649 4130-01-094-6890 sleeve loading Avl RFQ
U610652 4820-01-112-8643 valve flow control Avl RFQ
U610708 3040-01-114-4584 shaft shouldered Avl RFQ
U610721-2 4820-00-402-9634 valve butterfly Avl RFQ
U6990-6A 2590-00-973-2790 valve poppet hull d Avl RFQ
U6990-8A 2590-00-973-2790 valve poppet hull d Avl RFQ
U6992 1560-00-486-4157 cap oil drain valve Avl RFQ
U7528 9905-00-685-4414 plate identificatio Avl RFQ
U9125 4810-00-037-4901 valve solenoid Avl RFQ
U9226 1 4810-00-670-4363 parts kit solenoid val Avl RFQ
U9747 2915-00-310-6356 stem valve fuel shu Avl RFQ
U9757 2915-00-310-6357 plunger and ball as Avl RFQ
UA3159 5305-00-207-5090 screw machine Avl RFQ
UA518180-32 2840-00-021-8077 tank assy oil Avl RFQ
UA521251-1 2935-00-887-1969 cooler lubricating Avl RFQ
UA523846-2 1650-00-973-4882 cooler fluid hydrau Avl RFQ
UA533531-10 1660-01-535-1125 heat exchanger air Avl RFQ
UA538951 4730-01-347-8682 restrictor fluid flow Avl RFQ
UA538951 4730-01-349-4059 restrictor fluid flow Avl RFQ
UA538951 4730-01-365-9310 restrictor fluid flow Avl RFQ
UA538951 4730-01-399-0820 restrictor fluid fl Avl RFQ
UA538951 333 4730-01-365-7978 restrictor fluid flow Avl RFQ
UA538951-253 4730-01-347-8681 restrictor fluid flow Avl RFQ
UA538952 4730-01-399-0819 restrictor fluid fl Avl RFQ
UA540159 4730-01-368-1564 restrictor unit flu Avl RFQ
UA540159 4730-01-366-4045 restrictor fluid flow Avl RFQ
UA540159-321 4730-01-366-4045 restrictor fluid flow Avl RFQ
UA544602-2 1650-01-576-3434 pump axial pistons Avl RFQ

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